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How To Get Rich With AI In 2024?(A Secret Formula)

How To Get Rich With AI?  

People that take advantage every time a new technology becomes popular and the people that are at the forefront of that technology when it does gain popularity make the most money from it too!

Think about the InternetWhat are the 8 to 10 different businesses that can be started leveraging AI? Will AI really replace creative jobs? How can AI be leveraged for free to make money? in the 90s? Think about cryptocurrency in 2009 when it was created think about NFT when they first came out and all these industries. If you spotted this trend very early and got in on it in some way, shape, or form you probably made a ton of money, especially with crypto and entities.

Now, AI is no different than any of these three it’s a new piece of technology and in many experts’ opinion I think it’s going to be bigger than all three of them maybe even combined, the point is there’s a ton of ways to make money leveraging artificial intelligence.

Now imagine a world where instead of needing to Google a question you have and ask your personal assistant that is an AI and this personal assistant can go through thousands and thousands of articles in a matter of seconds and compile the exact answer to your question 15 seconds or less and no this personal assistant doesn’t wake up at 9:00 in the morning it doesn’t complain it is there 24/7 it does not sleep it does not charge you it’s extremely cheap and you can use it whenever you want.

Imagine a world where you can automatically generate entire PowerPoint presentations with just the topic of what you’re going for and a few keywords and now imagine a world where you can create features or copy or sales scripts or any sort of media you can think of without actually having to create it yourself well in that case all of your dreams have come true because we have just started living in that world.

We are further going to list 8 to 10 different businesses that you can start leveraging AI and applying to all types of people whether you’re an average Joe and you have no time, no money, or no skill you can still leverage AI to make money with a side hustle or if you’re experienced businessman or investor.

Will AI Take Our Jobs?

A lot of smart people and big personalities are saying AI is going to replace a lot of jobs including Jordan Peterson and even Elon Musk, however, AI didn’t come and take all of the labor-intensive jobs like we thought it would 10 years ago, in fact, it took the creative jobs first and all of the people that work on the computer and all the people that work from home that write blogs and create media, those are the people that are in danger.

We can almost all agree that AI is going to replace a ton of jobs in the coming years and so that means that if you’re watching this video you need to solidify your and you need to be on the cutting edge of this new technology so that you do not get left behind in the new world that we use AI in.

Now, there’s one concept that this is exactly how the app “Lenza” made $1,000,000 a profit using value arbitrage if you don’t know what I’m talking about all those people that put the AI avatars on their social media, on their Instagram stories, or on Twitter or other social media platforms and if you don’t know what Lenza is, Lenza is an app that allowed people to upload pictures of themselves and then Lenza would create AI avatars of those pictures in different formats like punk, rock, space or retro.

Now value arbitrage is when you take something that has inherent value and you repackage it or make it more convenient for a certain demographic of people and then you sell it to those people for more and keep the profit. It’s kind of like a digital drop shipping if that makes it easier to think about now here’s an example there are boring old apartments say you go and rent a boring old apartment for $2000 a month.

Then you Add all sorts of cool furniture and games inside of that apartment and then you list on Airbnb and you end up making three and a half $4000 a month so the apartment is still the same but you’re repackaged it and you’re making more money now and so you have value arbitrage and another example and more appropriate example is Lenza so Lenza has been around for a while and what they did was they leveraged the open AI and the free ability to create images using AI.

They repackaged it into a convenient app and it went viral so the generator like the actual thing that took your images and turned you into a cartoon version of yourself is that actual tool is free anybody can access it the only thing is it’s not as convenient as Lenza made it so Lenza took the source code for that AI they put it into their app they created a front end that was easy to navigate user friendly and then they promoted it and then it just became a trend and went viral.

They were making so much money and they had zero overhead they did not have to pay for this tool is completely free so that’s a pretty crazy concept right taking something for free and selling it for $1,000,000 a day that’s incredible and it’s a brand new technology if that interests you this whole video is going to blow your mind because there are so many different tools that you can leverage for free to make money and so let’s get into it.

 The Reason Behind Chat GPT’s Sudden Popularity!  

now most of you guys have probably heard of chat GPT and the explosive increase in the popularity of AI in general over the last couple of weeks.

Chat GPT is an AI program that has been trained to use pretty much all of the information available on the Internet up until 2021 to answer your questions and execute your requests with it you can find answers to just about any question from book summaries to weird facts to literally correcting your writing or fixing your code for example.

However, this isn’t even the most powerful aspect of the program with this publicly available, AI you can create text and images this is the ability to generate extremely complex work in such a little amount of time with virtually no errors and this is exactly what smart and fast acting entrepreneurs were able to capitalize on.

People are already coming up with brilliant ways to use this open-source free AI to simplify complex things like e-mail copywriting and sales funnels on the website many people have already sold not only full AI businesses but also AI business ideas for multiple five-figure sums because people don’t even have to create businesses using this AI they’re literally just coming up with ideas and selling the ideas so if you have no money and you have no skills you don’t even have to create a business you can just come up with an idea and go sell your idea.

come up with some ideas and then write those ideas down and then who knows maybe somebody wants to buy them for 10 grand, so there’s this YouTuber that sold his own AI-powered business and this is a live example of what we just discussed.

ChatGPT can basically do anything you ask it to do and it’s still a pretty new tool as they update it and as it learns it’s going to get smarter and only more efficient.

Chat GPT can do anything that has to do something with words and any sort of business or any sort of value that has anything to do with words whether it be sales whether it be product descriptions ad copy descriptions e-mail marketing blogging all these things that required true skill to perform with good results before, this is the stuff you can leverage AI and start making money with it immediately, if you go down the right path.

Business Ideas That Leverage AI!  

Power writing many copywriters are going to have to decide to let the right robots write all the writing or do all the work and just hand it to their clients, this will eventually allow a company to reduce its expenses down to 10 to 50x the amount that they usually would and they would be able to get weeks’ worth of work done in minutes instead of needing to hire a lot of copywriters.

That going to be late once in a while that might make an error occasionally you can just use AI 24/7 no errors cheap and free so if you have any copywriting experience or if you have no experience and you want to get into copywriting or get into writing emails for companies or emails for people and charging percent you could easily leverage open AI and you wouldn’t even need to hire any staff and another example is colonial design or really any sort of content creation!

Now this is still in the beginning phases but most big YouTubers employ thumbnail graders to make good thumbnails for their videos with the use of AI and some basic Photoshop skills now thumbnails creators can make much more creative images much easier because they can simply generate random images they want in the thumbnail, and not have to worry about spending hours on physically drawing out their graphic designs before editing and so on.

So this opens up a new opportunity for people to leverage AI and make new styles of crazy thumbnails that have never been seen on the YouTube platform before, that would surely work thumbnails that were generated by AI otherwise would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars by designers.

you can partner up with AI and you can create a design agency for thumbnails that presents or provides extremely creative and high quality and that will give a look of premium aesthetic to YouTubers and people like that would love to pay for something like that an important thing to note here is that thumbnail creation is not also absolutely just limited to YouTube this AI image generation can also drastically increase how efficient things like logo design 3D rendering for e-commerce products or even video editing can be! so any sort of media editing from content creation you can use this in a new creative style.

every established business requires good customer service and the usage of AI in this department would make an extreme amount of sense because first, an AI can process thousands of more conversations than a human ever could this will obviously increase the efficiency for how many people you must hire for customer service,

For all of you business owners out there, you can especially take advantage of this and you can actually pick exactly what tone you would like them to take with the customers which can make your particular customer service experience more unique and special furthermore, AI is much faster than a human at solving logistical issues like missing packages or payment issues or fraudulent issues or something like that if you leverage AI for customer service you will effectively and dramatically decrease the number of people you need in your customer service department and that ultimately will increase your profits.

now the biggest advantage of AI is going to be the speed at which things can be done and the lack of human error, as we speak right now the quality of the work that comes from the AI might not be exceptional like you would find at the highest level of human skill but it will get there eventually, plus the amount of time and mental energy you can save is insane now leveraging chat GPT and even other companies like copy.AI that you can turn into businesses right now,

Some More Business Ideas To Leverage AI In!  

so you can start an ad-copy agency where look you generate ad copy for companies that run a ton of ads on the Internet and you can leverage chat GPT and you can add descriptions using AI that is more persuasive and generates more sales and that target demographic males 25 through 36.

you could create or start a YouTube script writing agency so you could write scripts leveraging AI from big YouTubers, you can make their story more dramatic you can have the AI use bigger words or make it sound more professional, and you can create your own agency with your own style and offer that service to big YouTubers you can obviously have an e-mail marketing agency that is powered by AI, or if you really want it you can have a landing page optimizer or an agency where you go into people’s websites and you take their text and you rewrite it and you find the best style and you increase their conversion rate you could either make an agency or you can create a SAS out of that.

if you want to get really creative and fun with it you can Create an e-mail assistant or a Google Chrome extension plugin that you write an e-mail with and then basically you can highlight it and highlight your e-mail and then like a text box will come up because it’s a Chrome extension.

You can tell or say what to do so for example if you say or ask that plugin to read an e-mail and it sounds really bad and there are a ton of mistakes you could say “Hey make this e-mail sound very professional Make it twice as long and make sure you include this person’s name a few times and mentioned this about them and then in 10 seconds that you will do it for you”

you can create an agency or a service around writing a bunch of blogs and delivering like 60 or 100 blogs to people that need them that are trying to rank organically on Google again this is a service many people would pay for their websites.

You could also create a social media marketing agency to generate captions for all your Facebook and Instagram posts or you can make it personalized and an automatic social media management tool if you have the money for it.

AI Tools To Take Advantage Of In 2023!  

so, all these tools we’re about to go through a run on the ChatGPT AI program and they use it for completely free hopefully as we run through the list you can see some of the ways that these tools can help you in your business and hopefully can spark some creativity.

1. Copy.AI:

we mentioned this before but this tool writes every type of copy you can imagine from digital ad copy to full e-mail copy to YouTube video description hooks you can choose a whole range of different tones and describe in great detail what you’d like your copy to be about with a little bit of editing after generation text can be a huge time saver for pretty much anyone with a bit of imagination

2. Sidekick.AI:

Another extremely useful tool is sidekick.AI, so this tool automatically generates entire landing pages for products in under a minute, everything from the website design copy and code is automatically done for you this is a great way to just test a whole bunch of different product ideas without needing to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money to get a landing page made every single time,

This tool can be useful, especially for people who are dropshipping the traditional way, many people do drop shipping by testing a product, making a landing page, doing research on the copy, find good images well now, those days are over you can go and generate a landing page for a product in one minute there are even AI tools out there that go and find you the best trending or the top selling products by ranking they knew top selling products and they post it on your say and give you a product description with Chat GPT, you can test products and find products extremely fast you could probably do this like 20 times a day if you wanted to.

Again, the actual quality of these landing pages is maybe not the best but it’s the framework, it’s enough all you have to do is read through it and make slight edits.

3. Thing Translator:

First on the list is thing translator and which lets you point your camera at different stuff to hear how to say it in other languages it works using two of Google’s machine learning APIs which are cloud vision and translate API so when you take a picture it sends it to the cloud vision API which then returns a list of labels along with confidence scores then it takes the top one and sends it to the translate API to translate it moreover it can do a bunch of different languages. Quite useful when you’re visiting a foreign country and since it’s browser based you can try them on your laptop as well.

4. Name Licks:

coming up with a new brand name and logo idea is anything but an easy task with this one you only need to enter some keywords related to the industry take a style and it will automatically generate a bunch of names with logo IDs for you.

5. Partcastle:

Next, we have Partcastle which lets you easily convert text into speech for entirely free to start visit their website and click the get started button then press create button and select convert “text to speech” Now you can place a text here play different voices from here and once selected hit on the generate button after generating the AI voice you can play it and export it to your computer.

6. Beautiful.AI:

one of the hottest things to do is come up with stunning presentations but not anymore this next website called beautiful dot AI makes it easy to create and edit stuff in your presentations for your school or work plus there are tons of themes and premade templates to choose from.

7. Profile pic maker:

having a distinct and catchy profile photo is crucial if you want a more professional 5 on your LinkedIn or other social accounts that’s exactly where the profile pic maker comes in upload any of your photos to this site and the AI will automatically replace the background of your image but dozens of fantastic designs aside from that you can also tweak the colors shadows and other settings

8. Big JPG:

big JPG is an AI image enlarger tool that can scale your low-resolution photos up to four times for completely free the website also works fast and we haven’t faced any lag you can quickly upload an image configure the settings and hit OK and the result you’ll get after is mind-blowing.

9. Lumen:

Next up we have this helpful website called Lumen which makes it easy to create videos for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. All you need to do is place a written content and it will automatically convert it into a pleasant video story. besides that, you can add additional scenes with the simple drag-and-drop method it has millions of photos and videos, and it’s the collection, but you can upload your own if you want.

10. Talk to books:

here’s another experimental AI tool from Google, and it’s called Talk to Books. With this, you can ask anything here then by going through thousands of passages from books not just. That the AI responses you get will feel like natural human replies

11. Word tune:

last on our list is word tune which will help you turn your thoughts into words in a clear, compelling, and authentic way. You can install it as an extension into your browser and use it on any website, including Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, for example, let’s say you’re writing an e-mail and want to make this line sound better you can simply highlight the sentence and click on the word tune icon, and it will suggest different ways to say it.

12. Is AI the future?!

AI is definitely starting to break into the mainstream and it’s going to become a very prominent thing in all of our lives and it’s going to happen very fast, this is one of those periods of human history that we are about to go through exponential growth like the amount of time we can save being how efficient we are able to become as a human species with AI as a tool is just changed dramatically and it’s going to make us evolve exponentially like we’re just going to go like this in terms of AI impacting businesses and e-commerce, we will likely continue to see an increase in AI-powered customer service systems copywriting graphic design image generation and much more I think we’re going to see AI all over income all over businesses.

You can just use this yourself but again it’s just crazy what this thing can do many theorists imagine in the very short-term future an AI personal virtual assistant.

AI is the future, it’s taking over through revolution and at a rapid pace right now, people who will take advantage of AI will most probably be ones in hold in the near future, AI is not random like humanity, its simply a bunch of codes, that can be predicted by us right now, and by the looks of it, we have much more that we need to discover in AI, we need to make it more accurate and make it solve our problems rather than keep on updating it in the future, of course,

Things will keep on evolving and especially AI, because of its active and continuous learning ability. AI has the capability of improving over time and when given enough time, all we’ll need to do is tell the AI what we want, no specifics nothing and it will spit it out in no time, the information about us on the Internet will be enough for AI to know what we like and dislike if that’s not the case, all we’ll have to do is tell AI is to research on a study that you have been meaning to do, AI will accurately summarize the study for you and you can understand it in significantly less period of time while saving mental energy too.


AI is the new technological revolution going on right now, with AI, you can do a lot, you don’t need to expend much mental energy while you work, and you can do much in a significantly lesser period, so much so that the work that first took you hours to do is now a matter of minutes if not seconds! AI is taking the world by storm right now, many people think that it’s going to take many jobs in the near future.

While some say it’s not that developed “yet” they still agree that there is a high probability that AI will take our jobs, saying this, it’s important to go with trends and important to go with the flow, the people who choose to leverage AI and start to earn through it are the ones who will be in ease when the future of AI arrives, they will be making money through the ways that other people will start to look into, this will give them an upper hand, there is still a high demand for people who know their way around AI and they know how to use it to get what they want and to generate the best result possible, only this is paying so much to people that most people can’t even consider making through usual means.

Hopefully, we have provided you with the information that you were looking for, we have guided you on the future of AI, and hopefully, you understood it well! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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