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15+ Best Affiliate Networks For Advertisers 2024

Our Recommended Ad Network guarantees that your revenue will increase by 25%. 

Our Recommended Ad Network – 10% bonus on the balance of the amount of deposits.

The simplest approach for a newbie to start with affiliate marketing is through affiliate networks.

You may join thousands of the greatest affiliate programs, thanks to them. They assist in timely payments. They can also help you quickly expand your affiliate marketing business.

According to the most recent affiliate marketing patterns, more than 80% of advertisers employ affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing programs as the top customer acquisition method for about 40% of merchants.

Productivity is the most crucial – and difficult – factor for affiliate marketers. Choosing the right platforms and programmes for your specialty and objectives is necessary to get there, though. It can be challenging to decide which direction to go whether you’re an expert or a newbie in a field that changes quickly. So, we’re back with our yearly list of the top affiliate programmes, which we encourage you to check out.

Whereas many organizations have direct relationships and regular contact with their affiliate advertising, some would rather outsource that work to specialist affiliate marketing networks. These collect a big database of products from numerous authors, giving affiliates the freedom to choose what they wish to advertise.

Our Recommended Ad Networks To Join:

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Best Affiliate Networks for Advertisers 2024:

Here is the list of Best Affiliate Network For Advertisers in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Dynu in Media
  2. MaxValue.Media
  3. MaxBounty
  4. ShareASale
  5. Affiliaxe
  6. Amazon Associates
  7. CJ Affiliate
  8. Rakuten Marketing
  9. Avangate Affiliate Network
  10. ClickBank
  11. FlexOffers
  12. Walmart Affiliates
  13. eBay Partner Network
  14. Impact
  15. AffiliaXe
  16. GiddyUp
  17. DBO

1. Dynu in Media – Best CPA Affiliate Network:

If you’re a publisher and looking for an affiliate marketing network that would support you, guide you, and offer maximum benefits, then you have arrived at the right spot! Dynu In Media is an affiliate marketing platform chiefly concerned with CPA, CPL, and CPS models and is a subgroup of Interate Corporation. You can boost your income for hundreds of quality sponsorships and advertisement drives, in just a few simple steps, by filling out some straightforward forms and providing them with all the data that they require.

This platform primarily supports the CPA, CPL, and CPS campaigns through display, search, and social media. It aids the advertisers in increasing their users’ accretion by looking for the top best-quality publishers for their online advertisement drives. This AM platform also assists the publishers in gaining profits by offering commissions on the publisher’s referral tasks. This forum is a digital marketing maestro with a solid experience of seven-plus years. It provides ultimate authenticity by continually altering its approaches concerning the tech needs of the market.

The best part is that your allocated Affiliate Marketing Manager from Dynu In Media will accompany you on your way to success, guaranteeing that you are contented with their services and stick with them for the longest-term partnership. Their enterprise is based on and supports, with CPA, CPL, CPS, CPV, CPI, and CPC drives through social media, navigation, and manifest.

Being led by designated professional associates and a rock-hard base, this platform is among the industry’s most esteemed and capable affiliate networking platforms. They engage with a wide diversity of markets, particularly in the US, EU, and are always willing to broaden into new ones. Their present prime verticals include Sweepstakes, Finance, Market Research, E-commerce, Health & Beauty, Education, etc.

Join Dynu in Media Now

 Payment Terms:

  • Minimum Payment: Must be more than $50.
  • Payment Alternatives: Payoneer, Wire, and PayPal.

2. MaxValue.MediaThe #1 Ad Network For Publishers:


MaxValue is a new yet one of the most preferred ad networks out there. The company has a keen eye for website publishers who are looking forward to publishing ads on their sites in exchange for money. 

MaxValue does not compromise solely on the quality of ads it provides. Other than the high-quality ads, another point that sets MaxValue apart from others is its Header Bidding Technology. It allows the users to experience real-time bidding using the largest Demand Sites. The result of the bidding is an increased revenue of the highest bidding. MaxValue supports Sticky ads,  Banner ads, Video ads, as well as Native Ads. Moreover, the registration process is super easy and quick. 

Their user-centric dashboard offers features from viewing traffic information by country and checking the website’s traffic quality to ad performance insights. But there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to work with them as a website publisher. They work with websites that have at least 100,000 pageviews per month, have traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada, and have content that is free from illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Even though they have some requirements to get started, they maintain the quality of their services. The company claims to give a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue, and if it does not happen, they claim to pay the gap, which is a big statement to make, especially as a newbie. 

  • Company Details:
  • Company Name: MaxValue
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Minimum Payout: $25 (Net-15)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency

Join MediaValue Now!

3. MaxBounty:


MaxBounty is CPA based network in which each advertiser pays for a particular activity. CPL, CPA and mobile are just a few among the various models they provide. They collaborate with marketers in the market research, dating, diet, and real estate industries.

This action might be a purchase, a form submission, a download, or any other thing the user does. Each of them may be traced, and the advertiser can subsequently pay for them. One of the finest and most consistent CPA affiliate networks, MaxBounty has been active for more than ten years.

MaxBounty not only serves affiliates in this way but also “Advertisers” who decide to post their offers on the website. A commission is granted to the affiliate marketer who earned the lead or sale; Max Bounty keeps a tiny portion of the commission; and the vendor of the offer receives the remaining funds. They provide a broad selection of offers with very tempting payments, dependable, experienced affiliate representatives, and a reliable logistical operation.


  •  Commission type: CPL, CPA, CPS
  • Minimum payment: $100
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, check, wire, ACH
  • Payment frequency: Net 15 days
  • Email address:

4. ShareASale:


ShareASale has been operating for almost 20 years and is one of the major affiliate networks available, the affiliate community has come to trust it greatly. Because of its user-friendly interface, quick and free signup, and support for affiliates operating several websites, the network is a favourite among marketers and business owners. It offers a huge selection of merchants, including some well-known brands, in more than 40 categories.

According to a quick internet search, it has over more than 1.2 million registered publishers and over 3900 merchant programmes on its affiliate platform. Whatever topic you select, you’ll discover suitable goods and services to market.

Each of the following businesses allows you to create connections, register an account, and retrieve your statistics from the ShareASale dashboard. You should be aware that each company will require a separate application and approval, which is rather typical for an affiliate network like this. Programs ranging from 1% commission up to high-ticket affiliate programmes with 300% commission rates are available, and it’s simple to discover true CPA rates.


  • Commission type: CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS
  • Minimum payment: $50
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer

5. AffiliaXe:


Affiliaxe is an affiliate network with opportunities and global brands that span various nations and target markets. Each affiliate on the network is given an account manager who works with them to locate profitable programmes, optimize links, and maximize earnings. You can also earn an additional 5% on any affiliates you refer to AffiliaXe through its referral programme.

AffiliaXe offers the widest range of monetization options, including pay per view, social networking, email marketing/feeds, pay per click, and more. Their outstanding reputation is further enhanced by our solid relationships and cooperation with top-tier publishers from around the world. Those who succeed get rewards and high commissions. These advantages include 700+ offers in lucrative sectors, including dieting, wellness, entertainment, mobile content,  and to pick from.

Small internet enterprises, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs can all receive VIP treatment from AffiliaXe, a global affiliate marketing network with its headquarters in Israel. Additionally, you will receive a hefty $1,000 affiliate welcome reward. AffiliaXe is great for existing websites or influencers because it is notoriously difficult to join.


  • Commission type: CPA, CPS, CPL
  • Minimum payment: $100
  • Payment method: Wire, Payoneer, Check, Paypal

6. Amazon Associates:

amazon associates

The top internet market at the time is Amazon and located in US, which offers almost everything. It’s a fantastic affiliate programme to use in your content if you’re a blogger or influencer. You can make product recommendations and earn up to a 20% commission on any sales you refer.

One of the big benefits of this affiliate network seems to be how simple it is to use and the variety of different actual products and brands you can promote.

Remember that this programme gives you the opportunity to promote not only the product of your choice, but also all of its accessories and the majority of products that are associated to it.

But there are some drawbacks as well. Amazon has highly tough terms of service that they strictly enforce, so new members should tread cautiously.

For violations, they won’t think twice about permanently kicking someone out of the programme, regardless of how much it will cost you.


  • Minimum payment: $10
  • Payment method:  Gift Certificates, Check,, Direct Deposit.

7. CJ Affiliate:

CJ Affiliate

For more accomplished marketers, CJ Affiliate is a good program with 300 businesses, many of which are some of the most well-known in the world. The programme offers a 43% increase in commissions’ year over year, making it a desirable choice.

There are severe requirements for maintaining to be a publisher, and you must have a significant volume of traffic to be accepted. The comprehensive toolbox includes tremendous capabilities for more experienced affiliate marketers, but it may take some getting accustomed to.

Publishers and users registered for CJ’s affiliate programme have access to top brands and data that make it simple for them to monetise their online businesses. Depending on what advertisers pay, commission rates change.

Additionally, CJ provides a wide range of cutting-edge tools and features, including omnichannel tracking, ad and content monetization, and an interactive onboarding process that enables programme enrollment and sales with a single click.CJ is great for beginners, but because it has an accessible developer site with API access, it’s suitable for experienced affiliates or developers.


  • Minimum payment: $100 for a check/$50 for direct transfer
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check
  • Commission Type: CPC, CPS, CPA, CPL

8. Rakuten Marketing:

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is one more well-known brand that has existed since the 1990s (formerly known as Linkshare). This platform appears to be among the most outdated when compared to many of the other networks on this list. Despite this, navigating is still simple and straightforward.

Rakuten is a company that provides rewards to customers who make purchases on their website. With total revenues of $3.4 billion for Q2 2021, up 15.8% year over year, and ongoing growth, it is rapidly gaining popularity as a retail platform. At 7.85%, it holds the third-largest market share among affiliate networks.

Comparable to Amazon Affiliates, Rakuten’s affiliate publishing programme has connections to over 2,500 different merchants who sell a wide variety of goods. Rakuten makes it simple to locate a company to partner with as an affiliate and promote its goods.

They have received strategic guidance from Rakuten Advertising that has helped with campaign optimization and publisher testing of novel acquisition strategies. Their understanding of industry segments and their reliable alliances have resulted in a very effective programme.


  • Payment methods: Check; Direct Deposit; PayPal
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC

9. Avangate Affiliate Network:

avangatee affiliate network

Avangate Affiliate Program, one of the newest websites on this category, was established in 2006. If you specialized in selling both software and interactive technologies, the Avangate Affiliate Program can help you generate extra money through the promotion of these items.

Grow your business with the aid of the best affiliate network. Its broad publishing network, which is always growing, is global in scope. Join forces with established, successful publishers who will focus their efforts on increasing your online sales.

You don’t need to worry regarding anything because 2Checkout’s platform has an adaptable design that satisfies shifting demands like those for global tax and financial services.

If your website routinely advertises digital items, you should join Avangate Affiliate Network because it allows you access to more than 22,000 different software products in total.

The capability to use a geo-targeted shopping cart is another feature that differentiates Avangate Affiliate Network from rival networks. This implies that you can deep-link users to a localised cart if you’re seeking to reach a certain market location.


  • Payment methods: PayPal, or Avangate MasterCard (in partnership with Payoneer), Check, Wire transfer.
  • Minimum payout: $100

10. ClickBank:

click bank

ClickBank is probably the first affiliate network that would be recommended to you. When initially start out with digital items, email marketing, or other “making money online” activities targeting 250 million people with 6 million digital products across 20 different categories.

They offer more than 6 million distinctive lifestyle products made by online business owners. They serve more than 200 million customers at present and are primarily focused on digital goods.When you initially start out with digital items, email marketing, or other “making money online” ventures; ClickBank is probably the first affiliate network that would be suggested to you.

There are numerous stores that sell products like membership websites, courses, and eBooks. Even though some merchants may not be as well-known as well-known national or international names, if they fit your niche, they can provide fantastic savings.

In comparison to the other sites on this list, ClickBank has the simplest registration and authentication procedures. It is not necessary to have a website or a social media account. Just enter your contact details, and you may start looking for affiliates and building links right now.


  • Payment methods:  Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit
  • Minimum payout: $10

11. FlexOffers:


There are many different advertisers and products to discover on the expansive affiliate network known as FlexOffers. Over 10,000 of them are available to new members, including anything from seasonal goods to consumer gadgets.

The fact that FlexOffers includes free blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and BlogSpot as traffic sources makes it even more attractive. Additionally, the cookie duration is outstanding at 30 days.

FlexOffers is a wonderful choice if you want to promote well-known businesses, but it’s also a great choice if you want to launch an affiliate marketing campaign without spending any money.

Numerous deals from both large and small businesses are available on FlexOffers, including promotions from well-known companies like Lenovo, Macy’s,, Skechers, and more.

You may explore a comprehensive list of every company if you want to see what’s offered before having to sign up.

Like the other main affiliate networks, FlexOffers has been around for a while, so you can be confident that they won’t go any time soon.


  • Commission type: CPI, CPS, CPA
  • Minimum payment: $50 nationally, $100 internationally
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, Wire Transfer

12. Walmart Affiliates:

walmart affiliate

Walmart is fundamentally a network of department shops that sell everything you could possibly need, from groceries to accessories. Walmart’s affiliate programme is the one that offers its members the greatest advantages out of all of its programmes.

Despite being a part of Rakuten Marketing, the Walmart affiliate programme offers a helpful alternative to Amazon Associates; therefore I’m offering it its own section.

This programme requires you to add text links and banner ads to any of your websites in order to direct traffic to Walmart.

By doing this, each time someone clicks on one of your shared text links or banner advertising to visit the business and make a purchase, you will always receive your commission.

Nevertheless, the Walmart affiliate programme got slightly more appealing since it gives larger commissions than Amazon in line with company policy after Amazon Associates changed from its old commission structure to its newer classification strategy.

Every single time a buyer makes a purchase, you will receive the commission, which is guaranteed. You will earn more money the more purchases people make using the links you post. You will have access to the functionality of previewing and inserting product links and banners


  • Minimum payment: $50

13. eBay Partner Network:

ebay Partner Network

eBay runs an affiliate programme called eBay Partner Network. Affiliates have the opportunity to generate revenue off of the network’s 1.1 billion listings. As one of the first online marketplaces, eBay permits the eBay Partner Network to enjoy the benefits of its extensive history and solid reputation to provide affiliates with a top-notch affiliate marketing tool that they can use to make money.

Promote eBay products on social media, your blog, and website to earn commission on each item that is purchased using your link. The eBay Partner Network allows for quick and easy signup, and it offers a never-ending selection of appealing products to advertise, including top trending items and daily discounts.

This portal provides easy tools and comprehensive reports that provide you with the precise data you need to track and improve your results.

By developing services that are based on this powerful platform, their customers are able to interact and delight customers in a variety of ways, from mobile applications to one-of-a-kind connections.


  • Minimum payment: $10
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Direct Deposit

14. Impact:


Impact is the one of the most recent networks to emerge is Impact, which was founded in 2008. But in that matter of seconds (in comparison to Rakuten, for instance), it has collaborated with an incredible variety of  top brands like Airbnb,Adidas, Uber and provides affiliates with over nine million products.

The platforms’s products cover a wide range of industries, including retail, financial services, beauty, travel, fitness, and others. You may handle and join brand relationships for free.

It is easy to see how popular Impact is for its slick and modern user interface, marketing prowess, and top-notch customer service with just a quick check at its 400+ G2 reviews.

You won’t find anything like Impact’s exclusive Mobile App Partner Market anywhere else. It also offers a selection of automated options for managing your collaborations.

Automate every kind of relationship and go to new heights. With partnership management, any type of relationship, including affiliates, influencers, key business partners, mobile applications, publishers, and more, can be grown and expanded. Use the partnership network to quickly expand your company.


  • Payment method:BACS, Direct Deposit or PayPal
  • Commission Type: CPA

15. AffiliaXe:


AffiliaXe, an international affiliate marketing network with its headquarters in Israel, provides VIP service to micro internet businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Each affiliate on the network is allocated an account manager who works with them to locate profitable programmes, optimise links, and maximise earnings. You can also earn an additional 5% on any affiliates you refer to AffiliaXe through its referral programme.

Additionally, you will receive a hefty $1,000 affiliate welcome incentive. AffiliaXe is great for existing websites or influencers because it is extremely difficult to join.

You can find a qualified and distinctive programme for your business whether you’re a blogger, media buyer, or influencer. You can make money by directing traffic to advertisers’ landing pages through pay per view, pay per click, social media, and email feeds. Although AffiliaXe is renowned for being challenging to join, once you are in the programme, it can provide significant payments and insured merchants.

Those who succeed get price advantage rewards and high commissions. These advantages include 700+ offers in lucrative niches, including wellness,mobile content ,dieting , entertainment to pick from.


  • Minimum payment: $100
  • Payment method: Bank Wire, Payoneer, PayPal, ACH
  • Commission type: CPS, CPL, CPA

16. GiddyUp:


GiddyUp is a top affiliate programme for producing reliable, scalable income. GiddyUp is advantageous for new users as it provides useful tools and a partner manager to help with any issues you may have. Over 150 direct-to-consumer brands may be found in a range of industries, including travel, technology, health and wellness, and more. Additionally, GiddyUp has brought its partners over $1 billion in sales across more than 30 nations.

With headquarters in Seattle and Ventura, GiddyUp is a current affiliate network platform that is dedicated to helping you make money online through your website or social media. Since 2013, GiddyUp has paid out approximately $200 million in commissions to its affiliate partners.Its associates, or marketing partners, have unique access to these ecommerce brands.

GiddyUp’s strategy for establishing performance-based collaborations is all about partner marketing. If you meet the requirements, we strongly suggest giving it a shot.

In line with the product line, accessible global markets and target market GiddyUp carefully chooses, engages, and manages the efficient Advertising Associates for the Company’s offer.


  • Payment method: ACH, checks, and foreign bank transfers.
  • Minimum Payout: $25

17. Algo-Affiliates:

The most successful affiliate network for advertising is called Algo-Affiliates. Our affiliates gain more because of our concentration on the little things and dedication to forming alliances. Our team of committed performance marketers assure that every component from banner, to click, to conversion and more are flawlessly tuned and give remarkable results every time.

One of the top affiliate networks for advertising is Algo-Affiliates. They provide more than 1,500 languages offers in a variety of the enticing and lucrative markets, including Ecommerce, surveys, education, travel,  CBD, dating, banking, Nutra, estate development, loans, and more.

There is no excuse not to give it a try when you have access to such a broad selection of verticals, excellent funnel tracking and optimization, and first-rate customer service.

Excellent Marketing Tools Increase profit with the vast selection of tried-and-true, flawlessly optimised advertising material that are readily available in a variety of languages.

Smartlink-based technology supported by the Traffic Monetization Algorithm increases CTR and EPC by dynamically adapting adverts for the intended audience.


  • Commission Type: CPA
  • Minimum payment: $250
  • Payment method: Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Paypal
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