Best CRM Software 2024: Top 15 CRM We Recommend

Do you own a business? Or are you thinking about starting one? Do you find it overwhelming to handle your business all on your own? Are you looking for techniques to grow your business to the places you always dreamt of?

If yes, then this article is for you. The topic of our discussion today is basically how you can grow your business by improving business relationships. What do we mean by business relationships? Business relationships mean the connection that the company has with its customers or clients. This is highly affected by contact management, sales management, productivity, etc.

Without customer relationship building, businesses cannot get successful. This is where the CRM software comes in the way. The software can be used by anyone. Most of the time, when you start a business you may not need such help being a beginner. You might have fewer customers and clients making it easy for you to manage without any specific help.

But you have to plan the success too. When the business starts to grow, you cannot just sit there the whole day trying to track and write about the customer interactions you had that day. You will eventually need some assistance to do the whole work.

If you focus on just the customer relation without any other help you will not be able to focus on the real business, the products, or the service which might become an issue at the end of the day. Moreover, with this software, you also will have to spend a lot of cash on different numbers of assistance. And so the software saves your money too.

Our Recommended CRM Software:

CRM Software-What is it?

CRM Software or Customer Relationship Management Software is simply software that is used to manage customer relations for your business or company. Not just this they can also offer different other features to make it effective and better.

The software has made the whole process very easy to manage and most importantly less time-consuming. You can easily track and manage the customer interactions that your business had and then they also allow tracking of interactions between a business and its already-made customers.

Benefits of the Software:

  • The software can improve your efficiency since all the data you need to run the business is found on only one platform. You will have good project management, good team collaboration, and a better focus on the business.
  • The software will increase your transparency and as a result, will increase the trust of your employees. Since everyone in the business can see the process with clarity. This also enhances teamwork.
  • The software can actually help in retaining customers. Customer relationships get better since everyone knows what is going on and can be confident enough to deal with the customers effectively.
  • The software will cause an increase in sales and growth of your business.

Best CRM Software 2024:

We have gathered some well-known and good-performance Best CRM Software for you in 2023 and 2024.

We hope this article guides you well and helps you in selecting the software that suits you and your business:

  1. Salesforce CRM
  2. Monday sales CRM
  3. Pipedrive
  4. HubSpot CRM
  5. Zoho CRM
  6. ClickUP
  7. Freshsales CRM
  8. Zendesk Sell
  9. Creatio CRM
  10. SugarCRM Sugar Sell
  11. Less Annoying CRM
  12. Apptivo CRM
  13. Insightly CRM
  14. Scoro

1. Salesforce CRM – #1 CRM Software in 2023:

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a renowned one in this game. It has faced competition but always maintains its leads being a feature-packed and reliable software for the work. This software can give you every feature you could ever need from CRM software for your business growth.

The pricing of the software is made such that every type of business can afford it and so the software is considered one of the best for small businesses keeping in mind the number of features it has to offer and the price it has.

Apart from its huge range of features, it also has some really powerful options for social collaboration which has become a very important part of the growth of your business. Other than this, it also has a third-party app marketplace. It offers exceptional workflows and great performance.

The software may come with some learning curve since with a number of features easy to understand dashboard might be difficult to build.

Try Salesforce CRM Now


The pricing starts from $25 per user per month and offers a 14 to 30 days free trial.

2. Monday Sales CRM: Top CRM Software:

Monday sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM software has a keen focus on project management along with a number of other features to showcase. It is a highly user-friendly platform and has a number of sales tasks to offer. This promotes time-saving and focused organization. The users get to use easy-to-understand software with an unlimited supply of boards for organizing projects.

The technology of the software is to grow your business and hence provides the features for it. You can customize your dashboard for some specific communication or you can also take a look at the analysis through a tool known as a data visualization tool. This tool can help in the analysis of the business resulting in the improvement of the sales and performance of the company by the team members. It can automatically alert team members about the scheduled meetings they have to attend. It allows some time-saving automation as well.



It starts from $0-$10 per user per month and offers a 14 days free trial.

3. Pipedrive – Best CRM Software:


Pipedrive is another easy-to-use and easier-to-set-up platform for your business. It is considered one of the best for visual sales pipelines. The data visualizations are very easy to understand and so with better understating the decisions are made faster and it is made sure that every member of the team is on the same page. The drag-and-drop options are really great for the team members as they help in quick and easy responses to mission-critical tasks that are highlighted on the dashboard.

It also makes a customizable chatbot that can be added to the company’s website for the generation of leads. It also has deal-tracking automation that can track and even organize emails, calls, and schedules across devices. It has mobile applications as well, which are accompanied by synchronization of calls and emails that you receive. The essential plan of this platform provide 24/7 support.

Try Pipedrive CRM


The price ranges from $14-$99 per user per month and offers a 30 days free trial.

4. HubSpot CRM – Free CRM Software:

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot is also an all-rounder but it offers a free plan for its new customers too. It is considered the best for businesses that just came into being and cannot afford other highly paid platforms for the tasks that can be done on this platform for free. The new businesses mostly need a simple platform for sales, marketing, and services. It has one of the best libraries with over 1000 software applications that are popular and worth browsing.

This one is a great option for teams that are looking for improvements in their performances in sales. It uses centralized data from a number of software providers. The customers can also connect to third-party tools to clean and sync customer data. It also automates business processes to save you time and prevent confusion. It offers a free plan that is for forever and does not include a time limit. The free plan has about 90 templates for reports available for customized dashboards and then the paid plans add more useful features to the deal.

Try HubSpot CRM for Free


It starts from $45 per user per month and offers a 14-day free trial to its customers as well.

5. ClickUp – CRM Software:


ClickUp is one of the best software to mention in this list and to discuss under this topic. ClickUp is an all-in-one platform that can really help you out in growing your business. It enhances your productivity. It is where teams come together to work together with the sole focus of growing a business. The teams can collaborate through the software features of tasks, Docs, Chat, Whiteboards, etc.

It promotes all types of teams to work with it. The customer reviews can tell a lot about any application and the customer reviews of this one can easily tell about customer satisfaction and have about 226 features under 45 categories.

Some of its features include API, Access Controls, Activity tracking, Application Management, Approval workflow, Bar chart, Billing and invoicing, billable and non-billable hours, Calendar management, campaign analysis, capacity management, client management, content management, contractor management, daily reports, etc.

Try ClickUP For Free


The software starts from $5 per user per month.  It offers a free plan and a free trial as well.

6. Zoho CRM – Best For Small Businesses:

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a very well-known software in this field. The CRM features of this software really stand out among others. The platform has a number of fans and admirers. It owns an Artificial Intelligence powered analytics engine for tracking sales trends. It also has a drag-and-drop feature and an interface editor. It owns a deep feature set, customizability, gamification features, etc. It has strong AI power assistance which can help predict leads and deals for your business.

It can identify potential customers for conversations and can help in a large number of sales and the team is guided through a user-friendly interface with no such complexities. It provides a remote workforce for the team members that are not together locally but want to work together. The remote workforce can produce an encouraging sales atmosphere regardless of the locations of the members of the team.

Try Zoho CRM


The price ranges from $0-$52 per user per month and offers a 30 days free trial to its customers.

7. Freshsales CRM – Best CRM For Beginners:

Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for its customers. This allows you to save money by cutting out the other service providers that work for the same thing. This protocol Is available in all the plans offered by this platform. It also assists in running complex email campaigns (outbound) through this CRM as well. The platform has built-in tools that assist you in almost everything you need regarding CRM and the growth of your business.

It provides you with a broad understanding of the customer data including historic sales, activities, engagement, and other types of data. The VoIP phone service has toll-free local numbers that are available for purchase in more than 90 countries. It allows calling from any device. It makes the customer data easier to understand which makes sure that the team members are all on the same page and know what to do at what time.


The price ranges from $15-$69 per user per month depending on the plan you select. It also offers a free trial of 21 days for its customers.

5. Quickbase:


Quickbase is another one worth mentioning in the list. This one can allow your business to build a CRM plan that is based on the exact specifications that you need for it. You can make amendments to the plans too since it supports the changing business needs. It can help you adapt easily to those changing needs in no time regardless of how broad the change is.

The platform does most of the heavy lifting for you and is considered low-code software. It might be an exact fit for everyone but for people who need a low-code application and know its importance are most welcome to use it. When it is life, this one behaves like a normal CRM platform. It also has drag-and-drop automation, business app integration, reports, and other CRM tools, etc. Every service plan it has offers access to the library with a huge number of sample applications that are worth browsing.


It costs about $600 per month and offers a free trial of 30 days.

9. Zendesk Sell:

Zendesk Sell

It is a specialized tool that helps greatly in managing post-sale activities and renewals. Zendask has a pool of tools for collaboration so that the team members are actively engaged and can work together from any location. This platform works to maximize the collaboration among departments such that the teams of sales, marketing, and support can work together with the same goals and data.

The CRM software can unify data from multiple customer touchpoints that can prevent the different departments from duplicating communications. This helps those businesses with customers with complex profiles. The entry-level plan of this platform is considered the best for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It will provide all the main CRM features including basic reports and sales pipelines. The upper-level plans will then provide all the extra features that may include sales forecasting, advanced call analytics, etc.


The price ranges from $19-$99 per user per month. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

10. Creatio CRM:

Creatio CRM

Creatio CRM had faced many changes in its name over the past few years. It mainly focuses on larger sales organizations and does a really good job to fulfill their needs. This platform offers a pool of tools and features for business process management, automation, help desks, etc which have helped to fulfill a number of goals and objectives of a number of companies and businesses.

The platform is quite complex and may need some experience to be used. And because of this, many small businesses and solo entrepreneurs find it difficult to work with it. But if you get through the learning curve and start to understand the work, it might be a game changer for you.   The platform is highly customizable and the CRM functionality is considered quite solid. It helps many businesses grow at an exceptional rate.


It starts from $300 per user per year and has a 14 days free trial.

11. SugarCRM Sugar Sell:

SugarCRM Sugar Sell

SugarCRM Sugar Sell is an also excellent pick for you as it is one of the oldest in the field. Almost every portal, module, or report is customizable and can be edited. If you have enough knowledge of what you need from your CRM service provider then this one can take you directly to it. It will help you reach the exact goal that you have in your mind and will tell you how to get it.

Large organizations might need help from the support team to let them know about the processes of the whole system. And as far as small businesses are concerned, those who just want a good customer response and exponential growth in the business might be getting a huge amount of assistance from the pool of CRM options given by this platform. The feature set is deep and the data analysis is AI-powered. Automation is also one of its best features.


It ranges from $49-$85 per user per month and gives a free trial of 7 days.

12. Less Annoying CRM:

Less Annoying CRM

This platform feels pride in itself for not annoying its customers in any possible way, as the name also suggests. The most appreciable feature of this platform must be its pricing. The pricing is kept great for all the small, solo, and old businesses. Many people think that fewer prices would eventually mean bad value or quality of work, but this platform is going to prove all of these people wrong. The feature set of the company is enough for you to do the work at its best.

The dashboard is easy to use and the user interface is easy to understand, i.e. avoiding annoying its customers. They have redesigned their interface and now is more attractive. The help and support provided by the support team are wider than ever and can solve your issues and inquiries in no time. Moreover, the mobile website implementation is actually great and user-friendly.


The price starts from $15 per user per month.

13. Apptivo CRM:

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is another affordable one on the list. The platform is highly customized that provides a single platform for all the needed processes for business growth. It is easy to use and the automation is exceptionally good. It also supports Android and iOS mobile devices. It also offers features for accounting, invoicing, management of projects, etc. The business owners or teams can easily control the business from one application making it very convenient and easy to use. It has a number of customization options with a number of features. The mobile applications are outstanding with 24/7 support available for the users. It also provides granular security controls to its users as well.


It starts from $10 per user per month with a free trial as well.

14. Insightly CRM:

Insightly CRM

Insightly allows you to have personalized dashboards that are very easy to build and hence the team members can get access to the data they need for their work separately. The platform also supports some super complex customer relationships. This has AI is used for prediction and analysis. But the issue is that the prediction tools are available on the expensive paid plans. The Admins can make their own personalized dashboards to highlight the content they need for their part of the work. This helps in saving time and extra work for the team members. Tracking of the metrics is different for every business since the priorities are different for every one of them. The workflow can be automated and the automation options are quite impressive for the customers.


The pricing starts from $29 per user per month with a 14 days free trial.

15. Scoro:


This one offers a whole set of features that focus on the growth of your business. It helps in assisting the sales process. It includes features like pipeline management, project management, billing, reporting, and collaboration. With the pipeline view, you can easily manage the projects and use the drag-and-drop option to move them from one stage to the other stage.

It gives you an instant overview of any client you want. It will give you the contact details, quotations, history of communication, other linked projects, etc. It also has extra features that help in managing the process of sales, managing your projects, getting a calendar, etc. The dashboard will have a broad but easy-to-understand view of all the needed information for your knowledge and growth. The tracking will help you improve every day since the track record is in your hands. It is also an Invoicing software.


The pricing of this software starts from $26 per user per month and offers a 14 days free trial.


To end the discussion, we would like to say that we have collected the data for all of the well-known and important CMR software we could find. The details added to the list are to make it easier for you to select the one you need according to your needs and the pricing of the software. We tried to play our part and will be happy to know that it was of some help to you. Wishing you the best of luck with your business!

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