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How To Avoid Getting Fame For Wrong Reasons in 2024

Avoid The Wrong Fame Or Popularity Of Your Company Through Social Media

Being the owner of a company or even being at the top post of the company makes you in charge of many things, including fulfilling the company’s visions, checking over employees, or dealing with all the affairs in the office. Also, social media marketing should be checked.

You should know what the employees post on their social accounts. Whenever you get fame, be happy, but don’t forget to know the real cause of your fame. It is very important to know whether the reason behind your success or fame is right or not.

You have to question yourself whether you deserve this or not. Getting fame or going viral on social media is not a big deal in this generation, but you have to clarify that if this is the right thing you are posting on social media or the likes your post is getting, is it worth it?

You must keep in check that your employees are posting the correct content on social media or your company’s awareness is increasing for the right reason. Going viral for the wrong reason might get you fame, but in reality, it will harm your business and even cause your business to fail.

So, avoiding any wrong messages through your social media accounts is very important. The question is how to avoid this situation and check that your business is not going viral for the wrong reasons. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can avoid this situation and how you can avoid this kind of trouble for your business.

Avoid Going Viral For The Wrong Reason.

Everything is going right in business, and suddenly, there is a quick downfall, and you don’t even know why this happened. This might happen because you just saw the number of views or lots of likes, but you didn’t go for why suddenly our company is going that high.

At the start, if your company goes viral for the wrong reason, everything will be smooth, but after some time, it will show the effects that the wrong audience has caused your company. So it is very important to avoid any wrong fame for your company. Here are some tips with the help of which you can easily avoid going viral for the wrong reasons.

1. Don’t Always Go For The Views

Nowadays, it is very easy to gain billions of views on social media posts, but you need to know whether your post is being watched for a good reason or a bad one or whether people liked it while mocking it or enjoyed it. The main question is, how many customers or profits have you received after that much fame on social media? You will see many videos or posts on social media that have gained much popularity but just for the wrong reasons.

You don’t want your company to be one of them. A viral marketing campaign is only successful when the audience helps you to achieve the main objective behind that campaign; views or likes are not enough. If your recent campaign gets more likes or views but fails to get more sales or customers, then keep in mind that your campaign has failed, and now you have to rethink what you can do in your next campaign so that it will get you some new sales.

2. Customers Are Always Right

If you have ever made a mistake in the business, admit that you have done wrong, and try to correct it in all possible ways in the future. You have to be transparent in your business with your employees or customers. Even if you think it is not your mistake and you have done this right, but your customers or the public consider it wrong, it is wrong.

Even well-managed marketing campaigns can go wrong just because the public doesn’t like it. If you are getting the wrong thoughts or wrong views on your post and people do not like it, then in that situation, sticking with it or defending your post or campaign may cause you more damage.

If you are looking for your business is go viral for the wrong reasons, try to palliate the damage. Always respect or acknowledge the public opinion as they are watching your post from public opinion. After admitting your mistake, you should explain how you are going to correct this situation now.

3. Understand Your Audience

Getting millions of likes on your social media post is not difficult, but what is the point of those likes if they don’t interact with your brand? What is the profit in just getting likes or views? This might be happening because you don’t know what people you are referring to and their needs or desires.

You have to know your target audience; reach out to those interested in your campaign or brand who will help you get more sales or customers. If you drift away from the needs or desires of your target audience, all of your attempts to appeal to the masses might be useless.

In this way, you will only appeal to people who want to watch nothing to do that will be in favor, and the main target audience will be disappointed or go far away from your brand. And then you will only get fame from those who don’t even know your brand or campaign’s real purpose or meaning. This is how you get fame for the wrong reasons. So, to avoid this situation, it is necessary to understand your target audience and know their need or wants.

4. Be Proactive

When your goal is to go viral on your social media accounts, you must make your marketing campaigns impressive or impactful to get more sales or customers. Also, you must be ready for all kinds of reactions or even be ready to take any action if something goes wrong.

You can gather your office employees to watch the new campaign before launching it. In this way, you can get many different opinions, and from that, you can notice that this campaign will get good or bad remarks. Having a cross-culture team and acknowledging their opinions or views will help you avoid any odds in your campaigns.

In any case, despite all the effort you have put into your campaign, you get a negative response, which you never intended. You must be ready to face it, and there should be some damage control response ready to cool down the public and stop that campaign from getting negative feedback.

5. Reinforce Your Servers

If you are putting so much effort into your campaign and know that it will bring a lot of customers or buyers to your website, then you have to reinforce or strengthen your website to manage that much traffic. Your server or website should be strong enough to control or manage all traffic waves.

You can only let down customers by making them wait for a longer time. In this way, they might get frustrated, or then again, and they will make your campaign go viral for letting their customers down and not fulfilling their promises. This can only happen because of your low or dull servers.

So you have to make it strong enough to deal with any situation on the website; otherwise, they will become the reason behind the negative viral of your company. You might have heard about the Ticketmaster and what happened with them in 2022.

the first company went viral for giving people a new way of getting tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert tour, but when people reached them through their website. Their server was not strong enough to control that much traffic, and they failed their customer, who, in response, got frustrated.

Then, they again made Ticketmaster go viral for disappointing their customers and not responding to them on time. So, to avoid that situation for your website, you have to make a strong server for your company so that it can control many waves of traffic.

6. Limited Access To The Company’s Social Accounts

Keep in mind that sometimes the traitor or rat is the person who is part of your company. So, ensuring that social media account access is in safe hands is very important. You can’t trust everyone around you, so you must entrust your company’s social media access to a few employees.

Also, it will help avoid any hacking situation. The campaign can be of many people, or even the whole staff may have put effort into it, but regarding social accounts, the access should be owned only by some trustworthy. It might happen that some people in your company might be toying with your campaigns or posts through social media accounts just in an act of revenge or something like that.

Many companies have faced this situation and even gone down because of their employees who betrayed them for the sake of money or revenge. So, if you don’t want this situation to happen, it is very important to give access to your social media accounts just to a small group of people who can handle it with full honesty. Also, if you find anything suspicious, you can check everything and ensure everything is going right.

7. Know The Right Time

Knowing what time is right to post your campaign on social media is very important. You have to know what is happening all over the world and what is the situation with the internet. Many campaigns or posts on social media go viral not because it is bad or something but only because their timing is incorrect.

You have to know about the day on which you are going to launch your campaign. Is there going to be any natural disaster or anything special that will happen on the internet on that particular day? If so, you must postpone your campaign and wait for the right time.

If there is a war going on and the internet is full of that, you are promoting your campaign or company on social media. The public will make your campaign go viral, not because it deserves it but because you have launched it at the wrong time; they will call it tone-deaf or insensitive.

In this way, you will get negative feedback on your campaign. So it is better to wait for the right time, and then after that, you can launch your campaign but with the change of name that will take into account recent events. This is called marketing strategies.

This is how it all should be done. By keeping everything in view, you can’t just think for your company or campaign; you have to think about everything that can go against your company or that will benefit your company.


Social media marketing is different from what anyone can do. You have to learn some tips and tricks, and then you can make your post or campaign go viral, but for the right reasons. Remember that getting fame or popularity for the wrong reasons is not a success; this will eventually pull you down.

And at that time, you might face so much loss that you can’t even handle it. Social media marketing is necessary for any company, and when everything happens online, it is very important to have active social media accounts. Getting lots of likes or views on your posts or campaign does not mean you have done the right thing.

No, the success of anything in business means you get more sales or customers just because of that particular thing called the right post or campaign. And for generating that kind of post or campaign, you must be careful and remember that anything can happen. You have to be ready to face any negative or positive feedback from the public. Because you never know what they will like or what not.

To avoid any wrong fame or popularity, you just have to follow the tips mentioned above, and you can simply avoid any wrong fame. This article will explain how you can increase your company through the right social media campaigns or posts.


What should we do if our employee needs to do better in social media marketing?

The only way to correct this situation is to replace that person with someone else whom you can trust. Also, you can fire that person playing with your company’s reputation.

How can we deal with negative feedback on our campaigns?

You are answerable to all of your customers or viewers. You have to make them trust you that you will do this thing right at any condition and you will consider their opinions and will do best in future.

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