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BeHappy2Day Review 2024 – Is It The Best Mail Order Brides Service?

BeHappy2Day Review 2024:

Are you still single and want a partner that is always present by your side?

Nowadays, casual dating is everywhere due to the tremendous amount of apps present through which people can meet each other. But there are some people in the world who don’t care about dating that much and just want a life partner.

They might want a partner who can stay with them for the rest of their lives. But what if we tell you that, it is possible with only a single sign up process at BeHappy2Day.

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So, all of the people who are looking for a partner can use BeHappy2Day to find the love of their lives. In this review, we will take a look at BeHappy2Day and the services that it provides to its users. We shall also see whether using this app is worth it or just a scam.

Dating Scams:

There are a lot of websites and apps like BeHappy2Day which offer dating marriage services. The biggest problem with these kinds of apps is that they are not trustworthy at all. Most of them are scam which forces people to spend their hard-earned money without getting anything in return. But, BeHappy2Day is different from these dating scams and we will discuss in detail the things that make BeHappy2Day worth your time.


It is a dating and marriage agency that is primarily based in Russia and America. BeHappy2Day is very committed to the services that they provide and their goal has been only one thing, to connect people destined for each other.

BeHappy2Day has grown into an International dating network that is present all over the world. BeHappy2Day is more organized and provide better services than their competitors. The whole process of dating a boy/girl has never been this much easier.

Services They Provide:

There are a lot of services that BeHappy2Day provides:

Live Chat:

Live Chat is a very popular feature that most dating websites offer but there are certain things on BeHappy2Day that make this feature more exciting. BeHappy2Day lets you chat with any girl that you want. The only necessary requirement is that you need to make an account first and have some credits that are used for live chatting. The whole chatting process is confidential so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

You don’t have this kind of opportunity presented to you before where you could talk with random girls and get to know them. the chat is also done in a very interactive way so that both the boy and girl get to know each other very fast. You can use the live chat feature to chat with your favorite girls so you can further develop your relationship. For chatting with any girl, you just have to click on “Chat Now” and your conversation will start.

You can start chatting as soon as you have made an account and it is also possible to chat with more than one girl at a time. When you text a girl, a live window opens up for that particular chat. In this way, if you text multiple girls at once, multiple chat windows will be opened for you. In this way, you can easily chat with multiple girls at once. If you are not having a good time with someone and just want to end a particular chat then you just have to click on “End Chat” and the chat will be closed.

Date A Lady:

BeHappy2Day also provides you with Date A Lady service. If you ever wanted to date beautiful Russian girls then this service is for you. This service is available to all the registered members of BeHappy2Day. If you use this service, you can meet with any lady of your liking only if the lady also shows consent.

It doesn’t matter if both of you know each other or not, you can easily tell BeHappy2Day and they will setup a meeting with that lady in the city that she lives in. All of the necessary arrangements will also be made by BeHappy2Day.

If you’ve had any kind of interaction with the lady then the date can a step further for both of you as you can turn this date into a relationship that can last your entire lives. But the best chances of getting this type of date are that if you send some letters to the lady which will show your interest in her and this can help in breaking the ice when you finally meet.

Phone Introduction:

A phone introduction is a paid feature through which you can talk with any girl you want. If you already like a girl and move onto voice call then this can be a good step into developing our relationship.

In case you might experience any kind of technical difficulties during the call process, there will be an official from BeHappy2Day who will monitor your call.

Video Chat:

If you are interested in a girl and want to take your relationship to the next level, you can use the video chat feature. This presents you with the exciting chance of seeing the girl live. In this way, you can have a better interaction with the girl and your relation will blossom more as you are seeing each other talking, smiling, and just having a fun time.

You can video chat with any girl if she has a camera icon on her profile. After clicking on the camera icon, your video chat will start. You don’t have to dress in a special way as only you are able to see the girl. She cannot see you even if you have a web camera attached to your computer.

2-Way Video Chat:

When you are in a normal video chat, the lady is not able to see you. But if you really want to show yourself to her, then you can start a 2-Way Video Chat. After you have started a 2-Way video chat, both of you will start seeing each other and, in this way, you can have a much better experience as both of them see each other. In order to start a 2-way chat, you need a camera connected to your computer.

Flowers and Gifts:

If you really like a girl on BeHappy2Day and want to show your love and affection to her then you can send gifts. You can buy any gift or flower of your choice and hand it to BeHappy2Day and they will deliver that gift to the girl that you like. This is a really good way of getting the attention of any girl.

Virtual Gifts:

Besides giving girls real gifts, you can also send virtual gifts to girls. This is also a good idea and shows your seriousness to a girl. Everyone likes gifts whether it is real or virtual because gifts are only given to the people that you really like.

Marriage Services:

Not everyone is into dating and the people wanting a more serious relationship can use the marriage services provided by BeHappy2Day. As there are thousands of beautiful girls present there, you can easily search for the girl that you like with the help of filters present on the app.

If you prefer girls from select regions then you can also choose to only see them. The regions are:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Asian
  • Latin

If you like to see the girls that are open for marriage proposals then you can selectively search only the girls in that region. As BeHappy2Day is an old and trusted service, the marriage system is also well-reputed and a lot of people have successfully married using BeHappy2Day.


There can be a lot of times where the girl you might like might speak your language. In those cases, BeHappy2Day provides a correspondence feature. There are translators present which will help you in translating all of the incoming and outgoing messages into the language that you speak.

This can help you in better understanding each other without speaking a foreign language.

Signup Process:

The process of setting up your profile on BeHappy2Day is really easy. The signup process is as follows:

  • Go to “”
  • Enter Your Name
  • Enter Your Email
  • Click on “Join Now”

By following these simple you can easily create your profile on BeHappy2Day and find the lady of your dreams. But you should remember that there are some restrictions as you have to be older than 18 in order to join.

Usability and Design:

If you take a look at the design language of BeHappy2Day then you will realize that there is nothing special about the design as it is rather basic. This kind of straight forward design is really helpful as the user can easily focus on developing his relationship with a lady. Most of the latest apps contain designs that are very complex as there are a lot of things so the user gets confused in the menus rather than focusing on finding the perfect girl for him.

The layout of the website is designed in a very straight forward way as everything is very well organized. Talking about advertisements, yes, they are also present on BeHappy2Day but they aren’t just present everywhere but only appear in subtle places where the users don’t notice them that much. In this way, the ads are presented in a way that doesn’t affect the simplicity of the website.


Making an account is free but you are charged based on the services you are using. Different services have different rates. There is a credit system on Happy2Day which is bought with real money. These credits can be used to avail of all of the services available to the users.

  • Live Chat – 1 credit/minute
  • Opening/Sending Picture – 10 credits
  • Live Video Chat – 2 credits/minute
  • 2-Way Video Chat – 5 credits/minute
  • Sending/Reading Letter – 10 credits
  • Virtual Gift – 15 credits

There are monthly plans for using BeHappy2Day instead you have to stick with the credit system. If you want to check your current credit balance, then:

  • Login into BeHappy2Day
  • Go into “My Balance”
  • Head onto “View My Profile”
  • Your credit information is displayed in the inbox page

Mobile App:

Besides, using a browser to use BeHappy2Day, you can also use their mobile app which is named 2Date and provides you with all of the features that the website provides. Using it on your phone makes things way simpler than using it on a browser. In this way, you always remain connected with the ladies that you like.

Is BeHappy2Day Real or just Fake?

BeHappy2Day is a real service that is providing thousands of people with dating and marriage services all over the world. The features provided by them are really compelling and useful. You can’t find anything better than BeHappy2Day as most of the apps are just scams that make them spend their money without giving them any benefits.

Visit BeHappy2Day

Final Verdict:

Overall, BeHappy2Day is an excellent service of the people looking for a partner or just want to have a casual dating experience. The quality of the provided services is really great. Privacy is another big factor as the service doesn’t ask you for any personal information.

The design is simplistic also adds to the experience. So, if you want to have the best dating experience, there is no better option than BeHappy2Day.

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