15+ Best Employee Management Software 2024 – According to Experts

Best Employee Management Software:

Do you own a company? Or are you a manager? Is it getting hard? Do you need some assistance in managing your employees and the work they do? Do you want your business to grow better? Do you want more productivity from the employees for enhancing the company’s reputation?

If yes, then today’s article is for you. We are going to discuss a number of software and applications that might help you in managing your employees. Being a manager or a company’s CEO can be tough and overwhelming sometimes. You might not have enough stamina or mental capabilities to keep an eye on every single one of your employee and their work as well. Keeping an eye on productivity and an employee’s dedication to his or her work can be almost impossible if you start doing it for every single person working in your company.

Management is an important part of the plan if your ultimate goal is to take your company to the heights of success. Since an employee is the most crucial part of your company, managing your employees is an even more important step in this regard. Taking care of employees is also a considerable part of the plan. You should not be disrespectful or harsh towards them but at the same time, you need to keep a healthy check and balance of how they are working for your company.

This article is all about the management of your employees with a long list of a number of software and applications that will assist you in doing it.

What is an Employee management software?

Employee management software is a tool that can allow businesses and those in charge the ability to record employees’ time given to tasks, their work, their interactions with clients, scoring of their productivity, etc. They will measure, analyze, and maintain the employee working hours such that they can be most beneficial to the company without putting an extra burden on the employee.

They also help in time management along with the tasks. This software may be web-based, windows supported or mobile phones supported. They also come with solutions to employee-related issues that can help the managing team to solve them in lesser time. These tools can help organizations and companies to save them and get work done efficiently. You can compare the results with or without this software to know their importance.

Benefits of Employee Management Software:

Some of the benefits of this software are:

  • They promote better efficiency and accuracy in the work.
  • They can boost profitability.
  • They can also help reduce manual errors.
  • They will guarantee higher productivity.
  • The costs are lower for most of the software in this field.
  • It increases employee engagement
  • The data is more secure and easy to sort in this software as compared to other manual ways of storing data.

How to select the right employee management software for yourself:

Evaluate your options on the following characteristics when choosing the right employee management software for yourself or your company:

  • Employee database: You should be manage to all information relevant to your employees via one system, such as their contact details, account information, contract period etc.
  • Ease of use: The system should be intuitive and and easy to set up.
  • Communication tools: You should be able to able to communicate with your employees through the system.
  • Knowledge management: It should offer tools to share knowledge such as company policies, rules, regulations, training etc.
  • Customizability: It should be customizable suitable according to your needs. 
  • Task management: You should be able to create, assign and track the performance of task for each employee.
  • Price: Last but not the least! The compensation to use the system should fit in your budget!

Best Employee Management Software in 2023:

We have made a list of all the Best Employee Management Software and 2023 and 2024 that we have found for you in order to solve your management issue of yours. The list includes:

  1. ClickUp
  2. Teramind
  3. InterGuard
  4. Hubstaff
  5. SentryPC
  6. Controlio
  7. Veriato
  8. Work Examiner
  9. Insightful
  10. Time Doctor
  11. DeskTime
  13. Time Champ
  14. ActivTrak
  15. Work Time

1- ClickUp:


ClickUp is considered one of the best management software and is among the world’s highest-ranked ones. It is being used by huge companies that are working with a huge impact on the majority of the people. It works to enhance your productivity as well as your management skills. If you feel overwhelmed with a huge pile of to-do tasks on your desk and do not know where to start, then this one is for you.

Big or small businesses can use it for working more efficiently than they already are. It is super user-friendly and one of its biggest flex is that it owns a free plan that is packed with good features and can help in all the necessary functions you might need from this software. But you can also buy the paid plan if you are looking for some other advanced features. It will help you with recurring tasks and templates to arrange them. The employee tracking and management are done with a number of supporting features that will take a day if you start writing them. They have all the needed features for the work.


It has a free plan and then the paid plans start from $5 per month.

2- Teramind:


Teramind is an employee management software that is known for its high security. This can be used for office-based work and remote work as well. It has about three plans to offer and each one has its unique features for different needs to be fulfilled. It is responsible for tracking the worker’s behaviors like website usage, application usage, email activity, online meetings, transferring of files, clipboard functions, keystrokes, social media activity, web chats, etc.

The manager can also block the employees from doing certain activities that may be a waste of time and may decrease their productivity. It helps in marking and keeping a record of an employee’s attendance as well. One of its favorite features for its users is that it allows features that support remote jobs and companies as well. It offers a number of reports, alerts, and policy management functions. It offers a free live demo for people who want to test the efficiency of the software before paying for it.


The price starts from $4-$5 per user per month and then may increase if your needs increase annually and monthly both plans are available.

3- InterGuard:


InterGuard is another employee management software that has features related to tracking and security and may be ideal for those who prioritize these features. It helps in keeping a good eye on the employees while they are busy with being productive. It is great for organizations that are large enough to have a number of employees. It will help you track your employees online by giving you small details of their activity.

Including the times they logged in or off, the time they take a break, and compares the time they spent working with the time they spent being idle. Geolocation can also help you know their locations. It will track website usage, application usage, social media activity, emails, files, transfers of files, printing jobs, keystrokes, etc. This one also allows you to block the employees from using some sites that are harmful or may play a role in wasting the employee’s time. It has loss prevention software that ensures complete security of the data that you put in the tool.


The pricing of the platform starts from $25 per user per month with a minimum of 5 users. An annual plan starts from $179 per user per month with 5 users minimum.

4- Hubstaff:


Hubstaff resembles other platforms in many of its features and displays. They have almost similar time-tracking options, employee monitoring systems, and project management features. One difference from TimeDoctor is that this one will let you keep a track of your employees and the time from anywhere. Its features include website usage, application usage, files, alerts, chats, emails, programs, keystrokes, etc. It has a GPS tracker that will track the location of the user too.

This feature is used by those companies who have employees that frequently travel for the sake of the company or due to any other reason. It can help you know the time the employees spent on the roads and how much time they spent working. The dashboard is quite attractive with a total of 6 types of views for different types of users. They will send you alerts if something suspicious happens on the software or during work.


It has a free plan that is free for up to 1 user only. The paid ones start from $7 per user per month and the price keeps on increasing as the number of users and features increase.

5- SentryPC:


SentryPC is a feature-packed software whose top features are location IP logging, application tracking, and keystroke logging. It is most suitable for businesses that have a good budget and is quite profitable. The software is interested in an online demo of the software for the users who want to purchase it but want to get an idea of how it works.

When you install the software on your device all you have to do is get web access and you can start tracking the data of the employees that you want to track. Activities like when the employees log in or log out, when and what they download when they change their passwords, or when they install or uninstall any application. The manager can also track the employee’s location, the games they play, their keystrokes, the programs they use, the websites or applications they use, etc. The feature of taking screenshots of the activity of the employees is also offered.


The pricing starts from $69.95 per year with $29.95 for each additional license and increases as the type of plan changes.

6- Controlio:


Controlio is another one worth mentioning in the list. Controlio has a basic package that offers about six months of data storage. This one suits better for small businesses mostly according to the features it offers. It is very easy to understand and then use. It requires its installment in the PC that you want to track and so you will have to install the software in every one of your employees’ computers.

You can then easily view the activities of the employees through web-based software regardless of the location you are at. This is better for the users or managers who have to travel but need to keep an eye on the office employees all at once to know if productivity has increased or decreased. It can also track screen activity. And to watch a recording of any previous activity, you can get to it by previously recorded activity on the employee’s computer screen.


The pricing starts at $7.99 per user per month and as far as the annual pricing Is concerned, it charges 79.90 for the yearly subscription.

7- Veriato:


Veriato is a detailed employee monitoring software that focuses on detailed tracking of the employee’s work and activity. It is also an insider threat detection feature that can keep your data and activities safe and sound. This detection feature is for computers, android devices, and Mac devices. This one mostly suits large companies that are looking for a detailed insight into employee activity.

Some other important features of the system include insights into the behavior of the employees, tracking the productivity in the workplace, conducting employee investigations, conducting forensic investigations, preventing data loss, etc. It is not very easy to understand and use and has a learning curve. The number of features is too much which is also one of the reasons for the learning curve. Employee activities that can be monitored include website usage, application usage, the stuff they search for, and the emails they send, etc.


The pricing of the software starts from $25 per user per month and $179 per user per year for 5 licenses.

8- Work Examiner:

Work Examiner

As the name suggests, work examiner is another one on the list for best employee management software but has pricing different from others. It charges a one-time fee rather than subscription fees per month per year. It is a windows devices software and is an all-rounder in its field. Different plans offered by the software can be used for different-sized businesses covering all types of businesses in them.

The features that can be mentioned are website usage and reporting, applications usage and reporting, recording of screenshots, keystrokes logging, etc. /moreover, you get your employee searching, file usage, and transfer, emails, chats, downloading and uploading, printing jobs, the websites they visit, their printing jobs, their web chats, their instant messages, etc. You can also keep your network secure by blocking harmful and useless websites that may waste the employee’s time. The standard plan is best suited for small businesses whereas medium and large businesses need a professional plan to fulfill their requirements.


The pricing starts from $7.99 per user per month or $79.90 per user per year.

9- Insightful:


Insightly allows you to have personalized dashboards that are very easy to build and hence the team members can get access to the tasks and data they need for their work separately. This has AI is used for prediction and analysis. But the issue is that the prediction tools are available on the expensive paid plans. The tracking can keep an eye on employee activities through the software. This helps in saving time and extra work for the manager. Tracking of the metrics is different for every business since the priorities are different for every one of them. You can track the employees who are working office-based jobs or remote jobs. The software can be run in an invisible or visible mode keeping in mind the employees and their behavior. In the invisible mode, the software runs in the background.


The pricing starts from $29 per user per month with a 14 days free trial.

10- Time Doctor:

Time Doctor

TimeDoctor is a tracking software, especially for teams, and was designed by the owners of a company named It was launched in 2012 and has been working in the field since. It has desktop software, a mobile application, and a web platform. You can choose any one of these options before using the software for your good.

As this software has been specialized for teams, it allows the customers to build distributed teams so that those teams can work outside the office irrelative to the location they are in. And so this is also a fully remote software that is working in this field. They have employees who belong to 23 different countries which give diversity and companionship in the teams. It works well for any sized business or company. You can keep an eye on the employees’ progress in their work by using a screenshot option. The remote employees do need to be managed as they are not coming to your office for a job. It further allows alerts, reporting, payroll, and automatic time tracking.


There is only one plan present for this platform which starts from $9.99 per user per month.

11- DeskTime:


DeskTime is another good one on this list that has a number of users and fans. It is a combination of three main features that include employee monitoring, productivity analysis, and project management. It has good employee tracking skills along with some other important features making it an all-rounder needed for the overall success of a company.

They help their users to identify the employee’s unproductive and productive habits. The applications and the web pages they use are categorized into productive and unproductive applications. It will track the time along with automatic calculation of daily productivity and efficiency. So the more time they spend on the productive site, the more productive they will be considered. This one suits those teams and companies that focus less on URLs and programs and have a keen eye on the main goal. Some features that it has to offer are auto screenshots, scheduling shifts, an absence calendar, a timeline with daily productivity, and visual reports that are detailed and even downloadable.


It has a free plan and the paid plans start from $7 per user per month.


We360 is an employee monitoring software that will help the manager of the user to get details and insights about the employees’ work and their environment. It does not matter from which location is the employee working, you can get insights into his or her activity from that location as well. The activity can be detailed including the searches of the employee; his downloads and uploads, his website usage, his application usage, etc. It has about 15000 users worldwide.

It can show the engagement of your employees in your company in minutes. Businesses can be scaled up effortlessly through this tool. It is easy to use and has a free trial for an easy understanding of the software before investment. Moreover, the support team is present 24/7, and if you are having difficulty managing your account you can also have a dedicated account manager for you. It is most suitable for small and mid-sized businesses keeping in view the features it offers.


It starts from $6.99 per user per month. It also offers a free trial.

13- Time Champ:

Time Champ

TimeCamp is a tracking software that is web-based. It was launched in 2006 as a small company that was started by a single person and an investor. They had a goal of working with their features with huge companies and now companies like Buffer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Survey Monkey, Reddit, Zapier, Salesforce, Toggl, etc are integrated with it. It has an income function that can calculate income by assigning billing rates to the projects.

The employee reports prepared by this software are very accurate, choosing from different templates with regard to the tasks, attendance, users, day, etc. It also has an invoicing module that does the automated invoicing of the work and its users. The software also provides verification of productivity in the form of reports. You can set goals, approve timesheets and receive weekly emails with summaries of computer usage. It also tracks the attendance and the time off of the employees.


There is a free plan and the paid plans start from $7 per month.

14- ActivTrak:


ActivTrak focuses much on the productivity of the employees. This is an award-winning software that gives detailed insights into the employees to enhance the productivity of the company. So far the company has sourced data from 9000 customers and 450,000 users. It is most suited for small and mid-sized businesses. It has been rated as 8.9 to 9.1 for the features such as being a good business partner, for their interactions, for the screenshots, and the web usage of the employees as well.

There are many issues that are faced especially with employees that are working from home but keeping an eye on them through this platform can make it easy. Moreover, you can make sure they are working according to the company policies or not. Productivity boosts are a common result after using this platform and with productivity, profitability also increases.


It has a free version and the paid one starts from $10 per user per month.

15- Work Time:

Work Time

Work Time is not just an employee monitoring software but it is a computer and internet monitoring software. It can monitor the productivity of the employees along with helping to boost it. It can monitor employees who are working from home, are remote, or are office-based employees. It is mainly designed for heavy loads and will work well on 1-15,000 plus computers.

It works well without charging excessively. It is lesser features than other companies in the same field but it offers and focuses on the major tools that are needed to get the actual work done. It offers a 30-day free trial for its users too. You can keep an eye on the employees but if you are looking for advanced tools like data protection etc, you will need to switch to some other above-mentioned tools.


It starts from $13.99 per user per month. And offers a free trial of 30 days too.


At the end of this discussion, we hope that you have selected some of the mains in your mind out of which you might select one to do the work. Selecting management software may be difficult since they all offer the same features but many of them lack at least one of the mains or else are expensive for a small business or an individual to afford. Management software can really take you to places not just financially but also personally.

The habit and some assistance with the habit of management are one of the keys to success. We hope that you will consider the part that we played in helping you take a decision for your business. Best of luck!

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