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15+ Best Grammar Checker Tools In 2023

Best Grammar Checkers:

“Life is like grammar, and there are more expectations than rules.” (Remy de Gourmont).

Grammar is a combination of phrases, clauses, and words. In grammar, there are tenses. These tenses tell you about the present, past, and future.

Role Of English Language In Our Lives:

English has gained the position of official business language. Several companies that we see around relate to the other teams at a global level only through the English language.

Today, the English language plays a vital role in professional lives mainly because the English language is used worldwide in different fields such as education, medical, engineering, colleges, universities, offices, courts, etc. For people whose native language is not English and they try to learn it as a second language and then, later on, use it for writing official applications, emails so, for this purpose, it is important to make grammatically correct sentences to convey your message properly because the grammatical error could spoil the flow of your message and could lead to misconception. To meet all these problems, some grammar check tools are available online that are very beneficial for correcting errors in written content so that you could get an error-free article, emails, and other related content.  

If you are going through the same problem, here is the solution for you to get rid of grammatical errors and have a perfect article. 

How does Grammar Checker Facilitates You? 

Grammar checker, online tools are beneficial for humans, as it makes your university and college tasks easy by removing errors, making corrections in the assignment or any written task handed over to you by your university, office, or a company, making the performance of your blog and marketing better. 

For instance, if we assume the capability of university-level students who have English as their second language, obviously, they would not be perfect in that language. They would commit errors while writing articles, research, or blog posts(I.T student), and thus they are all-time worried about their progress and achievement, so for them, grammar checker online tools are the best thing which serves them by correcting grammatical errors, proofreading, correcting the sentences in their thesis, dissertations, and other projects. Along with this, it also helps you out in correcting punctuation mistakes in your assignments and writing tasks, making it perfect for displaying.

Best Grammar Checking Tools 2023:

Here is the list of some of The Best Grammar Checkers that you can use in 2022 and 2023

  1. Grammarly
  2. Ginger
  3. White Smoke
  4. ProWritingAid
  5. After the Deadline
  6. Online Correction
  7. Paper Rater
  9. Robot DON
  10. SpellCheckPlus Pro
  11. Language tool
  12. Scribens
  13. Hemingway Editor
  14. Dupli checker
  15. GradeProof

1- Grammarly – The #1 Grammar Checking Tool:


Grammarly was invented in 2009 and has marked its name worldwide because of its capabilities and consistency. Thus, consider the best grammar checker for removing grammatical mistakes from your article, making it accurate. That is why it is considered a trustworthy and excellent tool by the people who used it to correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

It is now available on iPhone also to correct grammar mistakes from your phone as well while writing something. It allows you to avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. All over the world, for more than 4 million people, Grammarly is the best choice for correcting errors.

Almost all professionals, such as teachers, writers, bloggers, scriptwriters, researchers, advertisers, publishers, and business professionals as well, use the Grammarly tool for checking plagiarism, proofreading (mistakes in sentences either structurally and spellings are correct or not). It works very well by providing suggestions to you wherever it finds out. 

Try Grammarly For Free

  • Corrects spelling and grammar errors
  • Simple to use
  • It helps to improve your writing skills
  • Useful features
  • Grammarly is not perfect
  • A lot of mistakes
  • Its free version is minimal
  • Aggressive advertising


It’s available on all platforms IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.


Its free version is available; once you sign up for the Grammarly tool, it sends you many email advertisements to keep you upgraded. While on the other hand, the premium cost $29.95 / per month

2- Ginger:


Ginger is basically an app designed for mobile phones. Its proficiency lies in its keyboard; when you write a message to send someone or an email or write to post something on social media, at that time, it checks out the mistakes or errors in your written document before sending or posting. Its keyboard contains different styles and themes so that you could select any according to your own choice. It finds out the spelling and grammatical errors from the written text and fixes them accurately. On your phone, it opens in the form of a little notepad so that you can edit your text. It is mergeable with other apps such as Facebook, linked in and Gmail, etc. Unlike other text tools, it adds synonyms and lacks words in a sentence. It is effortless to use and is faster because of its predictive text capability that helps you to predict the text to faster the typing process. 

  • Easy to check grammar and punctuation
  • It’s free to use.
  • Improve your writing on popular public sites.
  • Catches fewer errors
  • Internet connection must be required to use this tool.


It is available both for Android and IOS devices. 


It has a free version as well as paid version too. The premium plan of this tool comes with $20.97/ month paid monthly, $13.99/month paid quarterly, and $7.49 paid annually.

3- White Smoke:

White Smoke

It has a specific feature named rich translator service that provides word-to-word or full-text translations for 60 languages. It has several linguists built in, which helps translate the text with a high probability of working as a professional translator. Unlike the traditional word processors, it checks out word choices and style mistakes in simple words, and it provides complete English correction along with spellings, words, grammar, style, and choice of words. 

  • Advanced natural language processing technology
  • Has a translator with all versions.
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Powerful and affordable grammar checker
  • No free version of it you have to buy it
  • Not easy to use
  • Some technical issues


It’s available on all platforms IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.


There are three categories in price. WhiteSmoke Essential. $4.16/ month, Premium. $6.67/month, Business. $11.50/month

4- ProWritingAid:


It is one of the best and most popular grammar check and manuscript editing software. It helps professional writers to remove the mistakes from their context and turn them into perfection to impress their audience and promotion of your business. 

You can improve the readability of your text by applying style reports and can edit it to make it more accurate and alluring. Mostly, this software is used by advertisers and publishers for publishing their writing material. 

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple reports
  • On-screen AI feedback
  • Chrome Extension is broken.
  • Less stable on Windows
  • Various issues


It’s available on your web browser. So you can use it from any device. All you need is the internet.


ProWritingAid pricing starts at $70.00 per year per user. It comes with a free trial version too.

5- After the Deadline:

It is an amazing power-packed spelling and grammar checking tool. It is also known as “polish my writing” software, famous for checking minor mistakes in grammar or punctuation. You can go through this by entering the details of your context on the box and then clicking the “check writing “on the screen. 

  • For personal use
  • Great for bloggers
  • Contextual spell checkers
  • Internet is required for this tool
  • Not user-friendly interface
  • Difficult to use


It’s available on Windows and Mac.


It’s totally free to use.

6- Online Correction:

Online Correction

It is designed for people who don’t want to waste their precious time going through heavy graphics and heavy sites. The text editor lets you put your text in a “text box” to go through the process of checking. Spelling mistakes will be shown in red color on the screen while diction and grammar suggestions will show in green color.

  • Totally free
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited features
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Advanced features.


It’s available on Windows and Mac


It’s free to use. 

7- Paper Rater:


It is free online spelling and plagiarism checking tool for your text. You don’t need to download this tool. It is a useful tool for students, bloggers, freelancers, etc. It will help you fix the errors spelling errors by replacing wrong spelling words with the right ones and finding out plagiarism in your text. 

  • A wide range of features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simply cut and paste text
  • Limits on submissions
  • Some errors will be left.


It’s available on Mac and Windows


It comes with the free version, which allows you to five pages per submission and 50 submissions per month.

Premium plans come with $11.21 per month or $71.55 per year. 

8- Grammar checker:

Grammar checker

Grammar checker provides you with all the best software and tools to do the best writing. It helps you in improving your writing skills overall. It ́s features are beneficial for writers as they catch mistakes from the context, promote your writing skills and create a new accurate text. 

  • Easy to use
  • It’s all free
  • Friendly interface
  • Limited in scope
  • Sign up for Grammarly


It’s available on every platform. All you need is internet access from which you can open the website.


It’s totally free to use

9- Robot DON:

Robot Don

It is also a grammar checker tool that works with finding plagiarism and enhancing vocabulary in a context. Lisa Griffin, who is a famous marketing specialist for Robot Don, elaborates in his article that it has much capability that it could scan more than 60 trillion internet pages and databases to find out plagiarism in the contexts. It gives quick results. When your context shows plagiarism, the part of that text is highlighted in red color, and you would be shown a list of sources or links from where it has been copied. Another specific feature of Robot Don is that it has the ability to detect emotions and feelings. It can detect feelings of anger, joy, love, happiness, sorrow, etc. She said that; if your text possesses any kind of emotion, it will express it in the form of “1,” and if there is no emotion or any expression in a text, it will show zero “0”.If your tone contains some negative tone, it will suggest you correct it. 

  • Easy to use
  • Detecting plagiarized components.
  • Quick results and accurate advice.
  • It has not so many cons because it got some great reviews from all over the world.


It’s available on your web browser


It’s totally free of cost; you can use it without sending even a single penny which makes it more prominent

10- SpellCheckPlus Pro:

SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheckPlus is a free online spell checker and sentence structure checker. The essential adaptation is free, and you can utilize it by just gluing in your content.  A full-screen editorial manager and resizing abilities are advantageous for tweaking the altering procedure to your needs. You can likewise chronicle content you’ve rectified previously.

  • Interactive grammar exercises.
  • Free trial.
  • Cheaper
  • Not flexible
  • It’s not user friendly


It’s available on your web browser


Its basic is free, but the pro version cost around 14.99 Canadian dollars

11- Language tool:


LanguageTool is an editing and punctuation checking device that offers both free and paid choices. Notwithstanding the English language, it likewise offers revisions in various dialects. 

The free form of LanguageTool surrenders you to 20,000 characters for every check and 1700 examples for discovering mistakes in English.

  • Corrects grammar
  • Usage in multiple languages
  • Personal dictionary
  • Browser extensions for all kind of browsers
  • Plagiarism checker is omitted
  • It doesn’t have stylistic suggestions.


It’s available on your web browser


It comes with a trial version as well as with premium version too. The Premium version costs around

£4.92/month or about $6.50, £59.00/year

12- Scribens:


Scribens is an online punctuation checker that is straightforward and allowed to utilize. It professes to address more than 10x the same number of missteps as Microsoft Word. The interface is straightforward to understand. You essentially enter a message in the punctuation checker, and you’ll see a rundown of proposed rectifications.

  • Unlimited usage.
  • Free application
  • Compatible with many browsers and OS
  • It is not so much accurate
  • Users find some errors in their reports
  • It doesn’t have that many tools as compared to other tools


It’s available on most browsers


It’s totally free of cost, and you don’t have to pay any kind of charges

13- Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway Editor

Ernest Hemingway was celebrated for his extra and direct writing. The Hemingway Editor is devoted to helping everybody compose all the more unmistakably. This instrument targets long, clumsy, and superfluously complex sentences. Long and complex sentences are featured. The application recognizes the latent voice. There are authentic motivations to utilize the aloof voice; however, utilizing it, again and again, makes your composing frail and roundabout.

  • Clear reading
  • Making content readable
  • Affordable
  • not very friendly user
  • it doesn’t come with a spelling and grammar correction tool.
  • Not free


It’s available on all kind of browsers


Its online version is free while on the other hand 19.99 dollars for desktop version only one time

14- Dupli checker:

dupli checker

Dupli Checker is a free online literary theft locator that likewise has other free instruments, for example, a sentence structure checker and word counter

  • Freeway to check for plagiarism
  • User friendly
  • Varieties of tools
  • 1,000-word limit per search
  • Results aren’t perfect sometimes


It’s available on all platforms


This tool is totally free of cost

15- GradeProof:


GradeProof is a progressed editing apparatus controlled by computerized reasoning. As a result of AI, the device gets more intelligent with your composition. The more you compose, the better it is in furnishing you with clever recommendations to improve your composition. 

GradeProof likewise leads copyright infringement checks by examining for likenesses with recently distributed substances. This is ideal for keeping up your trustworthiness, as you can ensure that your composing is unique.

  • Spelling Engine
  • Grammar Engine
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Word Confusion
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Repetition
  • Don’t have a user-friendly interface
  • Difficult to understand for a new user


It’s available on all kind of platforms 


Its price is from $10 / month

Grammar checker Cost range: 

Online grammar checker programs vary in cost depending on the variety of programs. The basic spellcheck Plus service costs $14.95 for an annual subscription, while other highly developed programs cost hundreds of dollars. 

If you desire to use and sign up for WhiteSmoke, you need to pay $6.95 per month, approximately $70.08 per year. While to achieve WhiteSmoke business service, you need to pay $17.95 per month and $215.40 yearly because this software does not offer a free subscription. 

On the other hand, Grammarly offers basic service free of cost and three payment options for its premium service. For purchasing Grammarly, you must pay $29.95 per month, which means you need to pay $139.95 annually. Once you sign up to Grammarly, he will annoy you by sending a lot of marketing emails regularly to avail of the offers. 

Difference between free and paid grammar checkers: 

The free online grammar checker program contains all the basic features, and for getting advanced features to upgrade your text, you need to purchase it as the free version of Grammarly just checks the basic grammar and spelling errors, but if you need to upgrade your text and to make sentences, punctuation, style and context correction overall, you need to buy its advance features to get more appropriate results. After purchasing advanced features, you will be awarded vocabulary enhancement suggestions, specific writing style checks, plagiarism checks, etc., to promote your writing skills and generate a perfect text. Still, if you go through its free version, you will be annoyed by receiving several marketing emails for degradation. So, testing free programs helps you to make the best selection by testing software and then deciding which one is better for you. 


I honestly recommend you to use these tools to make your text error-free. It is the best tool for freelancers, bloggers, and students as well. This will remove your grammatical errors free of cost and proofreading. Among, Grammarly is the most efficient tool that will facilitate you in fixing your spelling and grammatical errors.

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