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InetSoft Review (2024): The Best Cloud Adaptable Business Intelligence Solution

InetSoft Review 2024:

Do you want to see the Stylish dashboard? Unlike many competitors, InetSoft is entirely web-based, allowing developers and end-users to be as self-service as possible. Technical users will find the designer powerful enough to create advanced data transformations and mashups without writing SQL. In contrast, power users will create new dashboards and perform ad hoc chart editing quickly. Business users will be able to personalize their analytical views and bookmark them.

Why InetSoft?

InetSoft’s analytics and reporting are built for cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service environments, where software and data are increasingly shared between cloud and on-premises applications.

InetSoft Home

InetSoft’s cloud-first, small-footprint architecture enables highly flexible embedding and rebranding choices, regardless of whether InetSoft hosts the application, self-hosted, hybrid-cloud, or on-premise.

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InetSoft’s cloud adaptable business intelligence solution combines the advantages of cloud computing and software-as-a-service with complete control. BI software is unique in that it relies on data that isn’t contained in the app.

  • Year Founded:  1996
  • Official Website:
  • Customers:  5,000
  • Customer Rating: 5*
  • Customer Support:   Contact form, Support portal, email, chat, call

Their Products:

The InetSoft application is embedded, whether it’s in a corporate portal or a cloud-based solution from another supplier. Multi-tenant hosting, full white-labeling, and variable licensing models to match the partners are just a few of the OEM-friendly capabilities.

1- Analytics & Reporting in One:

InetSoft’s visualization dashboards for online analytics are simple to create in a web app. The end-user analysis is enabled by dashboards automatically wired with deep built-in interactivity and customization.

Document reporting extends well beyond simple dashboard exporting for information that is accessible online and distributed offline. In the absence of interaction, it permits carefully designed, page-oriented design to assure full information availability.

2- Boundaryless Self-Service:

Fine-grained, self-service customization is embedded into all visualizations, dashboards, and document reports produced in the InetSoft web app. If a business need is comparable to one addressed by an existing report or dashboard, this ad hoc requirement can likely be met by easy customization. Data and graphics are two essential components of a good ad hoc application.

  • Components for data access must provide intuitive views of corporate data.
  • Novice users should visually assess data or get it as documents or data files thanks to visual components.
  • Ad hoc reporting provides self-service information access to business users.

3- Agile Data Mashup:

InetSoft’s data mashup technology is the most popular choice among designers and end-users who wish to combine disparate data from various sources. Furthermore, its built-in machine learning engine allows for the mashup of machine-generated knowledge with human intellect, elevating data mashup to new heights.

The data mashup engine from InetSoft produces extremely flexible data blocks. The web app can also be used in reverse. Mashup is used to refine data blocks while creating a visualization.

  • InetSoft’s data mashup and visualization capabilities are firmly integrated into a single web app. With visualization, Mashup users may easily profile and check data chunks.
  • A data block can either pull data in real-time from data sources or act as a high-performance cache.
  • User actions are served by in-memory calculations done at lightning speeds, compressed, and optimized for in-memory operations.

4- On-Demand Mini-Warehouse:

Mashup on-premise and in-cloud data in various forms and structures into high-performance, analytic-ready data blocks for both business intelligence and machine learning wherever the InetSoft application is installed. As part of data governance, the data security model can secure data down to the cell level, allowing users to access only their unique data.

  • In a web app, InetSoft’s visualization dashboards are simple to create.
  • The end-user analysis is enabled by dashboards automatically wired with deep built-in interactivity and customization.
  • The built-in governance of models ensures data consistency and protects the integrity of the data processing engine.

Their Solution:

  1. InetSoft’s Solutions for Your Data

InetSoft’s applications share a powerful data backend that allows them to access data from virtually any source. When you combine this with a revolutionary data mashup tool, you can quickly answer any query. The links below will take you to some of the different forms of enterprise data that InetSoft can query.

  • All Data and Big Data
  • Data Warehouses and In-cloud and AWS
  • Machine Learning and SQL Databases
  1. InetSoft’s Solutions for Your Department

InetSoft’s products are enterprise apps that provide a robust and secure platform for the world’s most prestigious companies. Look for the business intelligence application you want for your company in the list below.

  • Finance Reporting and Human Resources
  • Marketing Dashboards and Sales Dashboards
  • Supply Chain Dashboards and Project Management Dashboard
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  1. Industry Solutions

InetSoft’s solutions are non-industry-specific horizontal applications. Instead of locking you into one way of thinking, the focus on open standards and flexibility allows you to utilize the product any way you wish. InetSoft collaborates with solution suppliers to offer vertical solutions tailored to specific industries. Here are some instances of how their product can be used to certain market needs.

  • Banking and Construction
  • Education and Government
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Law Firms and Manufacturing
  • Power & Utilities
  • Technology and Telecom
  1. Capabilities

See the sections below for more information and product characteristics related to a given application type.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting and Analytic Dashboards
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Data Mashup
  • Enterprise Reporting and Operational BI
  • Scorecards & Dashboards

Their Features:

InetSoft has three products with distinct usage models in mind. They are built on the same Big Data platform and analytic engine.

Style Scope:

The application’s pure web app approach naturally makes it appropriate for in-cloud platforms. The cache and acceleration power of the data mashup engine ensures good performance independent of deployment options.

  • Flexible Charts and Tables, Rich Visual Components
  • Quick, Iterative Data Mashup, and Visualization Design – in a Single Web App
  • A Versatile, Responsive 100% Web-based App That Adapts to All Devices
  • Maximum Self-Service Analytics
  • Rich Visual Components, Flexible Charts, and Tables
  • You may create a quick, iterative data mashup and visualization design in a single web app.
  • A Responsive, Versatile, and 100% Web-based App that Adapts to All Devices
  • Self-Service Analytics to the Max.

Style Report:

Ad hoc reporting can empower business users, especially when enabled by data models and other regulating measures. The ad hoc reporting app from InetSoft walks users through each step and requires no training.

  • Quickly mash up data within the Report Designer app
  • Parameterized, Personalized Reports are Disseminated to a Large Audience, and a Historical Records Archive is Created
  • OEM-Friendly and Embeddable

Style Intelligence:

As a single web app, mashup and visualization are combined. Data visualization allows you to profile data easily and evaluate data alterations using the mashup engine. You may also quickly apply data transformations to visualization dashboards for more efficient visual output.

  • Maximum Self-Service with a 100% Web-based Designer
  • Self-Service Analytics and Adhoc Reporting
  • High Performance and Acceleration

Business Dashboard:

Below are some examples of dashboards created with InetSoft’s Web dashboard software, some of which you can check out for free with the Style Intelligence 5-day evaluation copy.

  • A KPI Dashboard
  • An Interactive Dashboard
  • A Supply Chain Dashboard
  • An Operational Dashboard
  • A Sales Dashboard
  • An Analytical Dashboard

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  • InetSoft’s solutions are adaptable and have been used in various industries, business processes, and departments.
  • A huge number of built-in connections and custom data sources are available in the data connection capability.
  • InetSoft’s products are enterprise apps that provide a robust and secure platform for the world’s most prestigious companies.
  • InetSoft’s BI allows you to select the platform and location that are most appropriate for your needs.


  • Trading fee discounts can be difficult to understand.



  • Forever free at $0
  • No credit card signup


  • All registrants at $0
  • no credit card signup


  • Starts at $165/moNTH
  • AWS m5.large billed annually


  • Internal, serving clients or OEM
  • Contact them
  • Subscription or customized pricing

Contact Them:

  • Phone: +1.888.216.2353 (USA)
  • Phone: +1.732.424.0400 (International)
  • Fax: +1.732.980.5949
  • Email:

Final Words:

InetSoft’s dashboard may be easily embedded into any web-based application thanks to InetSoft’s open standards-based architecture and tiny footprint. The process of creating a new account usually takes less than 10 minutes. You can probably accomplish it in five minutes or less if you’re a fast typer and have your ID on hand.

Custom branding and theming, single sign-on, and multi-tenancy support are just a few of the technical features that assist their OEM partners in creating a cohesive solution. InetSoft has a proven track record of collaborating with vertical and horizontal solution suppliers. The important characteristics that distinguish InetSoft from other rigid providers are collaboration, business term flexibility, and response.

For more information, click on the link.


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