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10+ Best Instagram Proxies in 2024

Best Instagram Proxies:

Among other popular social platforms, Instagram is also a leading social networking platform for various reasons. You may already be familiar with the versatility of this social platform. And almost every person uses Instagram in addition to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other sites. Instagram being the top-notch social marketing platform, you have to get more target-like, comments, and followers on the company account, its a very long going process, and this cannot be don’t by using few accounts, so to accomplish your target, you want multiple accounts to be operated regularly behind the scene. For this, you will need the help of the best Instagram proxies.

Instagram Proxy Means?

When you use the internet, you are actually using an IP address, which can be linked with any global location makes the user entirely unknown. As you use the proxy for Instagram, the app will consider the IP address that the user uses and therefore allows the user to perform different activities at once through a broker.

Need Of Instagram Proxy:

The primary reason behind using Proxy on an Instagram account is when you are using multiple accounts at once. All the social media websites, including Instagram, have a limitation to five statements from a single IP address. And if you want to handle more than five Instagram accounts for the company or business, you cant take all of them with the same IP address; if you try to do so, your activities will be blocked by Instagram. Therefore, you will need the proxy the most; if it helps you manage enough Instagram accounts permanently through the same IP address, it permits you to continue your activities as usual.

Uses Of Best Instagram Proxies:

Using the best Instagram proxies makes your various tasks straightforward in numerous ways. Here are a few uses of Instagram proxies:

Manage Multiple Accounts:

If your Instagram accounts exceed the given limit, you will need an Instagram proxy to run all the accounts from a single IP address. As you have multiple business Instagram accounts to manage, the actual IP address needs to be restricted identification and blockage. For this, you must use various Instagram proxy servers that permit you to run and manage various Instagram accounts with the same IP address.

Follower Building:

Besides, to run multiple accounts on Instagram, you also need to build followers for marketing. Proxy servers allow you to handle different accounts and consequently builts up more followers on other business accounts.

Instagram Unblocking:

If you are at such a place where you can access your Instagram account, then Instagram proxies are the best solution to the problem.

To Use Marketing Automated Tools:

Automation marketing tools are more famous and used by many companies for social media marketing and to grow business Instagram accounts. Getting a dozen likes, comments, and thousands of followers is not an easy task. You have to build engagements with the targeted audience from distinct places, send them automatic messages, sponsored advertisements, and other promotional content seems to be a tiring and time-consuming process when done manually.

However, as a shortcut, automation tools are utilized for all the above mention activities. Instagram has some strict networking policies, and by doing shortcuts, your accounts can be blocked or restrict you from performing numerous posts and actions. The solution to all these problems is using the best Instagram Proxy server.

Instagram Scraping:

Instagram contains much worthwhile information. Therefore you can drag hashtags, snaps, followers, and even a complete profile using the Instagram proxy. Keep in mind Instagram is strictly against this activity; if you catch you, it will go out of its way to stop you.

Types Of Instagram Proxies:

Instagram proxies are classified into the following types:

  1. Mobile Proxies/ 4G proxies are the most expensive and rarely sustainable proxies for multiple accounts. This is the most trusted IP address as it’s a mobile app and thousands of smartphone devices share a similar IP address.
  2. Residential Proxies: Rotating and static residential IP addresses will both do. But among them, rotating proxies prove more suitable for making Instagram accounts, while the other is better for managing Instagram accounts.
  3. Dedicated/Private Proxies:  This proxy is mostly used by providing data centers for the social media platform. Moreover, these are a bit more affordable than the proxies mentioned above, but they prove not ideal for Instagram bots but useful for scraping Instagram accounts.

How To Use Instagram Proxies Accurately?

  1. To become an Instagram proxies master, first, consider your needs. If you want to manage more than five accounts with an Instagram bot, then a similar VPS can assist you in managing hundreds to thousands of accounts; under these circumstances, you will not require any proxies.
  2. To choose automation tools for the company to boost social media marketing, many Instagram automation software works best than proxies.
  3. If your business account is growing, go a bit slower. It means that you can’t gradually increase in Instagram followers; instead, a maximum of 1 to 200 followers is possible on average.
  4. Set some time period to run your Instagram accounts alternatively, not all at once. Likewise, you can’t do various actions like follow, unfollow, like, or comment from different accounts in the same timeframe. Shifting is necessary to run all of your accounts successfully.
  5. Before applying proxies to your actual Instagram accounts, check the proxies with the trail Instagram account, go into the account’s settings and bots, understand the mechanism appropriately, and apply it to all other accounts.
  6. Instagram updates its algorithms frequently. To continue your multiple accounts on Instagram, you should take help from different panels like MPSocial and BHW to stay updated with Instagram automation and bots.

Best Instagram Proxies 2023:

Here is the list of 10+ best Instagram Proxies For Instagram Automation that you can use in 2023.

  1. Bright Data The #1 Proxies For IG Automation.
  2. Proxy-N-VPN – Cheap Instagram Proxies: 
  3. SSL Private Proxy – Best overall IG Private Proxies.
  4. SmartProxy Proxies for Instagram automation.
  5. HighproxiesBest dedicated IP proxies.
  6. GeoSurf – Best Residential proxies Providers.
  7. Buyproxies – Top Instagram Proxies Providers.
  8. Stormproxies – Dedicated Instagram Proxies
  9. Instant Proxies – Best Instagram Private Proxies
  10. Blazing SEO Proxy – Best Web Scraping Proxies

1. Bright Data – The #1 Proxies For IG Automation:


Luminati Networks is now Bright Data. When it comes to complete online security on Instagram, then Bright Data proxy comes to my mind. It counts among the best Instagram proxies due to its topmost performance in terms of reliability and quality. Moreover, this proxy server has a history of millions of proxies, making it the top provider globally. It isn’t easy to make a comparison of it with other companies.

Try Bright Data For Free

 It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Delivers the quickest response
  • Automatically data unblocker
  • Equipped with the latest proxy handling software
  • Provides proxy manager services
  • SEO monitoring
  • Compatible with Chrome extensions

2. Proxy-N-VPN – Cheap Instagram Proxies: 


Proxy-N-VPN is providing the best Instagram proxies. Proxy-N-VPN Instagram Proxy Server is a cheap but fast proxy server for social media networking as it efficiently gives the highest uptime and high response time when compared to other servers. Its non-sequential IPs keep high-end security and convenient surfing without being blocked or banned. Therefore, it’s a very stable and safe proxy server and worthy to all marketers. Proxy-N-VPN shows great compatibility with almost all social networks for marketing purposes, letting you choose different cities and subnets. This efficiently hides the user’s actual IPs when they browse online networks, which means that when you are handling multiple Instagram accounts from different locations with this proxy, you can get minimal blockage chances.

Try Proxy-N-VPN For Free

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Steadfast social media proxy server
  • Generates the highest uptime
  • Topmost functionality and response time
  • Assures secure and appropriate browsing
  • Allows high safety and stability

3. SSL Private Proxy – Best overall Private Proxies:

SSL Private Proxy

If you have a tight budget and wants an anonymous Instagram proxy, then you should try SSL private proxy because this proved to be the quickest proxy server, and also offers personalized deals that can be exceeded to thousands of various IP address, to secure you from hacking, phishing, spam, and much more similar things. SSL private proxy server delivers up to 1000 GB fast and furious connection and assures that all the proxies are ready to use 24/7.  It also provides affiliation programs, joins it, and starts earning up to 30% of commission on every sale.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Many subnets enhance network speed.
  • It confirms private online surfing.
  • Efficiently hides IP addresses and Online identity.
  • For high-grade security Smart web platform is available.

4. Smartproxy – Residential Proxies for Instagram automation:


If you want an extra level of securing your Instagram account under the budget, we recommend you Smartproxy. This proxy server ensures top-notch quality and more efficient serves that you are looking for. Its automation mechanism can easily handle various Instagram accounts and works well with all the important Instagram tools.  They offer some options like sticky, rotating proxies, and residential IP addresses from which you can choose the desired one that can easily beat Geo-restrictions while browsing the internet. With Smartproxy, you can use many IP addresses because it can efficiently manage online marketing, SEO, numerous accounts, and much like that.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Automatic management of different accounts
  • Residential IPs feature surpasses Geo-restriction.
  • Ensures high anonymous proxies for online surfing
  • Compatible with all Instagram bots

5. Highproxies – Best dedicated IP proxies:


If you are looking for the best Instagram proxies to handle multiple personal accounts, then Highproxies fits best in the list. It is the quickest, most reliable, and budget-oriented proxy server that provides enough security to your Instagram bots, unlimited access to networking,  and solutions to different browsing, accessibility, and privacy management issues. Furthermore, it allows the user to get multiple subnets, safe bandwidth, unlimited internet with top-class speed. Highproxies has saved about 72 million IP addresses hence provides almost all types of proxies, along with static and revolving residential IPs, allowing you to choose.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Affordable and reliable media proxies
  • Best Proxies with unlimited Bandwidth
  • Ideal for video marketing
  • Assures internet safety and proper privacy
  • 1000MBs internet line

6. GeoSurf – Best Residential proxies Providers.


Integration of GeoSurf proxy server delivered a faster response and made the different processes very simple for the user. This proxy server efficiently manages the Instagram account by providing authorized IP addresses and, consequently, minimizing the blocking chances and boosting your online business and marketing campaigns. Thanks to the server for providing undetectable valid IPs working behind to handle your Instagram accounts in various countries. This proxy server has 130 geo-locations with boundless connection lines and threads, allowing you to monitor and track through Instagram proxies remotely.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Straightforward and fast integration server
  • Ideal for ad verification
  • Suitable for client’s Instagram management

7. Buyproxies – Top Instagram Proxies Providers:


There is a bridge between the client-server and the hosting server from which data pass through it. Buyproxies bypass all the restrictions and permit the user to do all kinds of activities through a single IP address. If you want to upgrade and boost your business on social media like Instagram and prevent your business accounts from blockage, then we will recommend you Buyproxies it efficiently ensures the safety and more security for you and your accounts. Apart from social account handling, you can optimize marketing research and SEO to improve your professional-level skills.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Provides great social media support
  • It gives access to geo-restriction contents.
  • Compatible with mobile and PC devices
  • Provides a decent level of security to Instagram accounts
  • Suitable for small business companies

8. Stormproxies – Best Instagram Private Proxies:


Stormproxies are rooted in residential and data-center proxies designed for SEO tools, account creation, traffic bots, and scraping sites. Furthermore, it includes social media handling proxies to manage Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other similar sites reflecting the versatility of this dedicated proxy server. This cheap proxy provider enjoys a boundless internet connection without disconnecting when the specified amount of bandwidth has been consumed. But this proxy server has no browser extension, but their site is straightforward to use.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Offers affordable proxies’ packages
  • Easy to use media site proxies
  • Specifically made for SEO purposes.

9. Instant Proxies – Best Web Scraping Proxies:

Instant Proxies

Introducing the best proxies for Instagram business account management. This great proxy server allows the users to boost their marketing as it allows the user to run their marketing campaigns efficiently with more success rate.  Instant proxies permit access to networks with different IP addresses with more security to work miracles for Instagram management. Therefore, you will experience more fast internet connection speed, allowing continuous and hassle-free control of Instagram accounts.

Furthermore, it shows great compatibility with private surfing on different devices, key browsers, automation tools, making it the best Instagram proxies.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Ideal Instagram marketing campaigns
  • Robust and reliable proxies
  • Secures personal data
  • Offers boundless coexisting locations
  • 100% support with Instagram automation tools
  • Efficiently maximize Instagram marketing.

10. Blazing SEO Proxy – Cheap Instagram Proxies: 

Blazing SEO Proxy

The best-selling Instagram proxies in the market are Blazing SEO. It offers great customization options required for any business management. It allows the user to keep the PC and web server separated, and boundless bandwidth, and secure Instagram media browsing with a maximum of 1GB network line. Moreover, these residential proxies are best for web scraping projects of any level and other third-party software for their straightforward implementation and handling. It offers totally hand-free operation because it comes with a single IP address with different ports, which means that when the user gets connected through a single port, the connection will be routed to Proxy IP automatically. Otherwise, you have to do it manually to run the proxy settings.

It offers a vast array of specifications, which includes:
  • Top-notch functionality with boundless threads
  • It assures proper security of social media surfing.
  • IP authentication process is speedy.
  • Provides great customer service 24/7
  • Compatible with all types of bots
  • 1GB network line


As we discuss, Instagram proxies are more advantageous for many reasons. It has a wide array of applications from IP unblocking to geo-restriction, to use Instagram bots, run marketing automation tools, multiple accounts handling, and seamless marketing campaigns everything at the same time. Hopefully, this article gives you some useful information about Instagram proxies. If you’re planning to buy any one of them for boosting your Instagram business accounts for marketing and another purpose, go for it. Good Luck!

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