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15+ Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms In 2024

Manual advertising, which depends on the connection between the advertiser and publication, and automated programmatic advertising make up the majority of the digital advertising market.

We’ll examine programmatic advertising platforms in this article. We’ll talk about the fundamental ideas guiding the platforms and how they impact your company. We’ll also provide a brief overview of the various programmatic advertising platforms and attempt to determine which one is appropriate for you based on the demands of your company.

Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms:

Here is the list of 15+ Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms In 2023 and 2024:

  1. Push.House
  2. Adform
  3. AdRoll
  4. Display and Video 360 by Google
  5. The Trade Desk
  6. Xandr
  7. Adobe Advertising Cloud
  8. MediaMath
  9. Criteo
  10. PubMatic
  11. SmartyAds
  12. Smaato
  13. OpenX
  14. Adbutler (SSP)
  15. Lotame
  16. theTradeDesk

1. Push.House: is one of the leaders in the advertising market and is a great Programmatic Advertising Platform as well. You can easily earn money by placing advertisements on your website or blog. makes it simple as they use a push notification method. You can make a lot of money through as they offer high coverage. Their services span out to about 180 countries all over the world.

Push.House has introduced some exciting new features. First, they have come up with a popular advertising format that opens the target offer page in a new browser tab and is named On-Click. Second, In-Page Capping, a feature that allows advertisers to limit the frequency of clicks over a specified period for each user. Third, there comes In-Page Push which is a unique advertising format that combines banner advertising push notifications. And lastly, they have come up with a tool called micro-bidding that allows you to optimize your campaigns, increase profitability, and save your budget. Moreover, through Push.House, you have the option to add up to 10 advertisements. 

Push.House will not only help you make more money but will also bring high-quality traffic to your website/blog as well. They provide publishers with the highest ROI through unique traffic. In case of any queries, you can contact their customer support which is always ready to answer your questions.

If you want to look at your statistics then it is also available in the form of real-time statistics. You can see everything in real time. This helps you in planning your future moves. So, for publishers, is one of the best Programmatic Ad Networks out there.

Join Push.House Now!

Payment Details:

  • Price Models: CPC and CPM
  • Payment Frequency: NET7 (Weekly)
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payeer, ePayments, WebMoney, QIWI, VISA/Master Card, Advcash, and Bitcoin
  • Referral Commission: 3%

2. Adform:


A global Demand Side Platform of Denmark, Adform was created for contemporary marketing. Adform flow, an enterprise platform with a scalable, flexible, and open architecture is used by the DSP to offer smooth campaign cycle management. The concept’s technology aims to improve human-machine communication while providing augmented intelligence to boost client businesses’ results.


  • Modern Marketing’s Finest Independent Enterprise Technology
  • Adform is the only international, independent, and completely integrated advertising platform designed for contemporary marketing is Adform. Its proprietary enterprise solution, Adform Flow, uses a scalable, modular, and open architecture to offer a great user experience and enable seamless control of the entire campaign life cycle.
  • It offers clients improved transparency and control over all aspects of the advertising operations, particularly ownership of all campaign data. Adform has been creating technology since 2002 to improve human/machine cooperation and deliver enhanced intelligence, magnifying commercial outcomes for its users in more than 25 countries.


  • We have created the openness and most transparent advertising technology system.
  • Each product offers powerful stand-alone abilities and can be combined with the other components of the advertising platform without difficulty to provide better results.
  • All of this is supported by an open strategy that combines with other cutting-edge technology and services to provide you with the best outcomes possible.

3. AdRoll:


AdRroll offers eCommerce firms a single platform to easily launch display advertisements, social network ads, and email campaigns. Single Platform, Single Purchase, and One Login, which translates to One Forum, One Purchase, and One Login, are what makes them distinctive. This allows them to increase income and also save time with a standardized marketing DSP platform.


  • Behind-the-scenes machine learning and artificial intelligence technology make day-to-day marketing for companies simpler. With the help of AdRoll, advertisers can now tailor their target market to the needs of their goods.
  • The software supports email marketing, social media managers and digital advertising. It is possible to develop more strategic marketing concepts that engage current clients, draw in new ones, and increase income by using the actionable information from the advertising campaigns.
  • Describe your three superpowers for reducing time spent and increasing revenue:
  • Brand awareness: In addition to web and social networks, they also use 500 more sources to present your brand to high-intent consumers.


  • Identifying and contacting users on any device, wherever they go online.

Cart recovery:

  • Display advertisements are effective, but display ads combined with automated emails are much more effective.


  • If you pay annually, monthly expense will be:
  • $ 36 /month billed annually.
  • If you pay monthly, its price will be:
  • $ 40 /month

4. Display and Video 360 by Google:

google marketing platform

A Google market technology platform called DV 360, which stands for Display and Video 360 in shortened form, is used to purchase and manage programmatic advertising. Advertisers may connect with a variety of publications through DV360 to reach a targeted audience at the right price.

With direct connections to numerous ad networks and exchanges, including Google Ad Exchange, DV360 offers a wide variety of Publishers offering ad spots. Scalable, audience segmentation and end-to-end digital strategy are some of DV360’s standout characteristics.


  • Combine your advertising data and workflows for quicker insights, easier teamwork, and better marketing outcomes.
  • Utilize a single product to bring your creative, statistics, video, and digital teams together.
  • Get all of your market analytics in one application to ensure your message reaches the proper audience. You can reach more clients by getting their attention, gettithinking about your offerings, and getting them to act by using specialized keywords, categories, and remarketing options


  • Campaign Management:
  • Using a single tool, create and carry out a cross-channel media plan.
  • Creative Data-Driven:
  • It is simple to use data to guide your creativity as well as a tailor that content based on audience, thanks to smart solutions and workflow integrations.

5. The Trade Desk:


It is an advertising platform designed to reach viewers all around the world. Utilizing the data to promote your brand, The Trade Desk assists you in expanding your brand anyplace.

With the Open Internet, you can compare performance transparently and unbiasedly across a broad range of sites, apps, podcasts, and more to increase your audience. The Trade Desk is now more potent, data-driven, and prepared for advertising right out of the gate, thanks to the addition of the Open Internet.


The Trade Desk’s intelligent campaigns encompass media planning and acquisition, data activation, and API customization. The Trade Desk differs from its peers and competitors in the sector due to its access to devoted specialists, availability of the data for everyone’s use, and the marketing academy provided by the specialists in the field to develop specialized solutions.


  • Plan and buy media- Explore the DSP:
  • Using its sector-leading platform, you can plan, carry out, and evaluate digital initiatives.
  • Data Activation- Explore the DMP:
  • Take the benefit of your first-party data to expand your audience and take advantage of fresh information.
  • API customization- Explore the API:
  • On this platform, design and construct according to your growth objectives.

6. Xandr:


Xandr is a worldwide market for premium advertising and a platform for data-enabled technology. Xandr is widely regarded as the leading pioneer at the nexus of digital and TV, provides Publishers with Tailored Services, Greater Access to Demand, Greater Availability to Supply, and Enhanced Buying Strategies for Advertisers.

With 6.7 billion daily views, 193,000+ brands, 80+ worldwide DSP interfaces, 1550+ connected publishers, 175+ global SSP connections, and 45+ global data provider partnerships, the Xandr Marketplace has a significant global reach.


  • In order to rebuild marketer trust in the advertising sector, they are reimagining what it means to be an advertiser.
  • They hold themselves to higher standards because they believe in the improvement of the industry.
  • To make relationships more relevant and meaningful, they are dedicated to using data with care and compassion.
  • By drawing on the aggregate knowledge of a varied and inclusive workforce, they grow to be more than the total of its individual experiences.
  • They have a distinct edge that gives the chance to think creatively and take the initiative by looking back to jump forward.



  • The platform for strategic buying offers a strong data market, exposure to premium supplies across online and advanced TV forms, and flexible ways to conduct business.


  • The platform for strategic selling with all-encompassing inventory management controls, exclusive data, and distinct buyer demand.

7. Adobe Advertising Cloud:

Adobe Advertising Cloud

When it concerns media, Adobe is a commercial titan. And what exactly is advertising without the display of mainstream press in various formats? A platform called Adobe Advertising Cloud is where programming and media collide. It’s the only independently owned and operated ad network that has scaled up the automation and unification of all media, displays, data, and creative.


Corresponding data from various sources is used by Adobe Advertising Cloud, which is Independent, Accessible, and Brand Safe. It offers holistic scheduling, buying, managing, and optimizing in addition to enabling you to develop integrated, integrated end-to-end ad stack campaigns.

Media barriers are no longer prominent. The one and only independent ad platform that can scaleably automate and integrate all media, displays, data, and creativity belongs to Adobe.


What’s latest about Adobe Advertising Cloud?

Campaign management reimagined:

  • To make managing in-flight campaigns more efficient, they redesigned the user experience. It’s more than simply a new user interface, new charts, and filters; it’s a new platform design with customizable views, quick actions, and collaboration tools to maximize media traders’ time and increase users’ productivity.

Planning Platform for TV:

  • TV planners may simply evaluate the KPIs on several versions of a plan within the platform using Advertising Cloud’s TV Planning Platforms to choose which version to execute, order, and run.

8. MediaMath:


One such demand-supply platform for advertisers designed for the present and the future is MediaMath. It offers complete marketing control while also allowing marketers to work freely and still produce successful Omni channel campaigns.

Prior to the deprecation of third-party cookies, the programmatic advertising platform delivers an advanced user experience, a modernized Ecosystem, and also an agnostic approach that accepts any ID system.


  • Connect with customers with flexible, cross-device identifiers that are based on consent. Prepare for the future reputation by activating and scaling data with the most adaptable identity graph in the world.
  • Platform Enhancement: The MediaMath Platform gives brands and agencies the power to take charge of their marketing in the present while operating with the flexibility necessary to produce great multichannel campaigns in the future.
  • CTV Offering: With data-driven audience targeting, Media Math’s CTV advertising solution enables businesses to build 1:1 relationships with consumers across all screens.


  • The Omni channel DSP platform:
  • Source requirements are now fully met by all inventories, ensuring supply chain confidence and transparency. Its agnostic method supports any ID scheme regardless of third-party cookie deprecation.
  • Outstanding Partnership:
  • To get the most of campaigns, platform capabilities, and functions, work with consultative professionals.

​9. Criteo:


A supply-side platform called Criteo works with the Commercial Media Platform to build, grow, and activate first-party audiences. Predictive bidding, product information, inventive optimization, and look alike audiences are all supported by the platform’s AI Engine.

The website offers complete control, transparency, and shopper graphs for both publishers and advertisers to better understand their target market. It also offers an easy-to-use ad platform that can be set up quickly.

The platform has 35B daily browse and purchasing events active throughout 96 countries, 685m active daily users, and hundreds of publishers with extensive reach plus premium inventory on the open Internet.


Commerce media for the online platform:

  • Using the largest open commerce database in the world, provide customers greater experiences wherever they purchase.

Boost Your Growth:

  • Utilize straightforward yet effective automated advertising on the open internet to meet your customer retention and acquisition goals.
  • Employing the top brands and retailers in the world to power the retail media ecosystem


One unified platform:

  • Using a self-service, end-to-end platform, you may buy and sell commercial media with ease.

Openness and transparency:

  • Join an open, transparent environment that gives brands flexibility and increases revenue for retailers.
  • Strong APIs
  • Using our APIs, you can manage campaigns and get analytics from the tools you already use.
  • Optimizing AI
  • Utilize AI to enhance results and experiences.

10. PubMatic:


Another platform that delivers the future supply chain for digital advertising is PubMatic, which maximizes consumer value. They use specialized infrastructure created to enable scalable and adaptable innovation in their customer-specific solution.

With an emphasis on transparency and developing solutions that address the most important issues facing the sector, PubMatic’s unbiased approach offers inventory, information, and analytics to drive results and enable control. The clock processes 3.3 petabytes of information each day and receives 1.2 trillion advertiser bids per day.


  • The Omni channel sell-side platform makes use of a customized architecture designed to enable flexible innovation that is scalable, assisting their clients in maximizing the potential of their internet advertising strategy.
  • As a stand-alone technology company, they offer their clients the inventory, data, and insights they need to produce results and take command of the levers that make their organisation successful.
  • Since 2006, they have been a champion of the open web while focusing on both transparency and developing solutions that address the most important issues facing the sector, as attested to by clients and third-party verification firms.


  • Reaching or engaging your target customers in premium, brand-safe environments spanning ad formats as well as devices can help to increase ROI.
  • Take advantage of the transition to programmatic advertising by adopting solutions created to handle the unique characteristics of app environments.

11. SmartyAds:

SmartyAds Website

The Full Stack Programmatic Advertising Ad Measure for Advertisers and Publishers, SmartyAds accelerates business growth by streamlining the process, giving transactions priority, and attaining desired objectives. They provide a distinctive White Label Solution system for data activation, selling, and media buying.

They have joint ventures with SpringServe, Criteo, InMobi, Cheetah Mobile, Google, and Opera. They have been highlighted for their exceptional achievement in the sector in Media Post, the Salesforce blog, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.


  • They collaborate with the top traffic safety suppliers, put in place internal safety mechanisms, and follow IAB criteria for inventory authorization, so their solutions are fraud-resistant as well as secure by design.
  • Because they support the global trend for enhanced user privacy, the programmatic solutions are transparent, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and free of additional payments from third parties.
  • Because this is the greatest method to guarantee that the clients are expanding their businesses with the most cutting-edge technologies.


  • Transforming advertising into a customized, interactive, and multichannel experience
  • Brand recognition
  • CTR and clicks
  • Conversions
  • Allowing publishers and advertisers to profit from an open programmatic market:
  • Trading without intermediaries
  • Obtain premium traffic.
  • Reach your KPIs with ease.
  • Assisting businesses in developing their own ad platforms using white-label technologies:
  • Independently manage the buying and selling of media.
  • Obtain financial openness.
  • Profit by acting as a reseller.

12. Smaato:


A internet advertising tech platform called Smaato provides solutions for monetization and accessible ad servers. It engages audiences globally by partnering premium marketers with high-quality publishers. A staggering 1.8T ad requests, 1.3B unique users, 150B video ad requests, plus 470M unique viewers every month are made on the platform.

For publishers and advertisers, The Smaato provides the option to build their own with no ad serving fee. Through sophisticated automated technologies and human skills, it supports all devices, contexts, and ad formats by using an Omni Channel approach.


  • A free ad server as well as monetization option is provided by Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform. They link reputable publishers with top-tier advertisers to engage audiences everywhere and across all devices.
  • Big Tech walled enclosures are obsolete. By giving you the power to design your own, the solutions increase transparency for publishers and marketers alike.
  • When you succeed, they succeed. They provide a robust server that is free to use, providing you more power and a wider audience. The revenue of publishers who convert to Smaato’s ad server increases by about 30%.


  • They simplify ad monetization.
  • Create a walled garden on your own.
  • No fees for ad serving.
  • They are the Omni channel.
  • This serves you a safe, secure marketplace.

13. OpenX:




OpenX is a 100% cloud-based exchange with industry-leading technologies and the most effective tech stack available. They cover all device kinds and formats at scale and aid in audience development, optimization, and bid guidance.

You may use OpenX to identify, reach, and engage users at every stage, whether you use their third-party data or your own first-party data.


  • To give you additional chances to increase your revenue, the staff is negotiating arrangements with the biggest advertisers in the world, working with DSPs, and fostering relationships with international holding organizations.
  • They collaborate with buyers to develop bundled packages that are targeted to their distinct audiences and will provide results for them as well as revenue for their pubs.


  • Its exchange is large, international, and Omni channel, covering all device kinds and formats at pace. It’s excellence at every turn. The biggest publishers, advertisers, and DSPs in the world are confidence in working with them because of this.

Discovering your ideal audience:

  • Use our third-party data or your own first-party information. In either case, they will locate, connect with, and assist you in engaging your audiences across all supply channels.
  • DSPs: They have what you require:
  • Look at what they provide, what they endorse, and how they can work together to ensure that the shared clients don’t make any mistakes.

14. Adbutler (SSP):


An SSP focuses on assisting advertisers and publishers (owners of websites) in the sale of advertising space on their mobile applications, websites, and other digital properties.

These platforms automate the process of calculating the best price for each advertising space and selling it to the highest bidder. SSPs collaborate with advertising networks to link publishers to a larger group of potential customers.


  • Show Ad Server:
  • Control your ad sales to increase your income.
  • A self-service market:
  • With a fully automated ordering system, direct sales will no longer be painful.
  • Programming on the supply side:
  • Increase sales with lightning-fast auctions.
  • Easy to integrate user-friendly native adverts to your websites and apps thanks to Native Ad Server.
  • Open video ad serving platform with a video ad server. Control every aspect of your video ad serving.
  • Extend Your Current Web Program with Flexible Email Campaigns with the Help of an Email Ad Serve
  • Out-of-Home Digital Ad Server:
  • Reach your out-of-home audience using impression-based, tailored ad serving.
  • API Ad Server Using powerful APIs, you may create a completely customised ad server in weeks rather than years.


  • Essentials: To Get You Started: 1M ad requests for $149 per month.
  • Standard: Starts at $682 per month for 10M ad requests with Serve up Success.
  • Advanced: Accelerate & Grow-starts at $2988/month for 50M ad requests.

15. Lotame:


Flexible data solutions from Lotame ensure connectivity for the future and boost performance across all displays. For audience onboarding, audience enrichment, and audience targeting, advertisers, publishers, as well as platforms rely on its cutting-edge and interoperable solutions, driven by the identity platform.


  • First-party audiences can be connected with, enriched, analyzed, and engaged throughout all browsers, phones, and platform. Their audience management solution, which is supported by the identity platform, enables you to get the most out of your data so you can create a comprehensive, private, and useful picture of your customers across all screens.
  • Sell marketers and advertising agencies throughout the world your top-notch addressable audiences. Utilize data enrichment to increase revenue prospects and take advantage of the inherent demand for your priceless first-party data.
  • Its access is premium advertisers’ addressable, international, high-quality audiences. With reliable data at scale, you can better understand and target your audience.


  • Its cutting-edge technology, worldwide reach, and stellar customer service are cited by clients. Discover the advantages of the programmatic advertising platform for your company with a lot to gain:
  • Expand the chances for monetization on all screens.
  • Discover and develop new audiences.
  • View the big picture of your clients and potential clients.
  • Give personas current insights to enhance.
  • Engage addressable audiences across all platforms, including CTV, across browsers and devices.

16. theTradeDesk:


Advertisers and publishers can gather, organize, and activate their information in one location with the help of a DMP from theTradeDesk.

Its lookalike modeling feature, which enables you to find new audiences based on data from your existing audiences, is one of its most well-liked features. Additionally, it provides customers with access to a data market where they may get high-quality consumers from data suppliers.

The DMP industry is one in which TheTradeDesk is actively growing. For instance, TikTok and theTradeDesk just announced a relationship. This partnership will boost the expansion of advertising on TikTok and attract more brands to the site.


  • Reach even more your best customers regardless of their location by planning, purchasing, optimizing, and measuring all of your campaigns in one location.
  • Utilize all the data, including yours and over 100,000 segments from their premium partners, to take action on fresh information and expand your audience.
  • While preserving custody of your data, collaborate with its engineers and scientists to develop your own unique solutions on top of their platform.


  • Marketplace Quality: With a team committed to the best-in-class brand protection and fraud prevention, you may purchase advertisements with confidence.
  • A better internet for consumers, publishers, and marketers is supported by Unified ID, which brings partners together around open standards.
  • Gold Standard: A collection of rules intended to harmonize data practices, pricing, and billing among supply-side platforms.


After looking at a variety of Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Ad Exchanges, we can safely say that they assist us in connecting with our target market and giving them what they want most that is your product.

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