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20+ Best Video Cropping Software In 2024 (According to Experts)

Are You Looking For The Best Video Cropping Software?

If you think the Cropping video is a straightforward and easy task, then you are wrong. It’s a very struggling process with inbuilt cropping tools that resides on Windows, Mac, and other Smartphone devices. There is a hell difference between cropping a picture and cropping a video It Proves to be a headache process.

How To Crop Video By Any Other Means?

To assist you in cropping different videos, a diverse range of Video cropping tools are available in the market.  Therefore, a motion cropping tool efficiently edits and crop videos by keeping the frame’s main actions. It enables the user to set the keyframe and move the cropping frame to monitor the main activities you want to keep in the video. Moreover, with motion cropper, you can make different versions of the videos in various aspect ratios, like Landscape, portrait, and square videos.

Free Video Cropper Or Online Video Cropper What’s The Difference?

Free Video Cropping software requires downloading to make it in use. It’s free and straightforward to use, a more convenient and efficient cropping tool for PCs, and ensures proper personal privacy. It is compatible with almost every video format, crop, and saves it in any output selection.

Many websites offer many video cropping tools to crop the videos online, no need to download the software. But as for privacy is a concern, you have to upload your personal videos to their servers. Some online cropping sites do not support all the video sizes and video timings; you may spend some money on those options for this.

Now, either choose Free video cropper or online video cropper. It solely relies upon your requirement. Go for what you like most appropriate and save for you and your content.

If you are confused or you are not familiar with any useful video cropping tool, we come up with the best 20 video cropping tools available. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Best Video Cropping Software 2023:

Here is the list of Best Free Video Cropping Software that you can use in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Movavi Video Editor Plus
  2. VideoProc
  3. Allavsoft
  4. iMovie
  5. Free Video Cropper
  6. Easy Video Maker
  7. VSDC
  8. Avidemux
  9. MovieMator Video Editor
  10. Olive Video Editor
  11. Animotica
  12. Smart Video Crop
  13. Kdenlive
  14. Hidden Video Editor in macOS Big Sur
  15. Fastreel
  16. Final Cut Pro X
  17. Ezgif
  18. macXvideo
  19. Clideo
  20. Photos App
  21. Wonder Video

1- Movavi Video Editor Plus:

Movavi Slideshow Maker

If you have Movavi Video Editor Plus, then video editing and cropping will no longer be difficult. It’s an online video cropping tool that allows the user to crop, resize, and trim the videos in any way, either to make videos for social media sharing or personal use. Movavi video editor offers 7 days of free trial to let you access all the video editing features. But the downside is that output videos and audio files saved half of their original length.

Highlighted Specifications of the Movavi Video Editor Plus:

  • Diverse cropping features are available.
  • Spontaneous user interface
  • Offers 7 days of a free trial

2- VideoProc:


The next best Video cropping tool for the Windows platform is VideoProc. It’s effortless and simple to edit videos, convert and download all from one device. This software is very light and works well with old PCs. Its user-friendly interface lets you quickly find a cropper, drag the video into the tool, hit the crop option adjust parts, and you are done. With this cropping tool, you can quickly produce videos of any length and size without compromising the output quality.

Highlighted Specifications of the VideoProc:

  • Free video cropper
  • Support videos of any size and length
  • Edit, crop, trim, zoom, apply the effect, and adjust speed, all from a single tool.
  • Ensures high-quality the cropped videos
  • Very simple to use

3. AllavsoftBest free video converter:

Allavsoft Home

Allavsoft is the best video converter software that allows you to download and convert your desired file in any format. Allavsoft allows you to input numerous video Links and extract and transform many movies in one go. While downloading web media files, this fantastic Video Downloader identifies advertising efficiently and refuses to install them. Allavsoft has a built-in video player that users may use to examine and replay the media files you’ve obtained.

Follow these three stages to convert web videos and audio to almost any movie or sound format.

Step # 1:

  • Copy the video or audio URL and paste it into Allavsoft.

Step # 2:

  • Before selecting Automatically Convert, be sure to select the appropriate video content, such as MP4, and the audio category, MP3.

Step # 3:

  • To get it, click the Download tab.

This powerful video downloader and converter also allow you to extract and acquire audio from music streaming videos and videos and transform it into common audio formats, including MP3, WMA, and WAV.

4- iMovie:


If you have an Apple device and looking for the best Video Cropping tool, then iMovie best suits your need. It comes with powerful editing features like trimming, transitions, merging of audios, adding effects like slow motion, split-screen, cropping, and much more. As it is specially made for iOS and macOS devices, you can get it free of cost from the App Store. Install it can be used on multiple devices via AirDrop or iCloud to transfer cropping videos between different devices without internet availability.

Highlighted Specifications of the iMovie:

  • Support video cropping for iOS devices only
  • Download freely from the App Store
  • Multiple editing features are present.
  • Transferable wirelessly between multiple iOS devices

5- Free Video Cropper:

Free Video Cropper

Free Vido cropper counts among the best video cropping tool; that is a super light software that performs only cropping, nothing else, therefore a top-notch choice for those who only need cropping. Its mechanism is based on the percentage of the video’s resolution being cropped with specific numerical values for the X-axis and Y-axis. Moreover, you can crop videos with any file format, including AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, etc. It easily supports all Windows platforms, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Apart from cropping, it cannot do any other tasks for adjustment and editing; you need something else.

Highlighted Specifications of the Free Video Cropper:

  • Free of cost
  • Compatible with all major file formats
  • No watermarking for exportation

6- Easy Video Maker:

Free Video Cropper

Easy Video Maker is made to crop the videos totally free of cost. It has a very user-friendly interface that lets the user feel it most simple upon cropping. Just click the plus button to add videos; moreover, this tool permits the user to all cropping numbers for a precise cropping. And after cropping, users can choose the desired output format and add smoother video effects to the final cropped video. Easy Video Maker supports different desktop Windows devices such as XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Highlighted Specifications of the Easy Video Maker:

  • Best Video Cropping tool for desktops
  • Support all major video formats
  • Options for smoother effects to videos
  • Support various output selections

7- VSDC:


Next on the list is VSDC, the best video cropping tool that performs multiple edition functionality, including cropping, timing, and cutting video clips with the latest features. Unlike other croppers, VSDC lets you drag the frame to adjust what to keep and what to crop. Moreover, this tool zooms the cropped areas to fit the full screen automatically and maintains the original video’s resolution. But as a beginner, you may face some issues getting familiar with all advanced video editing features.

Highlighted Specifications of the VSDC:

  • Free video cropping tool
  • Maintains original video resolution and aspect ratio
  • Ideal tool for professionals

8- Avidemux:


Avidemux is the best timeline-style video editing tool that permits you to merge multiple videos to transition effortlessly and assimilate in massive video outputs. Apart from combining multiple videos, you can produce individual videos; a user-friendly interface makes the editing process seamless and quick. Besides video cropping, you can crop audio recordings and create videos and audio with unusual resolutions and aspect ratios. This tool supports Windows 10, MacOS, Linux, and BSD devices.

Highlighted Specifications of the Avidemux:

  • User designed interface
  • Automatic cropping with frame movement
  • Maintains various output formats and aspect ratios
  • Free-operated video cropping tool.

9- MovieMator Video EditorMovieMator Video Editor:

Introducing MovieMator Video Editor famous for multiple video editing features, including cutting, crop, color, and layers the videos, images, and audio very quickly and works for Windows and MacOS devices. Moreover, MovieMator Video Editor can handle above 160 video formats, including MP4, MOV, HD, DivX, and AVI. Download this great tool and enjoy editing videos and pictures according to your choice.

Highlighted Specifications of the MovieMator Video Editor:

  • Supporting platforms include both Windows and MacOS.
  • Shows great versatility towards  video formats

10- Olive Video Editor:

Olive Video Editor

If you are looking for an open-source video editor, we recommend you Olive Video Editor. It’s a great alternative to NLEs. You will find the cropping in its video editing panel, and the features this tool offers include left, right, top, and bottom cropping and allows you to select desired pixels to crop from each edge. Moreover, you can set the keyframe that gives the video crop opening transitions, feels more cinematic. It’s an ideal tool for hobbyists and professionals, but you may feel some difficulty and time to get familiar with cropping if you are new to it.

Highlighted Specifications of the Olive Video Editor:

  • Open source, timeline type editing tool
  • Offers free editing features
  • Support high restricted videos
  • Make cropping transitions with Olive.

11- Animotica:


Animotica is a multifunctional video cropping tool; you can find it on the Microsoft Store. This tool has a dial button that enables you to crop video from different angles, i.,e from top to bottom and left to right, without changing the original resolution, aspect ratio, and output selection of the video clip. It not only crops the videos as you like but also efficiently fills the gaps with blur background, without any image distortion. Besides cropping, other video editing tools are also present; if you are interested, use them as you like to make your video more impressive.

Highlighted Specifications of the Animotica:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Get unlimited background designs.
  • Easy social media sharing option
  • Maintains original video’s resolution power
  • No image distortion

12- Smart Video Crop:

Smart Video Crop

If you have an Android device and want to crop videos, then the Smart Video Crop tool is right for you. This great tool can easily access the phone camera and automatically track all videos from galleries, downloads, and SD cards making the easy editing process. Its inbuilt cutting and cropping feature allows you to crop the video according to the personalized video areas or whole video. Furthermore, it only supports a few aspect ratios, including square, Landscape, Portrait, 3:2, and 4:3, that can quickly meet average user needs.

Highlighted Specifications of the Smart Video Crop:

  • Frame by frame editing and cropping
  • It gives speed control, video rotation, voice removal options.
  • Conversion of videos to MP4 or WebM format
  • There is no watermark for this tool.

13- Kdenlive:


Another open-source cropping tool on the list is Kdenlive. This feature allows the user to customize the tool according to the requirement, reflecting its complete customizable property. With this tool, you will explore fast and simple video cropping by applying different options like zooming, corner cropping, individual pixel cropping, aspect ratio adjustment, and much more. Besides cropping, Kdenlive permits the user to add audio effects and different background styles and themes to cropped video to make it look more attractive. But this tool is limited to file format support.

Highlighted Specifications of the Smart Video Crop:

  • Open-source video cropping tool
  • Offers various cropping specs
  • Customizable interface theme

14- Hidden Video Editor in macOS Big Sur:

Hidden Video Editor in macOS Big Sur

Hidden Video MacOS Big Sur is a beta version free video cropping tool that fits the list for the impressive features hidden in it. In addition to editing photos, now you can edit videos as well. With this selection, the regular aspect ratio to crop the video until you can rotate or convert the landscape video to portraits mode, therefore editing and cropping the videos without image distortion ensures the video’s original quality. But this tool can handle one video clip at a time, so you have to merge different clips and then add transitions and other editing features.

Highlighted Specifications of Hidden Video Editor in macOS Big Sur:

  • Fast cropping of a single video clip
  • Free of cost
  • Maintains original video quality

15- Fastreel:


Are you new to video editing? Then it would help if you had an editing tool that is very simple to use. For this reason, Fasttreel best fits the list with no exception. It’s an online editing tool with no need for any download. Just upload the video and crop it the way you like to do it. As it has a very lean interface allows the beginner to have a good cropping experience with minimal hassle. It efficiently removes the black bars, refocuses on important video scenes, and cropped unnecessary parts. But to work with this tool, your video clip must be lesser than 500 MB in size and should be in MP4 file format.

Highlighted Specifications of Fastreel:

  • Simple interface
  • Quick video cropping
  • The online convenient editing tool
  • No need to download
  • Good for beginners

16- Final Cut Pro X:

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, released by Apple, is similar to iMovie video cropper. It comes with basic cropping and Ken Burns style; therefore, cropping results are more precise and accurate than iMovie. With this great tool, you can adjust each corner of the video separately by changing the Video inspector’s parameters. As it supported MacOs devices, it can quickly work on fairly lengthy and high-quality videos and films. As you become more expert on editing, the more you can explore this tool’s great features that can help you in many ways.

Highlighted Specifications of Final Cut Pro X:

  • Precise cropping results
  • Efficiently crops multiple video clips at a time.
  • Assure original quality of the clip after cropping

17- Ezgif:


If you want to edit or crop small video clips, then the Ezgif cropping tool fits in the list very well. It not only edit and crop the videos but can easily convert them into GIFs. It supports up to 100MB file size, and once the editing and cropping are done, it offers free downloading without any watermark. Moreover, as for its editing tools, it offers efficient re-sizing, flipping, cutting of the videos, changing the speed, and turning the videos into still pictures very quickly. All these make it the most appropriate online video cropping tool.

Highlighted Specifications of Ezgif:

  • Offers impressive editing features
  • Convert videos to GIFs.
  • Requires no watermark on output videos
  • Quick response
  • Shows versatile compatibility

18- MacXvideo:


If you are a Mac user and want to edit and crop video clips, then here comes MacXvideo best for both basic to advanced editing tools with great customization options. Use this tool to delete unnecessary parts from the video, and set different aspect ratios for videos including 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1, respectively. When you cropped the video, you can preview the video and make changes according to the choice. Apart from editing, this tool proves to be an excellent converter that efficiently compresses the large files required by some social platforms.

Highlighted Specifications of MacXvideo:

  • Free video editor and converter
  • Novice-friendly
  • Efficiently crop 4K videos without dropping their quality.
  • Support more than 300 video file formats, and codecs

19- Clideo:


Clideo is a top-notch online video editing tool because it supports diverse input and output video formats. If you want to edit the video from Google Drive or DropBox, send the video clip directly to the Clideo. It has a very simple-to-use interface, and therefore it doesn’t offer any advanced editing tools. It costs nothing if you are editing videos with 500MBs in size. Otherwise, you have to pay some amount on a monthly or annual basis.

Highlighted Specifications of Clideo:

    • Works well with Google Drive or DropBx
    • Basic editor and video cropper
    • User-friendly interface

20- Photos App:

Photos App

If you have an iPhone and want to edit and crop the videos, you need such a tool that can support the iOS operating system, and for this, we will recommend you Photos App. This app permits you to crop, trim, rotate, flip images and video clips and add various beautiful effects. Moreover, zoom in and out the video and crop them into either 1:1, 10:8, 4:3, or 16:9 aspect ratio becomes the most appropriate app for Apple smartphone users.

Highlighted Specifications of Photos App:

  • Ready to use
  • Free of cost
  • Support wide range of aspect ratios
  • Basic video editor and cropper
  • Quick sharing option

21- Wonder Video:

Wonder Video

Ending our guiding list with Wonder Video that supports Android devices proved to be perfect for editing, cropping videos with a wider range of advanced editing tools, including song addition, background styles, narrations, emojis, magic effects, brightness, contrast ratio, warmeth, and saturation all with a single click. With this great tool, you can alter the aspect ratio of the videos into 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, and 9:16 which are supported by different social media platforms.

Highlighted Specifications of Wonder Video:

  • Straightforward to use
  • Alter video’s aspect ratio
  • Different editing tools
  • Support Android devices


Video cropping is not a very hard task, but things become change when the same operation is done on different devices like desktops, Smartphones, or online. So, we have made a list containing almost all types of video cropping tools that support Windows, Apple devices, Android devices, and online that save your precious time and make your videos look more impressive. Go through once, and choose which suits perfectly with your requirement. Good Luck

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