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BoSidin Review 2024 – Is It Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?

BoSidin Review 2024:

If you are looking for a laser hair removal device that is proven to be as effective as their marketing pitch has described, you are in the right place. For BoSidin uses medical-grade technology to provide its users with a stay-at-home solution for hair removal. Have we mentioned that the entire procedure is painless and durable for a long time?

With BoSidin, you won’t have to worry about contacting your local beautician and skincare professionals to schedule an appointment, since you will have a 2-in-one hair removal device right at home that produces excellent results. BoSidin also excels in activating your skin collagen and removing wrinkles. It is an ideal device for all sorts of skin tones and bears excellent results.

To get to the heart of the matter, BoSidin uses OPT technology (Optical Light Pulse), in direct comparison with the typically used IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light) that most other hair removal devices use. The former is considered to produce more effective and long-lasting results, which is just one of the reasons why BoSidin is a device for the future. With customers citing excellent user experience throughout.

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Founded all the way back in 2009 in the United Kingdom, has been thriving in productivity for the past decade, in part due to its hair removal product. The BoSidin hair removal device promotes beauty and protection, all of which is done in a safe home environment because BoSidin focuses on providing the best medical-grade technology for customer use. Something that was only possible by a professional beautician, can be done at your home with added protection and with a promise of a pain-free experience.

Because of their beauty product that is lauded all across the globe, BoSidin has won the red dot design award, a tech award that realized the genius of BoSidin.

It was particularly appreciated more after it introduced its upgrades in the form of its Skin Rejuvenation (SR) mode that, paired with the hair removal feature, allowed for an excellent experience that women and men all around the world can make full use of. You can easily apply this device to any part of your body without the slightest of pinches since BoSidin is a pain-free hair-removing device. So you don’t have to worry about any pricks and pinches while using it.

BoSidin Technology:

BoSidin is considered one of the best hair removal products that boast the use of innovative and exceptional technology, which not only aids in its overall working mechanism but ensures that the person is having the best experience with it. So in order to attain maximum usability, BoSidin makes use of the latest state-of-the-art technology, which is described below:

  • Dynamic Cooling System: The DCS technology helps to maintain a constant temperature of 5 °C so that while using the product, the device would be cool on the skin so that the hair removal process remains painless and easily applicable on sensitive skin.
  • Multifrequency Pulse Technology: Compared to the IPL technology that most hair removing devices employ, the newly upgraded MFCPT (Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology), ensures that a heating agent will raise up the heat at the root of the hair, expertly suppressing any further hair growth, without bringing harm to the skin tissue.
  • Advanced OPT Hair Removal: With the advanced OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) at BoSidin’s disposal, they were able to go far beyond the typical IPL technology, thus enhancing the overall user experience as the OPT technology allows the device to penetrate deep beneath the skin to the hair follicles in order to remove them completely while no harming the tissue layer. As the OPT rays are more powerful and penetrable compared to the IPL ray, better results are obtained.

SR Mode:

Along with the optimal and pain-free results obtained through the OPT technology and the MFCPT, the BoSidin device also has another feature in its arsenal. The SR model (Skin Rejuvenation), helps remove wrinkles and give a better facial glow to the skin. To make use of the SR mode, you will need to attach the SR beauty head instead of the hair removal head. Once attached it can move smoothly across the skin. It activates the collagen on your skin by using infrared technology. The light ray will reach in the recesses of your skin and help remove wrinkles and blemishes, giving you a photo facial. So saying that your skin is rejuvenated afterward is kind of what the entire point is.

How to use BoSidin:

The entire process of using the BoSidin device for hair removal can be simplified in a few necessary steps that one should take to attain optimal hair removal with zero damage to the skin. Following are the steps that should be taken:

  • Shave the Area: You should first and foremost, shave the area before using the BoSidin device on it. As the hair follicles on the surface level of the skin will be removed, allowing the device to get to the hair at the roots, removing them permanently. If you do not shave the hair beforehand, the OPT rays will only target the tips of the hair follicle. This isn’t advisable as it could cause damage to your skin.
  • Select the Mode: Aside from the highly revered SR (Skin Rejuvenation) mode, you can also select five other modes that are applicable for the different parts of the body. i.e. face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line.
  • Activate the DCS: The DCD is the Dynamic Cooling System that helps maintain a temperature of 5 °C which is important if you want there to be a painless hair removing procedure. You won’t feel even a pinch after activating this.
  • Apply to the Skin: The head attached to the device has a smooth interface, which when applied to the skin, seamlessly moves across it. And with the CPT (Continuous Pulse Technology), you won’t have to keep turning the laser light on or off, it will simply start once applied to the skin. With the curvature of the head you can easily move it across every corner of your body with relative ease.

Quality Service:

According to the user experience, BoSidin is a quality service device that gives you smooth, wrinkle-free skin after its use. There is zero irritation at the area of usage, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. After consistent use, you will see that the growth of hair becomes few and less in between sessions. Allowing for up to 96% of total hair removal from the body. It is the perfect product for all sorts of skin tones. And as you keep using it, you will see a very drastic change in your hair growth. A single session once a week for 8 weeks can permanently remove the body hair. Leaving fresh glowing skin in its place.

BoSidin Price:

There are two devices available in the BoSidin products. If you buy BoSidin by using the following link then you will get $50 off and your new pricing will be the following.

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Both devices come at exorbitant prices but the results they generate are really good. Evident in the user response that it has been getting. With customers citing praises for the product. So in that way, it may be a bit expensive, but it accomplishes professional level body hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Is it worth it:

Considering the high price range, some people might be wary about purchasing BoSidin, thinking that maybe the user experience wouldn’t match up with the price they are charging. For those people, the question of ‘is BoSidin worth it?’ is simply, yes. It is a great device that accomplishes to remove up to 96% of the hair from your body by using their medical-grade technology, which is proven to be a success. Considering the many perks this device is offering, along with the results it is showing, it is simply a matter of will the customers make the purchase?

But even after knowing just how much of an excellent device this is, if there are still some relapses that people are worried about, worry not as the BoSidin device comes with a 2-year warranty. So for people that have misgivings after a few uses, can easily return the device.

Pros and Cons: BoSidin:

As with all products, one must look at their pros and cons before deciding if it is a good fit for them. As such, BoSidin is no exception as it has a lot of great qualities about it that make it quite attractive for users who wish to make use of its excellent hair-removing technology that guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free skin after a few uses.

But with these merits, there are also some demerits. So, we will discuss both of them, considering the user experience of BoSidin.


BoSidin delivers on its promise of excellent hair removal from all parts of the body leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy. You will see an evident lack of growth after a few sessions with the device. The skin will look more clear. Because of the several modes available for all parts of the body, you can be sure to have that long-lasting effect.

User experience has guaranteed that BoSidin is a quality device, and the over-inflated prices are due to the professional and latest technology that it uses.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better hair-removing epilation device than BoSidin.


The demerits of BoSidin aren’t many as user experience has proven to be extremely good. The only issues that may have been brought up against BoSidin were due to its comparison to other products of the same pedigree that hail from more well-known companies like Phillips. Comparing user experience between devices showed a few better alternatives for BoSidin in some areas like price, but it still managed to reign supreme in the end in the eyes of the customers.


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The final conclusion about BoSidin considering the many advantages that it has brought its users is that this is a quality grade device that is usable for all sorts of skin tones and hair growth types. When it comes to choosing such a device, everybody is different, therefore it is important to choose the device that has better technology and provides evident results in only a few sessions of use. Once that is clear, people can choose the better option for them. And BoSidin is clearly an ideal choice as it caters to every skin tone type and every level of hair growth over the entire body. Leaving the person with smooth and healthy skin, courtesy of its photo-facial features that help enhance the skin texture.

Truly, BoSidin is a great device that has proven its use as customers all over the globe laud its performance. And even though the price range might be a bit much for some, the level of beautification one experiences afterward is akin to that of professional treatments.

So it is an ideal choice for people all around.

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