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branchbob Review (2024): The Best e-Commerce Platform

branchbob Review 2024:

Are you looking for a way to sell your products online?

As the world has gone through a digital revolution, buying and selling are now mostly online. But it is really difficult to open an online store nowadays as there is a lot of competition.

One way of creating a store is to manually create a website through programming knowledge. This is a difficult way and requires a lot of time. There is another solution to this problem which is much more effective and time-saving.

The solution that we are talking about is a platform known as branchbob. Through this platform, you can easily open up your very own online store and start selling in less than 5 minutes. Today, we are going to take a deep dive into branchbob and see why it is worth your time.

What is branchbob?

branchbob is an e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to enter the online world. Local e-commerce is becoming much less popular by the time and it is necessary to look for new and fresh solutions. That is the reason, e-commerce is more beneficial and provides a ton of new possibilities. It is now very easy to buy and sell products in this online world.

branchbob home

But the problem is that it is really difficult to set up an online store. This is where branchbob comes in. Through this platform, you can easily set up your very own store in a couple of minutes.

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Building an Online Store:

The most unique thing about branchbob is that it allows you to build your online store in just five minutes. There are no complex processes involved and everything is laid out in a very simple manner. So, building an online store through branchbob is really easy even for beginners.


branchbob is designed in such a way so that it provides more turnover than a regular site. All of the optimizations are already available to you so that you can get the maximum turnover possible. As there is cloud-based hosting present, you can easily scale your sales. Through a survey, a lot of branchbob users have seen a 25% increase in their conversion rates. The three key things that branchbob provides are

  • Increased Page Speed
  • Optimized Payment Process
  • Reliable


There are a lot of e-commerce platforms that don’t provide you freedom in customizing your online store. branchbob is not one of those as it has excellent tools that you can use to customize your store to your liking.

branchbob Shop Unique Features:

You get the following shop features if you use branchbob:

Hosting: When using branchbob, you don’t have to deal with any hosting, all of that is taken care of by branchbob. You just have to focus on the business. All of the techy stuff is managed by branchbob.

Unlimited Storage Space: You won’t have to worry about storage space when using your online store. You won’t have any kind of restrictions on the number of products or categories that you use.

Updates: The development and updating of branchbob are being done regularly and you don’t have to worry about it. if there is an update then the system will be automatically updated.

Setup Process: The setup process is really simple and easy to understand. There are not tricky processes involved and you don’t need any programming knowledge. With just a few clicks, you can have your store up and running.

Domain: branchbob allows you to use any domain name of your choice for the online store.

SSL Certificate: Every store that you open with branchbob contains an SSL Certificate that uses the industry-wide encryption standard of 256 bits.

Multilingual Currency: You can use multilingual currency in your stores. This is a really good feature and branchbob also supports up to 150 different currencies.

Onpage SEO: You have the option of setting all of the SEO information of all the pages and products.

Compatibility: All of the designs offered by branchbob are compatible with only with desktops but with mobile devices as well. So, you can also operate the store on mobile and tablets.

Payment Options: With just one click you can add multiple payment options like:

  • PayPal
  • Prepayment
  • Stripe
  • Invoice
  • Amazon Pay

Real-Time Data: By using branchbob, you can also connect your Google Analytics account and track data in real-time. This is really useful and allows you to track your progress.

Image Optimization: All of the images that you put on the store are automatically optimized. This optimization is done through the Microservice tool.

Social Media Integration: You can also link your social media accounts to your branchbob store. Through this integration, your customers will start to know more about you and your work.

Email Automation: branchbob provides you email automation which is a really neat feature that is very helpful. If an order is confirmed and dispatched then an email will automatically be sent to the designated customer. You can create these automated emails directly in the system.

Delivery Methods: You can also choose your delivery method and also choose the countries that you want products to be delivered to.

Inventory Management: You don’t have to worry about inventory management on branchbob. Automatic inventory tracking is an optional feature on branchbob that automatically adjusts the inventory whenever a new order is placed in your store.

Shop Administration: The following features are offered in terms of Shop Administration:

Image Uploading: You also get the option of uploading multiple images at once. branchbob takes care of all of the images that you upload and thumbnails will be created automatically. They will also optimize the image for your store’s homepage.

Variants: There are a lot of times when you have products that differ in size and material. You can use the Options and Variants function to offer all the different types of combinations.

Embedded Videos: This is a really unique feature as it allows you to add videos to your products. In this way, you can educate your customers to learn more about the product that you are offering.

Taxes: You can set up all of the taxes with a single click. You can also use this regulation for small businesses too.

Order Management: Order management is also available on branchbob. You can easily manage all of your open, paid, and shipped orders. You get all of the features to allow for the smooth running of your store.

Order History: branchbob also allows you to track the order history. Through this information, you can get to know the flow of your order history and how you are progressing.

Turnover: You also get information about the sales that your store is generating.

Top Seller: It also shows you the product that is selling the most. Through this information, you can always keep track of all the best sellers.

Staff Accounts: There is also an option for owners to create accounts for staff members. You can also choose the different permissions that you want to grant them.

Customer Administration: You also get the option to manage all of your customers from a single place. This is really useful and will help you in growing your business.

Design: branchbob provides you the following features in terms of the store’s design:

Slideshow: You can add a slideshow in your store that will add a unique touch. This will make your products more prominent and thus more customers will be leaning towards them.

Color Adjustments: You get all of the different color adjustments that you would expect. You get total freedom of customization and you can even match the colors of the shop to your brand as well.

Owner Logo: There is also no limitation to use your own logo. You have the option to use your very own logo on branchbob.

Customization of Homepages: The whole homepage can be customized as well. You can select what things appear or not.

Optimized Design Templates: There a lot of free design templates available at branchbob and you can use them to get the most out of your products.


  • A lot of Flexibility
  • Great Design and Functionality
  • Good for Beginners
  • Fast Page Speed
  • Image Optimization
  • Developer Functionality
  • No Fees

Try Branchbob for free


The Popularity of branchbob isn’t as widespread as its competitors

Is branchbob Worth it?

Yes, branchbob is totally worth it due to the following reasons:

  • Tons of Functionality
  • Designed for Beginners
  • Amazing Customization
  • Zero Charges

There are no charges to using branchbob which makes it a very compelling choice. A lot of features are offered on the platform. You can fully customize everything according to your needs and preferences.


So, there are a lot of e-commerce platforms present on the internet but none of them provide the functionality and customization of branchbob while also being free. If you want to open an online store then you should definitely go with branchbob as it will allow you to increase your revenue. So, if you are in the market and looking for the best e-commerce platform then branchbob is definitely one of the best ones.

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