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BuhoCleaner Review (2024): The Best Mac Cleaner Optimized for macOS

BuhoCleaner Review 2023:

In case you’re on the chase after an application that assists you with tidying up your Mac’s stockpiling for smart beginning up occasions, your inquiry has concluded. Opening up GB of the room is the game, and BuhoCleaner plays it incredibly well.

Utilize their natural, easy-to-understand UI to check, distinguish, and oversee client store documents, huge records, applications that sudden spike in demand for a startup, and pretty much all the other things you wanted to have your Mac running like it just emerged from the container.

Why BuhoCleaner?

The Best Mac Cleaner Optimized for macOS Monterey and M1 Pro/Max Macs. BuhoCleaner is an advantageous Mac cleaner.

Our recognizable provisions include garbage cleaning, applications uninstallation, startup things the executives, and enormous record and copy document cleaning. Straightforward and simple to utilize, BuhoCleaner functions admirably on macOS 10.12 and later. It’s great for macOS Big Sur and all M1 Macs.

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Dr. Buho is an organization serving Mac clients throughout the planet. They intend to make complex Mac applications as simple and proficient as iOS applications. Buho is roused by Brave, Unique, Honest and Optimistic, which impeccably addresses our young, enthusiastic, and eager group. Additionally, Buho implies owl in Spanish. The owl looks extremely keen, and its enormous eyes appear to have the option to see everything. They trust that our items can address the issues of our clients as far as possible. Hence, they named our organization Dr.Buho.

Their Mission:

They made BuhoCleaner for two primary reasons. Their designers frequently experienced issues like inadequate PC memory, deficient application uninstallation, and helpless Mac execution during their work. The other is that most Mac cleaners available are pricy. With these worries, they planned BuhoCleaner with the essential aim of straightforwardness, usability, and sensible cost so everything clients can deal with their Mac proficiently.

Their Values:

They esteem quality, consumer loyalty, effectiveness, and imagination a great deal. BuhoCleaner is the perfect start for them. They will persistently furnish clients with more savvy and proficient Mac items.


1- Raise Your Mac Cleaning Experience, Just like a Pro:

BuhoCleaner is a brilliant Mac cleaning application that is made for supporting your Mac execution. With this helpful Mac Cleaner application, you can keep your Mac hard drive stockpiling fit and continually running blazingly quickly.

  • Tidy Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap
  • Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use
  • Accelerate and Boost Mac Performance
  • Discover and Delete Large Files in a Snap
  • Inherent Duplicate File Remover Widget
  • Customized Xcode Cache Cleaner, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

2- Tidy Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap with BuhoCleaner:

Does your Mac feel swelled and running more slowly than typical? Not an issue. BuhoCleaner gives you a moment Mac cleaning and upkeep arrangement by clearing out those brief records, application extras, and your framework reserve.

3- Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use:

Do you know moving an application to the Trash will not uninstall it? These application extras stay on your Mac, taking up a ton of capacity. Allow BuhoCleaner to eliminate these undesirable applications the correct way.

4- Accelerate and Boost Mac Performance:

Is your Mac running gradually? BuhoCleaner can end inert windows and lessen stacking time. With its multifaceted Mac speed increase innovation, you can rapidly reload errands that are eager for memory and keep them chugging along as expected.

5- Discover and Delete Large Files in a Snap:

It’s difficult to let lose circle space from a full hard drive. BuhoCleaner is an amazing device for macOS that can list all your enormous documents and permit you to dispose of futile ones of every single tick. Presumably, the most productive means to get your capacity tidied up.

6- Inherent Duplicate File Remover Widget:

The Copy-and-Paste motion makes it simple to make copied records on your Mac. Yet, to find these copies would be drawn-out on macOS. BuhoCleaner is worked with the Duplicate File Remover include permits you to examine every single indistinguishable record and tidy them up all at one go.

7- Custom-made Xcode Cache Cleaner, and that’s just the beginning:

On the off chance that you utilize your Mac as a dev workstation, you might see that the Xcode and comparable devices become swollen over the long run. BuhoCleaner brings an answer that allows you to erase a heap of Xcode-stranded test systems, opening up enormous room measures.

8- Completely Compatible with macOS Monterey:

BuhoCleaner is completely viable with the most recent macOS Monterey. When you introduce it on your Mac, you can clean and enhance your Mac with a single tick. Keep your Mac continually running quickly.

9- Amazing Performance on M1 Pro and M1 Max Macs:

Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips have enormously further developed Mac execution. BuhoCleaner is likewise streamlined for these two chips. Presently BuhoCleaner can run multiple times quicker on Macs outfitted with these two chips. Clean and upgrade your Mac in a few ticks.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extremely quick and simple to use
  • There are a lot of features (not simply a file deleter!)
  • Price is reasonable for a one-time buy.


  • The trial version has a file removal limit of 3GB.

Try BuhoCleaner For Free



  1. $12.99 for a single license (one payment)
  2. License for 1 Mac
  3. Lifetime Free Upgrade
  4. 7/24 Support
  5. You save $7


  1. $19.99 for a family license (one payment)
  2. License for 3 Macs
  3. Lifetime Free Upgrade
  4. 7/24 Support
  5. You save $10


  1. $39.99 for a business license (one payment)
  2. License for 10 Macs
  3. Lifetime Free Upgrade
  4. 7/24 Support
  5. You save $20

Final Words:

Even though macOS is supposed to be lightning-fast and well-optimized, months of use and abuse can cause the operating system to slow down. Junk files accumulate in the background, and you may find files from previously uninstalled apps. The performance of your Mac diminishes, and the operating system feels much slower than it should. In such a circumstance, a Mac cleaner and performance booster app will almost certainly solve the problem.

You’ve probably run across some of these and already considered going for one of them. However, I have a different recommendation that does it better with several advantages over the rest.

Overall, I’m pleased with BuhoCleaner’s performance and user interface. I was astounded to see such low prices for such a high-quality app!

Follow the link for more detail and purchasing.

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