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WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 is Ready For Testing

WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 is Ready For Testing

WordPress has released version 5.7 Beta 1 on February 2, 2021, and is ready to test on a wider range. According to the project executive director of WordPress, Josepha Haden, the latest version 5.7 Beta 1 is released for testing, and the proper launching will be done in March 2021. Almost 68 new features and enhancements will be introduced into the new version. Along with this, several bug fixes and 9.3 – 9.9 versions of the Gutenberg plugin have also been added. WordPress said, “The version 5.7 is still in developmental stages and is not a stable release, so running it on a production site is not recommended. Set up a new test site to check the features of the new version.”

Following are some of the highlights expected to be included in version 5.7:

  • Lazy-load iframes: The loading attribute (lazy) on iframe tags addition to HTML standard will be supported by WordPress version 5.7.
  • Streamlined migration from HTTP to HTTPS: If the user’s site supports HTTPS, WordPress will detect it and enables the update process with just one click.
  • Standardize colors used in WP-Admin CSS to a single palette: A CSS custom properties system is implemented that will make it easier to add color components your visitors can read.
  • Ongoing cleanup after update to jQuery 3.5.1: jQuery shows up a lot less often in WordPress Core, and the notification makes more sense to consumers.
  • New Robots API: This new feature enables developers to include and manage filter directives in the robot meta tag. The directive max-image-preview: large has also been added to allow large images displayed in search engines.

Block improvements:

  • Block can be dragged directly into the post
  • Blocks to fill the entire screen size
  • Block changes will be shown in the block inspector
  • Dropdown enables you to switch between block variations
  • Reusable blocks can now be saved
  • Icon size can be changed using Social Icon Blocks
  • Font size can be changed in List and Code blocks

These new features, along with the Gutenberg plugin, need testing because version 5.7 is not stable. Major editor improvements have also been included, such as dragging blocks, block patterns in canvas, enhancement in buttons block, and new social icons.

Testing is necessary for all these new features of version 5.7 Beta 1, which will help make WordPress better with every update. The simplest way to check out 5.7 is to install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose Bleeding edge channel and Beta/RC Only stream), or download a zip of the beta version and install it. For safe testing, we recommend a Cloud WordPress environment that enables you to build a fully functional, free WordPress sandboxing site in just a couple of clicks.

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