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How To Choose Right iPhone According to your need

Best Criteria To Choose Right Iphone

In this modern era, mobile phone have become the need of individuals and the demand of mobile phones increasing day by day. Smart phone manufacturing companies are trying their best to produce updated models after regular interval. The race of having good quality mobile phone increases between individuals and everyone want to have updated mobile as compared to other. Mobile phones can be used for different purposes like basically it is used to communicate with other person via audio or video call and text messages as well.

The updated mobiles designed as smartphones through which one can easily do any activity related to their work and connect with internet through which one can easily do business with colleagues from all over the world. Smartphones come from two different companies one is ANDROID and one is APPLE. These two major companies design different models with advanced features to make human life more convenient.

Apple has designed eight models for iPhone that are the top ranked and high demand models with advanced features and these are designed between 2020-2023. So selecting the best iPhone for yourself is a very hard decision because every updated model has more valuable features like one has the best camera but the storage space and the processor is not good and on the other side updated model has the best processor and

storage space with not extraordinary quality of camera so this thing will confuse to the user’s because its quite tricky but there are certain common things like quality of screen, battery life, processing capacity, camera quality that need to be checked by the user before purchasing any iPhone. Apple have different models for the iPhone and the latest one is the iPhone 14 series with increased demand of iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. but the user need to check all the specificities and also the budget as well because the iPhone is cheap and expensive as compared to other smartphones according to its features.

Basic Criteria To Check The Quality Of Iphone Model

It is recommended to check features, designs, color, camera, battery on internet before purchasing iPhone and there are certain values that you can check for every feature.

Camera Quality:

Camera quality is the top demand for the iPhone user’s and they ask for the best camera to take pictures and videos of subject. Even the experts check the options available in camera settings to capture outstanding images and videos by iPhone. User need to focus on the lighting option as well and the recent updated model even have Action mode as well and that is only present in iPhone 14 series.

Battery Life:

Battery life plays a pivotal role in the demand of iPhone but still there are many older models available with very poor battery life. So user need to do battery life tests before purchasing. User need to test that how much focused sessions can be conducted on a battery to check its average. The most common is video play back test to check the average battery life of an iPhone. But generally battery life is the common complain by millions of iPhone user’s.

Performance Measurements:

This is basically done to check the screen quality that how much smooth or blurry image comes out and also to check the processor speed of browsing and displaying. There are benchmarking apps available to check the quality of graphics and animations in the display of iPhone that how much focused its screen is. In its test user perform heavy task of editing high quality of photos and video to check the capacity of processor. Even they try to import high quality video games. Altogether they just want to check that how much load its processor can afford and the quality of image it will produce.

Best iPhones According To Demand

1. Iphone 14 Pro Max:

IPhone 14 pro max becomes the head of the Apple’s home with top notch features in the family of iPhones. iPhone 14 pro max has the size of 6.7 inches and its screen display is similar to the last one as 12Hz but its quite more efficient in its functions. The iPhone 14 series have adopted the taste of high quality mobile silicon that is A16 Bionic which is efficient in delivering the classic performance and the planning of power is improved as compared to older versions.

IPhone 14 pro max has the chipset which supports its triple camera array design with having 48MP quad-pixel lead sensor that provide high quality photos and videos as compared to the older versions. It has additional zoom of 2x lossless optical zoom no which no additional sensor will be required by user. Yet there is only iPhone 14 pro max available in the market and its quite expensive but when user will see its feature then the features are worth of its price.

Reasons To Buy Iphone 14 Pro Max:

Adventurous and dashing camera updates.
Outstanding battery life.

Resons TO Avoid Iphone 14 Pro Max:

Durability and endurance vary a lot.
3x zoom is falling behind in the market.


weight: 240g
OS: IOS 16.
resolution: 1290 x 2796
Screen size: 6.7 inches
Front camera: 12MP
battery: 4,323 mAh
CPU: A16 Bionic

2. Iphone 14 Pro:

Iphone 14 Pro

IPhone 14 pro is acting as an antidote for the iPhone 14 pro max because of its quite high prices one can buy iPhone 14 pro because its affordable. Apple has latest A16 Bionic chip make Apple’s iPhones best choice ever. Because of this chip iPhone becomes one of the powerful phone in smartphone market. It has a bit smaller screen as compared to iPhone 14 pro max but its screen resembles a lot with its older version of iPhone 13 pro. The line of Pro versions comes in a very unique and new dynamic island. Its display has a very unique and different feature to have Face ID detection feature in its display. There are numerous functions but Face ID is very unique and 100% effective.

In version of IOS 16, the visual series range from 10Hz to 120Hz with smooth and efficient use but 1Hz increase in iPhone 14 pro that is coupled with smart lock screen functions. On the other hand, the triple camera with a very high 48MP takes more advance and high quality images and videos that are not taken by any older versions in iPhone series. Its prices are quite affordable for the users with slight difference in features and functions as compared to iPhone 14 pro max that is quite expensive call as non-pocket friendly phone.

Reasons To Buy Iphone 14 Pro:

Unremarkable performance.
High quality new camera with advanced features.

Reasons To Avoid Iphone 14 PRO:

Prices are slightly high
Constant lighting screen feature.


Weight: 206g
OS: IOS 16
Resolution: 1179 x 2556
Screen size: 6.1 inch
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: 3,200 mAh
CPU: A16 Bionic

3. Iphone 13 PRO MAX:

iPhone 13 is marked as the series of most powerful, efficient and big screen display iPhones. iPhone 13 pro max is one of the most demanding from the iPhone market with a very long battery life that one can focus on detailed editing of photos and videos of high quality for a long time without any tension of battery percentage. iPhone 13 series encrypt A15 Bionic chipset that is of very high quality providing an excellent performance experience to the users as compared to the older versions. The camera is also of very high quality providing static image and video quality, the features are advanced as compared to the processors like it supports low-light shots that are quite impressing and a new mode of photography known as macro mode that gives unique photography results.

The screen size of iPhone 13 pro max is of very good size that is 6.7 inches with unique lighting and display features even though iPhone 14 series also have the same screen size without any difference. Unfortunately, the dynamic island is not present in iPhone 13 series, although 13 series support cinematic quality of video and the screen frequency is of 120Hz. Even the launch of iPhone 14 pro and pro max created a storm in the world of iPhones but still 13 series are marked as one of the best iPhone series with unique features and budget friendly rates.

Reasons To Buy Iphone 13 Pro Max:

Camera updates are of unmatchable quality as compared to older versions.
Battery life is long lasting.

Reasons To Avoid Iphone 13 Pro Max:

120Hz screen display is quite less.
Cinematic mode of videos is of basic level.


Weight: 240g
OS: IOS 15
Resolution: 1248 x 2778
Screen size: 6.7 inches
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: up to 28 hours
CPU: A15 Bionic

4. Iphone 14 Plus:

Iphone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 plus created a small entry with slight changes in its features as compared to previous versions. Its screen display size is similar to other iPhone 14 models but the Bionic chip is of A15 that is similar to the iPhone 13 series. The screen size is similar 6.7 inches display even though all the other features are similar with very minimal differences.
The camera standards are of 12 MP camera with low lighting feature. The display is minimum with of only 60Hz and due to this main difference is that its processing speed is quit low as compared to other updated 14 versions and there is a difference in its price. This model is pocket friendly and one can enjoy features easily.

Reasons To Buy Iphones 14 Plus:

Design is great and the quality is out-class.
Battery is long lasting

60Hz display is out dated
chipset is of same from last year.


weight: 203g
OS: IOS 16
Resolution: 1284 x 2778
Screen size: 6.7 inches
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: 4,325 mAh
CPU: A15 Bionic

5. Iphone 13 Pro:

Iphone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 pro has 90% similarities with 13 pro max with a slight difference in its battery life. It is more powerful and efficient because it is having A15 Bionic chipset that provide high power. Many experts tested that most of the features of 14 are snatched from iPhone 13 pro because 13 pro has the same Lead 12MP camera as in iPhone 14 and similar GPU-variant of A15. Even its quite advance because it has 12oHz promotion display power, fast charging with long lasting battery life.

Camera of 13 pro comes with Macro mode to get static images and videos. Pricing of 13 pro is quite less as compared to other 13 series even it has a very nice design and finishing.

Reasons To Buy Iphone 13 Pro:

Unremarkable performance with updated features
Long lasting battery life.

Reasons To Avoid Iphone 13 Pro:

Limited designs available.
4K is limited in 128GB


weight: 204g
OS: IOS 15
Resolution: 1170 x 2532
Screen size: 6.1 inches
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: up to 22 hours
CPU: A15 Bionic

6. Iphone 13 Mini:

Iphone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 mini marked as one of the best smallest iPhone with advanced features similar to other iPhone 13 series. Its demand is increasing because of slim and compact design with high quality processor because of great hardware installed in it. its screen size is small with only 5.4 inches Super Retina XDR OLED screen even screen is smaller than many of the low screen size smartphones, that means its easy to fit in pocket with advanced features. It is noted that 13 mini demand is even higher then the whole iPhone 12 series.

Its camera is quite advanced with new features that are regularly added after new updates, its camera is 12MP and 1.6 inches wide with 1.7m Pixels size that support the low-light performance. iPhone 13 mini is quite powerful and efficient in its activities because it has A15 Bionic Chipset that provides high power similar to other iPhone 13 series. iPhone 13 mini is small but its features are worth its price that many users have craze to buy iPhone 13 mini.

Reasons To Buy Iphone 13 Mini:

Great hardware and processor.
Lavishing design

Reasons TO AVOID IPHONE 13 Mini:

High price than older versions
Limited battery life


Weight: 131g
OS: IOS 15
Resolution: 1080 x 2340
Screen size: 5.4 inches
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: 2,438 mAh
CPU: A15 Bionic

7. Iphone Se:

Iphone Se

iPhone SE is the cheapest model with updated features and changes that one demand and it is the first iPhone model that comes in mid-range and supports 5G as well. This point increases its demand in market as well as it has a strong power and efficient because of A15 Bionic chipset as similar to the iPhone 13 series. Its slim in size with good design. iPhone SE has some features that make it up to date because if person with minimum budget wants to enjoy the updated iPhone features can purchase iPhone SE. it has features that are more advanced as compared to its older versions. iPhone SE is very light in weight with compact display that increase its demand too.

Camera quality is good but its not comparable with 14 and 13 series but it can capture static images of small objects and has built-in options to do editing of images and videos to make them more eye-catching. The battery life is at average like user need to be aware that high quality and focus work will utilizer more battery so try to avoid these works on SE.

Reasons To Buy Iphone Se:

Powerful and advance for its cost
5G feature that is affordable by normal individuals.

Reasons To Avoid Iphone Se:

its storage space is minimum start from 64GB only.
screen is confined or restricted.


weight: 144g
OS: IOS 15
Resolution: 750 x 1334
Screen size: 4.7 inches
Front camera: 7MP
Battery: 2,018 mAh
CPU: A14 Bionic

8. Iphone 12:

iphone 12

After the launch of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series the overall series of iPhone 12 becomes most affordable phone with full screen and advanced updated features. Still iPhone 12 is considered as future proof marketing phone because of in-built 5G support and a unique feature of MagSafe connectivity which will provide space to user to connect charger, wallet, power banks etc.

iPhone 12 has an average battery life and camera setting is also of average quality not like the 13 and 14 series but still iPhone 12 considered as one of the best series in iPhone before it and it is also cost effect that is why mostly people prefer iPhone 12 on iPhone 13 and 14.
Design and slim fit body of iPhone 12 increased its demand vigorously as compared to the models that came before it. because its design is comfortable to use in hands as well as easy to carry in pocket.
iPhone 12 screen display is colorful OLED which depicts that Apple knows the ways through which they can attract customers.

Reasons To Buy Iphone12:

Screen display is colorful OLED
Model is future-proofed because of 5G service.

Reasons To Aviod iPhone 12:

Camera settings are same as the predecessors
Battery is of average life.


Weight: 164g
OS: IOS 14
Resolution: 1170 x 2532
RAM: 4gb
Screen size: 6.1 inches
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: Unknown
CPU: A14 Bionic

Factors That Need To Be Check Before Choosing Iphone:

A huge list of iPhone series is similar in many ways, features of many iPhones are similar to each other, so selection of iPhone becomes difficult for beginner’s. user need to check the features that are different from each other, task is quite complicated but it will help in selecting of best iPhone for use.

Overall, all the updated iPhone models are powerful efficient enough and supported by Apple company from a long time ago so introducing chipset in their phones is not a big task that make their phone smooth, powerful and effective. there are many updated models in which chipsets are built-in which do not require regular update so user can choose updated models for their ease. The iPhone 12, 13 and 14 all series are updated with modern chipsets that make them powerful and effective to use.

Screen Size:

Most important factor that need to be considered is the screen size of iPhone, big screen sizes are not better always so try to check the display features of screen before purchasing. If you are purchasing just for a casual use then slim fit small screen models are good but if you are purchasing for business purposes, gaming’s, editing’s then do prefer the big screen models. There is a new feature in iPhone 13 and 14 series known as Always-on screen, by this feature user can see the basic things like date, time, notification etc on screen without lighting on the screen or waking up the iPhone.

As the updated versions like iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 14 pro has the power rate of 120Hz which will give smooth functioning and scrolling on the screen as well as it will also effect the brightness of screen. The updated versions have feature that will automatically dim the brightness to save the battery life for your phone.


Most of the times people demand for the high quality camera and in this search they reach the point to purchase IPhone updated model with best quality camera so, Apple improve its camera quality after every couple of months to give outstanding results of images and videos so that the demand of iPhone increases. Same is the case in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models in which the company did modification software to upgrade the camera result.
IPhone 14 and iPhone pro and pro max have the dual camera array with high pixel of 12MP and their lenses are also wide which will focus on small objects to give good quality of images. In the updated models iPhone include fast aperture and the senor option in the main camera which will give best results in low-light shot as well. iPhone 14 and some versions of 13 provide 48MP camera in which user can do proper cropping and even zoom the picture to maximum extent but still the pixels and picture quality will remain same without any effect.

Battery Life:

Apple company doing efforts to improve battery life in every new generation and the best long lasting battery life is in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series in which user can do long hours editing on high quality videos and images which will not effect its battery life. IPhone 14 have the battery life of 20 hours as compared to battery life of iPhone 13 which is 19 hours.

iPhone 14 plus has the battery life of 26 hours, iPhone 14 pro has battery life of 23 hours and iPhone pro max has the battery life of 29 hours. Now you can imagine that every updated version has increased hours of battery life. So, there are many older versions in which battery life was very poor and the complains on the Apple company were increasing so they took measures to overcome this problem and came up with updated versions with long lasting battery life.


User want to purchase iPhone because there are many features in iPhone which are different from other smartphones and especially the camera of iPhone is of outstanding quality that it will give the results of DSLR when you are shooting photos and videos by iPhone. When the user wants to get hands on best iPhone in the market then there are many things that they need to consider but now there is a long list of upgraded iPhones available in the market and every other iPhone has similar feature with others.

User need to check the features that are different from each other and then check which feature will suit your needs and demands.
There are many iPhones that are upgraded but expensive as well so user need to check the iPhone with budget friendly cost and upgraded features as well. There are certain tests and criteria that user need to run before making final decision. There are different models of iPhone and there features and prices vary according to the model that you are choosing. There are many iPhones with 5G technology working that are the best choice if user consider for business purpose and for regular casual use.


Which iPhone is of best choice according to the prices?

Currently, there are many types of phones available, but every updated version has unique features as well as there cost are increasing day by day. But iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max came in the cut price that is quite affordable and even there is another model iPhone SE (2022) which is even more affordable with unique features same like other upgraded iPhones.

How reliable is an iPhone?

iPhone has been designed by Apple company, and reliability of iPhone is increasing day by day. That it has the great resistant for water and dust. So all the models are reliable and you have to select according to your need. If user want to save budget, then there are upgraded versions and the most budget friendly version is iPhone 13 series and iPhone SE as well.

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