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Codelobster Review 2024 -The Best Free Cross-Platform IDE For Developers

Codelobster PHP Edition 2024:

It is not easy to make web pages at a professional level as not everyone is more productive and can make web pages with minimal mistakes. But if you are a programmer by profession and you have a good command of developing web pages, you know some alternative ways to make this hard task a bit easier and more productive to go.

PHP is a generalized scripting language used to develop different web pages, databases, dynamic content handling.

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The best solution to web page development is Codelobster. It is a multiple functional software tool designed to handle writing different  PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and now Integration Development Environment (IDE) on Windows operating systems very efficiently.

Following is the Windows operating system where Codelobster works effectively:

Windows ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server, Vista, and some old Windows versions including 10,8 and 7.

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Codelobster IDE Edition:

The programmer’s performance and quality of the web page design are directly linked to a tool applied to achieve the particular coding goals. But here, we are going to discuss the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

After developing Codelobster Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software, it’s straightforward to work with programs scripted in different languages, including PHP.  As the IDE, when loaded with different plugins and contains different panels that support the different information, including all the website’s website’s major infrastructure and management systems.

Therefore, IDE can deal with different scripting languages, allowing the programmer to make a trial test, run, and edit the codes while keeping everything that the programmer may encounter while developing the web page.

Though not to worry about deployment, code reviewing, privacy handling, collaborations, versions, etc. This minimizes a lot of burden from the programmer’s shoulders and focuses more on the main target.

Features of Codelobster IDE:

Keep in mind not every IDE is not designed with equal potential, but finding the correct one is a bit tricky, and you need some expertise. Therefore, the following are some factors or characteristics of the Integrated Development Environments (IDE) that are very crucial to have:

  • Speed:
  • Extensibility:
  • Debugger:
  • Integrations:
  • Additional features:

1- Speed:

For programmers, time is everything; therefore, the speed of the software matters a lot. This is the first and the foremost feature for choosing CodeLobster Integrated Development Environments (IDE). Apart from Syntax highlighting by the text editors, CodeLobster IDE also can validate the code in real-time.

Likewise, this great tool also enables the programmer or user to upload and store different projects, script or edit the codes, and utilize a debugger, all in relatively less time without being any performance problem. Therefore, CodeLobster IDE is a more efficient and time-saving tool when compared with other IDEs.

2- Extensibility:

CodeLobster IDE also provides the extensibility through different plugins, it means that you can easily excess different CMSes, including:

  • WordPress plugin lets users download the latest versions of WordPress directly from their official website. Its integrated auto-complete feature in the plugin permits the programmers to script the different codes in less time with more expertise. When the user writes the first two letters of its integrated library, it can contain all the central Functions in WordPress.
  • Other CMSes that CodeLobster IDE supports include Drupal, Joomla, and PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Codelgniter, Laravel, Symfony, and Yii.

Apart from that, CodeLobster IDE contains more than what you need, making it multifunctional software. As told you above ita not easy to Develop websites with PHP languages, But the assistance of  CodeLobster IDE makes this complex process much simpler by highlighting the codes, auto-completion of the codes, efficiently navigating the project codes, assisting in the dynamic management, tooltips, control versions, and Deployments, etc. all from the extensibility via plugins.

3- Code Lobster Debugger:

The debugger is basically a computer program applied when any particular program is run under strict control conditions, which helps the programmer check the target operations in progress and track any modification in a computer that points out the multi-functional code.

Therefore, CodeLobster contains an inter-action PHP debugger similar to the other debugging tools present for complex languages.

How does CodeLobster debugger work?

The CodeLobster Debugger allows the programmer to instantly track the main cause of different errors and bugs through providing code tracking. Therefore, the debugger permits the programmer to carry out PHP scripts and orderly move them by the different codes, give them checkpoints, breakpoints, and track the variables while carrying out the PHP script. The debugger is the fastest and easiest way to execute PHP and other complex language codes locally before launch.

4- CodeLobster Integrations:

After the debugging tool, the next vital feature of the CodeLobster IDE is its integrations with most database systems while developing websites. Therefore, CodeLobster easily integrates different managing tools like SQL and Git for version control.

SQL (Server management Studio) is a software tool designed that enables the user to work with Microsoft SQL and  MySQL; it can alter the database schema directly for the IDE as it permits the auto-completation of SQL, makes changes in the database schema, efficiently controls the CRUD operations, and data export wizard.

Additional features:

CodeLobster EDI is equipped with a wide array of specifications; therefore, you get more than what you are looking for. After discussing its major features, let’s talk about what extras you may get from this great software:

  • Codelobster shows great compatibility for FTP (File Transfer Protocol); it operates in the same way as in the editor inside the hosting server cPanel. It’s a standard way to connect the remote server that lets the user perform all the important functions that need to be changed in the file.
  • If you have no confirmation whether the CodLobster PHP Edition will support any system, it allows the user to use the editor without the original installation so you can run it on your Pendrive.
  • Some other useful applications of CodeLobster EDI include code highlighting for paired tags and attributes, holding Keys of CTRL for A, LINK, PHP, IMG tags,  block selection, tooltips to view for the variables, colors, and images. Choosing blocks, code folding, previewing the projects in the browser, bookmarks, the project file structure, all that comes with codes and also support different interface languages.

Price Details:

As for CodeLobster is a concern you will get different options for free versions that offer free services for HTML editor and code inspector, CSS, JavaScript, PHP editor, AND PHP debugger.

The Lite version costs $39.95. You can get all the functions offered by free version and SQL manager, version control, code validation, code snippets, code formatting, Node.js support, Sorting, and conversion.

And professional versions offer plenty of features of both free and lite version and also shows great compatibility for support formats ( Drupal, Joomla, and PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Codelgniter, Laravel, Symfony, and Yii plugins), JavaScript Frameworks (AngularJS, BackboneJS, JQuery, MeterosJS plugins) and CMS support (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress plugins) under $99.95.

But here, our sole focus is on Integrated Development Environment (IDE) launched by CondeLobster; pricing starts from $49/month and about $2,999 per year subscription.

CodeLobster Contact Details:

  • Developer Name: CodeLobster Software
  • Location: Russian Federation
  • Founded in 2014
  • Website link:

Pros and Cons of CodeLobster PHP IDEs:

Nothing is perfect in this world, both the humans and also their creations. Everything has its own up and downsides. So for CodeLobster comes with powerful and advanced features but still are come lacking sides. So, to give you an honest review, we will highlight both pros and cons:

Pros of CodeLobster PHP IDEs:

  • This editor tool contains an auto-complete function
  • The user interface supports different languages
  • It offers budget-friendly prices
  • Excellent customer care support
  • It efficiently supports the version control of different projects
  • It shows great compatibility with different PHP plugins
  • Code highlighting is very efficient, and some saving
  • It is very easy to setup
  • It is a highly portable editor
  • It shows great support for different frameworks and CMS
  • It ensures consistent updations

Cons of CodeLobster PHP IDEs:

  • The user interface is a bit not fast enough and outdated
  • It only supports Windows operating system
  • Needs some experts to work with CodeLosbster
  • It is a bit slow while uploading files remotely.

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Are CodeLobster PHP IDEs worth it?

Being a website programmer, you must know all the new and necessary tools that make you more productive and help you in boosting your skills. CodeLobster is undoubtedly the most powerful and versatile editing tool equipped with a wide variety of features that make it an all-rounder tool in terms of PHP and IDEs; therefore, it gives more features than what you actually are looking for.

Its multifunction features make it count among the top-notch functionality and usability. A most impressive feature of CodesLobster is its great compatibility with the most famous PHP, CMS, JavaScript frameworks, and other top-rated features mentioned above.

Likewise, CodeLobster PHP Edition can easily work with different-sized businesses, all types of learners, to professional web developers. Its excellent customer care services efficiently respond to feedback given by the customers, and they constantly update its Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

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