Construction Site Security Risks- Tech That Keeps You Covered In 2023

Construction Site Security Risks

Managing construction sites is a tough job, with so much that goes on the field. From keeping a check on supplies and equipment to ensuring the security of the workforce, monitoring their activities, and more, there is much that project managers need to do in addition to their regular work.

Therefore, security is one aspect that they cannot overlook at any cost. The sheer size of building sites and the workforce elevate the risks of incidents like theft, vandalism, and workplace accidents. The possibility of such incidents gets higher because there is no way to keep an eye over the entire property at one time and from one place.

Fortunately, there are modern technology-based security solutions that you can rely on for keeping your construction site secure and protected at all times. Before learning more about such solutions, it is imperative to understand the risks that commonly plague large construction projects.

Equipment theft

One of the common and costliest risks that construction companies come across is equipment theft. This is a risk they absolutely want to curtail because the equipment costs a fortune and replacing it can topple the business budget altogether.

Though firms take some precautionary measures such as disabling equipment, using hydraulic cylinder locks and removing the battery cables to protect them, these measures are not enough. The high value and movability of the equipment such as backhoes and skid steers make them an attractive target for thieves. Having a proper security system in place can go a long way in protecting against this kind of high-impact theft.

Theft of supplies and materials

Apart from equipment theft, theft of supplies and materials is another common occurrence on remote sites. Supplies and materials are at a higher risk of being stolen because they are easy to move and transport. Vandals can easily target the site at night or when no one is around and steal supplies worth thousands of dollars.

The fact that loss of supplies can disrupt the project, apart from the financial loss, makes it even more disconcerting for the project managers. Moreover, it can harm the reputation of the construction company and make them less trustworthy for the clients. Obviously, having proper security measures to prevent these incidents makes sense.

Risk of work injuries

Another major risk that looms over construction projects is that of increasing work injuries on sites. This is an industry where falls, disabling injuries, and fatal accidents are common, which translates into massive expenses on the medical bills and compensation for worker injuries. The costs go beyond the direct ones because injuries result in delays and disputes in the projects and loss of reputation for the business as well.

They also hurt workers’ morale and lead to lower productivity in the long run. Implementing effective security controls on sites can make all the difference to preventing such incidents and detecting them at the earliest if they do happen.

Lowering the risks on construction sites

Considering the dangers and risks that typically prevail on construction sites, managing them becomes the top priority for project owners and managers. There are some effective measures that can be taken to prevent and lower these risks to a significant extent.

Physical surveillance

The basic and conventional security solution that firms rely on is physical surveillance. Almost every company collaborates with a security agency to have guards stationed at project sites. Still, the solution may not be fully viable, specifically for large and remote sites that can be guarded only by a big team of people.

Proper lighting

A simple yet overlooked security solution for construction sites is good lighting. Thieves and vandals often try to break in at night, when the place is empty. Having proper lighting with spotlights is a good way to discourage such incidents in the first place. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune for lighting up the place.

Employee training

Companies looking to implement successful security programs provide training to the existing and new employees with the aim to build a culture of safety in construction. Training should emphasize key aspects such as identification of potential problems, early reporting, and proactive action in the event of accidents and incidents.

How investing in security technology can be a smart move?

Though these conventional modes of construction site security have been used for decades, you cannot rely enough on them. Luckily, the advancement in security technology has taken the industry’s security practices and precautions to the next level. Implementing technological security solutions is a smart move as it assures high returns on investment and security reliability. Here are the technologies that are bringing innovation for on-site security.

Remote video surveillance

Even though having security guards to monitor your site is a good idea, you cannot completely leave things to them. Remote video surveillance is a proactive technology solution that can help you close any potential gaps. This system essentially leverages smart monitoring solutions to get hold of potential problems even before they happen.

You can check to see how the system works and the features it offers. It comes with multiple surveillance units that are capable of live monitoring so that you may detect and catch intruders even before they do damage. Moreover, it has multiple camera views that are equipped to see and monitor places that workers cannot always see.

The quick set up and affordable pricing of remote video surveillance solutions make them the right choice for all kinds of construction projects. And the best thing is that you can rely on the technology to keep your site covered, regardless of its size and location.

Advanced GPS technology

Advanced GPS technology coupled with monitoring sensors has emerged as another smart tech solution to fortify construction sites. These systems are capable of tracking the positioning and movement of resources and materials in real-time.

Any sudden change in the position is notified to the project manager through an immediate alert so that they can take the relevant action. GPS technology is highly effective, though it is not as smart as surveillance cameras when it comes to physically stop thefts and nabbing the culprits.

Drone surveillance

Another widely embraced security solution for construction businesses is drone surveillance. Drones can monitor huge sites physically by actually being present at the remote parts, where humans cannot even reach. This makes them a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to security guards. Apart from empowering site security, drones are used for handling mapping, scaling measurements, identifying weather patterns, and landscaping of sites through the project.

The best thing about this high-tech solution is that it gives you complete control. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to operate the drone, which makes it possible to keep an eye on the site anytime and from anywhere.

Considering the immense security challenges that are a part and parcel of the construction domain, site security should always be on top of your mind. While you may continue implementing the conventional security measures, moving to the right technology can make your business a smarter one.

This is a one-time investment that is bound to yield extensive benefits in the long run, right from protecting your assets to mitigating liabilities and ensuring safety for your workforce. Implementing these technologies can also bring a significant reduction in your insurance premiums.

When you weigh these benefits with the cost of investment, these smart security solutions surely make sense. After all, they have the potential to modernize your business and give it a competitive advantage with better and safer projects in your name. 

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