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Best Push Notification Ad Networks For Publishers and Advertisers

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Push Notification Ad Networks:

If you are looking for Push Notification Ad Networks for both Publishers and Advertisers, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, i will share with you Best Push Notifications Ad Networks and how you can use these Ad Networks to Engage Your audience and increase your revenue.

In the modern world with the passage of time, online advertising and marketing have gained a big space in the industry. Technology has also developed at a larger scale, and banner ads and images are considered boring and teasing by the visitors while visiting the website.

That’s why marketers have searched out another way to attract the number of visitors towards the products and brands. Then a new method has been generated to focus on the new ad formats and designs that are convenient for the visitors and provides easy monetization of the website as well.

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Introduction to Push Notification Ad Networks:

Push Notification Ad is similar to the SMS. It is the form of text message that displays on the user screen or customer´s browser in the form of an icon and found an alert or media message. Which is sent by the third-party application to the user to receive them once the user clicks upon the notification ad. He would be subscribed to website´s notification, and the affiliate will get the commission instantly.

It is a faster way to deliver a message to all of your websites subscribers at once. The method is meant to value the clients either in the form of content, alerts, texts, or coupons whatever it is. The purpose is only to regain the interest of the audience and draws their attention towards the website. Nowadays it is the best way to drive more sales on CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing campaigns.

The Origin of Push Notification Ad Networks:

If we look back in the year 2003, people were tired by receiving long emails on their phones that was also time-consuming. It was a process, in which a user had to send a request to the remote server to check whether you had received a new email or not, for which a user had to wait a long time to collect data back from the server.

It was a cause of big failure for the business people because they were waiting long for the updates to check their emails. To solve out the problems, Research In Motion or (RIM), a big company was launched that has invented the Blackberry phone for the very first time has finally made the struggles to reorganize the way for the people so they can naturally use their phones.

Blackberry device has convenient its users to send and receive the emails in real-time that was a piece of good news for the business owners. Specially that has recently stepped in the technology to spread their business worldwide. With the help off this technology, Blackberry users were able to communicate with each other through text messages and free of cost.

Then with the development in technology, soon Push Notification Ad networks have been organized that has generated a significant platform for the users to get involved in the new vision of technology. The third-party application developers created it and in less time has extended to browsers for mobile devices and desktops.

How Does it work?

When a user clicks on the notification ad. Which means that he has subscribed to the website notifications or push notification that is a lifetime revenue for the marketer and publishers as well.

The ads are usually sold on CPMs or CPC basis, you can find more CPC Ad Networks here. So in this whole process, you must keep in mind that the audience you are targeting must be qualitative that responds the push notifications. Because if he closes the notification ad without viewing it. It does not add any value to the ecosystem your worth will be considered only when he subscribes the push notification.

The subscriber will be allowed to view the push ads that you display on your website. So, when you publish any advertisement, the user will be informed by the alert or notification ad. When he clicks on that ad, the ad will direct him towards the website to review the announcement thoroughly.

Some networks accept low traffic website, but those are not very helpful as your focus should be to get maximum traffic to your site to achieve the desired goals.

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Pros of Push Notification Ad Networks:

Now, we will see how Push Notification Ad Networks can help you in several ways:

  • The main benefit of Push Notification Ad network is it offers lifetime revenue to the publishers
  • It enables you to get traffic from other websites and resources as well
  • When you reach the bulk of subscribers which means you have achieved the targeted budget, then you don’t need to link with it for a lifetime you can stop working with this, but you will instantly receive recurring commission for lifetime. That’s amazing!
  • You can work with any campaign while linking with Push Ad Notification Network
  • Users can receive push Ad notifications and alerts from the website services about products in which they are interested. Thus you can get more traffic as much as you want by attracting the audience towards your offers
  • It targets thousand of users across the world so you can access the large crowd for running your campaign worldwide
  • It has the power to personalize your content with attractive images, emojis, and other visual media and ask you for the delivery time to work well with the time-sensitive campaigns
  • With the help of Push-notification Ad Networks, you can interact a targeted audience
  • It helps you in monetizing the traffic with the help of a new method and unique ad formats to get the native subscribers.
  • It is 100% deliverable as it contains clickable links
  • It generates optimal results for the advertisers and publishers
  • They deliver the ads from the marked companies that value the customer’s interest

List of Top 10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks:

You should be conscious while selecting the best Push Notification Ad Network for your product, brand, or services. To release you from the stress of choosing Push-notification, here we have displayed the list of best push notification Ad networks that will help you to meet your goals and increase your outreach, traffic, subscription rates as well as conversion rates to grow your brand at a significant level.

  1. DatsPush
  2. EvaDav
  3. RichPush
  4. ezmob
  5. MegaPush
  6. iZooto
  8. Ad-Maven
  9. Propeller Ads
  10. SmartyAds

1- DatsPush: (Top Push Notification Ad Network)

DatsPush Home

DatsPush is a new Push Notification advertising network that provides push notification traffic from all over the world. DatsPush is owned by LeadBit, which is one of the best CPA Marketing Network. It is one of best Push Notification Ad Networks for Publishers and bloggers to join and increase their Ad Revenue by monetizing their website traffic.

They don’t have any requirements for publishers to join, and they accept traffic from all over the world. They offer CPA and revenue share options to their publishers. With the CPA model, you can earn more than $20 from per 1000 Push Installs, and with revenue share option, you will receive 88% of click price, which is paid by advertisers. They are using an advanced tracking tool to track your traffic, clicks, Installs, and earning in real-time.

One of the most important things for DatsPush advertisers is they give you different targeting options to reach your target audience and get more traffic and more sales. You can target traffic from 250 countries, and their traffic is cheaper than other Advertising platforms, Facebook, Google,  and many other Networks. The good thing about DatsPush is they are using an advanced AI tool which can easily block Fake and bot Traffic so you will get only 100% real targeted traffic which is interested in your products.

Here are some Features:

  • They are getting 23,999,210 clicks per day.
  • 4,580,265,823 Active Impression.
  • They have traffic from 250 Countries.
  • Bid starts from 0.001 $, which is cheaper than any other Network.

Payment Details:

  • They are offering Daily Payouts to their Top Publishers.
  • The Payment Methods are CC WebMoney and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw:

2. EvaDav: (Best Push Notification Ad Network)

Evadav Home

Evadav is the best, and one of the leading Push Notification Ad Networks is a client-oriented advertising network that offers a new way to monetize your website´s traffic. It provides cutting edge tools to the publishers and advertisers who are associated with the same platform to boost up their brands by getting a large number of visitors.

It attracts people because of its high-quality content, 100% brands safety, fast integration, and highest CPM rate as compared to other advertising networks. It accepts all vertical and GEOs and offers the best advertising campaigns, not restricted to any country.

This is the reason it offers high conversion rates in the advertising industry, and so marketers consider it trustworthy and valuable for promoting their products and brands. It has integration with several trackers like BeMob, Binom, Keitaro, and PeerClick. It is user-friendly and effortless to use; you can register with it just within 10 minutes and start working with this active ad network, other than this a personal account manager is available all the time for your support and help. This is also one of the best Ad Networks for Small Publishers.

One of its specific features is that it has built-in a particular algorithm that predicts the audience´s behavior that’s why it is also called an anti-fraud system that allows you to judge the nature and attitude of your client to prevent you from any harm. They also offer one of the best affiliate programs where you can earn 5% income from your referrals.

Payment Details:

  • Within a referral program, It offers 5% of income made by the referred publishers.
  • The payment method is via PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, WebMoney, Bank Transfer Wire, etc.

3. RichPush: (A Unique Push Notification Ad Network)

RichPush Home

As you may already know, Push Notifications is the new advertising format that helps you to reach your target audience and drive more traffic and sales. There are a lot of Push Notifications Ad Networks, and RichaPush is one of them. RichPush is one of the fastest-growing Push Notification Ad Network helping its advertisers to get more traffic and more sales with their amazing features.

RichPush has more than 400 million subscribers from all over the world, which makes them one of the leading Push Notification Ad Network. They have subscribers from Across the globe so you can get High conversion rate and cheaper than Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other Ads Platforms. This is one of best Ad Push Notification Ad Network for both Publishers and Advertisers. They don’t have any Requirement for publishers to join this fantastic Ad Network. They also offer 24/7 Live support for both advertisers and publishers to solve your issues.

The good thing about this Ad Network is you don’t need to hire a Marketing expert to run your campaigns, and they also provide Personal Manager to their advertisers to help them run successful campaigns and drive more traffic and more sales through Push Notifications.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 30 Basis.
  • The Payment Methods are CC WebMoney and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw:

4. Ezmob: (Mobile Advertising Network)

ezmob Home

Ezmob is one of the best mobile advertising networks which is based in Israel. They are serving over 5 Billion Impressions per day. It is one of the leading mobile advertising networks that can help their advertisers to grow fast by using their incredible features and services. They offer CPC, CPM, and CPV monetization options to monetize your mobile and desktop traffic and earn money.

It is an efficient and famous mobile advertising platform that helps you to get the strength of real-time bidding, mobile traffic, set up campaigns that can influence the readers or audience. In simple words, it guides you to make your investment at a proper place from where you can get more revenue. Ezmob allows you to make the right decisions and value your time and efforts. They have Primum publishers and traffic from all over the world, and they can help you to get targeted traffic from over 160 countries.

Ezmob contains a self-serve dashboard that supports you to create a campaign yourself or assist a manager for this task in handling the work in your absence and in accomplishing the job correctly.

Payment Details:

  • Prepayment only.
  • The Payment Methods are Paypal, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw: $100.

5. MegaPush: (Push Notification Ad Network)

Mega Push

MegaPush is the earliest Push Notification ad network which allows you to send push notifications to the targeted audience and also Monetize Push Notifications to earn money. It is the very first advertising Push notifications network which lets you deliver native advertising to the targeted audience through its excellent feature of pushing the notifications. It is famous and beneficial Ad network with over 450 Million Active Subscribers, More than 5 Billion Impressions Per Day and with over 35 Million Clicks per day.

As an affiliate marketer, you are always in search of creative, new talent, and productive modes to optimize the campaigns and get high traffic. In this regard, MegaPush ad network is the best choice for you. It provides you with full control over your campaigns to monitor the performance of your website and view the feedback of clients as compared to other networks. Other than this, it helps you to get traffic from other sources as well to engage a new audience for your website to generate high revenue.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 30 Basis.
  • The Payment Methods are PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, ePayments, and Bitcoin.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw: $100.

6. iZooto: (Web Push Notifications)

iZooto Home

It is a very beneficial tool for the advertisers because it helps them in getting more traffic of the audience to the website by using web push notifications. More than 15,000 marketers use this network to push over 10B notifications per month. It allows publishers to drive their audience and invest in generating media assets. It helps you to drive traffic and monetize your website by using native content ads.

Publishers who are working with Izooto can produce 15 to 20% of traffic by using push notifications and thus increased their revenue up to 15%. The minimum requirement to join Izooto is that a publisher must have the power to gather average 100k traffic in a month from specific countries like USA, UK, and Canada. It is recommended for all websites, ensures you to generate high revenue as compared to other competitors.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 30 Basis.
  • The Payment Methods are PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw: $100.

7. (Performance Advertising Platform)

AdMachine Website

Admachine is the part of RichPush Ad Network, and that provides Push Notification traffic from all over the world. It has specific and advanced features that make it accessible and preferable in the market, such as multi-network advertising, intuitive UI, active moderation of ads, high conversion rates, statistical reporting, and quick onboarding, etc. They have the power to get more traffic and increases your website´s ROI up to 300% to offer.

It has integration with IOS, windows, MAC Os, Androids, etc. With the help of, you can optimize your campaign, filter your traffic in the best way, deal with the targeted audience as well as track the performance of your website.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 15 Basis.
  • The Payment Methods are WebMoney and Wire Transfer.
  • The Minimum Payment to Withdraw: $5

8. Ad-Maven:

AdMaven Website

Ad-Maven has twenty-five years of experience in the marketing industry with a good reputation of providing more revenue as compared to other ad networks. It is also a native push notification ad network that offers its associates a high-income stream and user experience. It is also designed like an Evadav a cutting edge tool for optimizing and monetizing the website, generates high-quality results as it is connected with thousand of advertisers and premium networks all around the world which enables you to access the targeted audience.

It delivers the email or message directly to your mobile phone or desktop and brings high conversion rates and CPMs for your website. It is fully compatible with Google Adsense but doesn’t decrease your revenue from other ad formats. By joining this network, you can generate a lifetime income for yourself as soon as you ass the tag; your earning starts precisely after 24 hours of its tagging. It is user-friendly and takes just five minutes to register and start with this efficient ad network.

Payment Details:

  • The payment frequency is Net 15 Basis.
  • The minimum payout is $50
  • The mode of payment is via PayPal,  Wire Transfer.

9. PropellerAds:

PropellerAds was invented in the U.K and are one of the best Push Notification Ad networks that assure the associates to provide the highest CPM, traffic, and conversion rates. It is considered best in a way that it gives plenty of ad products. Although, It is integrated with Adsense and other advertising networks but provides the publisher list of most suitable options to produce the maximum results and doesn’t affect your profit as well.

You can quickly monetize your website and extend your experience by using this ad network as it has invented a new method of monetization solution through subscriptions or push notifications. It offers long life revenue to the publishers so you can make use of it in the best way to generate high recurring commission.

Payment Details:

  • The minimum payout is $100
  • It offers on Net 30 terms
  • The method of payment is via ePayments, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, etc.

10. SmartyAds: (Programmatic Advertising Company)

SmartyAds Website

SmartyAds is popular program based ad network modeled explicitly for the advertisers, marketing agencies, cutting edge technologies, and many more. It possesses smart RTB bidder that highly optimizes media purchasing process, helps the customers in maintaining the budget, and facilitates KPI achievements. It has a quality to display quality media, video, images, in-app, rich,  awarded, and native push ads in an attractive way to get more visitors to the website.

It allows the publishers and advertisers to promote their offers by notifying the clients about the exclusive discount offers on their demanded products. SmartyAds provides 100% brand safety as it continuously scans the traffic with IAS, protected media, and in-house solutions. Its statistics are updated after every 1.5 seconds so allows you the opportunity to create the current campaigns and act upon them accordingly.


In this article, I have mentioned all the best Push Notifications ad networks that will help you in generating more income and earn more commission as well. With the help of these networks, you can earn revenue either for a lifetime based on revenue share and can make money on falt subscriber rate based on the audience data.

Remember, before choosing the Best Push ad network. You must keep in mind the needs and tendencies of your traffic so you can better cope up with them. So, move on and get your friendly tools to deliver your ads in real-time to the real audience that matters a lot on the way of success.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will get high CPM rates and will meet your goals because the material will surely support you to make the right decision for your future benefits. You can find and read more Ad Network Reviews to discover more Advertising Ad Networks for your website.

If we missed any Push Notification Ad Network and you think which is also best then Leave a Comment below and the name of the Network so we will review and Add That Network in Our List. 

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