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CrustLab Review 2024 – Your Partner in Software Development

CrustLab Review 2024:

The start-ups today pay really close attention to the joining websites and mobile apps. Choosing between these two or choosing both of them is more of a business call. The reason being that some of your visitors may want to reach you through the website, but some would rather connect with you through the app.

These web and mobile applications can prove to be the best medium to reach out to your potential customers. A great business needs both of them working flawlessly to attain greater heights. If you don’t pay close attention to this area, your business might be letting a lot of its potential go to waste.

Now that you know the importance of web and mobile applications, you might be thinking about who you should reach out to in order to get everything done perfectly. Well, we just have the right people for you.


CrustLab Home

CrustLab is a Poland-based company that loves technology, and this love drives them to help out clients across the globe. They are a set of highly focused and motivated individuals who have spent a lot of time and dedication in order to become experts in their respective fields.

Their specialty lies in the gambling and betting industry with having years of experience backing them– they have over 10 projects completed in this particular field. They have been working with numerous market leaders in the US and UK.

Besides the gambling sector, they are also a software development company that develops custom software made for mobile applications and web development. They have a team consisting of experts that excel in developing software for industries like project management, health care, fintech, along with many others.

The qualified team assigned to you will make sure that you always achieve quality results. They only handpick the best people from the market so that their customers can get the best experience of their life! This is the reason that their investment in talent such as managers, UI/UX designers, testers, software developers, etc. Always pays off!

Key Features of CrustLab:

The following key features make CrustLab one of the best software companies when it comes to developing web or mobile applications.

1- Development of Web Apps:

CrustLab is a company that specializes in web app development. It excels when it comes to building highly performance-oriented web applications.

The team at CrustLab has in-depth knowledge of SaaS and microservice solutions, which helps them in creating highly scalable web applications. They have a designated team consisting of quality control engineers who have a duty to make sure that everything is of top-notch quality when it comes to creating automatic tests and all the web apps that are under development.

The CrustLab team can easily handle everything related to progressive or responsible Web applications. They are experts in DevOps engineering and build highly reliable and available digital product infrastructures.

They take complete responsibility when it comes to anything related to the web development process. They consult your product vision through UI/UX design, develop and maintain it. You can test out their skill and style of work through the two-week test period. They also provide free project estimation to give you a rough idea of the cost of each project. You attain complete ownership of the product once they are done with the development phase.

2- Development of Mobile Apps:

Working with CrustLab, you get access to mobile devices’ full capabilities and potential by using the native solution of Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

You can also use the Google UI toolkit to create native mobile applications through Flutter. The cost of app development can also be reduced by using Dart technology, which can utilize a single codebase to create native compiled mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The teams at CrustLab are well versed in mobile technologies – no matter if it’s a cross-platform app or a native one, they will provide you the best solution and advice for your projects. The app created by them will be on par with modern mobile applications.

They are in-charge and take care of everything related to the process of development, from app idea consultation, designing UI/UX to testing, development, and maintenance. Their two-week test period makes it easier to form a bond of trust between you and them. You can utilize it to get the best possible scenario for yourself and your business.

3- Designing your Product:

Compelling user experience plays a vital role in the designing of every application. CrustLab will take the lead in guiding you throughout this process. A set of meetings are organized before the phase of implementation. So that the team has a better understanding of all your needs, they can also verify your existing ideas, and then you can introduce them to your personal idea of the design of your digital product.

The UX design expert and Analyst at CrustLab create low-fidelity product mockups of the product from scratch. These mockups are then presented and validated by the user to improve efficiency while lowering the risk factor. This procedure introduces a user-friendly and sophisticated UI.

The created high-fidelity mockup is the perfect replication of the end product so that you can be satisfied. The team at CrustLab is aware of the role of an elegant and well-designed user interface of a mobile app, or web design plays from the perspective of a consumer.

After you are happy with the development and designing phase’s final results, you attain full authority over your product. By choosing CrustLab as your partner, you get a free estimation of your projects along with the two-week test period for you to verify their skills.

Why Should You Work with CrustLab As A Partner for Your Product Design?

Involvement of founding members:

The CrustLab company has only three founding members, and one of these founding members is always a part of each project because they care and treat each project with the same level of importance as any other.

Flexible Models:

The team at CrustLab is extremely flexible when it comes to cooperation or composition models. The first step they take is to help you design product specifications and requirements. You can have your digital product designer, and they will also support the internal design team. So, in a nutshell, whatever you require to design your digital product, they will provide it.

Multiple Projects in the Betting Industry:

CrustLab has implemented more than 10 projects when it comes to the betting industry. From retail, online casinos, sports betting, to horse racing, they have designed them all. They also design products like mobile apps, web and service terminals. They are experts in this field but want to achieve greater heights. They are interested in designing products for custom CMS/CRM, Blockchain, MedTech (health care), investment software, trading platforms, or E-Commerce.

Comprehensive Project Dealing:

CrustLab deals with your project comprehensively. They take care of every step along the way, like marketing activities, maintenance, back-end and front-end workshops, product design, and even strategies.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

CrustLab ensures that all your shared and sensitive data related to your product is safe and secure. It builds trust by signing an NDA to protect your data shared with the company using the law.

Ease of Communication and Transparency:

To achieve transparency CrustLab allows you access to for issuing Tracking Tool – JIRA dedicated Slack channel to your project (all the binding provisions will be determined by the email), Confluence for project documentation. You can also get in touch with the project manager and each member of the team separately.

Steps to start working with CrustLab for your Product Design:

Full-stack web development consists of the following steps:

  • Ideation: to give you the best advice and solutions, they use the cognitive process to verify your product.
  • Design: the full version of your product is made once you approve the low fidelity mockups
  • Production: previously designed mockups are used to create the source code of your product.
  • Improvements: they use the opinion and user behavior to enhance the already finished products even more.


  • One of the founders is always personally involved in each project.
  • Flexible team composition and cooperation models.
  • Free cost estimation of your project with the close attention of your needs.
  • Project workshops with a proactive approach.
  • Non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy at all costs.
  • Work is always delivered on time with the best technical skills.
  • High focus on communication and transparency.


  • No monthly or fixed payment plan.
  • Each project has to get an individual price quote.

CrustLab Pricing Plan:

CrustLab does not work on a monthly, yearly, or fixed pricing. Instead, they settle accounts on the basis of a system that works on the material and time period required for each project. This system gives you an estimate of the project implementation and then the client has to pay each month for the hours that they have worked on your project.

CrustLab details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Adam Gontarz
  • Founded: 2017
  • Specialty: A software developing service providing delivery and launch of your products along with web and mobile apps
  • Pricing: The charge hourly which ranges from $30 to $50 per hour.
  • Head Office: Poland
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5


This detailed review of CrustLab should provide you ample amount of data and research to make your decision easier. In today’s age, web and mobile applications play an important role in a business’s success, so there should be no reason as to why not you should make sure that you are reaching all your potential customers flawlessly.

The project estimation cost and two-week trial should give you even more understanding of how CrustLab works and their skill level. So, it only seems like a win-win situation for you and your business.

Our team hopes that our research and review on CrustLab has helped you reach a firm decision. We wish you the best!

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