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Sellzone Review 2024 – Best Amazon Marketing Tools For Sellers

Have trouble in your online trade?

Finding tough competition in the world of e-commerce?

Need an efficient tool to enhance your Amazon business experience? We’ve got a product for you. Sellzone.

Sellzone is a toolkit for Amazon sellers that handles everything from selecting the best-winning product to advertising it with just one click. Sellzone guarantees to increase the growth and optimization of your work experience.

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The seller tools provided by Amazon can help businesses to gain success in a limited amount of time by providing solutions like Sellzone. Which can provide optimal search engines enabling a person to market their businesses better.

A person who is new in the game can utilize the features provided by Sellzone to compete against their more prolific and veteran peers properly. In order to fully understand the depth of Sellzone’s genius, we will begin by discussing its features in full detail.

Sellzone’s tools:

Sellzone has a total of seven distinct tools that aid in Amazon e-commerce:

  • Keyword Wizard – This helps you improve your Amazon SEO by showing you search items and keywords that are usually low on competition but high in volume. It focuses on the listings provided by you and categorizes a database with over a hundred million keywords. This Keyword Wizard is known to have the largest keyword database on the market.
  • Listing Protection – The purpose of this tool is to view your listings on Amazon and alert you if there are some problems or changes. Thus, ensuring a double safe for your listings.
  • Traffic Insights – The Traffic Insights tool is an analysis tool capable of carefully evaluating and comparing the traffic channels of the Amazon listings. This instrument will help you better understand your competition as well as help you scale your market strategy.
  • Split Testing – Acting as an automated publicist, the Split Testing tool runs tests for all Amazon listings for the purpose of analyzing every word, phrase, photo and other such parameters. Thus providing you with what is considered the best move forward and how to increase conversions.
  • Listing Quality Check – Following the Amazon Guidelines, the Listing Quality Check will check the listings for any error or incompleteness and provide the best recommendations for optimization of your listings.
  • PPC Optimizer – For the purpose of helping you better showcase your product, the PPC Optimizer is there to help you create optimized and effective ads, which can help you during promotion campaigns.
  • Product Research – This tool is set in place to advise you in matters of product marketing. You will be told which of your products you should sell and which ones will not produce revenue.

Tool: Keyword Wizard

In order to improve the general visibility of the product you are endorsing on Amazon, the Keyword Wizard offers the options of filtering, identifying keywords that act as a cohesive unit, and exporting keyword lists.

To improve your overall reach on Amazon using the Keyword Wizard, you will need to type in the required keyword. This keyword has to be properly thought out as this will help you receive keyword listing recommendations, thus aiding your business research.

After entering the seed keyword, you can select the type of results you require, as there are four match types:

Broad MatchIt shows any variation of your seed keyword or keyword phrase in any order.

Phrase MatchIt shows the exact keyword or keyword phrase in any order. 

Exact MatchIt shows the exact keyword or keyword phrase in the exact order.

Related KeywordIt shows keywords that are relevant to the seed keyword. Based on the high-ranking keywords of the products showing up on the first page of the Amazon search results for the seed keyword.

sellzone review

The facilities of the Keyword Wizard are not just limited to identifying popular keyword variations, but also ones with smaller competition. This way you can capitalize on your work by working in a less competitive market. Keep in mind that the search words list keywords with limited competition, not limited potential.

Tool: Listing Protection

To avoid redundancies and inadequate search listings, the Listing Protection tool has an alert system that helps you quickly find out if there are some problems with your listings. The features provided are — keyword positioning, listing suppression, seller in the Buy Box, etc.

To start, you need to enter the given product page’s URL or ASIN, thus starting the tracking process. Entering the keywords for your product rank and seller’s name in the Amazon search engine can help you track the Buy Boxes as well as other parts of the listing, such as price, description, image, etc.

The alert system mentioned above has a notification system that can be utilized via email or SMS. It is the user’s choice on which option they would prefer.

Tool: Traffic Insights

This tool is an analytics tool that helps the user to evaluate and compare the listing channels on Amazon, and in doing so, vetting your competition and aiding you in developing a proper marketing strategy. This way you can scale up your business by finding out where the external traffic for your product comes from.

The websites and blogs that are giving you the extra traffic are also listed here. This provides a good marketing strategy where you can contact these sites to ensure that they continue to give you coverage in the future as well. You can do this as well as find out the sites that link to your competitor’s products. This way you can scale your business and reach out to these blogs as well.

To do this you need to enter the URL, or ASIN of a total of 3 listings for the evaluation and comparison of traffic channels. An Overview Report shows up that describe the overall reach of those listings and also the estimated customers that can discover the given product through those analyzed channels.

Tool: Split Testing

The Split Testing tool is a free Sellzone product that offers comparative testing for Amazon listings. Using this tool you can compare your listing with an older existing version and thus bring your desired changes. This way the sellers won’t have to guess whether the picture or description is more appealing to their customers. You’ll just have to run an A/B test to find out.

Tool: Listing Quality Check

The Listing Quality Check provided by Sellzone is an online audit tool for Amazon sellers that checks your listings for errors, incompleteness, or other such discrepancies. Thus following the Amazon Guidelines to better showcase your listings and optimize them at the same time.

To check for the overall quality of your listings, you will need to enter the URL or ASIN of the product page that you want to analyze and let the Listing Quality Checker tool collect its data. 

The resulting report that it will show will detail the ways we could avoid potential listing suppression, what the ratio of the failed and successful checks is, and how you can improve the quality of your listing based on the guidelines and style guides provided by Amazon.

Tool: PPC Optimizer

The PPC Optimizer tool is accessible for users with Amazon Advertising accounts that are using their Merchant Token number. The best thing about PPC Optimizer is that it spares no effort in advertising your products to the masses by highlighting their best features. 

By using this tool, you will be asked to select the products that you want to advertise from your list of products, and it will get to work on creating broadcasting streams for them. For every product, a grand total of 4 ad campaigns are created. In that regard, all you will have to do is figure out how much you are willing to spend to promote your specified product and let the automated PPC Optimizer do its job of highlighting the key aspects of it, without you having to worry about keywords, listings, or ASINs.

After determining which products you want to promote, the PPC Optimizer will let you customize your campaign details. These details range from selecting the date, the overall budget, the number of bids, and the ACoS. Once that is done you can also select your keywords if you wish to, or not. Then leave the rest to the PPC Optimizer, which will handle the rest of the campaigning procedure, guaranteeing a successful promotion from the get go.

Tool: Product Research

The Product Research is a FREE tool for Amazon sellers that helps you gather information on what the latest trends are and what kind of products are popular these days. It also helps you to decide whether your product has the chance to make it big or not in the marketing world. Such a tool comes in handy when you want to find the new products to sell. 

With this tool you have the option to choose the product from your favorite category, pricing range, or even specific primary keyword.

After clicking the “Find Products” button, you will see a large list of products which can be filtered by following parameters: BSR, Sellers, Reviews, Rating.

The main feature of this tool is an Amazon FBA Calculator which helps you calculate your Profit in detail, taking into account all the fees.

To avail this tool, you can search for products based on the preferences of your target demographic and then assess what the sales revenue score is for them. You will better understand just what sells and what doesn’t. Going a long way to help in your own retail endeavors.

Sellzone Price:

While the Sellzone Split Testing and Product Research tools are free for all users, you can buy the rest of the tools for $50 per month. By opting for a full Pro plan, you can attain extra facilities like the private onboarding, increased limit listings, and a personal account manager.

For further details on the Sellzone packages, look here:

  • Free of cost; $0 for extended use of split testing, overviews pertaining to external traffic, 100 keyword search limit, customer support paradigm, single product advertisement using PPC Optimizer, 15 product researches per day, and a training course for customers.
  • Per Month: $50 per month for all features, including the use of all five of the tools Sellzone has to offer, along with insights on Amazon Style Guide checking, Google Shopping ads, accessing private Facebook groups and the likes. You also get unlimited products to advertise along with 15 product researches per day.
  • Pro plan: $85 per month is considered a pro plan that enhances your user experience by providing you with all the features and facilities of the previous package as well as a personal account manager, unlimited proceeds, extended listing checks, unlimited product promotions.

Along with these facilities, you also have the added advantage of paying your fees on an annual basis, giving you the offer of saving up to $200 per year.

There is also a 7-day trial provided that you can use via credit card payment. This trial gives you full access to Listing Protection, Traffic Insights, and Listing Quality Check. These tools will be included in the plan, and if you decide to go forward with Sellzone after the trial period is over, you can seamlessly move forward to the monthly $50 plan.

Customer Support:

As far as customer support goes, you can be guaranteed that Sellzone proves great. It has some of the most excellent customer support systems out of all the other e-commerce websites. You can contact our Customer Support via Facebook and WhatsApp chats for help.

You can also cancel your account subscription by contacting the customer support team. Either that or if you have some other complaints pertaining to the services provided to you by Sellzone. All you will have to do is contact the Sellzone Customer Support Team to state your complaint.

You will also be provided with an online academy, Semrush Academy, whose sole purpose is to educate you and provide you with excellent training to enhance your skills and teach you in-depth about marketing techniques. Giving you the opportunity to earn certificates when you’ve completed the courses.


The final consensus seems to be that Sellzone is a proficient product that enables you to make a better product listing on Amazon. Its interface is easy to use and user-friendly. The cost of the product is low. The tools provided by it are simple to use but can make a big difference to your overall sales on Amazon.

For product endorsement and commercialization, Sellzone is an amazing product.

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