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Threads Profile Can Only Be Deleted By Deleting Instagram

With the arrival of threads by Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram has managed to introduce a new way of sharing information through text. This is an innovation that has led most Instagram users to download and sign up on this new app and they have started booming this new release with engagement.

It is indeed a successful startup. If you’re unaware of what threads is, it is a newly released application by Mark Zuckerberg and the mission of this new arrival is to introduce a separate platform for sharing information In an interesting and useful way, which is through threads. Threads being an innovative and creative way of storytelling has been utilized by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and is being put forward for the masses as a separate platform.

Once you open this app, you’ll find out that you need to use your Instagram account to access this platform. Once you log in to threads using your Instagram and want to post something, you won’t face any difficulty as your post can be up to 500 characters, and these characters will include links, photos, and even videos that are up to 5 minutes long.

That being said, this also goes to show that this is a newly formed application, and Meta is looking to make it better and easier to use in many ways. It is still in its initial stages which is why we can expect to see significant yet positive changes in the future.

Meta being the innovative giant, has come up with a new way of conversing with your followers or with your friends and family by simply taking what Instagram does best and implementing that on a new platform while limiting it to give it a new feel.

However there is always a catch, and with threads, the catch is that you cannot simply remove your profile or delete your profile from this platform, that is unless you’re willing to delete your Instagram account with it. That’s right! if you need to delete your threads account for some reason your Instagram account will get deleted with it.

This is clearly a marketing strategy played by Meta to keep the users engaged and not allow them to delete their accounts unless they’re willing to remove their Instagram account along with their threads account. This will allow threads to gain numbers and not lose them at the same rate as not many people are willing to delete their Instagram account for simply deleting an account they made on a newly downloaded application.

Most people would rather uninstall the application than choose to delete their account. However, a small fraction would actually do this and a large number of users would go by the thinking that the app isn’t doing them harm so why not just keep it downloaded and use it occasionally?

Meta has exclaimed that they are currently working towards making the app compatible with interoperable social networks and they believe this has the potential of changing the future of how the internet is used and perceived. Moreover, they claim that their vision with this new app is to take what Instagram does best and bring in the ability to share information using text-based posts, making it a positive place for sharing information. Giving it a positive mood for its users to enjoy.

Moreover, they explain that they have made an appropriate choice of tools to make the conversations more productive and less hazardous. This gives the platform a positive environment. However, the fact that people are not able to delete their account from threads without having to delete their Instagram account makes it feels like threads users are being forced to use the app if they can’t remove themselves from it without removing one of their daily activities with it then it feels a bit forced. Other than that, you can do almost everything that you could on Instagram, including following, reporting, restricting, and blocking a profile.

Meta has also guaranteed that they have adequate security to keep your personal information safe and secure, they have boasted about how they’re taking security seriously and how they’re imposing Instagram’s community guidelines on threads.

Both platforms are similar enough to impose each other’s guidelines onto each other and they have once again secured the minds of their users by explaining how they invested more than $16 billion since 2016 into forming the teams and technologies required for keeping their users secure. In addition to that, they have stated that they are still interested and focused on bettering their industry-leading integrity efforts and advancing their investments in safeguarding their community.

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