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How to Create a TikTok Business Account In 2024

Are you planning on using TikTok to run your business? Are you interested in using TikTok to advertise your business? Do you want to collect more customers by easily using a TikTok business account? If all these questions have led you here, then that is a great place to be. This is because in this part you will get everything that you need to know such as what steps should be taken to set up the business account on TikTok.

We know TikTok is one of the popular and hence trending social media applications, which has more than a Billion active users regularly. This immense figure means that it has a vast scope to develop any sort of business.

This is because initially, the large audience of TikTok was young people and slightly high age. Note, however, that in recent years, many more age groups have joined this channel. Therefore, you can readily hit your target audience on this site compared to others.

But, this does not mean that every person understands what they can do to increase their business on TikTok through a simple account. So, if you belong to this group of people then there is no need to worry about it.

This is because you have identified a perfect solution for this problem. Simply focus on this article and implement the advice step by step to reach your objective. In short, this guide will help you in creating a TikTok business account easily with simple steps.

TikTok: A Great Opportunity to Grow Business:

As stated above, TikTok has successfully built a huge user base thanks to its entertainment opportunities. As a result, regardless of the nature of your business, you can efficiently reach out to your target audience with a minimal amount of effort.

In addition, it is a very user-friendly website where with the help of which you can upload short to lengthy videos from 10 seconds to even up to 10 minutes. Therefore, brand awareness can easily be built through this medium.

TikTok also helps business accounts to run ad campaigns that are paid. As such, you can easily boost your sales by using TikTok ads. Moreover, partnerships with other TikTok users might also lead to favorable consumer attention toward your business. In conclusion, it is right to say that TikTok can be considered a perfect environment for starting a business account.

Steps To Create A Tiktok Business Account:

Creating a TikTok business account is not a challenging process. However, not all people are aware of it. Furthermore, creating a Business account for PC and Mobile applications is slightly different. Therefore, if you are a beginner, make sure to go through the details that have been listed below and follow the instructions carefully.

Creating TikTok Business Account on Android Devices:

If you are going to use your TikTok business account on an Android device then you can create your account very easily by following simple steps. But still you are not sure how you can achieve this goal then read the step-by-step guide that is listed below.

  • First of all, you are required to create a usual account on TikTok before switching to Business One.
  • First of all, install the TikTok application from the Google Play Store.
  • After that Sign up for your new account with the help of your Email address or Mobile phone number but before that put your date of birth first.
    Moreover, you can even Sign in through your Instagram or Facebook account to complete this process with more simplicity.

Tip: Use such Email address or Phone Number that you are presently using on your phone because it will help you complete the verification process.

  • Now after completing the verification process add details that are required by TikTok.
  • Add Name, Username, Bio, and other details if available or if you want to share like Instagram Account, YouTube channel, etc.
  • Moreover, it is better to upload a Profile Picture so that your TikTok account looks more reliable.
  • Now it’s time to Switch to TikTok Business Account.
    In case, you have already an account then skip the above steps and switch that account to a business one.
  • Go to Your Profile on TikTok and Click on three lines that are present in the Top Right corner.
  • After that Click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Now You will see Account on the top.
  • Click on Account and see below Switch to Business Account.
  • Now Click on Next to carry on the procedure.
  • After that Choose the Category of your business among the list that is given.
  • Again Press Next to continue your application.
  • Now add your Email and Click on Add.
  • After following the instructions just click on Create Now to finish the process.

Note: Switching to a Business Account on TikTok will automatically convert your Account into a Public Account and all of your shared content will be available for everyone to see.

Steps to Create A Tiktok Business Account On IOS Devices:

If you are using TikTok on IOS Devices then creating a TikTok Business account for you is quite similar for you to the Android users. Just simply follow the steps given below and you can achieve your goal.
Install the TikTok application from your App Store.

  • As mentioned above it is important to make a personal account first on TikTok. So make your account first.
  • To make an Account you are required to share your Date of birth along with your Email or Phone Number.
  • After that TikTok will send you a verification code. Enter that code and continue.
  • Now Add further details like Name, Username, and much more depending on your interests and
  • Set a Suitable display picture for your account.
  • After completing this step you are all set to Switch your Account to a Business Account.
  • If you are already using a TikTok account and want to switch to a Business Account then skip the above steps.
  • Now go to your Profile and Tap on Three Lines in the Top right corner.
  • After that Click Setting and Privacy and Now click on Switch to Business Account.
  • Follow the instructions and keep clicking Next.
  • The next step after this is to choose the category of your business.
  • After choosing the category Now add your authentic business Email Address and follow the last command to create your Business Account.

Now Your Business Account on TikTok is all set to use. Share Content related to your business and draw more attention of the audience towards your business. This is because a Business Account is a public account and everybody can see your videos now.

Steps To Creat TikTok Account on PC:

If you like to manage your business on your Desktop and computer and want to run your TikTok Business account on PC then you can perform all these tasks on PC too. Although it is a mobile phone application, however, you can still easily manage your TikTok account on a PC. In case, you are wondering how you can achieve this goal then follow the steps below.

  • Go to your browser and Search TikTok on your computer.
  • After that, if you already have an account then Click on Log in.

In case, you are new then Click on Sign Up to Start the process.

  • If you are Logging in to your already existing account use any of the three methods that are Use QR code, Phone/Email/Username, or Continue with Facebook.
  • But in case of Sign Up, Create your new account with the help of Phone/Email, or continue with Facebook or Google.
  • If you choose phone/Email then Add your birthday just like mobile phone devices and add Email or Phone Number and Enter a 6-digit Verification code.
  • After that complete your Profile by adding your Profile picture, Name, Username, and other required information.
  • Now your Profile is ready to be switched on Business Profile. Click on your Profile picture at the top right corner.
  • After that Click on Settings and Look Business Account in the Left column.
  • Now Click on Business Account and Turn it on the Right Column.
  • Read the instructions and Select the specific category of your business below.
  • Now Click on Become a Business and you will see confirmation that you are a Business account now.
  • Just Click on Done and your New TikTok Business account is all set to use for sharing content.

Note: Managing TikTok on PC is quite different from mobile devices. So, it is better to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

Create And Grow Tiktok Business Account Through Tiktok Ad Manager:

It is obvious that without proper advertisement it is very difficult to grow any business on any social media platform. So, if you are interested in running proper ad campaigns related to your business account in TikTok then here is the solution for you. Just Follow the instructions below and it will help you to Grow your Business Account through Ad campaigns.

  • Just go to your device mobile or PC and search TikTok ad manager.
  • After that open the link and Click on Get Started.
  • Now start adding your account details like Email and Password, if you already have an account.
  • If you are new then Sign Up by fulfilling the necessary details as mentioned above.
  • Now start adding your Business Details such as Country, Industry, Business name, Time zone, Phone Currency, etc.
  • Now Click Register and your account for running ads is almost ready to use.
  • The next step is to Go to Account Settings and Click on Account Info by clicking Account in the Top Right corner.
  • After that enter detailed information about your Business such as your Company‚Äôs Profile Link and much more.
  • Just Finish all the required information and your new TikTok Account is ready to use for running ads.


TikTok encourages its users to build their businesses through business accounts as the content related to business that they wish to share can be conveyed easily to the target audience with just a click of a button. But the process of creating a TikTok account on different devices is not that simple. To enjoy this journey, one should know all the necessary details from the beginning.

However, if you are a beginner then the above description is very important for you because it will support you in setting up your Business account without hassle. In addition, you can also get specific information on Business Accounts management through TikTok with the help of an Ads manager. After this article hopefully, you will get full information related to the creation of a TikTok Business Account on various devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Possible To Have A Business Account On TikTok?

Of course, You can create a Business Account on TikTok. Read the above description carefully to get full guidance in detail. The steps below are listed for quick creation of your business account following the respective guidelines for a given device.

Am I Able To Convert The Business Account Back Into A Personal Account?

  • Yes. It is possible to turn a Business into a Personal account. To do this, go to your profile.
  • Now click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Click Manage Account.
  • Click on Switch to Personal account now.

You can thus reverse your Business Account to a Personal Account by adopting the following simple procedures.

The Question Is: Are There Any Legal Documents That Tiktok Requires To Run The Business Account?

No, TikTok does not require legal documents to operate a business account. However, it could require you to provide some papers like the Business license if you want to run your advertisement campaign.

Can Business Account Reduce The Total Number Of Views On TikTok?

No, the average views are not affected by a Business Account. This is because views are mostly determined by the quality of content you create.

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