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DENEVY Review 2024: Is DENEVY A Good IT Company?

DENEVY Review 2023:

Are you in search of potential solutions and services to help our business win the race?

Do you want to break all the records of existing quality and make your services indomitable?

Well, this is the last time you need to worry since you are at the right platform!

Let us introduce you to one of the acclaimed, leading, and profitable IT companies that have outgrown over the last years. DENEVY was founded in 2014; it has emerged as one of the best companies that became a significant software integration project.

Let’s get into all the details of their services individually to help you know why DENEVY is the only best option for you.




1- Software Development:

Software development is an extensive process that includes conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing, support, and maintenance. It allows you to design each detail according to your preferences and target audience. DENEVY keeps in mind each aspect before creating the final product. You need to be transparent and deliver your requirements precisely.

Considering the evolving and ever-growing public requirements, it is essential to note that you captivate their attention in one way or another, and DENEVY can make this happen very nicely.

DENEVY focuses on Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to deliver code changes frequently and precisely.

They create for your various Mobile Applications, Web Portals, Databases, and other Back-End systems.

If you are keenly searching for yourself, head over to their website without delay, and contact them to deliver your queries and requirements.

2- Cloud Solutions:

The impact of cloud is undeniable: from instant access to infinite IT resources and new application architectures to redefined IT operations and the acceleration of digital transformation. The cloud solutions stand on a global partnership with major cloud platforms and providers. Comfortable administration and development in cloud with the global impact made this way of solution delivery accessible to all who need to think out of the box.

The cloud solutions provided by Denevy are based on three basic cloud types:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud 

Public Cloud

Public clouds are the most common way of deploying cloud computing. The cloud resources (like servers and storage) are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service provider and delivered over the Internet. The main advantages are as follows: Lower costs, no maintenance, near-unlimited scalability, and high reliability.

Private Cloud

A private cloud consists of computing resources used exclusively by one business or organization. The services and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to every company. The main advantages are as follows: More flexibility, improved security, and high scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds combine on-premises infrastructure, or private clouds, with public clouds so organizations can reap the advantages of both. In a hybrid cloud, data and applications can move between private and public clouds for greater flexibility and more deployment options. The main advantages are as follows: Better control, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease.

3- Software Tools:

Software tools are the prerequisites for developers to manage various applications or programs. As in daily routine life, we require ingredients to create a full-fledged recipe; similarly, software tools are needed to develop software.

That software is bound and expected to meet the customers’ needs and preferences.

DENEVY has a complete set of tools to perform various tasks like software testing, project management, and issue ticketing.

1- JunoOne:

JunoOne by DENEVY is one of the high-performing tools used for several purposes, including Project Management, Test Management, and Issue Tracking.

It gives you practical tools for test and incident management and so much more. All of the features, pricing plans, and even video tutorials for JunoOne can be assessed through DENEVY’s website.

JunoOne Features:

2- Ticketee:

Ticketee is a customer support program ready to help you with all the relevant problems you may have. All you need to do is enter your concerned question in the form of a complete description, and the professionals with solutions will contact you.

Ticketee Features:


3- Timeee:

Timeee is one of the practical tools which help you to track time spent on an individual project. It allows you to manage various work activities. It also helps you to structure the type and content of work.

Timeee features:

4- Testing As A Services:

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing activities are outsourced to a third party, i.e., outside the organization. The organization’s employees are not involved, and it is done by one of the service providers, who, in this case, is no one but DENEVY.

Specialties that are a core of DENEVY in this regard include:

  • Simulation of real-world testing environments
  • Finding bugs in the software product.

Why is there a use for TaaS?

Testing things before using them is a widespread practice. Apart from the technological aspect, let us consider a basic everyday life example. Whenever we are looking for a clothing item, we try it before purchasing to see if it deems fit to our size. We check all the item details we ensure that it is parallel to our fashion sense and likeliness etc. The same is the case with this method.

TaaS can be used by several companies that are incapable or not well trained in carrying out internal testing. It is not wrong for any company to approach a third party to perform this testing for them. It is a more reliable and transparent approach that poses nothing but only benefits.

Through TaaS, you are not only saving cost for the whole process but also time. In addition to this, it prevents the influence of in-house developers on the final testing results.

There are hundreds of companies who would act as service providers, but very few of them understand the process’s technicality and seriousness.

With DENEVY, you will have an unforgettable professional experience that caters to this task through full responsibility and reliability. The professionals have complete knowledge of TaaS tools and techniques.

If you are one of those searching for the best platforms to offer you with the TaaS outsourcing model, then DENEVY is the perfect place for you in terms of quality, effectiveness, transparency, and perfection.

5- DevOps:

Whenever you develop a particular organization or establish a business, there comes a great responsibility towards you to fulfill your customers’ needs. It is one of the prime factors that adds value and credibility to your business. With an increase in competition, it is high time that organizations opt for tools and methods that differentiates them from others on many levels.

One such feature is DevOps. In simple terms, it is a blend of various tools and features that are responsible for increasing an organizations’ mobility by delivering the applications or even services at a faster rate.

As mentioned by the company itself:

“Development and Operations is implementing the whole software delivery ecosystem into one automatized flow with principles based on effortless software deployment into the target environment.”

Benefits of DevOps:

DENEVY understands the growing demands of software industries by every passing day and has facilitated its users with enhanced operational efficiencies.

Efficient are those who adapt to sudden market changes rapidly and deliver the best for its customers. With DENEVY, you get to experience all such incentives. Their DevOps model enables you to automate your product or software release with new features and excellent quality. You can also respond to growing consumer needs more effectively and create a positive experience for your end-users.

Every single activity related to DevOps is catered by the DENEVY team, which includes Planning, Coding, Building, Testing, Deploying, Monitoring, and Operations. Join hands with DENEVY professionals as they will leave you in awe with their open source technologies, which are not a specialty of many in the software industry.

6- RoboticProcess Automation (RPA):

RPA is one of the technologies allowing computer software configuration. It enables to regulate the daily tasks that are to be performed by human employees, thus integrating human actions that interact with digital systems for the execution of business processes.

Using RPA robots is the best way to reduce and save you time and money by not repeating similar actions time and again. Their working principle is that data is captured from the user interface, followed by manipulating actions otherwise done by humans. The information is then interpreted, and responses are pushed to other systems to cater to the routine tasks.

In addition to being time and cost-effective, RPA technology is high profile and never leads to any errors or anomalies. Whereas on the other hand, human tasks that are performed manually can be exhausting and to numerous chances of mistakes. As mentioned by the DENEVY itself, you can save more than 75% FTE workforce in repetitive routine task execution with RPA bots.

Some of the value frameworks that are used by DENEVY for automation purposes include:

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • UltimateRPA
  • JunoRPA

7- Security:

While working on computer-based platforms, you should never compromise on security. To mitigate and manage security breach issues, there is a detailed process of Security automation. It contains security actions through machines and detects incoming threats or bugs to be catered to on time.

One such example of Security Automation is Network Security Automation. With an increase in cyber threats, it has become essential to automate all these security features to prevent adverse effects. As mentioned above, it uses machine intelligence instead of the human workforce in a computer network environment.

Every other thing in today’s world has been automated and reduced the manual workforce to increase efficiency and save time. The same is the case with security management. Though the process has been automated, the SecOps Experts should be vigilant enough to detect errors and vulnerability in the program and decide the responses accordingly.

Moreover, there are several products mentioned by DENEVY that can solve all these problems, which are as follows:



DENEVY has been an award-winning company throughout the beginning and recognized by various platforms for its excellence in performance and quality. Through its design, testing, and development, it has won multiple companies’ hearts in the industry. It has significant companies as its clients and partners worldwide, such as Equa bank, Principal, Erwin, OnlyOffice, DATALAN quality instruments, and many more. We recommend you to test DENEVY for once and be amazed by the extraordinary performance of its team.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • Telephone: +420774494633

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