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Adsterra- What is it?

Adsterra is a very popular and well-reputed advertising and a CPA network that has been working for years. And still is one of the most prioritized ad networks people choose to work with. It, being an advertising network, works as a point on contact between them. The publishers i.e. the people who sell traffic and the advertisers i.e. the people who buy traffic, both contact this ad network to get their work done. This ad network works as a middle man between these two parties. This network has been serving about 30 billion impressions per month now. The reviews of its customers are also on its side always.

Since 2013, this advertising network has been profiting both the publishers and the advertisers in their respective fields. The publishers have sold a lot of traffic through this platform to the advertisers and have been making a decent amount of money through it where as the advertisers have been buying the traffic and growing their businesses exponentially.

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Advertising formats

Adsterra has a broad range of ad formats: Popunders, Banners, Native Banners, Vast (video), Social Bar, In-Page Push, Direct Link. How they work, you can check out here. The ad network partners with both beginners and professionals. There are no restrictions on your website’s traffic volume, but traffic quality matters a lot. 

Why choose Adsterra? 

There is no restriction for anyone to use this advertising network until you are professional and serious about your work. They have no restriction on your website’s traffic volume being a publisher but the traffic should be of good quality and that can only be done if your content is of good quality. And as for advertisers, anyone who wants to have a good reliable network to trust and work with is welcome to come and work with them.

A question that arises in everyone’s mind while reading about advertisement networks is why to choose them and not the other available options? What are the pros and cons of those networks and how can they trust them? These are some questions everyone has until they start working with a network. With all this confusion you need to choose a platform that has proven its work to its customers and has high quality features to offer to you. Adsterra has been working in this field for so long now and the experience has reached the top now. Some if the features that are provided by this ad network that makes it stand out among others are:

  • It offers a three-level anti-malware security system.
  • It has a highly responsive and friendly customer support team.
  • It has 13K advertisers running a number of campaigns for them all over the world.
  • It has smart AI-based optimization tools to check the traffic you are getting.
  • Being a publisher, you can choose the most profitable offers among a number of them to monetize your websites.
  • It offers transparent statistics

Benefits For Publishers?

If you are a publisher and own a website that is ready to be monetized, consider this platform to do so as it has some features very less have out there. The features include:

  • A very fast and easy start with 1-minute moderation.
  • Payouts are done twice a week and are automated.
  • A 5% referral program for a lifetime.
  • Highly competitive CPM rates.
  • Unwanted advertisements can be filtered.
  • An anti-Adblock feature that can increase your revenue by 35%.
  • A 24/7 live chat support.
  • Personal managers for you to manage everything you need them to.
  • A number of payout methods make it accessible worldwide. These include PayPal, Bitcoin, Tether, WebMoney, Wire, Paxum, etc.

How to Increase your income with Adsterra?

Adsterra, being working in this field for years, keeps thinking about making the life of its customers easier. And so this time it has launched a gift for everyone who is willing to grow their website traffic and as a result earn more income from it. They have made an exclusive ‘SEO and Traffic Growth Course’ for you. And the best part is that it is totally free. Being a publisher, growing your traffic more and more is a dream come true. You eagerly wait for more people to reach your website. This course has been launched for all people like you, and the company would love to see you all making a profit from it.

SEO and Traffic Growth Course:

The course is made for you and along with this course Adsterra offers some other features for your help which include: Free SEO checklist for the traffic growth on your website, content creation, web page optimization. These features along with the newly launched course can change the ways you are doing wrong and do not know about.

How will you do the course?

For all the people interested in this course, you will have to register your email and then you will receive about 8 emails with all the information that you need. These emails will have all the important tips and tricks that you need to learn being a publisher to make your website grow in a better way. The tips you will be getting are regarding:

  • Organically growing your website traffic.
  • Creating engaging content for your viewers.
  • Making friends with Google.
  • Getting ready to make more and more through these tips.

Everyone have dreams but very few know how to achieve them. And if you are a publisher, having a grown website with good reviews and quality content is something you must have always dreamt of. Keeping in mind all of this, Adsterra has been thinking to bring a positive change to your hustler life and this was one of their ways of doing it. We hope that you appreciate it and use a free access course like this to its fullest.

What kind of traffic does Adsterra accept?

Adsterra works with all kinds of legal traffic (see more in Adsterra’s Policy): desktop, mobile, social networks, messengers, and mobile apps. It also can be a blog on wordpress, blogpost, etc.

If you are interested in being successful with your website, join the course by clicking the following link.

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