Reliable Tactics To Discover New Backlink Opportunities in 2023

Discover New Backlink Opportunities

A decent backlink profile is perhaps the first thing you need to get your business website ranking on the search engines. There is much that quality backlinks can do for your site- from making it visible on search results to earning Google’s trust, boosting authority and driving traffic. Overall, it can help you build a reputation for your business and maintain it over time. Needless to say, building quality backlinks is essential to keep your SEO strategy performing successfully. But that is not where you should stop. Discovering new backlink opportunities is, in fact, the key to staying ahead in the race.

Even if you have a good link profile, you should still continue to make efforts for discovering new backlink opportunities and creating ones that make a difference. Apart from the fact that they are a vital element of search algorithms, consistency in backlink building matters because your competitors aren’t probably slowing down at any point in time. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities out there as niche-leading, authoritative sources are always looking for the great content they can link with. So it surely makes sense to go the extra mile for capitalizing on such opportunities to achieve your growth targets. Here are some reliable tactics you can embrace for discovering them.

Leverage your current success

Even before you start looking further to find out new backlink opportunities, you need to assess your current position first. Also, you need to determine what exactly has helped you reach here. What does your current link profile look like? What types of websites have linked to your content in the past? To start with, you need to monitor the existing backlinks to understand the structure of your profile. 

Pay special attention to the best ones. Assess them on the basis of metrics such as domain authority, trust flow, citation flow, and spam score. Next, find out the sites that are linking to you and the content that is earning the maximum backlinks for you. Everything that you have currently can be helpful in finding more opportunities in the future as well.

Ace your guest posting game

Guest posting is perhaps the most reliable tactic that opens the best backlink opportunity for any website. Not only does it get you quality links but it also unlocks the branding potential for your business. By putting up a post on an authoritative and niche-relevant blog, you get a link that can propel your website and give you exposure to a huge set of qualified audiences. 

Moreover, guest posts typically have quality content that serves true value to the audience. In this context too, this link can be valuable because Google prioritizes any piece of content that is informative and targeted to deliver value to the users. Focus on creating evergreen content that the audience will search and access year after year. This approach is ideal because this makes the link sustainable. 

Steal your competitors’ backlinks

Once you know everything about your current standing, it is time to see where your competitors are. This is important because you cannot afford to stay behind in the competitive landscape. Knowing the tactics that your rivals are leveraging to get better results can help you create a benchmark for realigning your strategy. 

Start with a thorough competitive analysis first. According to SEO experts from SEO Jet (, you need a competitor analysis report that lets you see how your backlink profile looks in comparison to the top ten websites. Further, a thorough look at the types of sites they are linking with and the content they are publishing will take you a step ahead. Once you have this information, you can go ahead and connect with these sites. The idea is to offer them better content for convincing them to give you a backlink in return. 

Capitalize on unlinked brand mentions

It is a smart approach to reclaim unlinked brand mentions because these are easy links to earn yet have high value from the SEO perspective. There are times when other websites mention your brand but fail to link to your website. They probably do it because they have something good to say about your business. Conversely, they don’t have any wrong intentions when it comes to not linking with you. 

They will happily link back to you if you request them to make the mention clickable. Doing so is as easy as hunting down such unlinked mentions (manually or with a tool) and reaching out to the publisher requesting them for a link. Just a little work and you have a great opportunity for securing some quality backlinks for your site!

Stay on top of the trends

Another effective tactic to unearth the best backlink opportunities is by staying on top of the trends. Since the markets are dynamic and trends come and go more quickly than you expect, keeping pace with them is vital. If you are the first to cover a trending topic with a content piece, the chances of fetching a quality backlink for it are high. 

But this can be tougher than you expect. Your competitors will try to beat you in the race. However, the opportunity here is big because websites are desperate to link with anything that is trending. The audience too is willing to share and link with such pieces, which means that it can be a great link opportunity. Also, Google is likely to propel your content piece if it caters to unique information to the readers. 

Now that you know more about leveraging these amazing backlink opportunities, you are a few steps closer to building a strong profile for your website. The work it involves may be daunting and require tireless efforts and consistency. But it is totally worthwhile because these tactics can help you sustain your ranking and consolidate your reputation in the long run. Remember that link building is not a one time job but a consistent process that you need to do all through the life span of your business. So march ahead and don’t slow down as you discover the best opportunities out there! 

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