EasyTranslate Review (2024): The Best Translation Management Software

EasyTranslate Review 2024:

EasyTranslate – The Best Translation Management Software:

A translator doing his work alone in some room can be quite isolating. This is especially true when working on a small piece of a project without having any information about the bigger spectrum. In most cases, they are neglected from the finished project; this demotivates them and their productivity and workflow.

These problems can be solved by bringing a translation platform into the scene, forming a positive collaborative bond with your translators and your enterprise. It helps you alleviate their burden by a lot which gives them more room to breathe and improves their efficiency even more. A good translation management platform can act as your partner and save your back in times of need.

So, if you are looking for software that provides all the necessary solutions required for creating a top-notch translation of your projects, well, look no further because we are just about to discuss one in particular which we think might be the best pick for your projects.


EasyTranslate is an online translation management platform that provides more than just regular translations. It completely understands all the intricacies that are related to translation. They assist you in building your core foundation from scratch to achieve communication across the globe without any difficulties.

EasyTranslate Home

It provides its users with many benefits such as translator matchmaking, EasyTranslate Academy, Custom Translation Flows, Machine Learning, and much more. It allows them to create the best translations by utilizing the best tools in hand with utmost efficiency. Additionally, it also contains a lot of plugins which make the process of connecting with other systems seamless. These plugins include   Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, Magento, EPiServer, Shopware, etc.

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The Solutions of EasyTranslate:

EasyTranslate provides many solutions to its users, which we are about to discuss below in detail, along with their features and pricing.

1- Language Services:

This particular solution acts as the core foundation of your translation process and makes it more seamless and efficient. They take care of all of your projects and make sure that there are no issues with any customer service. All the steps of the process are completely centralized inside their platform, and you are given complete access to all of their features so that you can communicate and deliver your content across the globe consistently.

Key Features of Language Services:

  • Translation Process: It quickens the speed of your translations by offering seamless automatic and on-point communication between your translation team, besides this you also have the ability to use integrations with your finished products.
  • Your Personalized Team: Pick each team member individually without any external interference. Once you are done picking your team, you can get them on board and start your work right away. The application of AI into your translations team gives them suggestions that can help them out in making the translations of your projects efficient and fast.
  • Customizable Platform: It provides you a platform that can be completely personalized according to the needs of your organization. This helps you keep your organizational structure intact during the translation process. You can customize the user and account structure to ensure that everything is following your internal structure.
  • Automatic Translation: EasyTranslate lets you have editor access so that you can make necessary changes to the translation memory directly. All the changes are then memorized for any future projects and help your team understand all of your linguistic preferences. This saves time for everyone that is involved with the project.

2- Translate Yourself:

Suppose you are interested in working on the translations yourself along with the platform’s translation management system. It lets you experience the procedure of going from in-house tools to a professional platform firsthand. It gives you all the benefits of their machine translation and editing tools, which helps you in saving time and improving the quality of your content. In a nutshell, it lets you increase your productivity by multiple times.

Key Features of Translate Yourself:

  • Machine Translation: It utilized AI technologies to automatically pre-translate all of your texts. This lets you skip all the steps, work on the tone of your voice, fix linguistic preferences, and jump straight into the review phase.
  • Translation Memory: All of your previous translations get automatically saved and stored in the database, which can be later utilized and reused upon the time of need, such as the reappearing of a text segment in the new project. Everything is in perfect sync, so you never have to go back to fix stuff.
  • Translation Flow: Giving access to the EasyTranslate platform to your in-house translators helps relieve their overall workload. By utilizing all the above-mentioned tools, your translators can skip these steps and put their focus on other major aspects of your translated texts.

3- EasyOrder:

EasyOrder is your way to go if you are looking for one of the fastest and most straightforward solutions for your translation projects. It takes care of all your needs and worries regarding your projects.

Key Features of EasyOrder:

  • Easy Fix: If you want to take a day off from the translation project, you can send your file to EasyTranslate, and they will take care of everything related to your project. They will keep track of all the things regarding your content, from accounting to your field of work. Everything will be kept in mind to receive the best translation that is according to your needs. After you have sent your translation, you can sit back and relax and let them do the work and notify you as soon as it is ready to be downloaded.
  • Translator Matchmaking: AI technology is always present to assist and provide you personalized solutions. Upon submitting a project, you will get matched to the top translator in your respective content and data immediately. You have to upload the file and then wait for them to figure out a list of translators that you can choose from for your project.
  • Specialization Within your Industry: All the translators at EasyTranslate understand the importance of management and knowledge of specific fields’ terminologies. This is why each of them specializes in a specific industry and wields all the important expertise required to provide you the best content possible. They are aware of all the problems of your business and have an arsenal of linguistic, cultural, and technical knowledge that can help you out greatly in reaching your goals.

EasyTranslate Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for EasyTranslate Solutions are as follows

Easy Order: The Price per word for EasyOrder is €0.10 / word and includes the following perks

  • Chat/mail support
  • Top 50 Supported language pairs
  • Minimum €30 Per task

Translate Yourself: The monthly and yearly subscription plan for Translate Yourself is €29 and €348. It includes the following perks.

  • Up to 3 language pairs
  • All languages supported
  • The monthly word limit of up to 30,000 with machine learning
  • Unlimited users
  • Translate yourself
  • Machine translation
  • Editor access
  • Plug-in
  • Chat/mail support
  • Augmented Machine Translation
  • Term bank
  • Translation memory

Enterprise: The price quote for this plan is custom, but the price per word starts from €0.05. It includes the following set of perks.

  • More than 3 language pairs
  • All languages supported
  • Unlimited (Fair Usage) with machine learning
  • Minimum €5 Per task
  • File import setting
  • EasyTranslate Academy
  • Test translation
  • Unlimited users
  • Sub-accounts
  • User permissions
  • Your team of translators
  • Machine translation
  • Editor access
  • Custom translation workflows
  • API
  • Plug-in
  • Custom Integration
  • Contact translators directly
  • Chat/mail support
  • Phone Support
  • Augmented Machine Translation
  • Term bank
  • Translation memory

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  • The pricing is pocket friendly
  • The service is fast and impeccable
  • The customer service is always present to help you out with your problems.
  • It utilizes machine learning and AI
  • It can take care of your complete project
  • The Project managers are beneficial
  • No need for going back and forth in the process
  • The project gets delivered in a matter of few days


  • Not any particular cons have been reported as of yet.


After reading the whole review, you should have a better understanding of what EasyTranslate has to offer. An all-in-one suite software taking care of all your needs related to translations can play a pivotal role in improving your success. Letting Engagebay deal with all of these tasks through automation and machine learning can help save much of your time you can utilize in other aspects of your projects. Therefore, we would strongly recommend you to get in touch with them if you are experiencing any project difficulty.

Using the information that Engagebay provides, you will make much more efficient and strategic decisions for your projects and ensure that all of your translations result in perfection. Therefore, we would recommend you to give it a shot and then see how content you are with the results. Speaking from research and experience, we are sure you will become a regular customer.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to all the products that EasyTranslate is providing. Our team wishes you the best!

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