Ad Dragon Builds The World’s First DeFi Advertising Platform

Ad Dragon Builds The World’s First DeFi Advertising Platform

Ad Dragon, which is powered by blockchain, has built the world’s first DeFi Advertising Platform. You can use their marketplace for advertising with all of the top influencers, social media platforms, and various websites. They have used a peer-to-peer approach in their marketplace, which is very favorable for the people. You can use the marketplace provided by Ad Dragon to advertise your product/services from famous influencers and media creators.

There are a lot of ad platforms currently available, but Ad Dragon is not like any of them. It is using a peer-to-peer system, which sets it apart from others. It is basically like Amazon, eBay but you don’t sell any physical items. Ad Dragon allows you to sell advertising from the top YouTubers, Influencers that can sign up on the platform. There are a total of three steps involved:

  • Browsing the Products
  • Paying for the Order
  • Waiting for Delivery

Ad Dragon Home

You will find a couple of services and advertising products in their marketplace. You should check out everything and then select the one that is best suited for you. Once you’ve found your desired products, pay the amount to complete the order.

Now comes the peer-to-peer part. As the order gets completed, you will engage in a chat with the seller. Then you can interact with them, sending files and information about the delivery of your items. This is the simple way in which you can easily buy advertising from sellers in a peer-to-peer method using Ad Dragon’s platform.

Ad Dragon is providing a different approach to the advertising platform that is why you should use it. The first and foremost reason of using Ad Dragon is that you can get Better Yields and ROI. You can have much more ROI if you stick to this platform. You might know that the latest advertising techniques, including sponsorships, podcasts, and influencing marketing, have the most yields.

To get your yield rate up, Ad Dragon gives you the opportunity to use all of the latest advertising techniques. As the content creators or influencers can sign up on this platform, you directly contact them. You can work with the owners of an advertising platform, which will be beneficial for both of you.

There is no middleman when you use the Ad Dragon platform. That is why you always have a Direct Connection with the Sellers. When you are buying something from a seller, you can get all of the relevant information from them. Advertising is a very opaque business as things aren’t always clear. You never know how your ads are showing and where they are being shown. This will always have a negative effect on a person.

With the help of Ad Dragon, things become much more transparent. As you have a direct source of contact with the seller, you can finetune the advertising down to every aspect. Ad Dragon is a very powerful tool altogether as it is providing you that wasn’t available before. Before the rise of Google, advertising was a very simple method for businesses to earn money, but now things have changed quite a lot.

Google is constantly grabbing all of the information, and their ad service is also very irritating. Most people can’t even understand their ad service, and moreover, they are very slow to load, which makes things even more frustrating. There is a little bit of harm to privacy, too, as you can’t completely trust Google. It is just not recommendable in this day and age.

Most people nowadays use ad blockers to prevent ad spam. If you want to reach those people, you will need to change your strategy. People also follow the recommendations of their trusted media influencers and content creators. Ad Dragon will help you best way to find the audience for you. This is what makes Ad Dragon the best advertising platform.

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