Edge Video Tokens – Everything You Need to Know About “$EAT”

With the progress that web 3.0 platforms are making; and the integration of a decentralized system into our everyday use of the internet, it is imperative that we try and understand this CDN (Content Delivery Network) transition and what it could potentially bring to consumers. Web3 streaming sites offer many benefits to the viewing audience, who are now considered more than mere ‘content consumers’ on a streaming site. The whole ethos of web3 is to elevate the audience’s status from viewer to part owner.

Edge Video is rapidly emerging as a market leader, offering its local currency, the Edge Video Token $EAT,, to incentivize the audience by delivering a new and improved streaming experience in partnership with exciting channels that include PokerNight Live, Euro News, and other networks each with a global viewing list featuring reality tv, music, and entertainment.

The Edge Player

What is Edge?

Edge Video is set to become the future of web3 video streaming, taking audiences from passive watching to actively earning risk-free cryptocurrency. The platform employs the use of web3 technology and a decentralized system to garner a unique experience for its users. The web3 platform prides itself in being the only site to offer features such as Watch2Earn, Tag2Earn, and Own2Earn.

EDGE Watch2Earn Platform can instantly be added to any of the 860,000 video streaming sites and apps globally to increase revenue through increased ad consumption and by sharing content. Watch2Earn is supported by the EDGE Web3 Video Network, the most advanced, decentralized network of interactive live streams available in the market

Edge CEO, Joe Ward describes Edge Video’s integration into the web3 space by explaining that Edge has “upended the Web3 space by creating a modern and decentralized live video streaming platform with easy integration for CDNs.”

Ward further states that, in summary, Edge is “a video player that scales, incentivizes publishers and streamers, and notifies users when their favorite show or media personality is live — a video player powered by artificial intelligence for a curated experience.”

What is Edge

What does Edge do?

EDGE aims to revolutionize the streaming experience with Watch2Earn on the EDGE Web3 platform. The video player organizes an experience for its consumers by making use of its key features, Watch2Earn, Tag2Earn, and Own2Earn, and by opening avenues for its consumers to learn, engage, and earn Edge Video Tokens, $EATs. 

About Edge Video Token

EDGE Video Token ($EAT) is the currency for the Edge Video platform, providing a win-win situation for the streaming platforms, the marketers, and viewers to solve the problem of sponsored ads. The platform incentivizes users with the $EAT (EDGE Activity Token) for watching the channel and its ads.

How does Edge Video work?

The goal for Edge is for its viewers to earn its risk-free cryptocurrency, the Edge Video Token ($EAT), which can be converted to other cryptocurrencies and then to your local currency. Edge uses a decentralized CDN system to distribute content across audience members (its viewers) by using AI to filter personalized content for each viewer.

Watch2Earn Edge Video Tokens

Watch2Earn is Edge’s main feature. Watch2Earn increases ad-supported revenue for videos by multiplying the audiences’ watch-time by paying them in $EAT (crypto), and increasing the number of viewers through channel sharing. As more viewers share the content, the value of the $EAT increases. According to Joe Ward, by using this application “viewers will be rewarded in $EATs (EDGE Video Tokens), the native currency of the platform, and they can buy FaiCE-S (Edge’s NFTs) with $EATs.”

Viewers connect their Metamask e-wallet to EdgeVideo Player or to the Edge Video streaming site called, and then depending on their engagement, they earn $EAT rewards. The Edge Video Tokens are easy to earn, viewers can monetize their own watch time by earning them and streaming content, owning NFTs, sharing videos, and tagging personalities. The purpose is for the platform to act as a converging point for web3 technology, by empowering the audience via stamping their own watch time taking part in the interactive exchange offered by the platform and earning Edge Video Tokens.

Edge Video’s use of AI-enabled Tokenized facial recognition is another important feature that the platform offers. Tokenizing the personalities on screen and converting them into Edge’s NFT system called FaiCE-S is essential for Edge, as it helps the site empower the audience and creators simultaneously. FaiCE-S represent different personalities who enter the screen view and are immediately detected by the AI software. When these personalities come on screen, the viewer has a right to be paid $EATs, the Edge Video Token, after tagging them. Subsequently, the viewer can redeem them using their e-wallets. The higher the profile of the celebrity, the higher the rewards that can be collected. Viewers can also see what they are earning by viewing their wallets in real-time.


Get the most out of Edge Video Tokens

Wondering how you can get the most out of Edge Video? Here’s how:

  1. Start by connecting Edge Video Player to your computers, mobile phones, or smart TVs.
  2. Earn $EAT by watching videos
  3. Get paid up to every five minutes
  4. Skip paywalls and login fees
  5. Get an idea of your balance using Edge Video’s live ticker overlay
  6. Get paid more using social media referrals
  7. Trade your FaiCE-S on LA Token and Uniwap

With the development of web3 and subsequent changes coming to the world of streaming, platforms like Edge Video aim to remain user-centric by empowering their audience and helping them enjoy a more personalized experience. Web3 decentralizes the network and gives its users the option to become owners of their own visual experiences, and Edge aims to promote this development by giving its users the ability to monetize their own watch time with unique features like Watch2Earn. 


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