6 Tips on Staying Safe When Torrenting (Safe Torrent Tips) In 2023

Stay Safe When Torrenting

Torrenting is normally linked with copyright intrusion. Online pirates usually use these torrents to unlawfully download video games, movies, software, music, and much more. Before Netflix banned the VPNs and its use to watch the TV shows and movies, many users resorted from torrents to pirate video.

However, now the demand for free alternates has increased since the authorities already cracked down on torrent attackers. According to the research conducted recently, it was revealed that the popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Stranger Things are an outright nourishing free for all for malware.

Programmers wanting to taint individuals’ machines mask malware, spyware, trojans – and other malicious projects – as profoundly desirable torrents. We found that torrents of  Game of Thrones were the most tainted, with 30,000 contaminated torrents found by Kaspersky Labs. So now the question is, how would you explore torrent destinations securely?

Safe Torrent Tips in 2021:

Below are the tips to help you choose trustworthy torrent sites in 2021 and 2022.

The Right Seed:

The simplest way to ensure that what you download is exactly what you actually desire i.e. to look for torrents that are really popular. If a torrent has plenty of seeders, it is considered to be the authentic article. You can check the authenticity through the comments and reviews.

Going through the comments will give you a proper idea, as people only commend a torrent that is worth their time. If there is a continuous warning from peers that a torrent is dangerous or contains malware, then an individual should avoid it immediately.

Join a private Torrent community:

Today, there are numerous popular torrenting communities for users’ guidance. However, it is not an easy task to get an invite since a lot of people follow one-in-one-out. But once you manage to get into such a community which is private for example, IP Torrents, Zeronet, Pass the Popcorn or Demonoid. With these communities, you’ll be able to trust the torrents.

In order to join a private torrenting company, you have to be active on Reddit, so that you are able to find people with a similar mind, who is a part of the community you wish to join. Be friends with these people so that you are close enough to then and you get an invitation.

Use a VPN:

It is crucial to cover your tracks as soon as you find legitimate torrents. This is because it is illegal to download content via P2P if it is copyrighted. Moreover, people with P2P traffic are monitored closely by ISPs and if you are found downloading something illegal, you could be cut off from the internet or could be fined as well.

Hence, a VPN provides you with digital privacy which enables you to BitTorrent without anyone finding out. But make sure that all these VPNs must be torrent-friendly like Surfshark and for this, it is advisable to follow a proper VPN service guide. Here you can also check VPN Affiliate Programs that you can use to earn extra money by promoting VPN Services.

Download the Torrent To a Sandboxed Environment:

Downloading torrent files that you are interested in through a sandbox or Virtual Machine, will help you to prevent them from harming in case if they contain any virus. You can easily download the torrent on your VM and to scan the file you can use VirusTotal. The purpose of this VirusTotal is to ensure that the file is clean and good enough to proceed towards the real machine.

Avoid Certain File Types:

There are some specific files prone to viruses so you should avoid them. Executable files are the ones you should watch out for. The most popular executable files that should be avoided when downloading videos from Torrent are:

  • .exe
  • .bat

Install a Good Antivirus:

An updated version of the antivirus program which is able to scan the downloading files in real-time can immediately alert you if there is a problem. Moreover, a popular anti-malware and antivirus program like Malwarebyte will protect you from downloading malicious software without any extra efforts.

These tips will help you in using torrent effectively without any fear of viruses, and other problems.

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