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Evadav Review 2024: Why This is # 1 Push Notification Ad Network?

Evadav Review 2024:

If you are in search of an efficient cutting edge tool to monetize your website, then you have the best option in the form of Evadav you couldn’t find a reliable tool more than this for your website, a solution to all your worries.

Evadav is the best Push Notification Ad Networks, through which you can monetize your website in a better way by using a new method. Push notifications appear on your screen in the form of small pop-ups that is mainly a media message or a text message the same to an SMS, send to your mobile or computer through the third party applications who have elected to receive them.

It is also one of the best Ad Network for Small Publishers who want to increase revenue with the fastest-growing Push Notifiocan Ad Network.

Evadav Detailed Review:

Evadav Home

Evadav is a client-oriented advertising network, offering cutting-edge solutions to the advertisers and publishers on a single platform. It has taken push advertising to the next level.

It has the power to give about 50000000 impressions daily, having 2000 publishers, 300 advertisers, and round about 10,000 campaigns. Evadav is one of the best Companies having a good reputation and vast experience of advertising and marketing products.

They have an advanced algorithm that shows only compelling and relevant ads to the customers, which results in high conversion rates and more income stream without efforts. It Contains specific features like:

  • a simple registration
  • approval process
  • on-time payments
  • fast payments
  • self-service platform
  • quality based ads
  • statistical reporting
  • hybrid account
  • a sponsorship program
  • user-friendly platform

It allows easy filing and approval to the publishers and advertisers, you can log in to account easily to create new ad units and you are not supposed to keep two accounts as it facilitates you with the hybrid account so you can access multiple tasks by using one account.

In this article, I am going to discuss Evadav, a push notification ad network that how it is going to promote your income and business on a global level.

How Does Evadav Work?  

Evadav allows the publishers to monetize their website or Landing page through advertising by push notifications. Thus you can earn the right amount of money as a customer click over the notification ad. It is straightforward to use; you have to follow specific steps to get the best progress.

Step #1: Create an account:

It provides a simple registration form to the publishers that guide them on how to create an account in an effective way that will boost up your earnings.

Create Account

Step #2: Make a Setup:

The next step is to make a setup; it guides you in a detailed idea about setting up your account. It has a detailed video tutorial for the convenience of publishers that tells them how to get and install the code.

If you stuck somewhere in the process, so you can seek help from their support team that is available all the time to solve the issues of their affiliates. You can also add funds to your account to run your ads efficiently and successfully across the websites.

Final Step: Make Money:

This step allows you to select a conversion tool that is very helpful in terms of getting traffic to your website, after the setup you are asked to put the code to the site and select the payment method of your own choice to start receiving the payments from the customers.

Why should we Prefer to choose Evadav?


When a person downloads any mobile app on the smartphone or computer, then a pop-up appears on your screen that either you choose or deny. This pop-up requests to you to permit them so they can send alerts and notifications directly to your phone or device screen.

It is very convenient for the marketers or business people to value the customers by sending them discount offers, coupons, updates, notification about launching a new product, and sensitive incentives to engage the users again with your application who have vanished from the screen because of their busy routine or some other activities.

It has specific features that prove it best among other ad networks that lead you to the way of success by increasing traffic and revenue on your website.

How can Evadav benefit you more than other ad networks?

Evadav has the power to connect you with the global advertising industry; this is a comprehensive platform that links you with the top advertisers of the world.

It doesn’t matter whether the visitor has visited your website or confronted it accidentally once they have subscribed to the push notification-ad networks or the push-message system on your website, they will stay connected to your website and you will income instantly.

Pros of Evadav:

There are some pros of using Evaadav, Here is the list of some of the top Pros of Evadav that you should know before joining this Ad Network.

Highest Conversion Rates: It helps the associates to get high conversion rates by converting visitors into customers. They target the real people, thus saves your time instead of interacting with fake people. It focuses on relevant advertising based on internal analyzing tools to give you optimal results.

Provides Geo traffic: Evadav accepts all GEO traffic, the advertisers using Evadav provides exciting advertising campaigns and deals for every country. So it includes traffic from all over the world to your website so you can get suitable deals with them.

Safe for the Publishers: It is very safe for the publishers and advertisers as the advertising messages come from their domain, having a limited period and are not associated with the publisher´s site. It offers 1005 security to the publishers, so you can make a start with it without taking any stress regarding insecurity.

Raise your earnings: It allows the publishers highly efficient and effective eaning tools that help them to increase the traffic and generate high income by promoting your website as soon as possible.

Offers Weekly Payments: Unlike other networks, it makes the payment on time in the form of weekly payments. Whenever you reach your minimum payment limit, it will pay you your weekly amount without any delay whereas in other networks you have to wait long even 2 or 3 months for the payment.

Provides statistical reports: It facilitates the publishers and advertisers by giving them detailed statistical reports so you can keep a check on the performance of your website like total clicks, earnings, feedback or audience, etc. It enables the publishers to thoroughly analyze the traffic on the site and make the necessary changes to improve the performance for getting more profits.

Minimum Payment: Evadav has a payoff of $25, which is a minimum limit and easily achievable for the publishers that leads them towards more earnings in a short time. Evadav´s this specification differs it from other push notification-ad networks.

Working Models: It supports specific operating models like CPM, CPA, and Revshare.

How Evadav works for Publishers?

Publishers feel lucky to work with the Evadav as they consider it the best and modern method to Monetize the traffic on their website. It helps the publishers in fast integration, highest CPM rates, push notifications, and other features to attract the number of audiences towards the site to promote your sales.

Along with this, you can earn more revenue with little effort that is a fantastic platform to join and work if your audience is likely to object. They also ranked in the top 3 in best CPC Ad Network for publishers.

Joining requirements for the publisher:

Currently, it doesn’t have any requirements for joining. You can join it when your website starts receiving 100 visitors daily, or up to 1 000 000. Then, you can register yourself with Evadav and can use their system. There are some requirements that a publisher must fulfill to join the Evadav.

  • Publishers Must have Good Quality traffic to join Evadav Ad Network.
  • 1 Publisher Can create 1 Account. Publishers are not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  • Publishers are not allowed to click on their own, ads to earn money.
  • Publishers must not use Auto refreshing tools, traffic exchange sites, or auto bots to Increase their traffic and generate money.
  • A publisher must acknowledge that his website complies with the law.
  • They shouldn’t disturb the privacy of a third party, their rights, and must not harm the rights of intellectual property.

Advantages of Evadav for publishers:


It gives a lot of benefits to the publishers like;

  • Easy and prompt registration
  • accepts only verified advertisers
  • Personal account manager available all the time 24/7 to support the publishers
  • Agrees with all verticles and Geos worldwide
  • possesses several landing pages to choose from, according to the traffic on your website
  • have integration with several tracker tools like Keitaro, Binom, Peerclick, and BeMob
  • Referral program 5%
  • Minimum payout up to $25

Evadav for Advertisers:

As an advertiser, it’s elementary to start your earnings with the help of Evadav. You can make your ad more alluring, attractive, and active with this specific push notifications-ad network and can generate more revenue with these ads quickly.

It is the best opportunity for advertisers to get high conversion rates, 100% brand security, as well as complete campaign orientation.

It is giving the best conversion rates in the market that´s why advertisers prefer it more than the other ad networks.

Evadav is an anti-fraud system that allows you to monitor the performance of your website and analyze the traffic in a better way to produce the best results.

What does it offer to Advertisers?

  • It offers global reach to the advertisers as they have inventory in 250GEOs
  • Allows 10GB to Push notification-ads monthly
  • The advertisers highly trust it as it provides more than 10,000 active campaigns every day
  • It has more than 60 Million Active subscribers

Advantages of Evadav for Advertisers:

Evadav Benefits

It gives the following benefits to the advertisers being an associate of Evadav:

  • It provides 100% brand security to the advertisers
  • They have an anti-fraud system provides only a targeted audience or real users and a live audience for your campaigns. That means you will get only real traffic, no fake or bot traffic.
  • It gives you san easy access to the premium publishers and targeted those audiences that match your offers best
  • Easy moderation
  • All vertical and GEOs worldwide
  • All types of niches are available, so the adults can also access easily (FMCG, gaming, gambling, and e-commerce)
  • provides more than 50M push ads to deliver daily
  • Ensure high ROIs for advertisers
  • Highest CR/CTR
  • Personal account managers available 24/7
  • Supports all geographical locations
  • The minimum monthly budget required for an advertiser to join this network is USD 10
  • Payments can be received via PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, and Wire

Payment Methods:

Evadav makes the payment on time; you must have a minimum deposit of USD 25 for payment to be processed. Once you hit the threshold, you will start receiving payment instantly. The Good thing about this Ad Network is they are paying weekly Payments.

All payments are made on Net 7 days usually all payments are released on Monday. There are also some Ad Networks that are paying Daily. You can find more CPA Networks That Pay Daily here.

It uses PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, e-Payments, Webmoney, and SWIFT ($500) as a payment method.

Evadav Payment Proofs:

When it comes to making money online from the website then the first thing that comes to our mind, Is this Network is paying on time or not? If you are working with Evadav you will get payments on time. They are always paying on time. Here are some Evadav Payment Proofs.

Evadav Payment Proofs

Share Revenue:

Evadav provides a handsome ratio of revenue share that is 70% to the publishers, which means publishers will be earning 70% of what the advertiser is investing in the Evadav platform.

Evadav Referral Program:

Evadav Referral Program

They also offer a Referral Program to earn more money by investing or referring more peoples to Evadav. They are offering you 5% of the income generated by your referred publishers. All you have to do is Join Evadav Referral Program and start earning commissions and bonuses from Evadav.

They also offer extra bonuses for their top Affiliates who are sending more than 100000 referrals to their websites.

This referred revenue is for a lifetime, which means you can keep growing revenue by referring or recommending people to an Evadav network.

Do I Recommend Evadav Ad Network?


Yes, I do Recommend Evadav Because it is one of the best Push Notification Ad Network for publishers and advertisers as well. In this article, you have reviewed Evadav that how you can monetize your website in a better way through a reliable push notification ad network.

In this Evadav Review, we explained everything you need to know about Evadav. If you are looking for the best Push notification ad network to join in 2023 or 2024 then Evdav is one of the best choices for you.

Now, you can make your ads more attractive to increase traffic and revenue without making efforts. I highly recommend this network to you if you want to promote your website in a short time at a high level so, this is an excellent opportunity for you that you shouldn’t miss. Avail the opportunity and move on to generate the best results. provides trusted and honest Ad Networks Reviews to help Publishers and Advertisers to find a good network for their website or business. Read Networks Reviews before you making a decision to start a business with that Ad Network.

If you are already using Evadav, then leave a comment below and share your experiences with Evadav. 

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.


  1. I have been working for about more than a year and Evadav, and they are in terms of the conditions provided and the truth is now one of the best. It suits me completely that they provided me with all the necessary tools for work. I think that the effectiveness in general will only only increase, and I will work on it.

  2. Evadav now is an excellent office. I tried to work with different companies in this industry, but this is one of the best options. Traffic here is the highest quality, and importantly – they can give almost any amount of traffic. For me, this aspect was extremely important, because this allows you to work more effectively.

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