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EventTitans Review (2024): The Best Event Management Software

EventTitans Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best event management software in the market? We have EventTitans as the top-notch event management software. It is a true all-in-one Hybrid platform with multiple capabilities included, but not limited to handle event ticketing and registrations with customizations, self-onboarding registration automation process, onsite badge printing, self or monitored check-in app, native video chat, webinars or meetings or streaming using Zoom embedded seamless experience, any RTMP or youtube or vimeo streaming, 3D exhibitor space with event day experiences, gamification and more 100+ customizable features.

It is a powerful software that allows you to digitize your events and explore the endless possibilities of virtual and hybrid events with their event management platform.

Why Do People Prefer EventTitans Above:

Other Options?

EventTitans is the ultimate event management software with ever-more powerful and flexible event interactions. Users do not abandon their interaction platform.

Eventtitans Home

It is the best event management platform for all of your virtual and hybrid event needs. No matter how complicated your event is, their functionalities, user-friendly event management software will help you reach the pinnacle of your event planning.


Over 2000 organizations have put their trust in the EventTitans. They are what they are because of their clients, organizers, and supporters.

Even though there are 500+ people, 75+ CEOs, 70% Senior Management, and 105+ organizations involved, they identify promising leads.

There are more than 100 coins to pick from on the first-ever event management platform that accepts cryptocurrency. Only a 0.5 percent processing fee is charged. Reduce the number of disputes or chargebacks

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Do you want your event’s guests and speakers to enjoy a seamless, engaging experience? This is possible by their event management technology, which automates time-consuming procedures.

Virtual Events

They turn your physical events into high-yielding virtual events; you will require virtual and hybrid event management software.


Plan a successful charity event using their virtual fund-raising software to reach your fund-raising goals.


Their unique bidding platform makes it simple to raise funds for your favourite social cause projects by managing auctions.

Social events

At your live, hybrid, or virtual events, engage a large audience worldwide, breaking down the geographical barriers.


Increase event attendee engagement by rewarding and incentivizing involvement, resulting in an unforgettable event experience.


The following are some of the professional services that EventTitans offers; you can evaluate them and decide how professional they are.

1- Event Website Builder:

In less than 24 hours, you may go live with a modern, appealing website. Highlight your event’s sponsors, speakers, agenda, and more.

  • No Coding Required

They let you pick your preferred template and personalize it from there.

  • Showcase Your Brand

Users can register immediately on your fully functional, branded event website.

  • Hybrid Experience

You can create a website for your hybrid event that seamlessly combines virtual and in-person activities.

2- Ticketing and Registration For Events:

  • Attendee Management

You can keep track of every person who signs up for your event and ensure that everyone is there. Increase response rates without adding to the workload.

  • Creating Leads

Learn about your attendees’ behaviour and locate valuable leads by segmenting them by ticket type. Use this data to expand your company and improve your marketing plan for future events.

3-  Event Check-in:

Register on their event platform to jumpstart your ticket sales, speed up the check-in process, and keep track of your attendance.

  • Ideal for a Variety of Sized Events

EventTitans can help you get the job done in record time, no matter how big or intricate your event is.

  • Increases Productivity

With their automated method, you can spend less time checking people in. Faster, easier check-ins mean fewer people are needed to manage a good event.

4- Session Management during the Event:

With information into attendees and performance, you can manage a basic session, a complicated conference, and everything in between.

  • Secure Access

Ensure that only individuals with the appropriate credentials or tickets can join the sessions.

  • Real-Time Feedback

Real-Time Input Incentivize people to provide feedback on subjects and speakers by rewarding them and automatically selecting winners.

5- Event Analytics Software:

Get real-time feedback on the success of your event.

  • Email Marketing

With dynamic email marketing, you can stay in touch with your attendees and increase engagement.

  • Dashboard for Events

You can see everything you need to know on a single, easy-to-read dashboard that is updated in real-time.

6- Sponsor Speaker Onboarding:

Simplify your onboarding process to save time.

  • Easy Access

All of your sponsor assets (logos, photographs, documents, and so on) can be managed in one spot.

  • Speaker Profiles

Attendees should be able to see speaker biographies and evaluations. It allows speakers to make changes to their profiles.

7- Networking & Mobile App:

Give your guests what they want: a straightforward method to meet new people and form new relationships.

  • Badges (virtual)

Attendees who show their badges via app can speed up the check-in process and save printing costs.

  • Users Should Be Rewarded

Encourage participants to fill out surveys, visit vendor booths, ask questions, and more by integrating your mobile app with their Rewards Engine.

8- Badge Printing:

With their innovative badge printing solution, you can save time and money.

  • There is no need to print ahead of time.

When attendees check-in, print badges eliminate stress and manual error.

  • Fast Check-In

Print badges only when they’re needed to speed up the check-in procedure.

9- Surveys:

EventTitans’ customizable event survey software allows you to create, send, and manage surveys.

  • Email and social media are great ways to get the word out.

More people will respond to your surveys if you email them and share them on social media.

  • Increase the number of people who respond

Encourage user participation by rewarding participants who complete surveys with prizes and other benefits.

10- Inbuilt CRM:

Utilize your event data to gain cutting-edge business insights.

  • Data Capture

Collect and store speaker, sponsor, attendee, and exhibitor information automatically. Use this information to guide you through the entire event planning process.

  • Engine of Reward

In one dashboard, you can see new leads, email marketing details, and marketing costs.

11- Rewards Engine:

Encourage audience participation and engagement by offering rewards.

  • Selection in the Style of a Casino

With dazzling graphics, you can wow the crowd while simultaneously making the selection process more transparent.

  • Titans Marketplace (EventTitans)

Allow victors to redeem their prizes in their virtual Marketplace after you’ve listed your stuff.

12- Hotel Bookings:

The event organizer or sponsor can copy and paste EventTitans’s custom code into their own/target website to display hotel bookings for events.

  • Attendee Selection

You may let attendees pick their lodging and narrow down possibilities based on ratings and amenities.

  • Deals with Sponsors

You’ll put together sponsorship packages and create personalized vouchers that specific sponsors can only redeem.

13- Event Marketing:

With their strong marketing tools, you can attract participants and increase the impact of your event.

  • Website for a Special Event

You can design your website to promote your event, sell tickets, collect leads, and show event-related information.

  • Automated Marketing

A basic trigger sends follow-up messages in bulk, collects data, and publishes event campaign actions.

14- Integrations with APIs:

Ensure that all of your systems are linked.

  • Data Protection

Their platform features the highest level of data security, ensuring that only people you trust have access to your information.

  • Personalized Integrations

Any other platforms or tools you use can be connected.

15- Digital Session Board:

Dynamic displays will keep attendees informed.

  • Template Selection

Choose your favorite design and add the content you wish to publish; no prior design or coding knowledge is required.

  • Works Offline

You don’t need an internet connection to use their digital session boards; they work fine online and offline.

16- LIVE Q&A:

Live Q&A allows you to interact with your audience in real-time.

  • Moderation

Before they go live, you may monitor the questions people ask and delete any that are unsuitable. As needed, admit or deny attendance’ access.

  • Encourage Responses

Allowing participants to ask questions anonymously will increase contributions and help them overcome their fear.

17- Live Trivia:

Create exciting tasks for your participants to participate in, and provide incentives to encourage them to do so.

  • Minutes to prepare

You only need a few minutes to design your live event trivia challenge.

  • Live Rankings

Show the results on a live board so competitors can see who they’re against.

18- Live Polls:

Take your business to the next level by engaging your audience.

  • Easy Poll Generator

It only takes a few mouse clicks to make your poll. Fill in the blanks with the questions you’d want to ask, and then submit it live.

  • Live Display

On their digital session boards, show off the results of your live polls.

19- Digital Business Cards:

Never leave home without your business card.

  • It’s Simple to Network

All you need is an email address to share your information with anyone, anywhere.

  • Create a unique business card.

You get to decide what information goes on your business card.

Make several cards for various occasions and share them with anybody you choose.

20- Challenges of Events:

Increase awareness by bringing out the competitive side of your attendees.

  • Attendees Should Be Involved

Allow attendees to vote for their favorite submissions and have their thoughts heard by allowing them to vote. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the preferences and dislikes of the guests.

  • Fairness in the Results

Remove the element of subjectivity from the voting process by letting EventTitans determine winners based on your criteria.

21- Evaluator:

Create and grade online examinations, quizzes, and other challenges quickly and easily.

  • Dashboard for Analytics

You can get data on completion rates, engagement levels, and more in one dashboard.

  • Fast Evaluation

For speedy results, mark submissions as soon as they arrive.

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Virtual Event Security:

  • With their comprehensive security features, keep any undesirable intruders at bay.
  • Keep illegal visitors out by preventing forwarded URLs from operating.
  • Block anyone who you think might cause a problem at your event.
  • To gain admission to the event, require participants to register and log in.
  • Organizers have the option of moderating comments and removing those that are judged objectionable or restricting comments entirely.
  • You get to choose what people can see. Varying sorts of attendance should have different levels of access.
  • Your data is kept safe by EventTitans following international rules and security standards.
  • Make your next gathering a breeze with EventTitans.
  • With their whole range of modern security mechanisms, they end zoom bombing and unauthorized intruders.


Non Profit: Fund-raising

Non-profit Fund-raising Software to Assist Non-profits in Achieving Their Goals, Attracting Donors, and Raising Money for Your Favoured Cause, Spend less effort on event management and more time cultivating relationships with supporters, sponsors, and partners.

One fund-raising at a time, we’re assisting you in achieving your purpose.

Non Profit: Bidding

Non-profit Bidding Kick starts Your Fund-raising with Auctions, and conducting an auction is a terrific cash source for organizations. With EventTitans, organizers can set up and manage their auctions in minutes.

Allow EventTitans to help you raise more money and take the hassle out of auctions by doing the legwork for you.

Virtual Events

They design the most effective virtual event platform for your needs. With EventTitans’s full array of Event Management solutions, you can bring your Virtual Events to the small screen.

You need everything in one place with a full-service platform for creating effective, engaging, and memorable virtual events. You can operate your event effortlessly with their entire suite of event management and engagement tools, eliminating the need for third-party solutions.

Corporate Events

Managing a Conference has never been easier because the EventTitans platform takes advantage of the most recent technological advancements to make it simple to handle many moving aspects of your event.

With their simple conference management software, you can attract more attendees, increase visitor and sponsor engagement, gain valuable insights into event success, and much more.

Social Events

Bring your concept to life and create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re planning a culinary festival, a fitness class, or a small gathering of friends, The EventTitans’s holistic, user-friendly platform will help you pull it off without a glitch.

From start to finish, EventTitans has got you covered, with over 20 features to ensure you have all you need to create a successful event.

Gamification and Rewards

Increase Attendee Engagement with Gamification and Rewards. Use gamification from the beginning to the conclusion to release your attendees’ competitive natures and improve their benefits from your event.

EventTitans is the only event management platform that allows you to use gamification tactics to boost ticket sales and encourage audience participation throughout your whole event.


Per Event Cost:

Cost of each event Starting with the introductory offer of “FREE OF CHARGE,” which covered Up to 100 people, are included in the price of each ticket sold at a rate of 1.5 % + 1 USD. Admin Users are limited to a total of USD 102. SD 100 per additional user for cryptocurrency, Stripe integrations with direct deposits, and all other features.

Per Event Cost:

The cost of each event starts at USD 0 per event; this package includes several pro features. A ticket share of 1.5% + 1 USD for each ticket sold. Crypto, Stripe Integrations with direct deposits.

It is the first Event Management Platform that accepts various cryptocurrencies, with over 100 to select from.

  • There is only a 1 percent processing fee.
  • The event organizer can pass this information on to attendees or observe it.
  • Lower the number of disputes or chargebacks
  • Accept payments in more than 135 different currencies and countries.

Final Words:

Their goal is to make fund-raising easier for you to focus on the crucial job and achieve your goals faster. They attempt to go above and above what is expected of them by their customers.

For them, customer delight stands first. At the very least, this is what they claim.

The event organizer also can delegate payment processing to attendees or keep track of every cent of the transaction.

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