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How To Track Someone Location With Their Cell Phone Number

How To Track Some One Location With Their Cell Phone Number

You want to track your dear one’s location through mobile number? Want to trace someone from their phone number? Do you know the apps which help you to track down people location from cell phone number?

Tracking someone is not a good habit but sometimes you have to track someone’s location in order to find them in emergency in that situation cell phone number is very helpful .you mobile phone number is used to track your live location without telling anyone.

Nowadays mostly parents get worried about their children that where they are and with whom just like that married couples wants to know the location of their partner to keep an eye on them, everyone has their own reason to track down someone’s location.

If you are looking for a ways to track down the location of your dear ones. Then you are on a very right page . We will discuss about how to track anyone’s location with the help of their mobile phone number.

Can Cell Phone Finds You Someone’s Location?

Whether you want to believe it or not but its true mobile phone can be used to track down someone’s location so easily just sitting on your chair. New modern technologies makes it very easy for people to do modern work just like this tracking you ca easily track down someone from their phone number in just couple of minutes. With the help of technologies people invented many apps or websites which are capable of tracking someone location with the help of cell phone number.

But you have to be very careful while choosing your site from which you will track down your targeted person. There are many websites, apps available which are totally fraud, they just get your information and track down your personal data and then started blackmailing you.

These things are very normal nowadays so you have to open your eyes and ears while doing this process. Today we will help you to reach your goal, reach the person using his mobile phone number through tracker. Below is the filtered apps which you can use easily without having any issue.

Benefits of Location Tracking

One of the best advantages of having GPS tracker in your phone is that it allows emergency responders to find you easily in any emergency situation. They don6have to call or asking everyone they will just follow these tracking techniques and will reach you easily.

Phone tracking will also helpful in situations where you lost your cell phone these tracker apps will help you to get back your cell phone. These apps are very helpful in many ways but sometimes also used to for blackmailing purposes which is not a good one.

Some parents also use these apps to keep an eye on their children to get to know where there children are and what they are doing on their cell phones whole day. These apps are very helpful for parents.

Top Listed Trackers for Tracking Someone’s Location Through Mobile Number

Following is the list of top-rated trackers which is used to track down someone’s location while using their cell phone number.

1. mSpy

This app should be on the top of the list of best top location trackers for someone. This one is the best app for this purpose. Its so easy to generate for new beginners that can be the reason people like it so much.

It also has an other amazing feature that is it work with both Android and IOS phone. Both systems support this app for tracking purposes.

This app will help you to get the exact pinpoint location of your targeted person. There’s no error in this app. You just have to give them the number of the person you are tracking down. It will give you a detailed image of the location of your targeted person. It will give you the whole route that person travel, where it stopped. Their address, location, accuracy , location time each and every detail of that given number will be given to you.

How To Track Down Phone Number Using mSpy

For using mSpy you have to follow the following steps to track down the targeted person from their respective number.

  1. First of all you have to create an account for using it .
  2. Your account should be paid you cant use the free version while tracking someone
  3. Then you have to choose the device which you have to monitor whether its android IOS or any other
  4. Then you have to choose your desired subscription plan for your account
  5. Once you are done with subscription, install the app on your device
  6. Open the browser anyone paste the link which is given to you via email while opening mSpy account.
  7. Download the file, install it after downloading.
  8. Follow the instructions given to you by the app to complete the installation, allow all permissions
  9. Before selecting complete installation select the area and enter the registration code
  10. After installation open your mSpy account and find location tab on your dashboard.
  11. Now you are ready to track down anyone


  • 1 month $48.99/month,
  • 3 months $27.99/month,
  • 12 months $11.66/month


Cocospy is the most leading mobile tracker available right now that helps you to monitor the location of your dear one’s or the person you want to keep an eye on . Cocospy also allows you to read the texts messages, calls video pictures that they are sharing each and everything which that person is doing on phone will be shown to you.

GPS tracking or sim tracking is well performed by the company. If your phone’s GPS is one your phone will be easily track down by this cocospy app. Your location will also be tracked down with the help of Wi-Fi if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on it can be easily tracked down with the help of copy. This is the reason why everyone says to put your phone’s GPS always on because it will be helpful in tracking down that phone with the help of GPS.

How To Track Down Phone Number Using COCOSPY

For making your cocospy  account active you have to follow these given steps below:

  1. First you have to pay for your account just like other one . No app will allow you to use the tracking feature in free version of app
  2. Open your paid account
  3. After opening take your phone and download that link given to you through your mail when you opened the account
  4. Make sure to disable each and every security features which they are asking
  5. After finishing the download go to your system services and install that file which you just downloaded
  6. After completion of installation, allow all permissions
  7. Follow the instructions given to complete your installation process
  8. Finally click on the finish installation button to complete your installation
  9. After completing your installation and all processes open your cocospy account and scroll down to location tab
  10. Now you will be able to track down any number any time


  • Android
  • Premium – 9.99/month
  • Basic –  39.99/month
  • Family – 69.99(annually)
  • IOS
  • Premium – 10.83/month
  • Basic – 99.99/month
  • Family – 399.99(annually)


uMobix is the monitoring app which monitor others phone which you asked them to monitor . This app helps you to keep an eye on your children and protect them from most of the danger of internet. uMobix also gives you the detailed call logs of that mobile phone number which you have given . You can get each and every detail of that target without any worries.

It has an advanced feature of GPS tracker that comes with interactive map which will guide you the exact location of your targeted person. Parents can get this app for the protection of their children and to get the know-how about their doings .

How To Track Number While Using uMobix

Following steps will guide you to install the app an start tracking your desired numbers:

  1. Open your paid account first  with the help of choosing the correct subscription plan for your account.
  2. On target device then install the app uMobix
  3. Open the link on that device which was given to you while registration
  4. After opening the link download will automatically start
  5. After finishing, hit the install  button
  6. Now proceed to uMobix setup to complete your installation process
  7. Click agree and continue
  8. Read each and every thing before accepting it
  9. After installation and enabling everything you have to open your account
  10. Log in to your uMobix account to proceed further
  11. Go to the location tab to track down the targeted number’s location.


  • 1 month- $48.99/month
  • 3 months – $27.99/month
  • 12 months – $11.66/month


Mobilespy is a control mobile spy app which control the targeted Mobile.  And gives you each and every details of that mobile. Even you will get to know their social media activity. That mobile phone getting any messages, calls, videos, picture anything will also be delivered to your side. This app also help to track down the location of any targeted number without informing them. It does all the work which other spy apps do . It track down the whole mobile phone activity.

This app track down any number’s location with the help of GPS and WIFI its GPS tracker will give you the pin point location of your targeted person. And its WIFI feature also help to tell you the other surrounding network of your targeted device.

How To Track Down Phone Number While Using MOBILESPY

Follow the following steps to start tracking down your targeted person in mobilespy:

  1. Using your email address, open your paid account of mobilespy
  2. On your target device paste that link which is given to you via email
  3. Download the software and follow the ins6for further installation
  4. Once the installation is complete
  5. Log in your mobilespy account and geo locate the targeted person you want to locate.


  • 1 month – $19/month
  • 3 months – $16/month
  • 6 months – $13/month

5. eyeZy

This app is helpful in telling

You  the  constant location of that targeted person. If you want to know the location of particular person the whole day this app will be very useful for you. Its GPS tracker will give you the exact location of that particular party. This app is same as other tracking apps.

With the current location it also gives you the location of places from where that device travelled. It will tell you the whole history of that number. It just has a specific feature that you can add a security fence on your map with that targeted device when that device or person goes out of that fence or enter that fence that will alert you. This feature is good for parents to keep an eye on their children. This feature will allow you to set a security zone on map you will instantly get notify when the targeted device enters or leaves that zone.

How To Track Down Phone Number While Using eyeZy

Follow the following steps:

  1. Open the paid account of yours
  2. Take the target device and install the eyeZy app while using that link
  3. After downloading and installation login to your account
  4. Go to the pinpoint section on your dashboard and start tracking numbers
  5. You have to select the GPS location to find out the exact location of that targeted number.


  • 12 months – $9.99
  • 3 months – $27.99
  • 1 month – $47.99


This article was to guide people about the tracking apps that will help them to track any mobile phone number easily. We have enlisted the 5 apps that will be very helpful in tracking any device or the person with that device. But you have to be careful about the cons many fake websites or apps are available that will hack your data just by providing them number. So you have to be very careful while choosing your app for the work.


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