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Ezmob Review (2024): Why This is Best Mobile Advertising Network?

Ezmob Review:

If you are looking for a proficient front line Ad network to monetize your mobile application?

Or you might be looking for Mobile Ad Network to advertise your business online?

At that point, you have the best option as Ezmob you couldn’t locate a reliable platform more than this. It is an answer to all of your queries.

Let’s Look at some Recent facts:

Here are some points that you should know about Mobile advertising:

  • According to Statista, Mobile Ad Spending Worldwide to Reach $ 176 billion in 2020.
  • Google Drives 95% of all US Paid Search Ad Clicks on Mobile.
  • According to Adweek, 87% of Facebook’s Advertising Revenue Comes from Mobile.

Is it that you are tired of getting bored form local platforms that are not fulfilling your desires to advertise your business, products or company? In the event that you are searching for top mobile Ad promotion networks to build your advertisement revenue higher than others, Ezmob is the best option for sure.

Ezmob Detailed Review 2022:

In the detailed review of the Ezmob Ad network For Publishers and Advertisers, you would surely come to know the extraordinary features of this company which makes it unique in the crowd. Here is a complete detailed review of Ezmob and everything you need to know before you join Ezmob. 

  • Company Name: Ezmob
  • Commission Type: CPM, CPC
  • Monetization Methods: Video Ads
  • Minimum Deposit For Advertisers: $100
  • Minimum Payment For Publishers: Prepayment only.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
  • Payment Option: Paypal, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.
  • Requirements For Publishers: No Minimum Requirments.
  • Support Email:
  • Referral Commission: No Referral Program
  • Website:

About Ezmob:

ezmob Home

EZmob is a versatile mobile advertisement Network. You can purchase mobile traffic, set up operations utilizing a self-serve interface and influence the genuine intensity of bidding in real-time. Ezmob is a complete package mobile advertising company with both driving edge innovation and profound aptitude in strategy making.

It is a mobile advertising company and ingenious organization focused on improving monetization for mobile users and giving advertisers and publishers a superior experience through applications and websites.

EZmob guarantees advanced mobile advertising as they have the innovation and the ability to offer these to their clients. In contrast to different sites, they ensure powerful advertisements and offer details of the traffic they have produced. They brag of three things:

  1. clients having the option to expand their online presence as an active visitor clicking percentage is 20 times better when acquired from them.
  2. schemes of monetization where clients can earn more with their current traffic.
  3. And innovation which will enable their clients to pick which sort of online traffic they would need to bring about for their business.

Ezmob for Advertisers:

EZmob For Advertisers

Ezmob allows the advertisers to run smart, improved crusades over its network system of thousands of advertisers for mobiles and a significant number of the world’s biggest outsider trades. They aim to deliver their customers with the top tier procedure, innovative, strategy, and media supervisions encompassing tablets and mobile devices. By keeping in check individuals, experience and innovation, EZmob consistently conveys innovation and creativity.

Ezmob not only helps the advertisers to advertise their products and services on mobile networks but it also helps in the overall revenue which will surely help in targeting the effective audiences. The additional revenue will definitely increase the bottom line of the advertisers. As EZmob is leading in its own way of creativity, innovation, and strategic expertise, it is a full-service advertisement company for mobile traffic advertisers which is helping advertisers a lot in boosting their business to a greater extent.

Ezmob advertisers get immediate access to more than 80,000 publishers including top-level application creators and premium sites. EZmob is providing advanced advertisement tracking systems to track your ads in realtime. Advertisers can easily target their audiences via Custom, Carrier, device-based and GEO based networks or simply they can try the OS system based preferences.

Ezmob For Publishers:

EZmob For Publishers

EZmob has emerged as one of the best mobile advertising networks due to its unique features. EZmob is offering 100% Compatibility with Admob, Google DFP and Google AdSense. If you do not find this network helpful for you then you are free to opt-out at any time you want. They Provide Display Ads, Video Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Push Notification Ads, Crypto Ads to help publishers to earn more revenue.

It is a one-stop platform for publishers that permits its publishers to monetize their Mobile traffic and offers them connects with quality Mobile Ad Networks units through a single RTB gateway. It offers various connecting advertisement campaigns and has been offering its publishers based on CPM, CPC, CPA and CPI basis. EZmob is one of the best Ad Network For Small Publishers.

Requirements For Publishers To Join Ezmob:

The website must not contain spam, adult, gambling, warez, spyware, and adware content. The content must be host pirated and the site should be made only for the advertisement purpose. Ezmob ad network will completely reject and ban the incomplete sites that are not completed yet and those sites which have violated the commandments of copyright.

The publishers should refrain from using PTC sites, bots, traffic exchanges and the auto-refreshing sites for the sake of creating the fake traffic. They should be aware of not asking others to click on their ad or they do on their own. Most importantly one should keep in mind not to change the code of ad while working with Ezmob.
Moreover, this Mobile Ad Network Company is just working with both mobile applications and sites.

Pros of using Ezmob:

Regardless of whether you are an advertiser of brand name, application developer, media purchaser or partner executive Ezmob empowers you access to billions of advertisement impressions created by direct advertisers. Advance your brand today with more than 20,000 advertisers and more than 50 best Supply-side collaborators.

It provides:

  • Numerous advertisement formats.
  • Bother free Setting up.
  • Quick to respond and sparkling advertisements.
  • Devoted support.
  • Responsive Ads.
  • Real-time statistics
  • Great CPM.
  • Work without disturbing your current existing Ad Networks.

Ezmob Cons:

  • They don’t cover blog sites and its administrations are restricted to mobile applications.

Ezmob Payment Details:

EZmob has been paying publishers dependent on the formats of CPC, CPM, CPI, and CPA. The publisher’s structure gives everyday reports dependent on Impressions, clicks, and traffic. Publishers can see their real-time statics on EZmob Dashboard.

Payments are intervened through International Wire or Bank Transfer or by means of PayPal during the 30 days after every month end. Publishers get paid on the net monthly basis just after thirty days.

Payment Details: 

    • Minimum Deposit For Advertisers: $100
    • Minimum Payment For Publishers: $100
    • Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire Transfer, Skrill.
    • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
    • Monetization Options: CPM, CPC.

Conclusion about EZmob:

Ezmob only takes a moment to set up and coordinate with the system and its online dashboard offers day by day reports for its advertisers and publishers. In this way making it the quickest and trustworthy mobile Ad Network for website monetization and Advertisement.

Ezmob is a self-serve publicizing network for Mobile Ads. They monetize with the world’s biggest advertisers and supply-side stage with top-level brands and sponsors. They offer outstanding services, supply, assistance and innovation linked with a smooth algorithm for optimization, dynamic focusing and real-time optimization. You can invest your advertisement budget with Ezmob and amplify your ROI.

Ezmob has access to over 5 billion everyday impressions crosswise over a display, pop and local. It has the self-serve dashboard or the account that you can choose. It has a low beginning spending plan of $100. Bolster advertisement types like Overlays, Popunder, Banner, JS labels.

Do I Recommend Ezmob Ad Network?

I truly believe that EZmob is leading in its own way of creativity, innovation, and strategic expertise. For sure it is a full-service advertisement company for mobiles which is helping the advertisers a lot in boosting their ad network to a greater extent. Advertisers and publishers both can run their ads on mobile networks intelligently via a single gateway for RTB. Ezmob ad network is highly recommended for both advertisers and publishers as it is best in providing innovative and creative media services for mobile devices.

I hope you like this article and after reading this review you would come to know about Ezmob in detail. As it is one of the best ways to monetize your mobile ad network and you get paid easily, I am hoping that this review will help advertisers to get an initial start for their mobile ad network.

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