Facebook Ad Case Study In 2023 For Successful Business

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, I was totally free so I joined RankingGrow – a Digital marketing agency, virtually as a Digital marketing manager. I am proud to showcase one of our company customers Circleboom who has earned their Facebook Ads: up to a 5X return on investment in some of their Facebook Ad campaigns.

I am not an expert in Digital Marketing. Far from it. I’m still not – I still consider myself simply a casual user of social media.

For the test campaign, I spent most of the preparation time on creating the video as well as researching and setting up Facebook Ads. We started the Test ad for $10 Per Day and For 1 week long. We got 7 Sales worth $343.  So we totally spend around $70 and generated $343, Which is around 5X Return on investment. During this test, I also learned a lot because it was my first attempt.

Role Of Facebook In Digital Marketing:

As we all know Marketing is the key to success for any online business. When it comes to Digital Marketing then Facebook is still the number 1 place for marketers and businesses to grow online.

Gone are the days when Facebook was only used for connecting people now its one of the best marketing tools for businesses and marketers. Facebook is still ranked as the number one social media website with over 2 Billion active users from all over the world. So it is important for every business to must have a Facebook page because these pages let businesses identify themselves.

As your Facebook business page grows its fan base, it helps you to drive traffic from Facebook to your website or online shop to get more traffic and sales. Your Facebook business page also appears in the search results. That means whenever someone searches your company name so your Facebook page will also appear in the search results. That’s why Facebook is playing a huge role in digital marketing.

Content Marketing Case Study:

According to CNBC Business research, 90% of businesses are currently using content as part of their overall marketing strategy. Because Content marketing can drive more traffic to the website as well as more sales.

Let’s take a look at how strategic content marketing helps our clients secure coverage on top publications, improve brand awareness and SEO, and build authority in the online industry.  I have worked with Circleboom so I am going to share here my case study and overall my results in Content marketing.

The Strategy:

We have selected some keywords to write blog posts. We decided to start with 5 Blog posts and use the keyword “Tweet Delete” Because my client is offering tweet-deleting services. After that, we published those 5 articles in some famous magazines and blogs. In those blog posts, we used anchor text, “Tweet Delete” and “Delete Tweet” and we set a backlink to our targetted Page.

The Results: 

Publishing 5 blog posts helped us to rank our client keyword from position 91 to position 11. Our client is currently ranking at 11 spots in Google organic search and started driving 1500 to 2000 traffic per month from the same keyword with over 100 more sales from this single keyword. We are now still working to rank that keyword at the number 1 spot in Google organic search results.

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