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Finteza Review (2024): Why This Is Best Analytics Tool?

Finteza Review (2023): 

Have you ever wanted to boost your site conversion and also analyze all of the traffic in the best way possible?

Then, we have something for you that you’ll really like. There are a lot of people in the world running their own websites and they know the importance of quality traffic.

Analyzing all of the website data is not an easy thing to do and for that, you need a tool that can easily tell you about your site conversions and your traffic.

The obvious choice for most people is going with Google Analytics but in fact, it is not the best tool anymore.

The biggest problem with Google analytics is that when you are setting up and customizing the code of Google Analytics, it becomes really tricky and will force you to evaluate a lot in order to get the best results. If you want to avoid all of this hassle and want a simple and easy solution to your problems then Finteza is what you want.

But before we dive into what things make Finteza so great, we have to know about Web Analytics and its importance.


Web Analytics:

Web analytics basically records all of the data about your website so that the user can better understand the things happening on his website. Web Analytics provides a user with all of the necessary data in regard to all of the traffic flowing through their site.

It is also used for market research and you even improve the effectiveness of your website through all of the data provided by analytics. It also helps you in determining how much a site’s traffic flow has changed after they’ve launched a new campaign.

Essentially, analytics are used to shows you all the basic things like page views and the number of visitors, etc.

Are Web Analytics Really Important?

Anyone running a website already knows the role that web analytics plays in the growth of the website. They provide you with all the statistical data regarding the website which can help you manage your site in the best way possible. There are six major benefits of using Web Analytics:

Enhancing User Experience:

Either you’re running a website or a business you know that if you make a decision that should be beneficial for your existing customers. It shouldn’t hurt them in any way but increase the overall experience. And a change is more rewarding if it can help you in getting new users. When you are making a decision, then in order to make the best one, you definitely need to know about your audience. Only then you will be able to make a decision which will be beneficial for you and your viewers.

If you know everything about your visitors then you can easily make a better decision. If you have information about your visitors like their area, age, interests then you can easily put content that is relevant to them and also increases your site traffic.

You also learn about what type of devices they are using to visit your site, so it allows you to make necessary changes in those devices to make them more compatible. A good example of this is that if most of your traffic is from mobile devices, then you should make your site in such a way that it is more friendly to a mobile platform.

If you adjust all of your content according to the age and interest of your visitors then it can become really helpful to you. This will make all of those users to stay for a long time as you will be posting content that is interesting to them. In this way, web analytics helps you in enhancing your user experience.

The Best Content:

All of the analytic tools show you which type of content is getting the most views and bounce rate. By working on those types of content can help your website grow as more and more people will join in to see your content. You can optimize your site in regard to your best content so that you get the maximum amount of traffic. Another thing that you can do is to put CTA buttons and Purchase Links which can help massively in boosting site conversions.

Another thing that you are able to do is to update all of your landing pages with the latest news which can also help in more engagement. You can also change the user interface and structure of the website into a form that is much more accessible to new people and makes it fresh and engaging every time you open it.

With the help of analytics, like every type of information is available to you, it can help you in knowing which of your content is working and which is not. This can be a massive help and time-saver to you as it will allow you to only focus on the things that are helping you to increase your site’s reach to more and more people.

By using web analytics, you can easily identify the best content for your website which appeals to most of your customers and make changes that can help you in growing your website.

Helping a Website’s SEO:

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in determining whether your business is moving upwards or is on a decline. The best thing that you can do for your website is to have organic traffic which is the most beneficial as it will lead to the most amount of conversions. The analytics of a website can help a site’s SEO in several ways. By knowing about your viewers and the type of content they prefer, you can rank higher on search engines.

You are also presented with the option to search tracking which enables you to track the visitors and get more knowledge about the content which they like. You can also compare all of your content with the most-watched content and this gives you a good idea of whether the user expectation is reached or not.

Building Strategies:

Web analytics also helps you in tracking the sites which helped in referring most of the traffic. By using all of this data, you can easily make new strategies that can be beneficial in getting more referrals from those sites. Let’s say that your site gets most of the traffic from search engines, it means that your SEO is really strong. If you work a little more on your site, you can further improve your site’s visibility and increase the incoming traffic.


Analytics also provide you detailed information about your website referrals but also tells you about who is it referring to. By visiting those websites, you can offer them partnership deals as you are providing them with a lot of traffic. This can be really beneficial for you and your partner.

More Sales:

It doesn’t matter what types of content you are selling, whether it is physical copies or a service, it is really important that you know about the sales report. It provides you with information that is really necessary if you want to generate more sales. With the help of this e-commerce report, you can easily strengthen your sales game and start making more money.


Finteza Home

Finteza is a web analytics tool the same as Google Analytics and is designed for eCommerce businesses, websites, and agencies. Finteza aims to solve all of the problems that you can come across when using Google Analytics. People from all over the world helped in creating this analytic tool and the solutions provided by Finteza are the best of any analytic tools.

Why “Finteza” is The Best Choice For You:

Finteza contains some top of the line features which aren’t present in any other analytic tool.

Bot Detection:

Trafficking scam is very popular in the online world as lots of websites use scam traffic which can often mislead owners of the websites. It is really important that we know about the dangers that these bots can cause to businesses.

The Process:

The fraud is not that difficult to spot, you just need to have the right eye to spot it. Taking an example of a computer website that just launched. The owner thinks that it might a good idea to start a big sale at the start because it will attract more customers and thus generate more profits.

So, the owner places an advertisement on the homepage about the sale which will go live in a short time. He also purchases traffic so that the sale can be shown to more and more people. Everything is set and done.

But the surprising thing is that the sales are not growing at all while the traffic has increased significantly. So, at first, the owner might think that the offer is not that appealing and he revamps the offer in a big way as to appeal to more customers. Now, as that offer is live and the company also decides to purchase more traffic but still the sales have not increased.

The seller who is providing you with the traffic might show you all the graphs and statistics which represent that there is more traffic than you bought. The website is experiencing a lot of traffic but sales are no increasing. It is really weird for the owner as sales should increase if a lot of people are visiting the site but they are not.

In reality, the owner is being a fraud by the seller as he providing him with bot traffic which only increases the traffic but can’t have any effect on the sales.

Failure Reasoning:

All of this situation could’ve been easily avoided if the website owner had analyzed the traffic after first failure. It would’ve been pretty obvious that all of the traffic was attained by using bots. There are more advanced bots present which can also click on certain pages and sellers often use these types of frauds to fake the incoming traffic.

Tracking Bots Using Finteza:

Finteza provides its users to track these bots. There are two stages to tracking these bots:

First Stage: All of the traffic that is website is getting is analyzed on a technical level and all of the bad traffic comes into light due to this process. There is a section in the report called “Referrer mismatch: spoofing”. The computer owner should look in this section for any fake traffic. You can easily track the traffic which is faking its source.

Second Stage: After evaluating the traffic, now comes the time to analyze the behavior of the visitors. It is really hard to spot some bots as they have become quite advanced and can also imitate clicking and opening vides which makes it harder to catch their suspicious behavior. Finteza provides you with a scoring section through which you can guess whether bots are being used or not.

Working Process:

There are a lot of variables on the basis of which Finteza checks for anything unusual with the traffic. Some of the variables are as under:

  • Mouse Movements
  • Hardware being Used
  • Time Between Different Actions

Each of the visitors checks on these different variables and is there is any suspicious activity found for a visitor than that visitors get penalty points. Greater the violation, the higher the number of penalty points. Then all of the traffic is further categorized on the basis of these points.

Division of Traffic:

Finteza divides all of its traffic into five categories:

  • Red: These are the most basic level bots.
  • Orange: Bots that cannot be spotted in a manual way.
  • Yellow: These are the more complex bots with human actions.
  • Light Green: The most advanced bots which can almost perfectly mimic a human’s behavior.
  • Dark Green: These are the real users.

So, if there is a decrease in the Dark Green activity while an increase in all the other categories it might indicate the presence of bots on the website and Finteza is more than capable of handling all these bots.

Traffic Analysis:

Finteza Analytics

One of the most advanced features of Finteza is the ability to offer a data management system which is a step beyond what other tools offer. Finteza collects, processes, and maps all of the data in real-time in the form of graphs and reports. All of the information is present there is a very relevant manner. You can analyze the audience through 15 parameters which is quite a lot.

There is also an option to show all of the data about mobile users. So, all the mobile users and their data will be listed in the reports. You can see the operating system used by the mobile users along with the language they speak and also about the permissions that are currently granted.

Quality Measurement:

Finteza makes sure there is always quality traffic flowing. This is done with the help of a quality evaluation tool which is multi-staged. It can detect various types of bots and all other unusual activity in order to detect all the low-quality traffic flowing through your site. All of the data is instantly available to the user which allows you to monitor all of the incoming traffic in real-time. You automatically get notified of any unusual activity.

Fraud Sessions:

There are separate bot traffic diagrams which can help in knowing about all of the fraud sessions. There is no way that a company can cheat on you by using bots to increase the traffic as Finteza provides a really well laid out traffic breakdown. So, there is no competition to Finteza when it comes to managing traffic on a site.

Conversions and Funnels:

Finteza also provides you with a system that detects any kind of weak points in the sales system. With the help of sales and conversion funnel, Finteza can learn about the point where users decide to leave the website. You can build different funnels and learn more about user behavior and also to find all the weak spots. You are also provided the option to create reports which are based on 15 criteria and provide you with an in-depth analysis of your audience.

With the help of this tool, you can also see how many users just hover their mouse over the header but don’t actually click the button. All of the relevant data is shown in a digital form. You can also track all of the user activity before and after the sales funnel. You also get access to histograms which provide you with all sorts of tracked events.


If you want to optimize your page in the most efficient way possible, then Funnel is there for you. This service is really great as it allows you to track all of the conversions taking place on a keyword and ads level. You can optimize your page in three simple steps:

  • Using UTM Parameters to mark your traffic
  • Analyzation of conversion rates
  • Disabling any type of in-efficient ads and keywords

Setting Up Finteza:

You can setup Finteza by following these steps:

  • Go to “”
  • Register using your website alongside your email and password
  • A link will be sent to your email and you just have to click on the link
  • For starting up the analytics, you just have to add the Finteza’s HTML code to your website

After you’ve completed all of these steps, Finteza will be up and running on your website, tracking all of the activities.

Pricing Plans:

Finteza Pricing

There are two price plans that are offered by Finteza:

  • Website and Application Analytics – $25/month
  • Advertising Engine – $4/month

The first plan is for the people who want to run Finteza on their sites. They provide a one-month free trial during which you can test out all of the features present in Finteza and whether it is reliable or not. You get all of the features that we have previously mentioned like bot detector and data reports etc.

You can use their second plan if you want to use their special advertising engine which can increase the visibility of the banners up to 50%. You can analyze the growth rate using reports which are made in a very detailed manner.

Finteza provides two excellent pricing plans which are affordable and feature-packed. There is no other analytical tool on the market that provides this much features at a cheap price.

Should You Buy It?

In our opinion, Finteza is totally worth it for the features that it offers. You can track all of your site’s activity in a very simple manner. Reports and graphs make it easy to manage all activities. Bot detection is a great feature as it saves you from all kinds of frauds.



Finteza’s real-time web analytical service is an excellent offering with a cheap price tag. The number of features presents here are not present anywhere else. Finteza is the best tool that you can use if you want to manage your site and increase your conversions in a fast way.

So, if you are on the lookout for a good and reliable analytical tool for your website, then there is none better than Finteza.

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