PixTeller GIF Maker Review (2024): Why This is the Best GIF Maker?

GIF Maker Review:

Either it’s your friend’s birthday or any special day of your loved ones, either it is your official presentation or a formal one, GIFs are the essential part of the game. The right GIF at the correct minute can work in manners words simply don’t. GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format, animated pictures in simple words.GIF documents can hold different pictures on the double, and these photos could stack successively. The use of GIFs is picking up prevalence since, similar to images, they’re helpful for conveying jokes, feelings, and thoughts.

PixTeller is one of the pretty cool GIF makers with innovative and unique templates, designs, and colors. It has a quite simplistic design with various online tools that help you create wonderful GIFs with vibrant colors and designs. You can give life to your thoughts by using pre-planned realistic formats that turn words, photographs, and representations into brilliant pictures.

Moreover, you can share their GIFs on applications like Twitter, and Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Anybody can utilize and customize their automatically making pictures and animations.

Why You Should Go For PixTeller Gif Maker?

Online Gif Maker

Creating and editing an animated GIF is an easy cake with PixTeller Gif Maker as it has a variety of templates and editing tools already available at the site. You can simply utilize any of them or alter some substance to meet your requirements, and spare. Within a couple of minutes, you can design a perfect and amazing  Gif online, utilizing these premade formats and tools.

Moreover, you can download your designs and can upload these attractive designs on GiFy, and enjoy great views. These Gifs are not limited to some fun creations only, but you can utilize the premade logos or designs your own for professional use.

What’s more, the most thrilling feature is that PixTeller offers a massive number of free features. However, for more advanced features, you can buy a monthly plan as well as. But most of the features are free with ease of no blocking watermarks.

Gif Maker Features:

GIFs have become a sentimental mode of conveyance. PixTeller offers great editing and animated Gif features. Either it is designing a logo for a company or banners and posters for advertisements, Catalogs or Collages for images, all can be creatively done with a single Gif maker. The following are highlighted a few of its great tools and features.

Professional Premade Formats:

There are 10,000 plus enormous in number templates available at PixTeller. Pick any desired vibrant picture template and customize it as per your inclination.

Frame By Frame Timeline:

PixTeller amazing GIF editor helps you to create a frame to frame customized animations. With such animations, any video can be created within a few minutes.


Each component is shown as a layer, so you can keenly design each layer, either bold it, or remove it, or relatively change the position of one layer w.r.t others. So, you can make more sophisticated and nimble-witted, fully controllable designs, and then lock it.

5,000 + Animations

Make great GIFs and Videos by redoing already available animated video templates on PIxtellar with the help of its editor.

1,500,000+ Photos:

You can browse an incredible assortment of wonderful free photographs and outlines. Likewise, you can upload it as per your own choice.

10,000 + Shapes:

Use the PixTeller online graphic editor tool and quest for the best shape in the variety of 10,000 plus shapes, that consummately fits on your pictures or animations.

Animation Editor:

You can edit or make vivified videos and Gifs within few minutes with the animation editor. PixTeller GIF editor is easy to understand so you don’t need to hire any professional Video editor to make GIF or animations.

Innovative Features:

You can enjoy various multi-features like clipping crop, resizing, amazing filters and colors, various fonts, different text formats and many more

Download as MP4 video or GIF:

You can download your designed animation as a GIF or MP4 video. Besides, you can easily share them o any social network or website. Simply download, then copy and paste the URL.Ting!

Pros Of Using PixTeller GIF Maker:

  •  Promote your web-based social media advertisements.
  •  Turn your non-profitable campaigns into highly profitable ones with it
  •  Improve your email illustrations
  • Small entrepreneurs can use their GIFs for their product promotions
  • Design fully customizable GIFs
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Improve your home or landing  web pages with it
  • Create visuals for your IT-based projects
  • Easily share your designs on any website


  • All advanced features are not accessible for free. To avail them you have to pay $ 9 for pro and $19 for diamond graphic GiF tool.

Thousands of Users Worldwide:

PixTeller has become a great brand name among the other GIF makers. A great number of people all across the world utilize it on a daily basis and attaining their desired services. Thousands of people already use and trust it and this number is continuously increasing, due to its unique ad innovative features.

Suitable for Individuals and Business:

The first thing that drives the customers is an “Attractive Advertisement”. You can design amazing advertising banners via PixTeller’s unique and innovative GIFs. So, small entrepreneurs can boost their business via a solitary complete package. Moreover, besides banner ads, you can create innovative presentation slides for use in a social or official conference.

Money-Back Guarantee:

It’s easy to put trust in PixTeller because once you design a Gif with them, you would come to know how amazing it is! This marvelous Gif maker is designed with all such enough features that wouldn’t disappoint you. But rarely in a case, you change your mind, PixTeller gives you complete 30 days refund without any arguments and reluctance.

How Does GIF Maker Work?

Here is the step by step guide how to use PixTeller Gig Maker to create professional Gifs and Animations. 

STEP # 1:

First of all, select the template from the available templates on the site that fits your requirements Click Use button and it would be ready to edit by GIF editor.

Step 1

STEP # 2:

You can add or remove the images, visuals or even shapes, write your own texts on the template quite easily and simply.

image 1

STEP #3:

You can now make your animation more attractive by changing the filters, choosing vibrant colors of background and text. You can also change the font size. Everything is completely customizable with PixTeller!

Image 2

STEP #4:

Afterward, you can start a bigger level game. Go to the animation Mode. At the bottom of the editor, there would be a timeline and now there you can create a great animation video. You can design each frame individually by varying the properties and filters. A video movement would be created between each frame, and moreover, you can adjust its movement rate as well. Keep on editing until you are done with your GIF.

STEP# 5:

Once you are done with the editing, and your animated GIF is ready, save and render it. After a few minutes, depending on the video parameters, your video would be rendered. Afterward, it is ready for downloading. Now you can use it or share it on any web page.

pixteller save image


At last, I would conclude that the PixTeller GIF maker is the quickest and direct GIF creator application. In the event that you wanna go innovative, and design a completely customizable animated GIF, the Pixteller GIF maker serves you the best.

You can convert a simple image or set of images into a showstopper advertising videos. It is a complete package and you would end on loving it with an amazing GIF creation. I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars. Sign up and start creating innovative animated GIFs with Pixteller GIF maker!

If you are already using PixTeller Gif Maker then share your experiences below!

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