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SOAX Review 2024- Is It Best Residential & Mobile Proxies Provider?

SOAX Review 2024:

SOAX – One of the Best Platforms When It Comes to Proxy Services:

Modern businesses rely on the data heavily regardless of what sector they are working in. This is because having useful data at the right time can become vital when making crucial decisions for your business. If you do not have access to it you can put your business in a dire situation.

The data can be extracted from your competition by multiple methods but there will always be a shred of doubt in your mind about how accurate and authentic is this data. The biggest problem is that if you use the traditional method of collecting data it will take you ages to get a hold of some useful data.

Therefore, you should look for some other platforms out there that can collect a huge amount of data for you quickly through their dedicated modern technologies. These platforms have the sole purpose of collecting data from millions of websites and then providing it to businesses to help them out.

So, if you are looking for such a platform that solves all your problems and worries. Well, we are just about to discuss the leading data collection platform available.

Now, if you are convinced that you need such services but just are not sure which platform you should approach. Well lucky you, we are just about to dive into one such platform that we think is among the best.


Soax Reviews

SOAX offers its users residential and mobile IP addresses from genuine ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from around the world. The proxies at SOAX are always rotating while making sure the connection is never interrupted so that you can always work with a real IP address. The pricing options at SOAX are also highly flexible making it one of the most affordable and efficient proxy solutions for the users.

SOAX is considered to be one of the best fit for professionals working in various industries because it provides its users a huge pool of IP addresses with a lot of them being residential proxies that have a very minute chance of being blocked or detected by any website.

You can use these particular residential IPs to conduct speed tests, collect data from multiple sources, create multiple websites and social media accounts, check the availability of websites, verify ads, and monitor competitor activities and prices.

SOAX comes equipped with multiple features and we are just about to discuss some of them below

Key Features of SOAX:

1- Exclusive Locations and Proxy Pool:

SOAX provides its users access to complete combinations of residential and mobile pools of proxies. The number of proxy pools has already crossed over 8.5 million and is providing a smooth, efficient, and flexible user experience to the clients.

2- Price Competitive:

SOAX provides a lot of options while being price-competitive. You can analyze your personal needs and then choose a payment plan that fits best for you. They also give you the option to choose between mobile and residential proxies each of them having their separate pricing plans and you can even purchase the server for a single day.

3- The Ability to Target:

It provides you the ability to target particular service providers, websites, and countries depending on the availability of geo-location to users. It is also completely independent of the package that they have chosen.

4- Flexibility of Packages:

Unlike the regular proxy providers who offer their users endless proxy types which in most cases ends up confusing them even more, SOAX does not do that. Instead, it just offers its users big pools of mixed mobile and residential proxies. This way the users can choose which proxy they want to use at what time.

Usually, it is selected through the following criteria – the type of proxy, the targeted country, the number of proxies required for the task, and the duration for which the proxies will be active. The website comes equipped with a calculator that helps users in calculating the cost of their selected proxies. The users can also just quickly choose from the existing daily, weekly, and monthly proxy packages to save time.

5- Check Before You Buy:

SOAX lets all of its users check and test their proxies before they purchase them. You can check all the features and options during this trial. This free trial lasts for an hour.

6- Top-Notch Performance in Data Scrapping:

Proxies are most commonly used to scrape data from websites. The applications generally include travel aggregation, advert verification, SEO monitoring, price monitoring, and in some other cases automation.

The proxies provided by SOAX have always displayed a consistent performance when it comes to concurrent connections. They have never failed even when it comes to the most strict and aggressive sites that disallow botting.

7- The Support Team Available 24/7:

SOAX makes sure that its users are never facing any problems or hurdles when it comes to their proxies. They provide each of their users with perfect assistance. They have a team of well-mannered, skilled, and work-oriented professionals who are present to resolve all the issues of clients.

Their team and executives work day and night to be available for anyone in need 24/7. Besides, most of your queries can already be resolved through the FAQs section containing all the important information to help users troubleshoot their problems.

Why Choose SOAX Over Others?

Now you might be thinking about what makes SOAX different from others. Below we are going to discuss why you should choose SOAX over its competitors.

  • Top-of-the-line Location Services: SOAX is among the best when it comes to giving its users the top providers and location coverages. They have a huge collection of residential IPs in almost all countries around the world. The available countries can be seen on their map.
  • Huge Proxy Network: SOAX provides one of the largest proxy networks out there containing more than 8 million residential IPs that are easily accessible from around the world. This is the reason which makes them more diverse from others.
  • Quick Response Time: Tests have been conducted to check the response time. To run these tests requests were sent to websites to check the speed. Even though the results were not the fastest they certainly weren’t bad at all for a residential IP.
  • Easy to Use: SOAX provides one of the best dashboards out there in the market. It is really easy for anyone to use it efficiently compared to the usual dashboards that are not on par in using modern technology.
  • Great Customer Support: SOAX comes equipped with customer support that ranks at the top. It assists with all of its users at any given time. The support team consists of experts available for you 24/7. The FAQs are also present for you to troubleshoot most of your problems.


  • It provides proxies for almost all the countries of the world
  • It has its exclusive pool of proxies
  • The proxies are secure and easy to use
  • The pricing plans are extremely flexible even having the option for buying proxies for one day
  • It comes equipped with a variety of preferences and features including extremely precise geo-targeting
  • All the IPs come from genuine devices that include WI-FI, desktop, and mobile devices
  • It is completely whitelisted from any malicious activity
  • It minimizes the risk of getting detected or banned to zero
  • It can be utilized for competitive intelligence, SEO, data scraping, and SERP analysis.
  • It has one of the strongest management and proxy architecture.
  • Availability of the support team 24/7


  • It does not allow integration and extensions with other programs and apps
  • The price can be a bit expensive for some users

SOAX Pricing Plan:

SOAX comes equipped with pre-built packages where the users can just pick a package and become a user. If the user does not find the existing packages according to his needs he can just apply for a custom quote present on the pricing page:

Type of Services:

There are two types of proxies that SOAX provides.

1- Residential Proxies:

SOAX provides residential proxies to its users according to the following pricing plan

2- Mobile Proxies:

SOAX provides Mobile proxies to its users according to the following pricing plan


After reading and reviewing all the pros, cons, and features that SOAX provides you should be in a better position to decide whether you should get their services or not. In the business world having a good insight into accurate data can make or break your business. Therefore, you should consider getting a service that can provide you with the right data at the right time. So, you can always make timely decisions for your business without errors.

SOAX provides all of its users a free trial at the start where you can check all its functionalities within an hour. So, we would recommend you give it a shot as you have nothing to lose. From our experience and research, we are quite sure that you will convert to a paid customer once you see how much it is offering at this price tag.

We hope the research and effort that we have put into this review has helped you out in making your decision easier. As we have collected and summarized all the necessary information in this short article. Our team wishes you the best of luck!

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