GoodAccess Review (2024): Best Software-Powered Cloud VPN

GoodAccess Review 2024:

If you are running a small or midsize business, you’ve probably come across an issue of how to effectively safeguard remote access of your employees. Cloud VPN offers a great alternative to traditional on-premise VPN architecture, but without its pains. Today, we will brief you about our favorite business cloud VPN and discuss its features.

Introduction to GoodAccess:

GoodAccess is a cloud VPN designed explicitly for business teams with up to 500 users. Apart from getting dedicated VPN gateway features (static IP for the team, whitelisting options, strong encryption) for securing remote access, it offers additional security controls, such as zero-trust access management, 2FA/MFA, or domain filtering.

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Using this tool you can safeguard all of your team members from whichever place they connect and ensure total privacy with deployment in under 10 minutes. 

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Features by Use Case:

Now let us share the features of this tool on its utilization basis. It can support completely automatic deployment without HW.

1- Cloud VPN:

  • It is a universal virtual networking cloud, which offers interconnecting users with a branch office or cloud without using MPLS or HW.
  • You can conveniently encrypt all the traffic of your network.

2- Zero-trust Accessibility:

  • GoodAccess offers identity-based access management
  • You can easily assign users a private account and network identity to allow them to access specified applications only
  • This tool helps to comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2 by logging user accesses to systems.

3- Software-Defined Perimeter:

  • You can hide away all your traffic from the internet and respond to network threats
  • You can safeguard the connection of your employees no matter of their location
  • You can decrease the complication of the network architecture, costs, and risks 

Benefits of GoodAccess:

1- Convenient and Safeguarded:

This tool is extensively convenient and protected.

Straightforward Deployment:

Easily understandable UX allows non-IT experts to deploy GoodAccess in under 10 minutes. Basic setup involves getting your gateway, inviting your team members, whitelisting your allocated IP. Everything is done through a web application (SaaS).

Simple Organization:

You can organize the accessibility of your team conveniently. The web control panel provides complete system access management, access logs, and stats.

User friendly:

Users only need to download the GoodAccess app (available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) and connect to the VPN with one click. Linux machines can be connected via OpenVPN configuration.

Safeguarded System Accessibility:

Using IP whitelisting and this tool, you can conveniently shield and conceal your business systems from network-oriented attacks such as DoS, DDoS, port scanning, botnets, etc.

2- Guarded Internet:


GoodAccess encrypts all the communications when connecting from unguarded WiFi networks, like airports, hotels, or cafes.

Companies can choose from dozens of global locations to use as gateways to the internet, minimizing the latency issues of traditional hardware VPNs that usually provide a single connection point for all global operations.

It is a hardwareless cloud-delivered business VPN with a guarded private network for the entire workforce of the enterprise, irrespective of their location.

How does it work?

You can easily manage access to your online corporate systems with your group’s private Access Gateway. All you have to do is simply Whitelist the IP of your gateway within your systems and safeguard them from the unwanted eyes of threat actors and the public. You can further restrict access to specific systems based on user identity, instead of opening all our systems to anyone connected through the GoodAccess network.

Why should you choose GoodAccess?

Remote Access enablement for a fair price:

People behind GoodAccess think that if a business wishes to empower their employees with safeguarded anytime, anywhere accessibility, they must do that without any hassle. The solution is cost-effective, prices start at 29 USD per month (10 team members), user-friendly, and easily deployable in 10 minutes. 

Pure SaaS

GoodAccess is a software-powered Cloud VPN service for your team. No hardware is needed and it comes with monthly or annual subscription plans. You can avoid complicated network design and safe costs on infrastructure deployment, replacements, and maintenance. 

  • Cloud VPN with no HW – GoodAccess is a SaaS application that doesn’t require any hardware and is maintenance-free.
  • Automated deployment – Fully automated deployment in 3 steps that take under 10 minutes.
  • 33+ gateways and static IP – Anytime-ready gateways across the globe and new ones deployable on-demand.
  • Zero-trust access control – With virtual access cards, only authorized users will get identity-based access to your data and applications. 
  • 2FA/MFA on the Network Layer – GoodAccess unifies multi-factor authentication security on the network level. 
  • GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance – Monitor user activity and store logs across all network traffic. 
  • Traffic encryption – Encrypting all communication
of remote workers accessing company systems from unprotected WiFi networks.
  • DNS filtering – Blocking unwanted sites such as social networks, adult content,
or malware-spreading domains.
  • Threat detection & response – Detect threats in every stage, including scanning, lateral movement, and data breach.

Their Values:

This brand is constructed based on well-rooted values, which are well ingrained in all their services, and products. These values include the synergy in their moto, ultimate trust that they build, their originality in whatever they do, motivation, and the sources they draw their inspirations from.

This software has been serving in over 120 countries and integrates with market-topping tools to comply with the present substructure.

Perks of this tool:

Here is a list of the perks in which GoodAcces can be extremely helpful;

  • Protecting businesses’ online systems against hackers and internet attacks
  • Remote viewing and administering client systems
  • Secure remote access to private clouds (VPC)
  • Secure remote access to the business network (even without a static IP address)
  • Secure – encrypted internet access to public Wi-Fi networks and abroad
  • Global private network in the cloud
  • Connecting business branches (even without static IP addresses)
  • Virtual location of a business/team anywhere in the world
  • Secure network perimeter for the entire business
  • Globally secure network perimeter

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Payment Packages:

Now let us brief you about the pricing.


Having read all about GoodAccess, you’d be well able to summarize the full review for yourself. GoodAccess is a cloud-based VPN developed especially for small and midsize businesses and for retaining their privacy. It differs by providing businesses with advanced security features which accompany the VPN core such as zero-trust access management based on user/device identity, the possibility to create micro-segments, 2FA/MFA among numerous others.

We’d highly recommend this product to everyone, as this is definitely worth a shot! GoodAccess offers a 14-day full-featured free trial so that there is nothing to lose! You can get your fortnightly free trial right away!

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