Google Accidents of Revealing Specs and Colors of Pixel 8 pro in 2023

Google Accident : Revealing The Specs And Colors of Pixel 8 Pro

It has been declared as the second leak of the week about Google’s new upcoming mobile phone.
On October 4, the actual event of the launching of Pixel 8 is going to happen but before the event many leaks or rumors are coming about the new device. No one knows whether these rumors are true or not but still people are having hopes that these rumors might be true. This event is expected to be happening in the New York city, where this giant company will unveil the newest and most amazing Pixel watch and along with this they are going to launch the newest Pixel phones. But even before the event all the peeks about the Pixel 8 Pro and what is coming with it is already leaked.

All these leaks are coming from twitter where people know about this device from Pixel’s official pages. This morning a Twitter user has found that if you go to the Pixel’s “Get to know Your Hardware” page and in the URL you put the name of Pixel 8 Pro you will get the whole features of the device and also will get the 360- degree view of the new Pixel 8 pro device. You will get all the views of the new Pixel 8 pro and also the indicators pointing out all the important parts of the device.

Though immediately after the news broke about the URL replacement, the people handling the sites blocked that way of replacing the URL due to which now no one is allow to replace the URL but the people who saw it once get it captured and now spreading all the pictures of side by side view and all the 360-degree view on the social media. And now you can see the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro view anywhere on social media. There are some important points which are being leaked about the Pixel 8 Pro are, like it is said that new Pixel 8 Pro is going to have the new temperature sensor in it on the back beside the camera. Which will do the work of detecting the temperature. In the rumors we are getting to heard that new Pixel 8 Pro is coming in three different colors which are a blue, a gray and a black color along with these colors new device has a SIM card slot. These colors are being mentioned by the Google in more fancier way which is they called their names as Sky, Porcelain, and the last one Licorice.

With the these changes, home screen of the mobile phone is still the same like the previous ones. They didn’t put any changes in it. Last week Google itself revealed the picture of Pixel 8 Pro and then call it a “Accident”. But its not confirmed yet that either it was the leak or accident or someone did it purposely. Because looking into this , it is very tough to call it a leak.

Google already have a several plans for the Pixel 8 Pro , and according to reports it is said that Pixel 8 Pro will have the “desktop mode” in which it will serve you as a computer but only when it is attached to the dock.
With all these leaks, there are much more about the Pixel 8 Pro which is yet a secret and no one knows about it until the event in October.

Pixel 8 Pro is the upcoming device of Google which will be launch in the month of October. Not a surprise, but the many rumors or leaks have been coming out about the specifications of the Pixel 8 Pro and what will be the changes coming with it. Although the picture was released by the Google itself but then they are claiming that it was just the accident. So now lets see are all those leaks or rumors are true about the Pixel 8 pro or not. But this can be prove only when the launching happens.

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