How to Arrange Home Furniture in 2023

Precise Measurements:

This is the first step for the process of moving and arranging furniture and is done by arranging the furniture on paper before making the effort to transport it at home, after defining the necessary measurements for the furniture and the available space in the room, and this process includes several things, including:

Leave a distance of approximately 75 cm between the furniture to facilitate movement and movement between them.

Arrange the sofas so that the distance between them from the front does not exceed 2.4 m, to facilitate conversation between people.

Leave a distance of 35-45 cm between the sofa or sofa and the table, so that people can easily eat and put drinks.

Leave a distance of approximately 90 cm between the dining table and the surrounding walls so that it is easy for those sitting to push their chairs, or return them to sit comfortably.

Pivot point identification:

The rooms of the house typically have a focal point around which the furniture is arranged appropriately, and this point may be a fireplace, large windows, or a statue, or otherwise, and this focal point can be used to arrange the furniture through several steps:

Arrange the seating pieces in front of the focal points, with the aim of creating chat areas.

Place two opposite sofas in front of the fireplace.

The U-shaped seating arrangement is arranged so that the sofa faces the comfort and entertainment of the room, and the chair is located opposite to each other or diagonally.

Consider ease of passage:

Correctly arranging home furniture depends on observing traffic and movement in the house easily and without obstacles, and this can be achieved by starting by walking from one of the entry points in the house towards the exit point, and noting any existing furniture that hinders or impedes this movement, then try to rearrange these Cutting or removing them, besides, it is advised to try to provide space at least 60-90 cm wide as a comfortable passage.


Arranging home furnishings requires taking into account the balance in the room to be arranged, and the foundations that contribute to this include the following:

Balancing large pieces of furniture with other large pieces, or with a group of small pieces.

Co-ordinate room colors appropriately and comfortably, and try to use vibrant colors while avoiding excessive use of a particular color or pattern. Colors provided by picture frames, pillows, or curtains can add touches of colors and patterns to the room.

Resort to the use of various textures when arranging furniture in order to create depth and draw attention in the room, and that is by adding pillows, carpets and curtains, and the use of various materials such as marble and glass.


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