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InterBase 2020 Review (2024): The Best Embedded SQL Database Management System

InterBase Review 2024:

Enterprises constantly organize their data and require an effective database management system to effectively manage their data regularly. Databases help these organizations handle larger chunks of data diligently, promoting reading and modifying by multifarious users.

The databases are managed by the database management system, which comes with exploration and filtering features, indicating that you can conveniently track the data you desire! Sounds quite convenient, right? Well, it is! Databases have made information handling, sharing, and organizing quite easy!

If you’re running a corporation, you’re likely acutely aware of the indispensability of utilizing a database management system for data management purposes. The data structure is completely adjustable and extendable, enabling the company to take good care of its data. Now there are various database systems commonly used by corporations, including centralized, distributed, personal, end-user, and embedded database systems among others. Among these, embedded database systems are the most commonly used.

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Embedded SQL database systems are database management systems (DBMS) that are constructed or integrated into an app with the SQL scripts written along with the program code, productively shielding or minimizing the end consumer’s interaction with the database. Using these database systems offers various advantages, like greatly lowering latency and network I/O load from app and database network calls, leading to an improved user experience and faster data access. It combines the computational capacities of programming languages and the database manipulative skills of SQL.

In this article, we’ll gain insights into the working principles, functionality, features, specifications, and synchronization properties of a leading embedded SQL database system called InterBase. Excited to know all about this top-selling DBMS? Let’s dive right into the article!

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Introduction of InterBase 2020:

InterBase is a highly proficient, well-functioning, adaptable, encodable, light, and an embeddable relational database that has the ability to be embedded into apps on Solaris, Android, Linux, iOS, OSX, and Windows. It is a high-caliber, expandable, embeddable SQL database that comes with commercial-scale change synchrony, data safety, and disaster recovery.

This innovative database management system is presently developed and sold by Embarcadero Technologies.  Embarcadero Technologies is a US-based software development company that specializes in the development, licensing, and designing of all software-associated servers, products, and resources. Founded in 1993, this remarkable tech company specializes now in everything from web development to software, and database construction and design.

Features of InterBase:

This database comprises all those specifications which an ideal embedded SQL database must possess! Still unsure? Let us delineate the exceptional features of InterBase for you so that you can make an informed decision about choosing your enterprises’ database management system with InterBase.

InterBase 2020- best-Embedded SQL database Management system in 2022:

1- Versatility:

InterBase is one of the most versatile database management systems available today. It supports a multitude of platforms and also is compliant with a wide diversity of languages. It also easily integrates with RAD Studios IDEs. It also commercial-level data storage on clients powering and serving online and offline apps. InterBase Trial, Server, and Developer versions are compliant with installed servers.

  • Platforms supported by InterBase include Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. InterBase is also compliant with heterogeneous OS connectivity on all supported platforms.
  • The languages InterBase supports include C++, Java, Object Pascal, NET, Ruby, C, PHP, and Delphi.
  • Visual Studio developers can use InterBase with ADO.NET or ODBC connectors.

2- SQL Compliance:

InterBase is an embeddable SQL database with commercial-level expandability. This SQL standards-compliant database rigorously follows SQL industry standards and supports UNICODE. It works ideally for any globally set character and provides instantaneous event alert, multiple-join Unicode, famous Change Views’ SQL-oriented change track.

Tailor-made properties:

You can conveniently customize InterBase with model triggers, field types, custom exceptions, and stored procedures. Customization aids in automating database rules, transformation, logic, and maintenance.

Multi-grade Architecture.

This database management system forms connections with database snapshots, guaranteeing that readers aren’t able to block writers from increasing flexibility and introducing changes.

Central key values development:

Generators enable you to grab sequenced numbers that are normally utilized for primary keys. InterBase never assigns duplicate keys. Generators allow InterBase to build key values in the database centrally.

3- Efficacy:

Want to save on developmental costs? If you answered yes, this is the ideal development tool for you! As the phenomenal Change Views feature decreases, network costs, development time, and server CPU demand are related to the replication techniques that depend on conventional change-track strategies. Resultantly, development panels can benefit from improved user experience, cost, and time savings. This means:

No need to worry about log details or timestamps:

InterBase’s Change Views rules out general adaptability problems with time-stamp fields, and log tables.

Tracking of subscription-specific data:

Whenever a user has gained rights and subscriptions to specific sections of data, they can track down the changes being made at the field level for that specific subscription.  This convenient tool allows access to data alterations to be controlled and scaled with less code to refactor, construct, try, develop and test.

Easy access to data deltas:

Change Views provides just the field-level deltas of alterations, sanctioning developers to provide extensive report analysis to the end-user along with decreasing data-movement expenses. This data can be queried via SQL before synchronization to guarantee that you never have to bear the shock of an accidental data bill.

4- Resilience:

One cannot understate the significance of disaster recovery of the database for your enterprise, as all your logs, files, corporate policies, and the business app runs on data. InterBase aids in an efficient disaster retrieval plan via point-in-time recovery, incremental dumps, write-ahead logging, live backups, and multithreaded restore. The command line is used to back up the data, by admin tools, by coding or utilizing backup APIs, or the ODBC driver GUI.

The ability to do live backups. InterBase’s multiple-layered architecture allows the capturing of backup snapshots during a users’ active state, and also while altering databases.

Unique Data Dumps:

These unique data dumps immediately form a read-only copy of the database. In a Dynamic Range case, shifting the database to read/write is quicker than retrieval waiting. First-time setups make a full copy of the database, with repeated runs updating the copy with the changes primarily to the database.

Write-Ahead Logging:

InterBase’s journaling feature offers the security of instantly writing alterations to disk, with the perks of a full in-memory database system. Journaling can be activated with a single line of SQL.

Retrieval to any point in time:

Quickly retrograde the database to literally any point in time employing journal archives. The best thing about this feature is that journal archives can be stored on other devices as well, resulting in a faster way to retrieve them even in the case when the backup has not run.

5- Privacy:

Databases and their privacy is important to concern. Just think about all of the essential enterprise data, rules, logic, and information being leaked or even worse going into the wrong hands! The damage to databases can be extremely exorbitant and result in customer trust loss, enterprise reputation loss, and even heavy fines.  You can’t even possibly imagine that, however, some companies have suffered that worst kind of fate as well, because they chose low-grade or substandard database management systems that never care about users’ privacy. InterBase; however, is quite different from such database systems.

InterBase could be said to be one of the most responsible client-oriented database management engines. Its designers understand that consumers have trusted them with their sensitive information, and they go to greater limits to keep that trust intact. InterBase offers over-the-cable and rest-phase encryption, role-dependent security, and independent login. InterBase manages complete full disk-active encryption along with adding minute overhead to database functionality and efficiency.

Encryption compliant among multiple platforms:

InterBase supports encryption over the cable encryption among clients and servers, and data in rest including DES, and AES-256 bit. This encryption feature is pre-developed and provided as a constituent of its cross-platform format.

Independent Secure Login:

Data visibility is determined by the login of a specialist to the database with a column-grade granularity that guarantees full security, and encryption prerequisite for even the developers before accessing sensitive information.

Decreased Chances of data breach:

Built-in granular column-level encryption The pre-integrated granular column grade encryption tremendously decreases the chances of data theft or leak by-product refactoring and requirement changes, while your data layer handles the data visibility.

6- Light footprint:

The most commonly occurring problem with even the best performing databases is their weight, and footprint size. InterBase; however, is among the most efficient native databases to be launched that has a lightweight footprint. InterBase benefits both the modern multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU systems, with a special grading approach and upgraded disk I/O caching, to recover and improve your data effectively fast. This light weight is really an exceptional feature of this database!

Little footprint:

In the smallest distribution, InterBase amounts to just a few megabytes. The light in-memory prerequisites and on-disk footprint make this tool a perfect one for any gadget needing a commercial-level embeddable database system.

Write-Ahead Logging:

Journaling offers complete safety to straight away write changes on the disk with the perks of a full in-memory database system. Activate journaling with a single line of SQL without making any alterations in your app.

7- Zero administration required:

If you’re looking for database management that requires zero administration, InterBase is the right choice for you, as it will keep on running on its own! Even with the diligently working databases with a processing speed of 10,0000+ transactions/ seconds, it might take you years to restore and backup the newest InterBase server.  InterBase servers are particularly efficient at being admin-free. It is pertinent to mention to our users that the Mars rover also used a replica on Mars.

Swift crash retrieval:

InterBase was among the first ACID-compliant databases in the industry, suggesting its swift efficacy in data retrieval after a server crash.  InterBase is hands down the best database system at doing this job and therefore has been deployed in helicopters, medical equipment, and tanks globally, and in all these conditions recovery time is critical for a system reboot.

A timeline of the release of InterBase versions:

Thinking about the evolution of InterBase 2020? Just think how much work had to be done on the previous version to make this one absolutely peerless! We gathered it’d be exciting to present you with the timeline of InterBase 2020 so that you can see for yourself how much this tool has improved!

  • InterBase version 7 was released in the last months of the year 2002, which comprised SMP supporting specification and higher surveillance and authority of servers by the administrators.
  • June 2003 saw the release of InterBase 7.1.
  • InterBase 7.5 came into being by the end of 2004.
  • June 1, 2005, witnessed the release of newly manufactured InterBase model, 5.1
  • InterBase 2007 was available by September 2006, with Unicode character coding, journaling recovery, latest ODBC driver, batch statement alternatives, and backup.
  • InterBase 2009 possessed remarkably exceptional features like selective column-grade data encryption capacity, over-the-wire encryption, full data encryption property and was released in September 2008.
  • InterBase XE launched in September 2010, with upgraded safety, updated adaptability, optimized functionality, dynamic SQL support, and 64-bit client and server.
  • 2013-2014 saw the addition of iOS and Android to the list of supported platforms by InterBase XE3.
  • A runtime nonexclusive version InterBaseIBLite supporting windows, macOS, iOS, and Android also launched.
  • InterBase XE7 was released by Embarcadero at the end of 2014, providing the latest patent-pending change track feature, the “Change views”. Added Ubuntu to the certified Linux platforms.
  • In March 2017, Embarcadero released InterBase 2017, which came into being in March of 2017. The specs included new transaction isolation grades, InterBaseToGo for Linux, language upgrades, change views expansion upgrade, transaction wait time organization.
  • Our favorite, InterBase 2020, was launched by Embarcadero in 2019, after which it was updated last in May 2020. This is the current version that we are so excited about! The upgrade focused on the addition of the most significant feature of tablespaces.

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What’s so special about InterBase?

InterBase is a robust, minimized footprint, the zero-administration database management system that can fuel your server and is compatible with iOS, and Android handheld devices as an embedded database. This InterBase 2020 model has been upgraded, with a wide variety of new features, including tablespaces support for InterBase, sanctioning improved functioning on servers with various data-archiving alternatives.

Pricing Information:

Detailed information about the payment and pricing of particular versions can be requested by contacting a salesperson. The desktop version is available for $64. The information regarding pricing and particular features being offered are:

Perks of using InterBase:

Even though we have already discussed the key specs and features of this innovative database management engine. You’d be surprised to know that it offers a multitude of benefits to enterprises or corporations using this database management system. Let’s find out about these perks!

Lowered reliance on network traffic:

InterBase has local storage capability, which in turn decreases the dependence on network traffic, thereby reducing cost, and upgrading user experience and efficiency. It provides easy deployment features for your app. A single on-disk compiled format enables swift support and testing directly from your development tool.

Event Alerts:

InterBase Events permits an instantaneous alert to the clients connected when an alteration is made. This is saved on CPU-intensive database polling and hence improves database flexibility.

Increased efficiency, decreased cost:

Change Views boosts applications efficiency and results in decreased cost and network traffic, grabbing only the changes made on the database.

Safest Change Tracking alternative:

Change Views makes change identification, along with the authority of managing personnel with access quite easy, and the unauthorized staff from even attempting a guess at the extent of data changes.

Efficient data retrieval:

InterBase retrieval employs various threads on multitudes of processors to guarantee the most efficient database and index recovery.

Client security on a role basis:

This database system ensures complete security and therefore is provided with role-centered security login well-structured with the job duties, like HR Manager, Accounts Manager, Salesperson, Accountants, IT technicians, etc. so that every person can access the data specific to their role. This user security login will immensely aid you conveniently in providing or terminating access to these personals to change tracking and data in your system.

Encryption-warranted backups:

With InterBase, you wouldn’t even have to worry about your backups, as they’d be encrypted too! Sounds ideal, right? InterBase supports a particular backup-oriented encryption key that enables the creation of an encrypted backup and also fulfills the requirements of clients needing command-line backups that run through schedules.

Record-breaking Installation speed:

InterBase provides record-breaking installation speed as the server takes just a few seconds to fully install with an embeddable installer to help with the silent installation of client and server drivers. When it comes to InterBaseToGo, it requires no installation, you can directly deploy your libraries with the app.

Increased scalability and efficiency:

The famous Change Views feature updates data adaptability and efficiency by decreasing data amount moved, which decreases network traffic, costs, disk I/O and severe CPU demand.

Disaster retrieval:

InterBase also provides a range of failover abilities, like database shadowing, journals, incremental backups, and point-in-time recovery.

Three million web developers:

This innovative database management engine is currently being used by three million web developers globally.

Free trial:

InterBase also offers a free trial for the full version.

Final Verdict:

The importance of utilizing database management systems, especially for companies scattered in various regions, or with multiple domains, is extreme. One must choose a database management system that is not only efficient but also cost-effective. The best perk offered by any ideal database management system is its compliance with other platforms and servers. In this article, we presented you with the introduction, key features, perks, specs, release timeline, and advantages of adding this tool to your database management routine. This database management system is a scalable, embeddable SQL database system that will revolutionize data management in your enterprise.

The scalability, data retrieval, disaster-prone, encryption capabilities, secure role-based logins, and light footprint size, among various other useful features, make InterBase the ideal database management system for any enterprise. We’d highly recommend using this database management system to everyone! If you’re still not convinced, take the word of three million web developers who trust InterBase with their data management, and give it a go!

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