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20+ Best AD Network For Advertisers In 2024

Best AD Network For Advertisers In 2024:

Marketplaces for publishers and advertisers are called ad networks. As aggregators, they make it possible for marketers to post their advertising on open spaces across a variety of websites as well as mobile platforms. By matching them to the needs of advertisers, they assist internet platforms in monetizing their available ad spots.

The phrase “Ad Network” is media-neutral. However, given that the commercial hub of Advertisers and Publishers is increasingly being located online, it is frequently employed as an “Advertisement Network.” The key distinction between print media and digital advertising networks is that the latter disseminates advertisements to the wider public via an advertisement server.

Everyone may only think of the two terms Google Ads and Facebook Ads after hearing this. In this instance, you are correct, as Google and Facebook are generally understood as the two largest shareholders in the media and advertising industries. In 2020, they generated $219 million in combined ad revenues, accounting for 34% of the market.

But these networks do not represent the entire market. Currently, advertisers can choose from a wide variety of ad networks.

Best Ad Networks for Advertisers in 2024:

  1. Apple Search Ads
  2. Yahoo Ad Tech
  3. Amazon Ads
  4. TikTok Ads
  5. Snapchat Ads
  6. Twitter Business
  7. Spotify Ads
  8. Microsoft Ads
  9. Epom
  10. LinkedIn Ads
  12. InMobi Audience Targeting
  13. AdRoll
  14. SXM Media
  15. Perpetua

1- Apple Search Ads:

apple search ads

An ad network channel called Apple Search Ads (ASA) links advertisers with powerful interest groups. There are already 20 million registered iOS application developers managing 500 million weekly visits, creating fierce competition across all sectors. They are capable of bringing in $100 billion in revenue.

There are two variations of Apple Search Ads: Basic and Advanced. In comparison, the advanced edition costs more but offers more features. It should be noted that not every user will see the same advertisement when using Apple Search Ads. There are several different kinds of advertisements, and variances include the quantity of graphics and videos.


You may track and identify app downloads and downloads brought on by your Apple Search Ads initiatives using the Apple Ads Attribution API. Watch the value of various client segments change over time, as well as the keywords that influenced user conversion.

Manufacturers, companies, and third-party platforms can manage larger campaigns, integrate their own features, or programmatically pull information using the Apple Search Ads Media Management API.

To accurately assess the success of your marketing campaigns while following Apple’s privacy guidelines, you can deploy the API directly or use a third-party attribution solution.

2- Yahoo Ad Tech:

Yahoo Ad Tech

Numerous buy-side and sell-side tools are available from Yahoo Ad Tech. It has an Exchange and a multi-channel DSP (Demand Side Platforms). Yahoo provides a platform called DSP for advertisers to bid on and purchase inventory, manage their purchases, and track their ads.

The exclusive agreement that offers non-rival accessibility to premium, label inventory with the greatest viewability throughout the native, video, and display is Yahoo Ad Tech’s key USP (User Selling Proposition).


  • Advertisers get benefits through these features:
  • With the impartiality and visibility of an independent DSP, the Yahoo DSP offers all the advantages of a walled garden.
  • Strong cross-screen data driven by individualized consumer relationships. Its DSP assists advertisers in comprehending and connecting with their audiences across various dimensions and devices.
  • Gain insights on direct consumer interactions throughout search, mail, commerce, content, and more by leveraging first-party datasets from hundreds of millions of consumers each month.
  • Yahoo is your go-to omnichannel location to connect consumers with the material they love and trust, whether it be through Yahoo O&O, our premier supply partners in Digital TV, DOOH, Native Ads, Ecommerce, or another channel.

3- Amazon Ads:

Amazon Ads

A total of more than 300 million active accounts are available to Amazon Ads. They now have a thorough understanding of how consumers perceive the products and brands they discover, explore, and purchase online.

They provide products, companies, and display sponsorships, among other services. In addition, they provide their clients with personalized adverts and audio and video advertisements. Advertisers can purchase displays, video, and audio ads programmatically through Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform).

Customers can choose from eight distinct items and seven different services. Amazon Ads is currently operational in 18 different nations, including Brazil, India, Australia, and many others.


They provide quick, practical solutions to assist you in expanding your readership and increasing book sales.

Brand metrics can assist you in performance measurement at each phase of the customer experience when you begin to launch campaigns to expand your brand.

In order to increase brand visibility, consideration, and conversion, Amazon’s Brand Innovation Lab collaborates with businesses to create programs that engage consumers at different points in the marketing funnel.

Professionals, creators, design technologists, programmers, and others work together with our worldwide team of communicators and inventors to develop solutions that are specific to the objectives of our advertisers.

4- TikTok Ads:

TikTok Ads

There are more than 1 billion users of TikTok. TikTok advertisements can now be seen by an estimated 825 million adults (18+) worldwide. There are many different types of advertisements available on the site, including in-feed ads, picture ads, flash ads, video ads, pangle ads, top view ads, carousel ads, branded tag challenges, and customized effects (branded stickers and filters).

TikTok provides advertisers with a straightforward 4-step process to post an ad on their site. The fundamental phases are choosing your audience and your aim. You then need to input your budget. You must design your advertisement as the final step before your commercial is complete.


Most of TikTok’s users are at higher levels of engagement Generation Z and Millennials situated in major cities worldwide, so brands may quickly establish a connection with this group of consumers.

Get distinctive engagement: By leveraging the power of common experiences on the platform, businesses may turn users into ambassadors through the use of ideas, tools, or the hashtag challenge.

Drive exponential growth: Using TikTok’s sophisticated content discovery mechanism, users can find new material according to their seeing preferences and routines, which helps companies, expand quickly and gain the most exposure.

5- Snapchat Ads:

Snapchat Ads

Advertisers who wish to reach the millennial age frequently use Snapchat Ads. This younger age group uses Snapchat the most frequently. Ads can be targeted based on preferences, actions, location, and other factors. Connect with those who are promoting the new attitudes and principles that are transforming the world.

There are approximately 319 million users in the addressable market for Snapchat Ads. These users are constantly online. Besides that, Snapchat would aid in the expansion of your business among millennials and Generation Z since it reaches around 75% of them. There is no greater platform for developing a business for young people than Snapchat. Among young people, your promotions could rise.


No matter the size or sector, Snapchat Ads and Public Accounts are designed for any business. With full-screen digital advertisements that motivate action from the customers that matter very much to your business, you can join the daily conversations of Snapchatters.

Snapchat’s self-serve advertising platform, Ads Manager, allows you to create ads, start campaigns, track performance, and optimize for your objectives all in one location.

Advertise on Snapchat for as little as $5 per day with advertising. You may test, learn from, and enhance ads on a budget because of our minimal daily spending requirements.

6- Twitter Business:


On their platform, Twitter Business offers more than 20 different product possibilities to display your tailored advertisement. Here are a few of the most important adoptions on Twitter.

  • Enhanced Ads
  • Subscriber Ads
  • Tweet Amplifier
  • Live polls on Twitter
  • Takeover of Twitter
  • Customized Hashtags
  • Personalized Notification

And a lot more…

Twitter is a network with a large user base. The ideal place to advertise your goods or services if you wish to establish a presence on social media for your brand is Twitter.


  • Businesses use Twitter to keep updated with events.
  • When you promote your company on Twitter, you engage with a large audience that will help you have an influence and produce results.
  • In fact, clients between the age of 18 and 35 place a premium on brand participation in culture. Compared to the broader public, Twitter users are more enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and strongly believe that businesses should fit with the culture.
  • Your target audience is eager to interact with you and is already on Twitter.
  • Twitter provides a forum for individuals to debate subjects that are hot and that they are passionate about, which generates a tremendously engaged community for us to target, whether organically or through paid advertisements.

7- Spotify Ads:


A few years ago, FM radio was the sole option for advertising looking to reach a music-loving audience. However, things have changed lately. You primarily have three ways to narrow down your target audience with Spotify Ads: demographics, behavior, and contexts. Additionally, you can target a more specific audience by employing custom targeting.

Spotify offers flexible options for advertising. Therefore, no matter how big your financial plan is, there is something for you. The self-serve advertising network, Ad Studio, allows advertisers to launch anything for just $250.


  • Reach your audience where they are listening by letting millions of listeners hear about your company wherever they are. With its self-serve advertising manager, Spotify Ad Studio, you can start advertising with Spotify right away.
  • Gen Z takes the front stage in 2022’s cultural landscape
  • Gen Z makes up more than 1/3 of all Spotify Free users worldwide (A18-24). They examine how they’re employing audio to alter culture, fandom, and themselves in this year’s Culture Next study. View the main insights and trends right away.
  • Get your point through on any budget- Create an account in a matter of minutes, then start a campaign with just $250.

8- Microsoft Ads:


With 400 million monthly searches on Microsoft as well as partner websites, Microsoft Ads can reach as high as 41 million customers. It includes 15 distinct advertising tools that might be quite useful in enhancing the advertising strategy.

If you’re already working hard on Google Ads as well as Facebook Ads, you may extend that approach to Microsoft Ads by delegating the difficult tasks to the import tools. As a result, you may spend less time and attention on routine social media marketing methods and concentrate on business outcomes.


  • Reach your audience on sites that protect your brand.
  • Reach millions of people across devices by using IAS-certified brand-safe characteristics and high-quality native ad placements.

There are two methods for running Microsoft Audience Ads:

In order to have complete control of your native advertising campaign, create an audience campaign and manage it using a dedicated budget, a highly focused audience strategy, and optimal performance indicators. For additional information on where to begin, see how to construct an audience campaign.

Expand your search strategy to native- By easily expanding your search campaign to the Microsoft Demographic Network, adopting a single budget as well as reporting to easily manage your campaigns, you may increase high-quality clicks among your target audience.

9- Epom:


Epom offers a 14-day free trial so you may evaluate the system. They offer a variety of ad server options, including powerful RTB bidders, white-label DSPs, and many others, to help any firm expand significantly. Through Epom, you can create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to connect with your audience. Additionally, there are several ad formats like desktop, mobile, in-app, and video available.

Pricing for Epom’s Ad Server ranges from $212 (Basic Plan) to $2125 per month (Advanced Plan). Furthermore, the Enterprise mode allows you to further personalize your plan.


With sophisticated targeting options across devices, you can access premium ad inventory and reach your desired demographic. Distribute your ad creative to the appropriate users across devices, including mobile, browser, video, in-app, and much more, but also stop worrying about wasted advertising dollars and inconsistencies.

All users get real-time access to their advertising operations’ performance using Epom Ad Server, allowing them to make quick adjustments. Take advantage of precise targeting, explore your facts in the most effective manner, and receive customized real-time reports.

Get in-depth analyses of your campaign’s success, including the worldwide audience outreach and the effectiveness of each ad.

You can streamline your advertising operations as well as automate split testing within the account using Epom Ad Server’s automatic CTR, conversions, and eCPM optimization.

10- LinkedIn Ads:

linkdin ads

With conversational, interactive, and video ad formats available, LinkedIn Ads can accommodate any demand. It raises awareness of your business by promoting your company’s advertisements to niche markets on many platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Your product is featured in the most popular professional news feed on the planet.

The LinkedIn marketing platform’s Campaign Manager streamlines all of your advertising processes. Your missions are created, evaluated, and streamlined across all platforms. Additionally, their platform is used by approximately 65 million decision-makers. Your company may see a paradigm change as a result of this.


  • Any size business may use LinkedIn ads to assist them in reaching their target market and accomplishing their objectives.
  • Target a distinct audience: LinkedIn has over 830 million active professionals. Identify your audience’s job title, role, industry, and other characteristics.
  • Create simple and efficient LinkedIn advertising. LinkedIn advertisements can be used to drive event registrations, brand recognition, or lead generation.
  • Control your spending and expenses by using variable pricing choices. Your LinkedIn advertising can be started with just about any budget and stopped at any moment.

11- is a prominent international marketing company with one of the most comprehensive plans for promoting innovation across all media.

By constructing top-level things across various portions of any advertisement technology, the platform creates web-based ads. As a result, each client’s needs are satisfied without the need to work with many suppliers. The management of the adverts is made simpler by combining the solutions from various providers on a single platform.


  • Revolutionize your advertising approach with contextual advertisements, which give you access to billions of dollars worth of advertising search expenditures.
  • By using pertinent search terms to filter the user’s intent, this format produces finely targeted adverts and much larger profits because advertisers are ready to pay more than that for visitors who have a specific intent.
  • Get global supply for your inventory. They connect you with all the main buyer networks and take care of operating costs so you don’t have to, giving you simple access to premium display ads.
  • Their solid connections with DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks, AMPs, DMPs, etc. are also advantageous to you.

12- InMobi Audience Targeting:


A significant clientele for the Indian startup InMobi includes fashionistas, quick-serve restaurant devotees, college students, fitness buffs, vehicle consumers, and affluent urbanites. It has a variety of services for advertisers, including Exchange, Audiences, DSP, and Pulse, a platform for customer and market data.

Advertisers deliver beneficial services such as game monetization, header bidding network service, unifID- identification solution, mobile app monetization, a range of ad types, and more.


  • Services provide-
  • Global reach to consistently reach your target audience with laser-focused targeting.
  • Personalized audiences created from sizable data sets provide you a complete picture of your customer.
  • Utilize “always on” sections that are continuously updated to connect with your clients as their micro-moments of life take place.
  • Reach out to customers wherever they may be and record their genuine, everyday behavior. Massive scale and reach are enabled with a mobile-first strategy.
  • Utilize active and passive mobile interaction data to monitor the wellness of your brand and that of your competitors.
  • Create intelligent user segments by understanding the digital DNA of your clients as revealed by their mobile consumption statistics and location trends.

By comprehending the efficacy of offline and online media efforts, one can dynamically increase marketing ROI.

13- AdRoll:


AdRoll is an advertising platform with more than ten years’ worth of data from millions of brands and many billions of consumers. This will eventually assist in identifying the right market for your goods. Additionally, they offer marketing plans that are ideal for your company. You will achieve successful outcomes after you put these tactics into practice.

AdRoll not only produces effective advertisements and also provides automated emails to a specific audience, and a combination of both increases traffic to your website. Additionally, they have a unique selling proposition in that they target the audience based on changes in consumer tastes over time.


For e-commerce firms, AdRoll offers a single platform that makes it simple to deploy display advertisements, social network ads, and email campaigns that engage current consumers, draw in new ones, and increase revenue.

The AdRoll network is backed by data collected over a 15-year period from millions of brands as well as billions of consumers. Let us use our knowledge to locate the ideal clients for your company.

A one-stop shop is exactly what we mean when we say it. Launch, stop, and edit advertising campaigns everywhere you wish to market. You can also utilize the data to analyze your ads overall and make adjustments.

14- SXM Media:

SXM Media

The biggest network for advertising on podcasts in the US is SXM Media. Assume that members of your target audience enjoy various types of podcasts. In such a scenario, this ad network provider is ideal for your product since it allows you to reach approximately 55 million podcast listeners.

On their platforms, they provide a number of adoptions, including streamed audio, film, dynamic audio, and sequencing audio. The finest part of SXM Media is now here: Podcast Ads, where they provide audience-based buying, relevant alignments, and branded content, including exclusive show chances.


Explore the interactive podcast universe, which is comprised of the top companies in the business (Stitcher, SiriusXM, NBCU News Group), and is available through SXM Media. Explore targeting categories, audiences, opportunities for exclusive shows, and more as you begin your podcasting journey.

They wish for you to join our fantastic podcasting community. They can assist you with revenue solutions, cross-platform audience growth, and more if you’re prepared to advance your podcast.

Whatever you require, they are here to support you throughout the entire process, from ideation to execution. Contact them right away, and together, they will develop a successful audio plan that targets your most important audiences.

15- Perpetua:


Perpetua provides all the tools needed to help eCommerce firms develop their market share profitably. They solicit your aims and finances rather than producing campaigns, and using that information, they create unique branding for each brand. You can anticipate higher outcomes for your brand because of personalized solutions.

Programmatic bid optimization by Perpetua is quicker and more precise than our human technique. You can now concentrate on tactics, testing, and analysis because of this. Perpetua is available just for $250 per month.


Perpetua’s contextual, conversion-based bidding methods and customized, intelligent recommendations are made to ensure that your campaigns never go dark, increase your market share profitably, and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

Analyze the real effects of your advertising spending across a variety of platforms and markets.

With Perpetua’s configurable, enterprise-level reporting, you can quickly see how your company and its products are doing relative to others in your industry.

Their team of professionals provides a complete solution to assist design, building and deploying DSP campaigns that surpass your goals, whether you’re aiming to bring in new clients, boost engagement, or optimize for particular metrics.

It’s not just a Perpetua feature; measuring profitability and increasing incremental sales is the cornerstone on which their Amazon DSP software is based.


The top-performing ad networks for advertisers list are included in the list above. Some only perform well for certain sponsors, and some are quite particular to them. Therefore, no matter whatever ad network you want to display your advertisement on, remember that customization is the secret to expanding your brand through digital marketing.

You can also consider learning how to prevent bad search ads.

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Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.
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