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Looking for software to help keep track of everybody’s work and enhance collaborations in your business? Well, with your growing business it becomes hard to handle both your team and client at the same time. Ranging from task management to work scheduling and meetings, it is very important to use a team and some form of client management software. Furthermore, in these management platforms, you should have the feature of collecting data and identifying the strength and weaknesses of your business. You also have to make sure the relationship between the business team and customers remains positive and the management systems help in achieving a better understanding amongst everyone involved. The problem is finding a good Team and Client Management System. Today, most softwares just promise results but in our own experience, only a few of them show results.

Here we have which is a Team and Client management solution that you always wanted for your business. Comes with Effortless usability, saving time, and the latest management tools to help you grow your business in a managed way. In this review we are going to tell you about, talk about its features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and finally end the review with a few conclusive points. So, without further ado let us hop into our review.

What is

The development of started in 2014 with the sole purpose of solving the problems of running and managing a modern Agency. To carry out the basic daily workflows, it had multiple tools to get the job done. So the team decided to build Jumppl, a platform where you can carry out all your daily work from a single place.

Jumppl Home

With you can effortlessly chat, manage your projects, create client portals and handle job requests, all in a single platform. The whole mission of Jumppl is to enable the agencies to eliminate multiple point solutions and provide all the essentials in a single place. This will in return not only save time and money but also make everyone’s lives much easier.

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The platform provides you with awesome features like;

1- Project management Platform:

With Jumppl’s Project Management Platform, your team can manage every project and every resource with exceptional ease. The team won’t have to search for the project document email threads, neither losing the important messages in other applications. To keep track of everything and deliver projects on time, Jumppl has all the tools built in.

With Jumppl you can do kickoff, delivery, planning, and management painlessly, not just for yourself but for everyone who is involved. To better manage your projects, either small or large, Jumppl comes with;

  • Projects and subprojects management
  • Gantt Charts management and Delegates
  • Custom Status
  • Custom field creation
  • Job Requests creation and management

2- Custom Branded Client Portals:

The all-in-one team collaboration is better than ever before not only because of the clients being happy but also because of Jumppl’s client portal functionality. This portal gives you access to create customized client portals, giving direct access between clients and the project teams. Before these platforms, it was nearly impossible to connect the client with the team but due to the Custom Branded Client Portal services of Jumppl’s it is available affordably and effortlessly.

  • Effortless setting up and available to the clients straight away
  • There are no extra and hidden costs, everything is included in a single subscription

3- Chat to Get things done quickly:

Jumppl has its own integrated chat feature that completely erases the time taking and risky communication via other means. Usually, the communication about projects is done through emails, but in terms of projects with critical data, emails are not safe, neither are they, time savers. With the integrated Chat, your team members and clients can stay connected with each other without worrying about security. The group feature lets you create groups of your choice, either the groups can be for the project assignments or the specialized team that needs the message delivered quickly.

  • You can save a lot of time with this Chat integration
  • Get fast answers and no need for email responses
  • Direct project team chat
  • One on one team member chat
  • Direct client teams chat

4- Job Request Management:

In the Client portals provided by Jumppl, you can place job request forms directly. This makes the whole process a lot easier on the client side because they want to submit job requests for a specific department that can get the job done. Further, timesheets, attendance, time tracking, and run screen monitoring are provided in the platform to make sure projects and jobs are completed according to the specification and on desired time.

  • Track the time that is being spent on projects
  • Attendance tracking of employees to make sure either the projects are over or understaffed.
  • Screen monitoring for the specialists to provide employee feedback or free coaching to the team.


1- Projects:

With Jumppl you can allow the team to manage every project and everyone without going to multiple platforms. Everything is available in a single place.

2- Progress:

You can be updated with everything that is happening through the progress screen in Jumppl. Every progress of your organization, projects, and groups can be seen through the platform.

3- Calendar:

Jumppl also has a calendar and inbox built-in to keep you conscious about your daily schedules and deadlines. With the calendar, it becomes hard to mess up your day-to-day schedules.

4- Complicated Project Handling:

Popular projects are usually complex and managing them requires a robust platform. Jumppl has subprojects that are up to 3 levels deep, enabling you to handle various levels of complexities without sacrificing the simplicity of the platform. Even the most professional projects can be handled without an issue.

5- Task Assign:

You can create and also assign various tasks to the team in a simplistic manner. When the team or specific person has completed the task, you will be notified, so that there are no missed updates.

6- Track Task States:

The tracking and prioritizing of tasks can be done in few clicks. You can further label the task as critical, important, and normal. Whereas the status can be changed to Review, Done, Pending, and In Progress to let others know the situation. And the best part is that you can also customise these according to your own needs.

7- Due Dates:

Often, due to the lack of transparency in the team, your business gets negative comments. This platform lets you put dates on the tasks and in case the time goes beyond the due date, you will be notified. At the time of putting due dates, the projects are highlighted to let everyone know about them.

8- Dedicated Client Area:

Through the dedicated area for clients, the relation between team and client becomes exceptionally good. Through emails, calls, meetings, and other means, there is suffering on both ends to communicate but with this portal, you can not only chat but share files and their project details extensively to make them happy customers.

9- Sharing:

Many times, the project requires fluent communication or feedback from the client. allows you to share the project or relevant tasks with the client to let them know you are on the right track without wasting time.

10- Calendar view:

To view the tasks with respective timelines, there is a calendar feature or calendar view to be precise. This feature allows you to handle the big picture of the project and when it is time to make the changes, you can do it effortlessly through the calendar View.

11- Real-Time Chat:

This is no need to use the expensive integration for chatting with your clients. brings the new Real-time Chat feature inside the platform. There are no additional costs, neither restrictions. You can do everything present in a professional and secure Chat application.

12- Organized Assets:

Having a hobby of losing track? Well, Jumppl got you covered because it has dedicated folders for various projects you are working on and it is present under the same hood. You can keep everything organized and further use other tools to know which one is important and which one can be delayed.

13- Cloud Storage:

What is better than having cloud storage? Well, in Jumppl, you have cloud storage to save your important data to recover it in case something goes wrong. With the most popular cloud storage integrations, you can attach your documents to tasks from One Drive, Drive, and even the Jumppl cloud storage. There is always more space to increase the integrations.

14- Time Track:

The time tracking features of Jumppl are exceptional. Ranging from the time spent on each task to the recording of unlimited timeslots in real-time, you have a track of everything in Jumppl. You can keep track of the time that is taken for a specific project or task. The Timesheets module can help you have insights about the productivity of staff members and keep know-how of everything.

15- On the Go Access:

You have access to all the projects from any device. Either it’s a tablet, a computer, or even a smartphone you can access the files at any time.

16- Document Sharing:

You can share the document with the team and give access to the desired people through this online platform. Amazingly, you don’t lose control over the document and assign members according to your requirements.

17- Fast Searches:

If you are in a hurry and want to search for the files or specific data, then there are fast searches available from Just write something about the document you remember and it will come in front of you.

18- Fast Access:

With a growing business, you get more and more projects which become hard to handle. Through the mix of emails, chats, files, and specific data of projects, things get complex to access. Here you can pin the documents to Desktop App for effortless access. You can mark the document as favorites and give further details so that they are in a specific area.

19- Speed and Security:

Jumppl hosts the documents and project data inside the most secure environment. The security regularly gets updates according to the latest technology. This is done to ensure that your data doesn’t get out of the boundaries, whereas the up-to-date servers allow you to access the data in real-time.

20- Planning:

Jumppl is not only about work but also about team communication and their interaction with one another. You can keep track of your team members’ birthdays, important event dates, and work anniversaries. There are exceptionally beautiful visuals to make everyone happy while working. All of these features are present in the Jumppl Calendar.


  • Most user-friendly application
  • Effortless to use
  • Direct Chat for team and customer
  • Organize the workplace
  • Keep track of projects and business
  • A complete Solution
  • Versatile Tools


  • Given cloud, space is a bit less and needs improvement

Try Jumppl For Free


Everything about Jumppl is simple and easy, same is the case with its Pricing. All the plans come with Project management, Chat, Client Portals, File Storage, and much more. All the plans also come for Annually and Monthly plans to choose from.

  • Free; this plan is completely free of cost and there are some basic functionalities to use.
  • Small Tracks; this plan costs only 3 dollars per user or month with some extra features.

Final Verdict:

Jumppl is an all-in-one solution to your client and team management problems. In a single platform, you are given a very secure and user-friendly environment. As everything is easy and simple for Jumppl users, you have a separate Chat Module to talk and share files with clients, keep everything organized, effortlessly access files, schedule project details or meetings and keep track of every step through its calendar and get continuous notifications. If you are in search of the best client and team management solution at reasonable pricing, is the best one to place your bet on.

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