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20+ Best Landing Page Builders in 2024

In this modern world of excessive competition, it’s difficult to market your product or brand since there is a high chance that someone somewhere else has come up with the same idea and has the means to broadcast themselves, leaving your idea, no matter how authentic and good, to be left behind in the race.

In situations such as that, it becomes important to create leads for yourself so that you may stand a chance.

There are plenty of ways to go about marketing your product. The problem arises in gathering enough viewer engagements to cut. Hence why regular web pages aren’t enough to engage your audience. So for that, you need a landing page that will generate enough traffic for your webpage. It will point towards your website and promise the services you’re willing to offer the locals to garner their interest.

But to get a landing page, first, you will have to build it. And building a landing page is no piece of cake. It requires a certain toolset. This is why landing page builders were created. Just for this very purpose. And in recent years, there have been a lot of landing page builder softwares, where before there was maybe a hand full of them. Now there are so many that it becomes difficult to choose which one is the right choice for you.

Worry not though, as we have compiled a list of some of the best landing page builders of 2021 that will be sure to not only build a landing page for you but to manage it such that it performs the best possible job for you in promoting your webpage or platform. And all of this will be done through the stroke of a few keys on the user dashboard.

Let’s start.

Our Recommended Landing Page Builders:

What are Landing Pages?

Before we jump into the various kinds of landing page builders, it is imperative that we find out what exactly a landing page is. What their purpose is and how they help in promoting your particular brand on the internet.

A landing page is basically a third-party promoter that can be a separate webpage, an advertisement, a page within a page, or some kind of promotional event. Whatever form it takes, its main purpose is to create a discourse of sort online about your particular brand or the services your business is offering before it turns into a landing strip that users hop on to get to your website.

Your landing page can essentially be customized to match the image you have for it in your mind, or it can even match the template of your website. It can have the necessary headings and customizable options present on its interface whose main purpose is to your hook the audience.

Once a landing page is built for your online business, it can then increase conversions for you online. Promoting your brand name and services.

Best Landing Page Builders 2024:

The following list depicts some of the Best Landing Page Builder platforms of the year 2023 and 2024:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Leadpages
  3. Landingi
  4. Unbounce
  5. Sendinblue
  6. Instapage
  7. GetResponse
  8. Wishpond
  9. Lander
  10. Gutenberg (WordPress 5)
  11. Divi
  12. Launchaco
  13. Carrd
  14. MailChimp
  15. Launchrock
  16. KickoffLabs
  17. Landing Lion / Makeswift
  18. Elementor
  19. Shortstack
  20. Ucraft

1. HubSpot – The #1 Free Landing Page Builder:


HubSpot is a name that is well-known in the digital marketing community as they feature various marketing tools that come in handy for people building up their online business. Their landing page builder is just the cherry on top. So for HubSpot users, they can experience an easy-to-use landing page builder as well.

To access their landing page builder, you will first have to be a user of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub platform, and even then you will have to pay for the services of the landing page builder.

The landing page builder offered by HubSpot offers excellent A/B testing features that can come in handy when you’re marketing your business.

As for the pricing plans, HubSpot offers all sorts of plans from basic to professional. But the prices are all in accordance with the quality services they offer as well so there is no need to feel disheartened by high they are.

Try HubSpot For Free

2. Leadpages – Top Landing Page Builder:


Considering most of the platforms on this list are pricey, it’s a fresh change to mention some that come at a low cost since most people would prefer them over the more expensive ones. Among those cheap builders is Leadpages, which aims to provide a feature set that is in direct coalition with the amount it charges. That isn’t to say that the features themselves are bad, in fact, they were quite good. Better than most, considering Leadpages made the cut on the list of best landing page builders.

The features that it provides include the usual drag-and-drop builder criteria. There are more than 100 free templates to choose from.

Leadpages also has integrations with other digital marketing platforms like HubSpot in their bid to provide excellent services. It also offers paid features that are getting more advanced as you choose the pricier package. A/B testing is also part of the pricier package and won’t be available in the standard package.

Try Leadpages For Free

3. Landingi – Affordable Landing Page Builder:


Landingi differs from other landing page builders on this list due to the fact that not only does it offer varied templates for the user to choose from for their landing page, Landingi also offers the opportunity to make use of their provided tech team that is available at all times, to make the landing pages in your stead.

As for the other features that it offers, the basic ones such as automation, integration, and the most important A/B testing feature is one of them. But these features come at a priced plan that is overall not that expensive.

They also provide 14 days free trial so that you can check their landing page builder for free before buying.

Try Landingi For Free

4- Unbounce:


One of the most used landing page builders on this list, Unbounce comes with stellar drag-and-drop features. This entire platform is a bit advanced for casual users and will definitely need a prior understanding of how to work on it, otherwise, beginners will have a hard time working on it. The toolsets that Unbounce offers are also quite advanced.

Unbounce is an all-rounder in the regard that it has extensive knowledge of what landing page builders are capable of and it aims to provide the best possible experience to its users. It may be a bit pricey, but that is mainly due to the fact that it really does offer advanced features and thus the added incentive is a bit justified in that regard.

Among its varied feature set is setting up support for A/B testing, viewer analysis, integration for ads, etc. All of this is done through Unbounce. Users will be happy to know that they’re definitely getting their money’s worth with this.

5- Sendinblue:


Sendinblue started off as an email marketing toolkit that grew into a digital marketing and sales platform the likes of which haven’t been appreciated as much as they should. Its user interface has been applauded for being extremely efficient and smooth in its running. The drag-and-drop interface module works like a charm.

Among the other features that it offers is its extensive and modernized template designs. All of which are fresh and perfect for any kind of page that you want to build. Sendinblue doesn’t just offer a quality landing page builder, but also other marketing tools as well, such as A.B testing, email marketing, and other online automated marketing strategies. It’s a huge bundle that any user will be glad to make use of.

As for the pricing plans that it offers, you will be happy to know that Sendinblue is quite affordable and reasonable. Offering all sorts of plans for beginners and professionals alike.

6- Instapage:


Instapage is a landing page builder platform that is known for its high-speed processing. Users can create multiple landing pages in a limited amount of time by choosing from pre-loaded templates, of which there are many. And even though Instapage may offer a more generic builder guild, compared to other more ostentatious landing page builders on this list, it is still a solid choice for users who prefer convenience over complexity.

As for the generic features it offers, know that Instapage covers the basics such as A/B testing, customization tools, and deep analyses.

Not to mention the fact that because of its easy and simple approach to page building, Instapage comes in at a low cost. You won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount to attain simple features that are there to get the job done neatly.

7- GetResponse:


GetResponse gets a lot of clout because of the fact that it offers all sorts of paid plans that can be adequate for people from all walks of life. The feature sets that it offers to vary with each package though, with advanced features being offered in the more premium packages.

The marketing side of GetResponse is considered, in a word, competitive. As they seek to provide extra features that can help people in building up their brand name online. Among these marketing, features are email marketing, automated marketing, and other such varied forms of e-commerce online that can help in better selling your brand products.

The more extensive and advanced features you wish to explore, such as the ability to create infinite amounts of landing pages, you will have to move towards the more premium packages.

8- Wishpond:


Wishpond is a one-for-all kind of landing page builder in the sense that it offers other services besides page building and instead takes a foray into various other digital marketing strategies like social media invites, automated marketing, pop-ups, online ads, etc. It creates all sorts of leads for people hoping to expand on their product media engagements.

The only downside to this is that you will be limited to the leads that Wishpond can generate for you and won’t be able to produce them in an organic way. That is to say that by applying for the paid packages that Wishpond offers, you will be allowed to generate more and more leads than the usual standard package first allowed for you.

But also be wary of the fact that the more leads you require, the more the amount cash will be charged to you as there are customized package deals offered by Wishpond.

9- Lander:


Lander is another one of the cheap landing page builders on this list as they start their prices from the bottom and slowly raise them up as the quality and number of features increase. Note that the feature sets aren’t that extensive, to begin with as Lander is the landing page builder platform that is specifically catered towards small businesses or individual marketers.

And the only thing that the advanced-priced plans offer is an increase in viewer traffic. Lander also has customized plans offered as well for people that wish to increase the usual metrics of viewer engagements that the most premium of plans from Lander has to offer.

The great thing about Lander is that it deals in code. You can customize the code of your page, allowing you to have more creative control as well as control over the kind of vision you want to create for your landing page.

But that isn’t where Lander’s merits end as it also offers A/B testing facilities, as well as the fact that it acts as a dedicated landing page for Facebook.

10- Gutenberg:


Gutenberg is considered the topmost landing page builder. And as it has recently become a default editor for WordPress, its authenticity has reached new levels. It is easy to use and has a good interface. It offers all the legitimate features that one would expect from a quality landing page builder, one of which would be the customization features that make it easier for users to create a landing page, with WordPress acting as an interface might we add.

Compared to other builder platforms that offer a varied amount of templates to choose from, Gutenberg does not offer any templates, leaving users to customize the pages on their own. Although limited templates can be accessed by paying for them, at that point it becomes a bit hectic.

All in all, Gutenberg is a good landing page builder for users that want an easy and to-the-point builder that can create a simple landing page without too much hassle.

11- Divi:


Divi is another name on this list that has some ties with WordPress. But compared to Gutenberg which has a WordPress integration, Divi takes inspiration from WordPress’s working to create a template that users can easily work on.

Through Divi, users can create landing pages left and right at a very fast pace. The templates and features offered by Divi are showcased on the main dashboard and can be accessed without much problem, all it takes is a few clicks and you’re done.

Along with the fact that it provides fast processing and development speeds, Divi is also extremely cost-effective and basically build for users that wish to access a simplistic landing page builder that can get the job done. And although there is a matter of a few bugs here and there that users might have to contend with in Divi, it’s safe to say that the newer iterations of this platform have come through and users face a lot fewer problems than they did before using Divi.

12- Launchaco:


While most landing page builders on this list may be catered towards enterprise-level businesses that required a modicum of information about building landing pages and web marketing on their own, Launchaco is a nice reprieve considering it instead caters to smaller businesses or startups.

The price plans that it offers are also extremely lucrative, while at the same time giving users a steadfast approach to creating a landing page. The feature set offered allows for creating simple and basic pages that get the job done at the price they are being charged to make.

Furthermore, there is the added benefit of Launchaco’s Google integrations as it is in direct contract with Google Analytics, thus offering the benefits of both worlds. Launchaco also allows users to create an unlimited amount of websites, even if you are using the free package. The entire platform is simple and efficient, and its users can attest to that since the landing pages build on it are very pleasing to look at and come with the best sort of layout and features.

13- Carrd:


Carrd is another landing page builder that offers great services even with its free package. Services that are only highlighted and made more advanced in its premium packages. And although it may be an acquired taste considering that it allows users some limited choices when developing a landing page, that isn’t to say that what it sets out to do, it doesn’t accomplish.

The customization features offered by Carrd are really good and users will have an incredibly amazing time tinkering with the editor to create great results. Since this is accomplished by the amount of freedom and choices that are offered to users. The set of controls blend seamlessly together and all in all, the user has a pretty good time in the process of making their landing page.

14- MailChimp:


Originally known for being an email builder, MailChimp has come a long way to becoming a landing page builder. And what a journey it was, considering the end result is a pretty robust platform that has an extremely fast developing and processing speed.

And although the template design ideas offered by MailChimp aren’t as aesthetically pleasing or in a varied amount, it is still a really good landing page builder. The best thing about it is that it is completely free of cost. There are usually paid versions of it available, but none so greater than the original free version that allows a lot of liberties to its users for their landing page development.

Among the paid plans, users will get the A/B testing facility that was otherwise unavailable on the free version. But know that the prices offered by MailChimp’s paid plans are adequate.

15- Launchrock:


Another free platform on this list, Launchrock is a bit basic and simple in its approach to landing page building. The features offered are simple and easy. As this platform is aimed towards individual or startup business use, Launchrock is pretty good at the marketing side of things.

It offers good analysis tools, as A/B testing is not available in any version. But that doesn’t hinder its performance. And since it is a free service provider, it is safe to say that a few discrepancies can be forgiven, especially considering how rare free and authentic landing page builders actually are.

16- KickoffLabs:


KickoffLabs is another on this list that has forayed into other spectrums of digital marketing campaigns. Mostly KickoffLabs started off with promoting products and services from different brands online. Not only that, but they also helped to launch your brand as well. Then came the option of landing page building, and KickoffLabs excelled at that as well. All with a limited number of features. Sure the basics are here, like detailed analyses, A/B testing functionality, etc.

KickoffLabs is a real winner in the eyes of its users, as it consistently advocates an award system for its customers, making sure its viewers always came back for seconds.

As for the pricing, KickoffLabs gives as good as it gets. With the features and leads offered by it in direct coalition with the amount of money, they are paid with. The thing about KickoffLabs that is different is the way they handle online traffic. Basically what happens is that KickoffLabs launches a series of online campaigns that lead to traffic being generated, with viewers coming in droves as a result of those campaigns only. The number of these campaigns and visitors is, however, limited.

17- LandingLion:


LandingLion is a critical choice in the regard that not many know about but those that do laud it for its unique and robust feature set. These features may not be that advanced and they may essentially not further any marketability of their own, but they certainly help shed a light on certain aspects, such as the viewer requirements. A way for creators of the content to understand what part of their pages the viewers preferred compared to others.

And in part due to how efficient its tactics are, LandingLion had a rebranding. As in, it has relaunched under a new name and has now, therefore, shifted their entire prerogative under a new alias. Thus allowing themselves to retain their originality while at the same time coming into their own with this migration.

The new name that LandingLion goes by is Makeshift.

18- Elementor:


Another landing page builder that has a WordPress integration to the point where WordPress has a page builder plugin under their name, Elementor is a rising star. The reason for that is it has been hailed as a reputable newcomer whose popularity has only been growing since its advent.

Its price plans oscillate between pricey to average, all with the intention of offering more advanced features with the premium packages.

Among the features that it offers are the usual templates, which are quite a lot compared to others. A theme builder and various other design features are all set to give your webpage a new look that is both attractive and efficient.

19- Shortstack:


Shortstack may come across as not that reliable a landing page builder. But for users whose main purpose is detailed online marketing, this platform is a great one. As it focuses more heavily on generating campaigns through social media by starting up contests, packages, giveaways, etc. All of this is done with the purpose of creating leads for your brand, and it is done magnificently.

And since Shortstack knows its own limitations and strengths, it allows users the freedom to create and design their own landing pages as they see fit. Which is a given considering the template designs offered by Shortstack aren’t up to par.

But after you are done with developing your landing page, you can easily market it without too much hassle.

20- Ucraft:


Ucraft is a website builder that has a solid interface and offers a good toolset. The dashboard has the usual drag-and-drop quality.

Ucraft offers its users with advanced security features, along with the option to build infinite numbers of landing pages the way they see fit. The SEO optimization features are also quite good.

As for the prices, you should know that Ucraft has a free version as well as a paid version. With the paid version being adequately priced, with extra features. It is definitely money well spent.

The only demerit would be the absence of an A/B testing facility but the rest of Ucraft’s features, and considering their sheer dedication, is enough to assuage any aspects that are left out.

Which LandingPage Builder Should You Choose:

In the end, after you’ve gone through the extensive list we’ve provided you with, you would surely wonder which landing page builder is the one for you. Should you go for the pricier ones since they offer an extensive feature list, or should you save up your cash and get the standard-priced ones since they offer the basic features and all you really need is an optimal amount of freedom to make a landing page.

The question also arises about the kind of feature set you wish to work with. Do you want advanced security features like the SSL certificate encrypts? Or do you wish to have the A/B testing functionality to really get into developing your landing page?

Another thing you could as is do you want the freedom to develop your own landing page from scratch or would you like an extensive list of template designs that can help you decide what you’re looking for in a landing page. There are other times when a user wishes to make their landing page in the image of their webpage, and even that is possible through some of the landing page builders on this list.

Users typically wish to know how many landing pages they can build using a single platform. Or what kind of interface is being offered to them, a simple one, or a complicated one. The latter of which is more efficient for people that have prior knowledge of landing page building, and for those maybe this list is a bit excessive. You can also ask what the processing speed of your platform is, so that you may know how many landing pages you can build in a small amount of time.

And lastly, but certainly not the least important, is the question of what kind of marketing your landing page will offer. If the landing page builder has a built-in marketing campaign strategy set in place, then you’re golden. Otherwise, what are your chances?

All of these are valid questions and once you decide what your requirements are from these, you can take a second look at this list and cherry-pick the one that you think is most suitable to your needs, and checkmark all of the options you wish to explore.

That is how you know which is the best landing page builder for you.

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