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LingoHub Review 2024- Is It Best Translation Management Software?

LingoHub Review 2023:

LingoHub – The Simplest and Easiest Solution for App, Website, and Software Localization:

Every business at some point in time wants to go international, and for that, they need to be prepared for localization of their products. Even though localization usually depends on the magnitude and specific needs of your business and product. But, no one can deny that it is growing as a business without localizing it is nearly impossible.

There is always a cost to pay for a business’s success, and some companies might think that localizing their products will slow down their releasing cycles and increase administrative overhead. Still, you cannot think about these meager things if your end goal is to make your business as successful as possible.

Localizing your business brings many benefits in return for the price you pay, and this exchange is really in your favor. With localization, you can improve your customers’ satisfaction because it is much more than just a translation. It gives you the content that resonates with your local clients’ culture and compels them into buying your products.

It also helps you increase and expand your customer base, essential in the current global village. An effective localization can help you break the barriers between you and your new potential customers by introducing and adapting your products in such a way that they fit the local market conditions and break little to no cultural traditions.

So, after learning more about the importance of localization, you may want software that works out best for your business. Well, we have the right thing for you.


LingoHub gives developers, product managers, and translators all the tools they need. They are experienced in the localization aspect of the businesses and have learned their lessons. So, now they want to bring their expertise to help new content and software creators manage everything needed to localize their projects more efficiently and easily.

It utilizes cultured integration and cloud technology to translate products digitally. Some of their flexible solutions include specialized checking of quality, providing a reliable connection to your chosen repositories, and integrated payment systems.

LingoHub always stays in sync with your organizational needs and your project so that you can cut your overheads of translation management as much as possible. 

It is created for scalability and simplicity, so it is completely adaptable to the development side of the localization business.

Key Features of LingoHub:

1- Project Dashboard:

You can manage all of your translations and localizations from the dashboard of LingoHub. The Project Dashboard plays the role of the entry point in your management system of translations.

2- Translations Editor:

Use the simple interface of LingoHub translation editor to translate anything and everything. The localizing and translating becomes effortless using the translation editor. 

3- Repository Integration:

Synchronize your projects for translations using the most common repositories. These repositories include

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Microsoft DevOps
  • Bitbucket
  • Zendesk
  • Storyblok 
  • Contentful as well

4- Mobile SDK with OTA:

Utilize LingoHub to manage all of your translations in one place. Their mobile SDK for iOS and Android apps allows you to translate, store, and manage all your app content so that you never have to worry again about mobile app translations.

It also supports OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, enabling you to publish all of the translation updates to Android and iOS apps flawlessly. Using OTA also removes the need to update the newer version of the app manually from the Google Play Store and App Store. 

5- Translational Memory:

The translation memory tool of LingoHub learns and adapts to each word you translate across all of your projects. After this process is completed, everything gets automatically stored in your translation memory. Any time in the future when you are working on a new project and need it, you can access all of your old translations through a few clicks.

6- Machine Translation:

LingoHub makes use of the best engines like Google Translate and DeepL, which come with an extensive list of supported languages and the accuracy to make the highest standard of your translations certain. All the intended meanings of the sentences can also be captured using DeepL.

7- Translation orders:

Using LingoHub, you can order your translations in 40+ languages. It can also help you get your text reviewed and translated by professionals in case of the absence of a specific language translator in your team. You get notified as soon as the translations you ordered are completed.

8- Up-To-Date Activity Reports:

Get a list of all the activities within your organization during a certain period on the Activity Reports. You also get access to a more detailed overview than the dashboard on how your translations are progressing. It also gives you the ability to keep track of your team’s productivity.

9- Statuses and Workflow:

Using the Statuses, you can organize the workflow of your translations with your team. It also gives you the ability to keep everyone on your team updated while streamlining all the phases of your translation process. It is the best tool when development leads and product managers want to understand your translation project’s status.

What are some additional features of LingoHub?

Now, if you still think that the features mentioned aren’t enough for you. Well, we have all the additional features and benefits that come with LingoHub mentioned below:

  • Project OverviewSee your complete progress along with an overview of your translation project.
  • Team Members and Collaborators Get the information on how many members are involved in each of your projects.
  • Translation Progress Get the progress information on each of your targeting language’s translations.
  • Ability to Add Languages This gives you the ability to add new targeted languages to your project directly and easily.
  • LingoChecksYou can check if the translations are not on par with your quality criteria.
  • The EditorGet your work done by being more efficient and focused using the built-in editor.
  • Cross-Project Editing Choose if you want to work on a specific project or all of them simultaneously.
  • Text Segment Search You can look for specific text segments or keys and IDs.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Perform your actions and navigate faster using the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Status Draft, Translated or ApprovedKeep an eye on your progress by setting text segments’ status.
  • Filter & Sort Your Translations Use the various parameters to filter and sort your text segments.
  • PackagesYou can generate snapshots of all of your translations so that you can backup app translations and manage their versioning as well.
  • Term Base/Glossary keep control of everything related to your brand by using their termbase, which can store all of your key terms.
  • AutoFill Increase the speed at which you translate by making use of the autofill feature. It automatically fills all of the empty texts from your MT or TM.
  • Communication and Discussion Hub Share your conversation with the whole organization so that every member of your team gets notified when a new conversation occurs or a new message is sent to the existing conversation.  


  • Managing translations and translators is easy.
  • Many integrations to popular services, like GitHub or Contentful.
  • Great and responsive support


  • UI style seems outdated, but the team announced a new UI this year.
  • Screenshot upload could be easier

LingoHub Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for LingoHub is as follows:

LingoHub details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Helmut Juskewycz
  • Founded: 2012
  • Specialty: Solution for App, Website, and Software Localization
  • Monthly starting price: €60
  • Head Office: Coulinstraße 24 4020 Linz Austria
  • uCompares rating:9/5


After going through this review, you should understand how important localization is for you and your business to reach greater heights. Using LingoHub on your side just makes this process a lot easier. It has all the features necessary to help your business recognize the local customers by understanding their culture and values more closely.

Using LingoHub will also help you in making more efficient decisions according to each locality. It comes with numerous handy features, each of them capable of boosting your growth and potential customers by multiple times. Therefore, we would recommend you to get their services. If you are considering going international, this can be one of the best investments you can make for your business.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to LingoHub. Our team wishes you the best!

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