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LiveWebinar Review (2024): The Best Webinar Solution in the Market

LiveWebinar Review 2024:

LiveWebinar – The Best Webinar Solution in the Market:

Technological advancement is moving the world at a rapid pace and it can become quite difficult sometimes to catch up to it especially when it comes to connecting with someone that lives somewhere else in the globe. You may require some sort of assistance so that you are always in touch with them in the form of private and public exchanges.

This assistance is especially crucial for companies that have to hold regular presentations in order to deliver their thought process to someone else. They achieve this by taking advantage of the capabilities of the internet and web. This particular solution is commonly known as a Webinar.

The merging of two different words namely ‘Web’ and ‘Seminar’ gives birth to a new term known as a webinar. This term generally signifies broadcasting of different presentations, seminars, and other content that can be done through an online medium in the form of a live stream recorded videos, etc. A webinar in itself is quite different from the usual webcasts because it allows the companies to receive real-time interactions and reactions from their audience, making it a two-way connection rather than the one-way in webcasts. 

So, if you have been on the lookout for such a webinar platform that makes sure all of your presentations are being delivered to the audience flawlessly. Well, we are just about to discuss a platform in detail which we think might be the best pick for your company.


LiveWebinar is an online cloud-based solution for webinars that are designed to help from small teams to large enterprises using different means such as recording, video streaming, and screen sharing. It comes equipped with its own set of features for engagement of the audience, broadcasting on social media, and customized branding. The presenter can utilize the shareable links to invite attendees to the webinars, he can also give them different roles according to their position and share and allow other people to share their content. 

LiveWebinar home

The host can also utilize the grid tools and the module drawing for whiteboards to visualize their idea and keep notes. The system has been made with the purpose of allowing teams to measure the performance of their campaigns by conducting different polls, surveys, and tests. These webinars can also be used in the education sector for the purpose of conducting exams, setting up their passing criteria, and receive results in real-time.

It comes equipped with a lot of handy features which we are about to discuss below in detail.

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Key Features of LiveWebinar:

1- A Vibrant Display of Your Perfection

LiveWebinar allows you to meet other people just through a single click and then share your content with them without having to worry about performance drops. It also provides you the following abilities:

  • Screen Sharing – It gives you the ability to share your screen in real-time with others without any problems or delays.
  • Storage – It lets you store and share your files across your team and attendees securely and safely making sure there is no data breach by utilizing your personal cloud.

2- A Platform to Stream Everywhere

It lets you stream your content, webinars, and meeting throughout social media and other external sources. This includes popular platforms such as:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Periscope

3- Tools for Collaboration:

It drives the participation and the results of attendees by utilizing the following collaboration tools:

  • Surveys and Polls – Utilize the polls and surveys to improve the engagement of your audience and receive more feedback from them to achieve complete participation.
  • Chat – It lets you easily converse and communicate with all of your viewers during the webinar. In case of a mishap, you always have full control over moderation.
  • Call to action It helps you in converting all of your leads into your sales. It motivated your participants to get your products and be happy with the results.

4- The Whiteboard:

It lets you express your ideas in a better way by allowing you to draw on documents and videos. It also allows you to give power to your attendees so they can share their ideas by drawing as well.

5- Collaborate Anywhere:

It allows your participants to join the meetings from anywhere conveniently. This is as simple as answering a call or visiting a link. It is done through:

  • Invitations – The participants can join through emails and text messages.
  • Presenter – The presenter can assign and manage the roles of the people that will be given power for keeping moderation during the online meetings and webinars.
  • The Breakout Rooms – You can break your meeting room into smaller sections so that it becomes easier for you to handle them. All of this can be done during a meeting.

6- HD Recorded Sessions:

Make the user experience top-notch by giving them the best webinar experience using the powerful technology capable of recording and storing live sessions on your personal cloud space.

7- Building your Personal Platform:

It lets you customize your work the way you want it to without being restricted by the platform. It achieves this by

  • Personal Domain – You can brand your business under your own domain. Additionally, it lets you customize all of your webinars with their custom logos and colors so that your users get to feel a personalized experience on your domain.
  • Event Scenarios – It lets you automate all of your events, forms, and surveys. This helps you in carrying out a different test to get certifications that match the results.

8- Multiple Integrations:

Utilize the API to integrate your system with the LiveWebinar platform. It works really well with a lot of tools for marketing automation such as FreshMail, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor along with many others.

9- More than The Google Hangout:

It provides you much more than the traditional Google Hangout features. It gives you an ideal solution that is capable of getting onboard new members for your team, conducting interviews, and hosting meetings for different staff members.

  • One Solution for All – It makes the job easy for both the interviews and consultations by holding meetings and conferences. It also improves your overall efficiency through voice/video/text interface
  • Always Remain Connected – Holding the meetings using LiveWebinar makes the task of focusing your attention on your employees much easier. So that, everyone can hold actual conversations with each other without delays and problems.

10- Your New Favorite Platform:

LiveWebinar proves its worth by giving results it is an all-in-one tool for your company capable of dealing with a lot of tasks including hosting meetings, recruitment of new employees, teaching online, or just leading the webinars everting can be achieved through this one platform.

  • Remote Meetings – You can join the meetings using any device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs by utilizing the intermobility of LiveWebinar.
  • Event Scenarios – LiveWebinar does not require you to download any additional files or plugins their platform is completely based on the browser making all of your worries vanish. Additionally, It is supported by most of the modern browsers available in the market today.


  • The pricing is pocket friendly
  • The presentations can be run from within the platform instead of screen sharing
  • Tracking of participants and HD cloud recording of sessions
  • No need for downloading any additional software
  • Gives you the ability to create a dedicated meeting room for reoccurring meetings
  • You can easily get an overview of all of your past webinars and meetings
  • You can also brand the meeting rooms with logos


  • The process of account assistant login is slow
  • No other particular cons have been noted as of yet

Try LiveWebinar For Free

LiveWebinar Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for LiveWebinar is as follows:

LiveWebinar pricing plan

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically five types of subscription plans when it comes to LiveWebinar.

  • Free Subscription Plan: It is the type of subscription where you don’t pay a cent amount and get allowed to host a certain number of webinars on the internet, your attendees are quite limited. This plan is designed for small teams. Additionally, you get to enjoy some of the features without any restrictions.
  • Pro Subscription Plan: It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month or and get allowed to host a certain number of attendees. Additionally, you get to most of the features available in LiveWebinar. This plan has been designed for pro teams who aren’t a full-fledged business yet.
  • Business Subscription Plan: It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month or year and gets allowed to host a certain number of attendees. Additionally, you are allowed to use all of the features available in LiveWebinar. This plan has been designed for businesses that have a lot on their plate.
  • Custom Subscription Plan: It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount according to the features and requirements of your business. Additionally, you are allowed to choose from all of the features available in LiveWebinar. This plan has been designed for businesses that have particular needs and want a customized plan.
  • Enterprise Subscription Plan: The enterprise subscription plan is for people that need something more personalized. They can create a platform that is based on the LiveWebinar but will be tailored according to all of your requirements. It will come with its own set of features and limitations. These include:
  • Completely customizable platform
  • Built under your own domain
  • Availability of analytics and personalized reports
  • Personal tech support team
  • A completely secure and safe platform
  • Easily integrated with your most-used apps

For the Enterprise Subscription, you can contact them here.


After completely going through this review and studying all of its aspects, you should be in a better position for making a decision that is best for your company. An online platform working tirelessly to make sure your audience never gets bored from your webinars can act as an important asset. It will help you in always keeping the interest of your viewers while helping you in saving your cost and time by not having to hire extra people for this particular job.

They will also be responsible for all the technical aspects of your company so that you can always be free of worries. From our experience and research, we would want you to give it a shot and see how happy you are with the results. We are quite positive that you will turn to a permanent customer as soon as you see what and how this platform is capable of achieving such goals so easily.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision. As we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to LiveWebinar. Our team wishes you the best of luck!

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