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Mailfence Review 2024 – The #1 Best Encrypted Email Service Provider?

Mailfence Review 2023: 

With the advancement in technology these days, there is no doubt that privacy has become a major concern for its users. We are aware of how our data and actions on the internet are monitored, every click we make is noticed. This has agitated all the social media users as none of what they do on social media now is secure and private.

The exponential increase in security concerns has alarmed its users to a great extent. However, despite such activities, some software cares about your privacy and actions on the internet. They are user-friendly and driver towards protecting every piece of information you share from one platform to the other. If you are also the one fed up with such detrimental activities, you are definitely in the right place. Our job is to lead you towards the secure and safest option that you can opt for to maximize your bubble of privacy.

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An Introduction To Mailfence:

Mailfence Home

Mailfence is a secure email service launched back in 1999. It has been found perfect for all its users to date. An ability to offer end-to-end encrypted email along with several other services has enabled Mailfence to become one of a kind whose primary goal is the privacy of its users.

The emails that travel across Mailfence are fully secure and not accessible by any other authorities under special circumstances.

Being Belgium based, it has rigid barriers to who can access a piece of particular information and who cannot. The firm law policy in Belgium strictly dictates that no authority is allowed to compromise the online privacy of the public. It gives full support to its users and ensures that their online privacy is maintained at several other platforms.

Every company or business is unique and does have some novelty in its products, features, or services. Same works for the Mailfence. Nowadays when we are on any online apps, we get to encounter thousands of intrusive marketing ads and displays.

1- Ad-Free Service:

While using Mailfence, you will not have to experience any such inconvenience that can be a potential threat to your privacy. They ensure add free and tracking free services to avoid any other party from breaking the barriers.

2- Certification:

The Mailfence abides by all the tools and steps that will protect its users from intruders getting into their data. Therefore, they have SSL/TLS certification that, by any chance, does not authorize any third party to get access to its users’ data. 

If you are looking for an alternative to GMAIL, no other software is as reliable and trust-worthy as Mailfence. Now, I am going to walk you through the features of Mailfence that not only makes it a secure email provider, but also a potential communication platform you can make the most of. 

What Features Secure Your Privacy?

Mailfence is a full package of several services such as Messaging, Document saver, Contacts, Calendars, etc. Digital signature and OpenPGP encryption are used by them to secure and authenticate your data and messages from any harm. 

1- End to End Encryption:

The process of communication through Mailfence is fully guarded. The messages are end-to-end encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. 

2- Password Encrypted Messages:

Mailfence offers its users advanced security features. Symmetric encryption is one of a kind. In this, the cryptographic keys of both the encryption and decryption by the sender and recipient are the same which serves as the shared secret between both the parties. 

3- The Keystore:

An integrated Keystore contains the private keys. It allows you to generate or even manage the key operations without any involvement of a third party. 

4- Secure Access:

You might have gotten an idea till now how sensitively Mailfence deals with security concerns. The Transport Layer Security encryption is a go-to approach of Mailfence to which all the servers have connections to provide any breaching of the security. 

One such security feature that Mailfence has incorporated into its services is the HTTP Strict Transport Security. Mailfence gets ahead of all its competitors when we consider such detailed security features. The HTTP Strict Transport Security works by protecting the website from any unforeseen attacks and events. 

5- Outgoing Mail Encryption:

To protect every aspect of your communication, Mailfence prioritizes TLS encryption. If both the servers of senders and recipients support TLS, the emails sent in the text can easily be protected from forgery and snooping. 

6- Validation of Messages:

Mailfence has got hands-on validation of the messages sent and received in a massive amount daily. They use two such methods mentioned below:

7- Sender Policy Framework (SPF):

As the name suggests, the SPF is a vast technique that authenticates that the mail address of the sender is not forged or spammed during the email delivery. This prevents any unknown third party from sending messages from your domain. This helps the receiver’s server to identify which domains are authorized to send an email and which not.

8- Domain Keys Identified Mail:

Another method Mailfence supports is the DKIM. This includes a digital signature from the server of a sender that can be identified by the receiver quite easily. 

It also helps with the authorization. The receiver can identify whether the email received is from the authorized domain or not. 

Mailfence has kept all your promises and works with great precision to help you keep your account and data protected. If you are a person who doesn’t give up and compromise on security, Mailfence is definitely for you to use. 

Design Layout And Features Of Mailfence:

Over the years, Mailfence has expanded and created such a sophisticated and intuitive layout that makes it very easy for the users to understand all its features.

Head over to the Mailfence website to look over all the services they offer. Most exciting thing is that Mailfence is user-friendly and works on all the screens efficiently. 

How Does Encryption Work? 

Set up your encrypted keys before moving any further. 

  1. At the top right of the interface, just click your icon.
  2. Then, select Settings in the shortcut menu
  3. Select Encryption under the Messages heading 
  4. Select any of the options from here: (1) Generate a new personal key. (2) Import a key.

Messages: When you open the messages section of Mailfence, you will notice that it is divided into three main layouts each with a respective piece of information. The process of sending messages is easy and simple. 

Calendars: The Mailfence calendar is a great gift when it comes to managing and scheduling several tasks online. It mainly allows you to add all your scheduled meetings and much more. It has many in-built features that you must see on the website and juggle around to get into more detail.

Documents: As we have told you that Mailfence is not merely an email provider software, but also carries along with other functions. Therefore, you can save all your documents securely and edit them whenever you want directly in the software and send them right away.

Contacts: Using Mailfence, you can add and integrate the required people through your contact details. You can create groups to carry forward the tasks. 

Why Mailfence?

Not everyone worries about its user’s security and privacy as Mailfence does. It has taken all the possible steps to help you protect your account from any eavesdropping and spamming. There is no such reason to not go for Mailfence. It is even considered the best alternative to Gmail. 

It is completely secure, private, easy to use, and gives you the freedom to which emails you want to encrypt.  Mailfence is our go-to choice. Therefore, we recommend making it yours too. 

Financial Plans:

You can start a free trial at Mailfence any time you want and get it upgraded if required. Here is the financial plan of what features it offers in each category. 

Try Mailfence For Free



2,50 €per month


7,50 €per month


25,00 €per month

500 MB emails


5 GB emails

10 alias

20 GB emails

50 alias

50 GB emails

100 alias

500 MB documents 12 GB documents 24 GB documents 70 GB documents
1 group 3 groups 5 groups 7 groups

Two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication




email + tel

Priority support

email + tel

Priority support

email + tel 24/24 & 7/7


iOS, Android, Exchange ActiveSync


iOS, Android, Exchange ActiveSync


iOS, Android, Exchange ActiveSync

  Custom email domain


Custom email domain


Custom email domain


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • You may also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


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