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How To Make Money Blogging With Content Lockers in 2024

Make $770 Every Month By Blogging With Content Lockers

Creating content should never be free. But how do you keep your blog free for visitors while still making money with it? How to make money with affiliate marketing without resorting to active advertising? Content lockers from MyLead are here to help! Let’s talk about using the best tool for blog monetization – CPA Locker.

What are Content Lockers and why would you need them?

Content Locker is a tool that blocks a part of a website or even a single file. It is you who chooses which part of the content will be blocked. It can be a video, photo, full article, or a part of it.

When the user clicks to view the information of interest to them, the Content Locker is triggered. It offers the user several options for tasks from which one or more must be completed in order to gain access to the blocked parts.

The tasks are usually about filling in an email address, registering on a site or visiting it. It’s better to ask for only one task completion so as not to scare the user right away, as they may consider this as too much difficulty and effort. For affiliate publishers, content lockers are a tool to drive traffic to affiliate links. For a content maker, it is a convenient way to monetize a blog.

Why should you give Content Lockers a try?

Still, thinking whether the tool will be useful to you? Take a look at the possibilities of Content Lockers!

Why should you give Content Lockers a try

How to choose the best Content Locker for your blog?

The MyLead affiliate network offers three types of lockers that are suitable for a blog: CPA Locker, Captcha Locker and File Locker. Let’s see how they differ.

How to choose the best Content Locker for your blog

Let’s make some money! Example of using Content Lockers

Take a look at the variations of how you can monetize a blog using lockers. Let’s say you run a blog for photographers. Its topics are Photoshop guides, tips for photographers, reviews of specialized equipment. But, of course, the main theme of the blog can be anything: cooking, psychology, science or video games.

So, your blog is already being read by a small stable audience – about 500 visits per month. You already have some published content and install several lockers on it. For this, you use the most interesting and useful elements of the blog, for example, a checklist for setting up lighting for shooting. As a result, the CPA Locker for the checklist will work like this:

Let’s make some money! Example of using Content Lockers

A simple step-by-step guide to setting up lockers can be found in this article from MyLead:

Installing Content Locker step by step

Enhance the effect

Then, in order to get more profit, you should increase the traffic flow. The more visitors to the site, the more locker’s conversions you get. We will set up advertising in Google Ads to increase blog traffic.

Let’s say you spent $100 on advertising. The approximate result that you can get if the content is really useful is 3500 visits per month along with organic visits. But this is very conditional – you can collect traffic even in the number of tens of thousands of visits.

Remember that this indicator may depend on the subject of the blog. Here you can take advantage of the relevance of the topic, but then the competition may not be small. You could also go into a niche topic and collect all the traffic to your site, but there is a risk of not being in demand. But the most important thing is valuable and high-quality content, then the chances of success are very high.


Let’s say that your blog is relatively new and gains about 3500 visits per month. You already have published content, so you place a CPA Locker in different articles and, since it is the most adjustable, you customize its appearance to the style of the blog. But the most attractive for users is a series of ten-minute videos about the secrets of using Photoshop. Let’s put a CPA Loker on it, too. With such outgoing data, you can realistically get the following result.

The average blog recipient will go through more than one blog post, so there will be multiple locker hits. Some users will refuse to complete the task that the locker will request. But since there is a strong motivation to get useful content, in total you can get somewhere around 285 completed targeted actions – conversions, and you will get about $770.



CPA Locker is a tool that helps you effortlessly monetize your blog, including content that was published some time ago. It is effective because users are highly motivated to take a targeted action which is accessing interesting content. Imagine that you have a banner on your site with a call to action to leave the email address. How many people do it? This motivation is the key to conversions.

Use various configurations during setup and you will create a design for CPA Locker that will match the style of the blog. In addition to the aesthetic side, this will help inspire more trust among users – and this is also the strength of CPA Locker. It can be installed on almost any content, so we boldly call it a universal tool.

Click here to create an account on MyLead, access CPA Locker for free and start earning now!

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