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20+ Best Makeup Affiliate Programs In 2024: High Paying

Do you want to promote your business?  Do you know how to make money through affiliate programs? Have you been looking for the best beauty affiliate programs? How do affiliate programs help in earning money?

If yes, I must say you’re on the right door.

In this era, World has become so modern, also everyone wants to look attractive. For this purpose, there are great opportunities for you like, different beauty products, different styling things, etc. Nowadays, the beauty and cosmetics industry spent millions of dollars and also makes millions of dollars. It is made up of a diverse set of categories including, makeup, skincare, haircare, perfumes, etc.

Affiliated programs are a very convenient way through which you can promote your business to any corner of the world. Well, the first question comes to one’s mind is that, How do Affiliate Programs work?

Affiliate programs work by referring your product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media, website or podcast. Most of the big affiliate programs are run by a blogger, vlogger, or social media influencer. You may note that every other blogger or vlogger promotes some kind of product in their videos, posts, podcasts, stories, etc. At present, bloggers and vloggers are very famous so they get a commission by promoting.

How Do Affiliate Programs Earn Money?

Each time someone makes a purchase through the given link by an affiliate, the affiliate gets a commission on each purchase. The more the product sells, the more the affiliate earns. That’s how they make money by promoting and referring products. There are a lot of influencers who are doing this only for beauty products.

Why Affiliate Programs Are So Popular Nowadays?

Because, during past years, on average, Americans shell out over 182 dollars a year on cosmetics and beauty products. These days, almost every woman is using makeup, perfumes, and beauty products to enhance their features, shape, and beauty, but also men are using these products even makeup!

Yes, men are also using this kind of product at a very high rate, beauty and cosmetics products are no more just feminine things. All the population, especially youngsters are spending a lot of money on beauty and cosmetic products because they all are motivated by the affiliate programs.

Ways To Increase Beauty Product Sales Through Affiliate Programs:

  • Start referring\selling great, luxury, and interesting ideas.
  • Start making great content so that the audience will be interested.
  • Get in touch with multiple brands and products.
  • Consider the audience’s choice and opinions.
  • Try new ideas to engage the audience.

List Of Beauty Affiliate Programs:

If you are looking for well-known beauty affiliate programs then here is the list:

  1. Sephora Affiliate Program
  2. Dermstore Affiliate Program
  3. MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  4. LOOKFANTASTIC Affiliate Program
  5. Spencer Barnes La Affiliate Program
  6. Elizabeth Arden Makeup And Skincare Affiliate Program
  7. Glossier Affiliate Program
  8. com Affiliate Program
  9. NARS Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  10. CHANEL Affiliate Program
  11. Nordstorm Affiliate Program
  12. Charlotte Tilbury Affiliate Program
  13. Revolution beauty Affiliate Program
  14. Birchbox Affiliate Programs
  15. Scentbox Affiliate Program
  16. Cult Beauty Affiliate Program
  17. L.F. Affiliate Program
  18. Feelunique Affiliate Program
  19. Tarte Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  20. Clarins Affiliate Program

1- Sephora Affiliate Program:


The company was founded in Limoges in 1969 and is currently based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. The founder of Sephora is Dominique Mandonnaud. Sephora has a catalog of 13,000+ beauty, health, and skincare products from over 200 of the world’s best-known brands and Sephora’s in-house collections. They offer makeup, skincare, fragrances, health, and beauty products.

The company offers global affiliate programs through Skimlinks and Sovrn, paying commissions of up to 10% per sale. Meanwhile, programs tailored to different marketers can be found on Rakuten and Impact, with the most attractive commission rates. Sephora also offers free shipping on all $50+ orders and free samples with all purchases, which can help to boost conversions.


2- Dermstore Affiliate Program:


Dermstore was founded in 1999 by a dermatologist who wanted to help patients to access professional strength skincare products, many made from all-natural ingredients. Today, the company stocks formulas from household names, specialty brands, and lesser-known spa products.

Dermstore offers global affiliate programs through Flexoffers and Sovrn. If you are an affiliate marketer based in Canada or the US, you can directly sign up through Skimlinks. It also has a separate US affiliate program on the Awin Network. Join through the Skimlinks to unlock the best terms, with commissions of up to 12% on an average order value of around $138. That equates to an average commission of approximately $16.50 per sale. Free standard shipping is available on all $50+ orders.

3- MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program:

MAC Cosmetic

MAC Cosmetics was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984 and the owners are Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. MAC Cosmetics sells its products worldwide. MAC is known for the best quality products and packaging. They offer a great number of products such as skincare products, brushes, lip products, face products, and eye products.

MAC Cosmetics has an affiliate program in the Makeup and Beauty niche with commissions of up to 10% on Skimlinks. MAC’s commission on Skimlinks can go higher than 10% and is super low on Rakuten. Sovrn’s commission on average is 5.41%. You can simply sign in to MAC through Skimlink, sovrn, or Rakuten easily.

4- Look Fantastic Affiliate Program:

Look fantastic

Look Fantastic is a UK-based online store owned by THG a tech company specializing in DTC e-commerce brands. The retailer sells 22,000+ haircare, cosmetics, and beauty products to customers in over 200 countries. It works with more than 660 premium brands and has become the online partner of choice for household names like MAC and Yves Saint Laurent.

Look Fantastic runs global beauty affiliate programs through FlexOffers and Sovrn, while various local programs are available on AWIN and Skimlinks. The Skimlinks UK program offers the highest commission rates of up to 20% but if you are a U.S based affiliate marketer, Sovrn is your best bet by paying commissions of up to 10% per sale.


5- Spencer Barnes La Affiliate Program:


The brand is named after its founder Spencer Barnes, who is a celebrity makeup artist. It’s a luxury cosmetics brand with a number of famous people as clients such as Meghan Markel and Mila Kunis. Spencer Barnes is a renowned brand among celebrities for its wide range of cosmetics that provide surgery-like results without making you go under the syringe.

The company provides its affiliate marketer with an 85 commission per sale. It may seem pretty low but you can actually earn a lot since the consumers tend to spend a lot when they visit its website.

6- Elizabeth Arden Makeup And Skincare Affiliate Program:

Elizabeth Arden

Started as a beauty salon on fifth avenue, New York City in 2019 Elizabeth Arden has become a synonym of total beauty since then. The brand promotes high-quality skincare products and cosmetics, which is another reason why its affiliate program is famous.

As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a 9% commission plus a chance of getting multiple commissions from repeat sales within the referral period.

7- Glossier Affiliate Program:


Glossier is a digitally native brand founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss who launched the company with just four products including face mist and moisturizer. Even today, Glossier only offers about 80 products across skincare, makeup, body balms, gift sets, and apparel. Yet it generates annual revenue of $100+ million and has been valued at $1.8 billion.

Glossier’s global beauty affiliate programs can be found on Sovran and FlexOffers. According to Sovran, the retailer has an average basket size of $58.13 and a strong conversion rate of 7.54%. Sovrn has the most attractive rates paying 155 per sale.

8- BOOTS Affiliate Program:


This affiliate program was founded in 1849, by John Boot. After his death, Jesse Boot helped his mother run this program at age 10. It is located in Nottingham, UK. This household carries a huge amount of products in different types of categories which include: beauty, health, electric, fragrance, gifts, photos, baby categories, and different toiletries. They also deal in different well-known brands like MAC, Maybelline, Rimmel, N7, etc.

They offer great commission which increases the exposure. Boots’ average commission rate is 3.40% for new customers and 1.50% for existing customers. Boots do not offer a commission on the products such as baby milk, Chanel, Dior, Dyson, and Fitbit.

9- NARS Cosmetics Affiliate Program:


NARS is a French cosmetic and skin care company established in 1994 by a make-up artist and photographer Francois Nars, located in New Jersey. It deals with a massive range of cosmetics, make-up, and skincare products.

It gives a commission of about 14% on Skimlinks and you can also sign in through Rakuten, Sovrn, and Pepperjam with a commission rate of 6%, 8%, and 8%, respectively.

10- Chanel Affiliate Program:


Chanel is a fashion house that needs no introduction, was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910 in Paris. Chanel offers a full range of make-up for eyes, lips, nails, and face. It also deals in accessories like, ear wear, fragrances, jewelry, and watches.

Chanel is an affiliate program with a commission rate of up to 10% on Sovrn, with $0.17 earnings per click. They have a massive range of products which they deal in.

11- Nordstrom Affiliate Program:


John W. Nordstrom was the founder of this luxury store, it was founded in 1901 in Seattle, Washington. This fashion retailer offers clothes, shoes, fashion accessories for men, women, and kids, and make-up from top brands. They serve the best quality products service they can.

You can participate in this program through Rukaten, it gives a commission of up to 5-11% commission rate, and it can exceed the limit of 11%. Through the Sovrn, you can get about a 12% commission rate.

12- Charlotte Tilbury Affiliate Program:

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury was founded in 2013 in London, UK. Charlotte Tilbury’s founder, chairperson, president, and chief creative officer is Charlotte Tilbury MBE, who is a British make-up artist and an entrepreneur. This brand is a famous expert make-up industry with a wide range of make-up products and beauty lines.

The commission rate is around 10% which can increase up to 15% on Skimlinks. You can also register through Sovrn with a 13.65% commission rate.

13- Revolution Beauty Affiliate Program:


It is located in Uk, founded by Adam Minto and Tom Allsworth in 2014. It deals in different types of products including, skincare, haircare, make-up, and cosmetics.

You can get a commission of 4% on new customer sales, 2% on existing customer sales, and 2% on voucher code sales. Revolution Beauty affiliated program in the make-up niche with a commission rate of up to 5% commission through the commission factory and 4% through Awin.

14- Birchbox Affiliate Program:


The founder of Birchbox is Hayley Barna and Co-founder is Katia Beauchamp. It was founded in 2010 in New York. They are a brand of a great number of different make-up products, hair products, skincare items, perfumes, etc.

Birchbox affiliate program offers a commission of up to 7% on Rakuten and least through the Sovrn which is a 0.99% commission rate.

15- Scentbox Affiliate Program:


Les and Craig are two brothers who are also the founder of Scentbox, which was founded in 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. This is a brand of different products like bath and body, skincare, candles, and mainly, fragrances. It is a well-known brand for a huge range of good fragrances.

Scentbox has an affiliate program in the beauty niche with up to $15 on Skimlinks. It gives $8 per sale commission on share sales, 15% on Sovrn, $6.40 on flex offers and $10 per first sale on Yazing. Their commission is the best of the rest.

16- Cult Beauty Affiliate Program:

Cult Beauty

Alexia Inge and Jessica Moore are the founders of Cult Beauty. This brand is UK based skincare and beauty store. There are a lot of brands’ products present which are only available at Cult Beauty.

Cult Beauty offers coupons on Skimlinks, 12% base commission, and 1% on some brands’ products.

17- L.F. Affiliate Program:


E.L.F. was founded by Scott Vincent Borba and Joseph Shamah, in 2004. E.L.F. is a brand whose aim was to provide quality products, which they have accomplished successfully by providing the best quality products, and professional-grade cosmetics to everyone regardless of budget. E.L.F. is seeking to appeal to the digital crowd through its popular affiliate program.

You can earn a commission of up to 12% base commission on Skimlinks, 5%-7% on Rakuten, and 7% on Sovrn.

18- Feelunique Affiliate Program:


Feelunique was created by Aaron Chatterley, whose aim was to start an e-commerce brand. Feelunique is a European beauty store that deals with more than 35000 products. They not only sell goods, but they also donate toiletries to people in need.

They offer commissions of up to 9%. 8% for new customers, 6% for existing customers, 2% for electricals, and 1% on orders with vouchers on AWIN, 6% on Sovrn.


19- Tarte Cosmetics Affiliate Program:

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing brands, founded by Maureen Kelly over 20 years ago. This brand does not compromise on their customer’s skin and made their cosmetics products with the best quality.

The commission rate is 10% on Sovrn and 8% on Pepperjam.

20- Clarins Affiliate Program:


Jacques Courtin created a skincare brand, named Clarins. They provide a service of French fashion with all the knowledge and reputation under one brand. Their main and special products are skincare products and makeup products.

They offer a commission rate at Yazing is 4%, 5%-20% commission on Skimlinks including base commission, and 20% on Sovrn.


The affiliate program is a smart way to earn a decent amount of fortune through your blog, especially when you are working with a mostly used and life-changing niche like beauty and makeup. Moreover, makeup is that product where you can easily understand which brand should be a good fit for you considering the rising awareness of promoting a brand that offers vegan-friendly products will always be a good idea.

While promoting a brand, don’t forget to check its brand authority and influence, also don’t forget to verify the offers and prices you are going to get after every sale so that no one can trick you.

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